• Stop Funding Fox!
    Fox News agreed to pay Dominion Voting Systems nearly $800 million in a defamation lawsuit for broadcasting lies about the 2020 election to boost their profits and rating. It's never been publicly clearer that Fox is a right-wing propaganda machine. The truth is that Fox News will continue spewing lies and hatred, further destructing our democracy, until they start losing profits. With Fox's reputation on the line, this is a prime opportunity to demand that advertisers change course and stop doing business with Fox. In just a couple of weeks, these corporate advertisers will be striking new deals with Fox News for the next year. AT&T, General Motors, and Subway have a choice to stop future advertising deals with Fox News or to continue funding the hate and lies that undermine our democracy. Our message is clear: Stop Funding Fox!
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  • Fox News: Apologize On-Air For Your Lies
    It’s telling that Fox News would rather pay hundreds of millions in a settlement than face a jury and tell the truth under oath for the entire nation to see. They will attempt to move past their lies and sweep this lawsuit under the rug, but they need to face the nation and apologize for the deceit that undermined our democracy. Fox News claims that this settlement will allow the country to move forward, but we are still seeing the impact of the Big Lie to this day, with election deniers running for office and voters having distrust in the electoral process. Fox News needs to do what’s right and apologize.
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  • TELL Starbucks New CEO: Respect Workers’ Rights!
    Starbucks' new CEO has a chance to turn the company around and treat workers with respect. Let's call on him to act! Starbucks, like so many corporations, is doing everything in its power to keep workers from winning their union and a fair contract. They know when we stand together, we're more powerful and can win the respect we've earned.
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  • Democrats should stop appearing on Fox News
    For nearly three decades, Fox News has operated as a divisive right-wing propaganda outlet, misleading millions of Americans away from reality and toward racism, lies, and unfounded fears. Fox has proven time and time again that the network is not a legitimate news outlet. From spreading QAnon conspiracies to anti-COVID vaccine rhetoric to pushing anti-LGBTQ+ discrimination, Fox has shown that they will spout hate and lies to push their political agenda and gain viewers. Each time Democrats in Congress appear on Fox News, even with the good intentions of breaking through to Fox's audience, they continue feeding the illusion that Fox is a credible news source, and Fox uses that credibility to promote dangerous disinformation. Nothing has exposed Fox’s lies more than the multibillion-dollar defamation lawsuits they are facing from Dominion Voting Systems and Smartmatic. Recent filings prove that Fox News executives and leading anchors knew that Trump lost the election, but they promoted the Big Lie to protect ratings and profits. Now, after Tucker Carlson ran a lengthy segment on his Fox "News" show in a pathetic attempt to convince his viewers that January 6 was not a violent insurrection, Senator Chuck Schumer tweeted that he won’t go on Tucker Carlson’s show until he “admits to his viewers live on air that he has been lying to them about the 2020 elections and about what happened on January 6th.” On his show, Carlson claimed the insurrectionists were “peaceful,” and “orderly and meek … sightseers.” But we know the truth. January 6 was a violent, criminal conspiracy led by Donald Trump to forcibly overturn the 2020 election results. More elected officials should follow Sen. Schumer's example. It’s time for Congressional Democrats to come together and refuse to appear on Fox News until they set the record straight and tell the truth about the 2020 election and January 6.
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  • Oferta dos CTT para permitir o rastreio total USPS do correio registado de entrada nos EUA
    PETITION: CTT offer to allow for full USPS tracking of US inbound registered mail. Dear CTT Postal Service of Portugal, We are kindly asking you to redefine your tracked offerings concerning international outgoing registered mail to the USA. Who we are? We are a community of Portuguese crafters and online shops with over 50% of our sales going to the US market. We ship several thousand parcels of sold goods to our private customers in the USA, and are sending you this request due to the continuous problems with deliveries to the USA. What is the issue? Registered airmail tracking numbers (with barcodes) do not appear in USPS tracking systems. CTT only allows us to track up until leaving the country. If USPS continues to not scan the tracking numbers the packages will simply disappear. We don't even receive a message stating that it has arrived in the US. We need to provide proof to our customers that packages have arrived in the US. We are experiencing a huge growth in claims, refunds and negative feedbacks from our US customers and as result we keep loosing business and you too will loose business. We pay the highest possible form of shipping CTT offers, yet it is not supported by USPS systems as seen in this notice on their website: ************************************************************************ International Registered Mail Tracking Suppression of Import Registered Mail Effective October 1, 2015, the Postal Service™ will no longer offer visibility for international import Registered Mail™ items unless International Posts have upgraded to offer their customers U.S. Postal Service® products that come with visibility. The International Posts which have upgraded to offer their customers Postal Service products that offer visibility are listed here: https://about.usps.com/pos.../2015/pb22424/html/info_002.htm ************************************************************************** How will we know when the recipient receives the package? How will we know if the recipient signed for it? How will we know if a notice has been left or unclaimed? How will we know it there is a delay? What do we ask: We would kindly ask you to become compliant with the USPS registered airmail tracking system even if that means the cost to ship Registered mail piece from Portugal will increase significantly. That will allow the USPS to scan packages as soon as they arrive in the US. Would like this information to appear on your website so that all your customers and our customers in the US could have access to this information. If this information does not appear CTT will inevitably receive thousands of customer services complaints and requests to "Reclamações" to search for lost Registered mail, which CTT will have to compensate. We would like all our clients to have a clear understanding that our packages have actually left Portugal and are waiting to be processed in one of the USPS sorting facilities on the US territory. We really hope for your understanding and cooperation. Thank you very much for your time, From the Portuguese online sellers, self employed small businesses, crafters, regular registered mail senders of gifts and of course many thanks from our recipients in the US. * * *
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  • Tell Congress to Act NOW: Prevent the Norfolk Southern train derailment from happening again!
    Senators have introduced the “Railway Safety Act of 2023” to address some of the concerns about rail safety that resurfaced after the disastrous Norfolk Southern train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. The bill calls for stronger safety standards for all trains carrying hazardous materials and also expands those standards to trains not currently subject to high-hazard flammable train, or HHFT, regulations (like the train in East Palestine). We need this legislation to pass swiftly in the Senate, so it can go to the House, and then Biden's desk. People deserve protection and regulations so that railroad workers are able to feel safe at work, and residents feel safe knowing trains passing by their communities will be less likely to derail. A second train derailed in Ohio just a few days ago. We don't have time to waste to take widespread action towards rail safety. Photo Credit: The New York Times
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  • Tell U.S. pharmacies: Provide abortion care to your customers!
    We must remember that the majority of voters support safe and legal abortion access. Voters in states such as Kansas, Kentucky and Montana overwhelmingly supported abortion rights in ballot measures last year. We cannot let misogynistic Republicans in the pockets of anti-abortion extremists overturn the will of the people! It's bad enough that the conservatively-stacked Supreme Court stripped us of our constitutional right to abortion. Now, Republicans are going after a safe, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medication for early pregnancy abortion that's used in more than half of all abortions in the United States. Abortion pills such as mifepristone have been FDA-approved and safely used by customers for over 20 years. Last month, the Biden administration approved retail pharmacies such as Walgreens, Rite Aid, and CVS to dispense the pills as part of a larger plan to protect abortion access and reduce maternal mortality. Threats from Republican attorneys general to keep these pharmacies from dispensing the pills have chilling effects on multiple fronts. Not only are they putting customers' lives at risk, but they are also controlling private businesses, customers' lives, and our democracy. U.S. pharmacies must not give in to GOP bullying and fascism and to protect their customers' right to abortion care!
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  • Stop the willow project
    It's going to destroy the article. It's going to destroy the world, our world. It's going to destroy future generations, It's going to destroy everything we need more people to sign it we are going to die we need to take action the isn't much time left please just listen to me, Listen to us all. Please I beg, Spread awareness, Do everything you can please I don't want to die I'm just a kid I don't want to lose everything my home, Please help.
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  • Patients Can’t Wait: It’s time to enforce nurse-to-patient staffing laws in California hospitals.
    Over the last three years, nurses and other healthcare workers have made enormous sacrifices. In many facilities, chronic unsafe staffing was already the norm when the pandemic brought a massive influx of critical patients. Nurses need more support than ever before—especially when it comes to safe staffing. There is ample evidence that nurse-to-patient ratios do save lives1—even though we’ve not yet seen the full potential of this important safety mechanism. Conversely, research shows that unsafe staffing is directly linked to negative patient outcomes. Without the backing of CDPH and full enforcement of the law, hospitals will continue to cut corners by purposefully understaffing their units, the dangerous race to the bottom in hospital staffing will continue and nurses will continue to leave the bedside. If you're a nurse or licensed healthcare professional facing unsafe staffing or other challenges in your workplace, join us! Visit https://www.seiu121rn.org/join/ to learn more. 1 Aiken LH, Sloane DM, Cimiotti JP, et al. Implications of the California nurse staffing mandate for other states. Health Serv Res. 2010;45(4):904-21. Available at: https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/j.1475-6773.2010.01114.x
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  • Tell President Biden to clean up Trump’s mess of train deregulation
    In 2018, the Trump administration rolled back an Obama-era rule, which had required rail companies to upgrade brake systems on trains carrying certain hazardous materials. Norfolk Southern was among a group of rail carriers who opposed this regulation and that contributed more than $6 million to Republican lawmakers in the 2016 election -- the most contributed by the rail industry to one party in over two decades. But that’s not all! Norfolk Southern has spent nearly $80 million on lobbying efforts over the last 25 years, including opposing two-person crew requirements on every train -- a safety measure that workers say is vital to limiting train derailments and that the Trump administration again rejected. In allowing the industry to regulate itself, the Trump administration said “that no regulation of train crew staffing is necessary or appropriate for railroad operations to be conducted safely at this time” and said separately, “the expected costs of requiring ECP brakes would be significantly higher than the expected benefits of the requirement.” It’s up to us to hold greedy corporations accountable to workers and to communities across the country.
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  • Stop LNG by Rail, President Biden and Secretary Buttigieg
    The Department of Transportation (DOT) and President Biden are being petitioned by the public to stop the authorization of the bulk transportation of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in rail cars on the nation’s railways. Based on public safety and health concerns, in 2021 DOT’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) proposed federal rulemaking (the “Suspension Rule” RIN 2137–AF55)[1] to suspend the Trump Administration’s 2020 federal rule that lifted the long-standing ban on LNG transport by rail. Public comments and technical submissions to PHMSA during the public comment period provide broad and compelling support for the Suspension Rule and explain why the Trump era LNG rule endangers millions of Americans. The petition calls on PHMSA to first, immediately adopt the Suspension Rule and second, that PHMSA reinstate the permanent ban through federal rulemaking. Lastly, the petition insists that Special Permits for LNG rail transport be denied, including Special Permit DOT-SP 20534 for the proposed Gibbstown/Wyalusing LNG Export Project.[2] Prior to the Trump Rule, a Special Permit (Special Permit DOT-SP 20534), was issued in December 2019 for transport of LNG by rail car from Wyalusing, PA to Gibbstown, NJ for a proposed LNG export terminal on the Delaware River. It expired but PHMSA is currently considering an application for its extension. This is the first and only use in the nation of DOT 113C120W tank cars to transport LNG, which were designed 50 years ago and never used for LNG and it is the only permit to allow daily “unit-train” volumes of LNG over enormous distances (approximately 200 miles). The trains cut through many communities of color and low-income populations already overburdened with environmental injustices, including Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Reading, Allentown, and Philadelphia in Pennsylvania and Camden and other southern municipalities in New Jersey. Transporting LNG in rail cars poses unique hazards. If there is a container breach, such as in a derailment, the super-cooled (-260 degrees F) liquid methane is released as a vapor cloud that is 600-620 times greater than the volume of the contained liquid, causing freeze burns and robbing oxygen from the air for those in proximity, which can be deadly[3]. The vapor cloud can travel miles very quickly. PHMSA’s Environmental Assessment[4] issued in 2019 describes the response to a broken cryogenic tank car as very difficult for first responders and fire companies and risks catastrophe due to the great potential for explosions and large fires. If the highly flammable gas is ignited, it burns so hot the fire cannot be extinguished and must be allowed to burn out, requiring emergency evacuations for up to two miles. A bomb-like explosion known as a BLEVE or Boiling Liquid Expanding Vapor Explosion can occur with catastrophic impacts. These dangers are amplified in densely populated communities where high-speed and complete evacuation is practically impossible. These public safety hazards are the foundation for the longstanding ban on LNG transport by rail car. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine’s Transportation Research Board (“TRB”), the agency that is charged with conducting LNG by rail research, advises that “quantitative risk analyses” have not been done and need to be performed, and that, prior to any LNG by rail activities, a safety assurance initiative be put in place and further investigation be conducted of the safety performance of the railcars that are proposed to be used (DOT-113C120W9.16). Clearly, there is no assurance that adding LNG to our railways is, by any equitable measure, safe or warranted. The recent push to increase the export of LNG by rail due to the Ukraine crisis has heightened community concerns that the desires of the gas and oil industry will overwhelm government’s responsibility to protect the public and replace dirty fracked gas with truly clean, renewable energy. Public safety and environmental health must come first. LNG is liquefied methane. Methane is a greenhouse gas (GHG) 86 times more powerful than carbon dioxide in heating the atmosphere on a 20-year time scale and 104 times more powerful over a 10-year period, the periods of time when scientists say we must reduce GHG emissions to address the climate crisis. Methane leaks and/or is vented in all phases of the LNG production process, including processing, storage, transport, transloading and use. In light of the high global warming potential of methane, the Biden administration has pledged to slash methane emissions. Pushing LNG onto train tracks, enabling LNG production, and stepping up gas extraction and transportation will exacerbate climate change and undercut our collective climate goals to prevent the earth’s warming. LNG transport by railcar recklessly endangers the public and risks catastrophe such as the disastrous train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio in February. The public health and environmental impacts from the resulting inextinguishable fires and release of vinyl chloride and other highly toxic chemicals to the air, water, and soil will not be fully calculated for some time. However, the resulting state of emergency requiring evacuation of the community, the raging fires and plumes of polluted smoke, the fish kills, and the exposure of people to hazardous pollutants is testimony that high hazard derailments do occur and the consequences can be tragic. We don’t need to add more flammable hazardous materials to the dangers our communities and environment already face from high-risk rail car transport.
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  • Chief Justice Roberts’ ethics violations make it clear: We need a SCOTUS ethics code!
    You’ve already heard the news that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife Ginni Thomas was involved in the January 6 plot to overthrow our government. And that Justice Thomas refuses to recuse himself from cases related to January 6.1 But Chief Justice John Roberts also has a serious ethics conflict due to the work of his spouse, Jane Roberts. The New York Times recently reported that Jane Roberts, a legal recruiter, has earned millions in commissions for recruiting attorneys for jobs at law firms, which include firms that have cases before the Supreme Court. A significant portion of Jane Roberts' clients are senior government lawyers whom she helps place at private law firms. This is a clear conflict of interest for Chief Justice Roberts, and yet more evidence that we need a strong code of ethics for SCOTUS.2 Chief Justice Roberts has failed to recuse himself from a single case involving law firms working with his spouse. He also has not fully disclosed his wife’s clients or her earnings. Senator Durbin said that these are “troubling issues that once again demonstrate the need” for ethics reforms to “begin the process of restoring faith in the Supreme Court.”2 Public trust in the Supreme Court is already at an all time low. The Court has pursued a right-wing agenda, regularly ignoring long-standing precedents, such as in its overturning of Roe v. Wade. This year the Court will rule on another set of cases that will carry serious implications for civil rights, student debt relief, workers’ right to organize, and more. Following the revelations about the ethics violations of Justice Thomas and Chief Justice Roberts, now is the time to pass the Supreme Court Ethics Act.3 Sources: NPR, “Legal ethics experts agree: Justice Thomas must recuse in insurrection cases,” March 30, 2022. New York Times, “At the Supreme Court, Ethics Questions Over a Spouse’s Business Ties,” January 31, 2023. The Hill, “Calls grow for stronger ethics rules for Supreme Court justices, families,” October 31, 2022.
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