• A Message From the Community to Emily Powell
    Dear Emily Powell, You have addressed us, the Powell’s community, several times over the past year to offer insight into Powell’s health and challenges during the pandemic. We’ve appreciated those updates and your candor, as well as the acknowledgement that we, the community, play a role in the company’s success. We have responded to your letters with patience and online orders while the stores were closed, and our continued patronage and support now that they’ve begun to reopen. While the most recent community message came from the new Powell’s CEO, Patrick Bassett, we don’t yet know Mr. Bassett the way we’ve come to know you and your family over the years. We also know that because you are the owner of the company, Mr. Bassett's message carries your endorsement, so we would like to continue the conversation with you. Your workers — many of whom have devoted years, some decades, to Powell’s success — are what makes your stores special. Their friendly faces, depth of knowledge, and devotion to their work are what has kept us coming back for so many years. We were saddened by your announcement of mass layoffs at the beginning of the pandemic, but also heartened to learn that the contract between Powell’s and ILWU Local 5 would ensure your workers' rightful return to the workplace, in order of seniority, as jobs became available. We understood that it might take a while, but we trusted that on the other side of things, we would be able to walk into a Powell’s store, see a familiar face, and breathe a collective sigh of relief as things returned to some kind of normal. So you can imagine our dismay when we read the recent announcement and learned that many of those workers — who lost their jobs through no fault of their own — were no longer eligible to be recalled and would have to apply for their former jobs. That is unconscionable. We understand there’s some dispute over the language in the labor contract or what was agreed to in conversations between the company and the union at the onset of the pandemic. We want to be clear that this letter has nothing to do with either of those things. This is about what is kind and morally right. This is about going above and beyond whatever is minimally required by a labor contract or by law and showing compassion for the dedicated workers who have made Powell’s a success. This is also about what we, as a community, are willing to support, and frankly, we need you to do better. We, the members of the Powell’s community, ask that you immediately halt all external hiring and begin recalling your laid-off workers in order of seniority. It's the right thing to do, and we’re saddened by the fact that we even have to ask. Sincerely, The Powell’s Community
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  • Tell Corporations: Stop Florida Legislature's voter suppression and removal of personal freedoms!
    We must all Stop Florida from becoming a citizen suppression state like what is happening in Georgia. Stand up for freedoms, stop voter suppression, and support citizen voices.
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  • Corporations: Withhold campaign contributions from anyone who enacts voting restrictions
    Republicans think they can get away with taking the lazy option of choosing who votes instead of the courageous option of learning, and getting behind, what voters really want. This is partly because they have historically held the support of large corporations who benefit from their anti-labor stance of tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes. But the support of business leaders helped Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., be recognized in his own state for winning the Nobel Peace Prize. In 2006, pressure from business leaders helped incentivize the Republican-led Congress to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act. Big business responded to the January 6 riot by pulling campaign contributions from members of Congress who voted to interfere with the electoral vote count. And current activism by voting-rights advocates in Georgia and elsewhere have spurred major US companies to come down on the side of democracy. Voters are consumers, and companies ultimately answer to us. Tell US companies to stand up and put their money and their clout where their mouth is. No more mealymouthed finger-shaking in the face of brazen attempts to resurrect Jim Crow: It's time to make the same decision they made after January 6. No more funding for the campaigns of any lawmaker, anywhere, who votes to enact policies that restrict voting rights in the name of the Big Lie. There was no fraud. There was no steal. What there SHOULD be is consequences for the liars and cheats who want to steal votes from Americans. Tell big business to make anti-democratic lawmakers get reelected on their own dime if this is how they're going to "serve" the people.
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  • Mitch McConnell must give back all corporate money
    We all know that corporations give to both sides of the aisle. It's how they get legislation that's favorable to what they want to do in business. It's been like that for decades, and until we pass legislation to get rid of dark money, it will stay that way. But now Mitch McConnell says corporations must stay out of politics. Well, staying out of politics means no more corporate contributions to politicians then. Since Mitch doesn't want corporations sticking their noses in politics, Mitch has to give back ALL the money he has taken from them. After all, we wouldn't want him to get any more corrupted than he already is, right?
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  • CNN, time to leave Georgia. No to state legislated voting discrimination.
    A state political party should be sent a very clear message that abusing government power to suppress votes will not be tolerated by businesses because supporting unethical state legislatures economically funds corrupt government and it will not and should not be tolerated. The legislatures and ELECTED representatives should be held responsible for driving businesses out of state. Businesses should only support states economically that support democracy not actively suppress it. Because that is what is truly at stake.
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  • End corporate funding of the anti-democracy GOP
    The destruction of our democracy is being enabled and financed by Coca-Cola and many other corporations through contributions to Republican committees, candidates and the PACs that support them. It's not enough to issue belated press statements against voter suppression laws being enacted across the country, corporations must ACT. This is far more effective than choosing to buy Pepsi.
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  • Sign the petition: Tell Congress to protect Amazon delivery drivers!
    Amazon thinks it can get away with anything. Now the tech giant is forcing delivery drivers to either agree to intrusive surveillance in their vans, or lose their jobs.1 New reporting shows Amazon often forces drivers to choose between keeping their jobs and using the bathroom.2 Rather than solve this dilemma, Amazon wants to install artificial intelligence cameras and force drivers to submit biometric data in order to stay employed. Agree to constantly be spied on by your company or get fired: How can that possibly be a legal workplace standard? Congress can’t let Amazon mistreat their workers. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to protect delivery drivers and investigate Amazon labor practices! This isn’t just micro-management, it’s a dangerous pattern for Amazon. Amazon uses their vast tech resources to spy on workers and push their productivity to the physical brink, all in the name of profit. In Amazon warehouses, algorithms like Rate and ToT (time off task) have contributed to so many workplace accidents and injuries that working at Amazon is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the US.3 But whenever workers stand up for themselves against Amazon, the tech giant fires back with fury. Amazon hired a Koch-backed anti-union consultant to try to stop workers in Alabama from organizing a union.4 They force employees into “classes” where pro-union workers are intimidated and threatened with pay cuts if they continue to form a union. Amazon thinks that just because they’re rich and large that means they’re in charge, and that they can treat their employees however they want. They think no one is strong enough to stop them. But they’re wrong. Congress can regulate how Amazon operates and treats their workers. They could do it now, if you speak up. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to protect delivery drivers and investigate Amazon labor practices! Sources: 1. The Verge, “Amazon delivery drivers have to consent to AI surveillance in their vans or lose their jobs,” March 24, 2021. 2. The Intercept, “Documents Show Amazon Is Aware Drivers Pee In Bottles And Even Defecate En Route, Despite Company Denial,” March 25, 2021. 3. Futurism, “After Deaths, Amazon Lands on List of Most Dangerous Employers,” October 18, 2019. 4. The Intercept, “Amazon Hired Koch-backed Anti-union Consultant To Fight Alabama Warehouse Organizing,” February 10, 2021.
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  • Voter Suppression is unamerican and undemocratic
    The freedom to choose our leaders, and to speak up for what we believe in, is foundational to American democracy. Restricting someone’s vote, their right to assemble, or their right to speak is taking away their freedom. Voting, the right to assemble, and free speech should be accessible for all citizens, no matter where they live, the color of their skin, or how much money they make. To make every vote and voice count, we need a system that is free and fair to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Florida lawmakers are pursuing bills that are meant to remove voting rights and personal freedoms. We need Walt Disney World, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, JM Family Enterprises, and Publix to come out publicly and denounce any attempts of voter suppression or removal of personal freedoms by the Florida legislature. Currently two bills are making their way thru the Florida legislature and both are dangerous to the personal freedoms and voting rights of Floridians. HB1 the Combating Public Disorder bill enacts heavy-handed punishments designed to curb free speech by criminalizing acts of dissent. This bill has one purpose only: to further embolden racism in Florida. SB90, is another voter suppression bill which, if passed, would disenfranchise Florida voters by removing ballot drop boxes and enacting additional burdensome vote-by-mail requirements. We are urging Walt Disney World, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, JM Family Enterprises, and Publix to follow the lead of the Black Economical Alliance, and speak out on behalf of Floridians for their personal freedoms and voting rights. Several corporations like Delta, Coca-Cola, American Airlines, and Dell have all come out against similar bills in Georgia and Texas. As beneficiaries of a democracy, we need you Walt Disney World, Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruises, JM Family Enterprises, and Publix to do your civic duty and publicly denounce any attempts of voter suppression or removal of personal freedoms by the Florida legislature. Works Cited: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/03/31/business/voting-rights-georgia-corporations.html
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  • Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers King County
    Because everyday that we leave work we do not know if that is the day we are bringing this deadly disease. We do not know if it is going to kill us or one of our family members. We are tired we get cussed at daily because we are out of a product. Some of my fellow workers are going to loose their homes because they do not have enough money to cover rent because they are having to pay for child care because our children are not in school. We need help so please pass this around so we can take this back to the city council Thanks for your time please share
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  • Support Amazon workers' right to form a union
    This is a BFD: President Biden spoke out in support of a unionizing drive at Amazon's Bessemer warehouse in Alabama, where over 6,000 workers are about to vote whether to form Amazon's first unionized warehouse in the US. This could pave the way for more worker organizing against the dangerous Big Tech behemoth. In response, Amazon hired a Koch-backed anti-union consultant to help thwart the crucial election. Organizing a union at a monopolistic company Amazon isn't easy. Jeff Bezos is using every bit of the power and wealth he has amassed to stop workers. We need to support them -- and that includes regulating and breaking up Amazon's power, reducing their overall power and size and making it easier for workers to organize.
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  • Tell Attorney General Merrick Garland: Investigate Trump and Associates
    For at least the past five years, Donald Trump, and his aides and associates, have engaged in a flurry of unethical, unconstitutional, and often criminal activity, culminating with the seditious insurrection on the United States Capitol on January 6th, incited and encouraged by the Trump and his allies. If we are to begin the process of restoring the integrity of the Department of Justice and the rule of law to our nation, it is essential that the Department thoroughly investigate these actions and, where warranted and appropriate, hold accountable those who have violated the nation’s laws.
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  • Girls dress code for all schools
    Girls are always treated like objects and it’s not ok if we show some skin then it’s wrong but then we get ISS if and have to cover in duck tape too it’s not ok girls populate this world and all we get in return is these stupidly high expectation standards and ofc we get punished when we do anything that isn’t in these expectations girls are already objectified enough and we deserve more respect for everything we all have to go through and I know for a fact that half of the adults now tried to wear stuff kinda like how we do today and then we’re told they couldn’t and then got mad don’t let y’all’s past control our lives are y’all wearing what we chose to wear no we wear what we are comfortable in and what we chose so don’t go making us be something we aren’t girls all over are being punished for wearing something and for expressing them selves it’s not ok for how girls are treated some girls can get away with wearing skirts and shorts and anything else showing skin but half the other girls get punished for it is ridiculous for how higher these standards are for girls! I could go on and on and on about the whole dress code situation but I wanna get at least maybe 100 or 200 signs from other girls who agree ever from any other schools it can be honestly any women who agrees with me and my school cause this isn’t ok! More people can sign if they want to but honestly I just want people who agree to sign!
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