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To: The people of America, Congressman Blumenauer, Congresswoman Nicole Malliotakis

End Nicotine Testing On Animals

Nicotine testing on animals has been around for decades, usually involving rats and mice, with dogs NOW not being routinely used but still possible. It involves attaching tubes to holes in an animals neck and strapping the mask to their face to force smoke into their lungs. Other experiments involve applying cigarette tar directly to the skin inducing the growth of tumors. 

It is unethical, examples of horrors date not too far back, in 2015 several U.S universities forced monkeys to inhale smoke for 6 hours a day everyday for a year, until being killed, ultimately discovering nothing by the end of the experiment. Animals are not test subjects or numbers, they are living beings.

Instead of conducting and forcing experiements on animals, there are many other ways to test the uses of nicotine and cigars; using computer based cells, human volunteers, those volunteering their body for science after their passing and more. PETA a widely known organization advocating for animals funds the developments of non-animal testing, pursuading researchers around the world. With more help, the overall cruelty of testing on animals could potentially come to an end.

Why is this important?

There are many ethical concerns on animal testing, but above all which reaserchers care about is the accuracy of these tests, but there are crucial differencs. Different animals will have different reactions, laboratory animals are not exposed to smoke in the same manner or time frame that human smokers are. Much information has been obscured because there has been no link with the reactions on animals to humans. The biological differences are no surprise, our cells, nose filtering abilities, lungs and more have many differences of those of the animals. Simply, animals should not be used for predications on humans. Beagles were forced to smoke around 2 packs a day, monkeys were forced to smoke 6 hours a day for a year, mice get cigar tar smeared on them inducing tumors; all these experiments continously went on until the animals were killed and of no more use.


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