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To: Kinetic Content and other reality television production companies

Give cast members access to independent mental health experts on reality television sets!

Psychological abuse on the sets of reality television is unacceptable, but unfortunately, all too common. With the rise in the production of unscripted and reality television, the use of psychological manipulation by producers has become increasingly more prevalent and concerning. It is imperative that cast members on these shows have access to independent mental health experts that can intervene when the physical and psychological health of a cast member is at risk—and who can halt production for necessary evaluation without repercussions to cast or crew!

Why is this important?

Reality television is a booming industry due to low production costs and high profit margins. These corporations are making millions of dollars off of the exploitation of cast members, who are often misled regarding the mental health resources and support available to them before, during, and after the show.

Entertainment should never come at the expense of the mental health or wellbeing of cast members, but right now it does. Demand that Kinetic Content—which produces popular reality shows like Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, and Married at First Sight—as well as other prominent reality tv show production companies and networks create and enforce policies to have independent mental health experts on set. And join us in demanding comprehensive mental health support before, during, and after shows are produced.




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