• Pop up shops
    This is important because it’s so many young entrepreneurs that have so much to offer to the community and to expand their businesses. It would be a great dealbreaker for the mall and the entrepreneurs that are trying to create a brand for themselves. It also gives people a chance to explore and open doors for prosperity
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    Created by Talitha Hampton
  • Allow micheal Vick to receive the pro bowl honor
    To support a great athlete that has paid his dues
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    Created by Montavis Daniel
  • End sales of toy assault weapons at Target!
    Target’s weekly ad on the Sunday after Thanksgiving featured a Nerf gun called a “Fortnite AR-E blaster.”(1) This toy gun looks like an AR-15, the weapon of choice for mass shootings—including the school shootings at Margery Stoneman Douglas HS in Parkland, FL and Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT. In these times of horrific gun violence, family-friendly Target should not be selling toys modeled on AR-15s or other assault-style weapons. The US now has mass shootings on a near-daily basis. Children routinely participate in active shooting drills at schools due to the threat of gun violence. Many have seen news reports from shootings, including images of children crying outside their schools while police address the aftermath of a school shooting. Some have been directly affected by gun violence. Imagine those children seeing toy guns at Target that look like the assault-style weapons that are regularly used in mass shootings, packaged in boxes with pictures of smiling children holding the guns. What kind of message does it send to children who fear or have suffered from gun violence to see these “toys” for sale? Imagine a child who comes across a real gun at home or while visiting a friend or relative, which happens with alarming frequency. (2) Will that child who has seen toy guns at Target think the gun is a toy, perhaps leading to an accidental shooting? Imagine a troubled teen who has considered using a gun to injure himself or others? Will seeing the toy guns at Target encourage him or make him think that a real gun is not harmful? Imagine a child playing with one of these toy guns in the yard or a park. Might the police or someone else mistake it for a real gun (especially if the orange tip has been removed) and shoot the child? (3) There may have been a time when most people didn’t think twice about toy guns. But now that mass shootings and school shootings have become routine, no responsible retailer should sell "toys" that look like the deadly assault-style weapons used in those shootings. Guns are not toys. Target holds itself out as a responsible corporation that helps communities. The Target website proclaims: “We’re putting the needs of people, communities and the planet at the heart of how we work today, to help build a better tomorrow.”(4) Target also says it wants “to help all families discover the joy of everyday life.”(5) Selling toy guns that look like assault weapons does not help communities or families; it hurts them. Sign this petition and tell Target: Stop selling toy guns that look like assault-style weapons. 1. https://weeklyad.target.com/promotions?code=Target-20191201&page=14. 2. A recent study estimated that 4.6 million children live in a home with a gun that is loaded and unlocked. Deborah Azrael, et al., “Firearm Storage in Gun-owning Households with Children: Results of a 2015 National Survey.” Journal of Urban Health (2018) 1-10. Approximately 40% of gun owners report that there is always a loaded gun within easy reach when they’re at home. Kim Parker, et al., “America’s Complex Relationship with Guns,” Pew Research Center (June 22, 2017) 9, http://assets.pewresearch.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2017/06/06151541/Guns-Report-FOR-WEBSITE-PDF-6-21.pdf. 3. Katy Steinmetz, “Toy Guns Create Deadly Problems for Police,” Time (Nov. 25, 2014), https://time.com/3603087/tamir-rice-shooting-toy-gun/. The night before Target ran its ad featuring the assault-style Nerf gun, an intoxicated man shot a child who was playing with a Nerf gun. Kashmira Gander, “Florida Man Drunk On Whiskey And Beer Shot Child Playing With Nerf Gun After Telling Him He Had A Real Gun, Police Say,” Newsweek (Dec. 3, 2019), https://www.newsweek.com/florida-man-drunk-whiskey-beer-shot-child-nerf-gun-real-gun-police-1475186. 4. https://corporate.target.com/about/. 5. https://corporate.target.com/corporate-responsibility.
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    Created by Ruth Borenstein
  • Chime
    Every customer is upset for the Inconvenience and not having it up an running.
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    Created by Jahaira Castaneda
  • Join a class-action lawsuit against Kodama, Inc.
    Kodama needs to be held accountable for their irresponsible behavior and misuse of funds.
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    Created by J. F.
  • Give Landlords More Rights
    Landlords are being harassed and our properties are being destroyed no one is helping us to recover money for damages by tenants. Tenants are harassing landlords, creating it unsafe for landlords who live on the property. Tenants are not paying rent and continually harass and threaten and destroy our properties that we work hard for, which cause us to lose our properties or cause us to get hurt by tenants.
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    Created by Monica Mackay
  • Kaiser Permanente stop wasting $ on non-therapeutic preputial amputations
    Cosmetic surgeries are not covered by healthcare insurance plans, with the exception of this one for cultural/religious reasons. There is no reason this one should be covered. If it is done to a child, it is considered a human rights violation. If is done to a consenting adult, it should be treated like any other cosmetic surgery that is not necessary for the individual's health and well-being. We do not want our premiums supporting such acts.
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    Created by John Adkison
  • Tell Equinox to allow its members to cancel memberships because of COVID-19 restrictions
    A contract is a promise of goods and services between a merchant and its customers. In this case members will be paying the same membership fees for a much reduced level of benefits and service.
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    Created by Gregory Cox
    BIG meat and poultry companies are refusing to protect their employees! In order to protect their huge corporate profits, they are forcing their employees to make an impossible choice: either work under dangerous conditions (and thereby run the risk of infecting yourself and your family with Covid-19)-or lose your job! These companies should and must provide the necessary PPE, physical separation and testing in order to maintain a safe working environment for their employees. Until they do we should boycott their products. REFUSE TO BUY PRODUCTS FROM TYSON, JBS USA, SMITHFIELD FOOD, OR NATIONAL BEEF PACKING CO.!!!
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    Created by Linda Lenoir
  • California Faculty Association, take a stand against neo-McCarthyism
    Labor unions, as organizations in civil society that form the groundwork of a democratic, pluralistic society, need determined, courageous leadership that understands the threat of fascism, and is willing and able to stand up to it. A union representing academic workers, who are under a systematic assault by well-financed right-wing groups (like Turning Point USA, which maintains a “Professor Watch-List”), has a particular responsibility in that regard. In the case of Lars Maischak, CFA accepted, defended, and continues to defend the decision by CSU to remove a faculty member from the classroom, accepting it as justified because the faculty member had been the target of violent threats by right-wing groups and individuals. This is a case of capitulation in the face of politically motivated violence unacceptable for a labor union in a democracy. There is no shame in admitting the complicity of your organization with right-wing violence. The only shame is in continuing to pretend it did not happen. By delegitimizing the experience and perspective of the victim, CFA keeps the victimization alive. CFA should take this petition as an invitation to become an effective force for the defense of democracy. For documentation, please see: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/yq9vcp8oi9s4e/
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    Created by Lars Maischak
  • Support the meat packing workers
    We are all told to shelter in place, keep six feet distance between us and use a face mask when we go anywhere for our safety and the safety of our fellow Americans and yet we expect the meat processing workers to endanger their lives and ours by continuing to work in unsafe conditions.
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    Created by Jennie Savage
  • End the lockdown and the stay at home order
    Because people need to start protesting and getting their lives back to normal again and letting kids have a life playing sports going to school. People need to start going back to work and making money. You are making us American people suffer and it's not right. We need to work go back to every day life and have a life back and enjoy our lives and stop this crap. Because people are killing themselves and jumping off bridges and buildings and people are oding and this is not right so hurry up and fix this. You need to step up and open up our New Jersey state up quickly and stop spreading fear and let us have our freedom back.
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    Created by Lynn Thompson