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To: Teva Pharmaceuticals, Teva Pharmaceuticals CEO Richard Francis

Teva Pharmaceuticals: Stop price-gouging and cap your inhalers at $35 NOW!

400 of the 24.5 million Americans with asthma and 16 million with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) die every single day. It’s outrageous that many Americans who rely on inhalers to help them breathe have had to pay up to $600 a month for their lifesaving inhalers.

But now, three out of four of the major inhaler manufacturers have said they’d cap out-of-pocket costs for inhalers at $35, except for Teva Pharmaceuticals, which is still charging Americans $286 for one of its lifesaving inhalers that cost just $9 in Germany. In 2023 alone, Teva generated $15.8 BILLION in revenue. This is corporate greed, plain and simple. Enough! If we come together now, we can stop Teva from putting profits over people.

Will you sign the petition to demand that Teva NOT price-gouge life-saving inhalers and cap prices at $35 NOW?

Why is this important?

People with asthma and COPD should not have to suffer through Teva’s price-gouging just to access the inhalers they need to survive. There is absolutely ZERO excuse for Teva to be the only major inhaler manufacturer that hasn’t capped out-of-pocket costs at $35.

There is no cure for asthma or COPD, which means that people with these diseases need their inhalers to survive. But because of the corporate greed of inhaler companies like Teva, many have had to ration their doses due to the costliness of inhalers. Families should not have to choose between food, shelter, and electricity or their lifesaving medication while corporate executives line their pockets, but that is the reality that many Americans are facing.

And in the midst of the pandemic, the worst public health crisis in the U.S., and while one out of five Americans cannot afford the medicine prescribed by their doctors, Teva has made $1.7 BILLION in revenue on their inhalers in the past five years alone. Teva has used profit from that revenue to provide huge multimillion-dollar compensation packages to the CEO and other top executives at the company while their patients ration their inhaler doses (if they can even afford them to begin with).

Teva Pharmaceuticals still hasn’t, but Sen. Sanders says that Teva Pharmaceuticals is considering joining the other three major inhaler manufacturers in capping their inhaler costs at $35. That’s where we come in. We have to keep up the pressure to ensure that they listen and follow through. Together, we can make it happen.

Will you sign the petition and send it to three friends to spread the word?


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