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To: Merced County Board of Supervisors: Supervisor Rodrigo Espinosa, Supervisor Josh Pedrozo, Supervisor Daron McDaniel, Supervisor Lloyd Pareira, Jr., Supervisor Scott Silveira, and Supervisor Scott Silveira.

Demanding a Fair Salary Increase for Merced County Public Employees

We demand the Merced County Board of Supervisors, grant a salary increase to Merced County Public Employees to address the rising cost of living and potential healthcare expenses. With a 3.3% increase in the cost of living and anticipated rises in healthcare costs, coupled with the high poverty rates in Merced County, it is imperative that public employees receive fair compensation. Ensuring that public employees are kept out of poverty and can live comfortably and securely is essential. They deserve salary increases that reflect their hard work and dedication to the County of Merced and its community. 

Why is this important?

Merced County Public Employees need your support to have a salary increase granted by the Board of Supervisors in order to address the following issues: 
 1.   Cost of Living Increase: The cost of living is rising by 3.3%, making it harder for public employees to afford basic necessities.
 2.   County Budget: With a budget of $1.17 billion, Merced County should have the financial capacity to support its employees with a livable wage.
 3.   Fair Compensation: Public employees deserve fair compensation for their hard work and dedication to our community.
 4.   Poverty Rates: Merced County's poverty rate is above the state and national average. Many public employees are near the poverty line, and it is crucial they receive adequate salary increases to address this.
Merced County public employees are the backbone of our community, and investing in them is investing in our county’s well-being. These hardworking individuals manage important tasks in government offices, such as handling records, processing permits, and assisting the public with their needs. They ensure everything runs smoothly in our local government. These employees have families to support, needing money for housing, food, education, and healthcare. By giving them fair pay, we help them take care of their families and continue to provide excellent service to our community. Ensuring they are paid well is crucial for keeping Merced County a great place to live.

How it will be delivered

Through the organization's email platform - Constant Contact.



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