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To: The Epilepsy Community

Make it Illegal to Target People with Photosensitive Content

Photo by Antony BEC on Unsplash

There is an increase in cyber attacks and purposeful targeting of those who have seizures where there is absolutely no repercussions.

This is potentially deadly and a hate crime on those who have seizures. The people who do this send threatening messages, alongside their flashing videos or GIFS and find it hilarious because social media has no warning and doesn’t find it to be “a violation of their guidelines.”

Any other minority that attacked through social media is dealt with - you can’t even use certain words, but there is absolutely nothing done when it comes to the blatant intentional triggering of seizures and trying to harm those of us with epilepsy.

Why is this important?

This could be deadly to those who ARE photosensitive. It furthers the idea that bullying is okay and our disability (epilepsy) is something to laugh about.

We have faced stigma since ancient times, but if the world is so inclusive these days, why is there an entire community that is able to be targeted and attacked?


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