• Help Us Get Period Products On The Ferries
    Hello, we are middle school girls who are doing a project for 7th grade. We have noticed that there are no menstrual products or sanitary bins in the ferry bathrooms. You can't even buy them in the galley. We thought that this would be a perfect topic to stand up for what we think is right and fair. These products are only available if you ask a crew member. You already have to pay for the period products, and now you have to go up to a stranger and ask them for something that you might not feel comfortable asking for. This can lead to embarrassment, and can also cause people who have periods to not feel supported by their community. This makes us question our equality. The ferry provides all the basic bathroom necessities for people who don't menstruate. But they omit some of the basic bathroom necessities for people who do menstruate. When we reached out to the ferry customer service they said that they removed the period product dispensers due to vandalism. When basic things like toilet paper, soap dispensers, and paper towel machines get vandalized, the ferry management accepts the cost of vandalism, puts them back out, and restocks them. On the other hand, when period products get vandalized, the ferry management uses vandalism as an acceptable reason to take them down and get rid of them. The lack of period products in the bathrooms is a lack of respect and privacy. This is an unequal level of service based on gender. If you want to support getting period products and sanitary bins in the ferry bathrooms, please sign our petition. Thank you for reading. :)
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    Created by Eden Whitmire
  • Update the outdated BMI policy for Top Surgery
    Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Center for Transgender and Gender Expansive Health released a study in the journal Annals of Plastic Surgery on November 1. They reviewed over 2,300 cases of chest masculinization surgery (top surgery) performed in the U.S. between 2012 and 2020. The researchers found no correlation between a patient’s BMI and whether the person develops severe post-surgical complications, even though that measurement is frequently used to determine whether a surgery will be approved or denied. The authors of the study recommend “re-evaluation of BMI cutoffs” and say “When you look at the data and you look at complications resulting from top surgery, BMI really doesn’t factor into it much at all,” Despite this Both major providers of chest masculinization surgery in Denver, CO Denver Health and UCHealth will often not even take referrals for people with a BMI over 40. My primary care doctor told me that there was no point in her ever referring me because they will just deny the referral. These two hospitals are the only places in the entire state of Colorado that I could find who take Medicaid for chest masculinization surgery as well which leads to more denials for poor and disabled trans people. Please consider signing and sharing this petition so that more trans people of Denver have access to the gender affirming care they need!
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    Created by Jude Novak
  • Stop this outrageous Paxlovid increase, end Big Pharma greed!
    Paxlovid saves lives. And Pfizer is jacking up its price. Pfizer just announced it’s going to nearly triple the price of the antiviral COVID drug that can help reduce symptoms, prevent hospitalizations, and save lives.1 Pfizer executives are prioritizing profits over patients. This is Big Pharma greed, plain and simple. Pfizer’s CEO doesn’t need any more millions — he made $33 million in 2022,2 while so many Americans struggle to pay for the prescription drugs they need to survive. We must let President Biden know this is unacceptable. Sign the petition: Tell President Biden to stop the corporate profiteering off of COVID treatments by guaranteeing access to all Americans. Paxlovid costs $13 to make. Pfizer is going to sell it for $1,400.3 That’s a 10,000% price markup. Drug corporations are making massive profits on medicine people need to survive. Pfizer became the first ever Pharma company to bring in $100 billion in revenue. That’s right, $100 billion.4 While everyday Americans are struggling to afford medications, Pfizer executives are getting richer and richer. Big Pharma will always want to maximize profits. Big Pharma executives will always want fat bonuses. That's why President Biden must step in. Add your name: Stop this outrageous Paxlovid increase, end Big Pharma greed! Sources: MSNBC, “The estimated production cost of Paxlovid: $13. Its new list price: $1400,” October 23, 2023. Fierce Pharma, “Coming and going paid off for biopharma CEOs in 2022,” July 27, 2023. MSNBC, “The estimated production cost of Paxlovid: $13. Its new list price: $1400,” October 23, 2023. Fierce Pharma, “Coming and going paid off for biopharma CEOs in 2022,” July 27, 2023.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • I Pledge to Get Vaccinated!
    Vaccines don’t just protect you - they protect your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your world.
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    Created by A Y
  • Open Night Shift Coffee Cafe Tesla Fremont
    So they're not tired working long hours on such short amount of sleep. They'll have open access to the caffeine they need that's not in a can.
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    Created by Daja Moore
  • Stop MN from Killing Training Businesses
    It starts with a handful of people and small businesses that the state government thinks it can cut out and run out of business, but where will it stop? They can not be allowed to get away with unfairly competing with small business in the state and causing more problems.
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    Created by Timothy Smith
  • Hospital to Veteran's Housing
    https://ruskcounty.org/supervisors https://youtu.be/9MZ3Lk1Hz5Q (Watch from about 9 minutes to 24:15) https://fb.watch/mkC5U7xVz2/?mibextid=Nif5oz
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    Created by Erin Webster
  • Put people over greed and give writers and actors a fair contract!
    A common misconception is that writers and actors are all super rich, but it couldn’t be further from the truth, which is that 95% of the 160,000 actors with the Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA) make less than $25,000 per year, and they need to make $26,000 a year to even qualify for health insurance. And not to mention that the top studio executive made 384 times the average writer the past five years. The reality is that the massive wealth inequality that we see between the ultra wealthy and everyday working people is reflected in the entertainment industry too. Streaming companies make BILLIONS of dollars in corporate profits each year, pay top executives hundreds of millions of dollars combined, while giving writers and actors the short end of the stick. This cannot continue, and this is why actors and writers are on strike. And the impact of the companies' greed is not just causing harm to these workers, it is limiting the stories that come from the communities we need to hear from most. As the industry’s business model becomes unsustainable for emerging writers and actors there will potentially be fewer stories penned by historically marginalized communities. The lack of representation impacts us all—and it’s especially jarring given right-wing attacks on sharing diverse stories in classrooms and libraries. It also just means the range of TV shows we get to see will be worse. It's pretty clear that writers and creators should be fairly compensated to ensure creative talent of all backgrounds can contribute to the quality content we all love. Writers and actors simply want a fair contract, and together, we can make that happen. Sign the petition to tell ultrawealthy entertainment executives to put people over corporate greed and give writers and actors a fair contract NOW!
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  • Reject Grayson County's Anti-Abortion Ordinance!
    The Board of Supervisors in Grayson County, Virginia is under attack by Evangelical Christian churches seeking to ban abortion care. We can't let that happen. The Virginia Constitution and Virginia Act for Religious Freedom firmly declare that religious extremism has no place in politics. Abortion is still legal in Virginia, and Grayson County does not have the power to countermand state law. This local ordinance was drafted by the FEDERALIST SOCIETY and TEXAS RIGHT TO LIFE for the purpose of sowing division and confusion for people seeking abortion care in rural southwest Virginia – the last central access point in the South for reproductive healthcare. Please join us in asking the Board of Supervisors to reject this harmful ordinance.
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    Created by The Peace Pentagon and Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance Picture
  • Tell Google's CEO: Stop promoting and profiting off of ads from predatory anti-abortion centers!
    Google is well aware of the dangerous and harmful impact that ads from fake clinics have on pregnant people seeking abortion care. Google already came under fire after a report was released in 2021 regarding fake ads about “abortion pill reversal.” But despite their own policies against advertisers promoting “misleading information about products,” they have continued to host (and profit off of) similarly predatory ads. Additionally, they have a policy that clearly states: “if you want to run ads using queries related to getting an abortion, you will first need to be certified as an advertiser that either provides abortions or does not provide abortions. If you are not certified, you won’t be able to run ads using queries related to getting an abortion.” They are clearly not consistently enforcing their own policies.
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  • Please Help! Pain Patients Are Dying! Support Illinois HB 5373!
    You can visit our website for more information, at www.4APDF.org. Please support HB 5373 to protect pain patients and their doctors. It was passed in the House, but we need your help for the Senate! Sign this petition to help get this bill passed! The CDC’s data puts the rate of substance use disorders among the chronic pain community at .23%. The DEA admitted it’s less than 1%. When compared to 88-90% of fatal “overdoses,” which are in reality, poisonings from illicitly manufactured fentanyl (IMF), coupled with the fact that the last 12-month period has set a record for overdose (or poisoning) deaths, it’s clear that depriving chronic pain patients of their medication only exacerbates the problem. The overdose/poisoning rate has more than doubled from 2012, when pain medicine prescriptions peaked. This crisis is not about chronic pain medicine.
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    Created by Kat Hatz
  • Mandatory Free Genetic Testing for Newborns…
    It will help ease suffering to many families, provide more research opportunities, and give newborns / kids a chance to thrive even with a rare illness or genetic disorder
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    Created by Makenzie Cabrera