• Congressional Inquiry into sale of N95 masks
    Health care and other essential service workers have become sick and some may die over the lack of preparedness, even though these masks were changing hands and flying back and forth between countries since January of 2020
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    Created by Candace Head-Dylla, PhD
  • Ban companies from using bailouts to lobby
    This week, Politico reported that there is “contentious debate” over whether or not companies should be allowed to use taxpayer money from the relief funds to lobby Congress. This is utterly absurd. Any companies receiving federal relief money must be banned from using it to lobby Congress. The lack of a strict ban on using relief funds to lobby Congress was a gaping hole in the original stimulus. Congress must act urgently to close this loophole. Source: https://www.politico.com/newsletters/politico-influence/2020/04/01/corporate-america-might-need-more-money-from-congress-786576
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    Created by Americans for Financial Reform Picture
  • Help Save The Class Of 2020
    The class of 2020 has nothing to look forward to with school being cancelled. I want them to still be able to atleast walk across the stage and receive their diplomas in recognition of their hard work just as the previous classes before them did it also. We shouldn’t just sit down and take this slap in the face as this pandemic will past in due time. It may not affect directly you, but put yourself in their shoes the 1st class ever to have their senior year canceled stripped of everything they have been working toward for all 4 years. We’ve already had our our fun of highschool and moved on it’s a one time experience all should have so why excluded our next generation of successors. I for one say this should be treated as a top class emergency in efforts to save the class of 2020. All those who would love to help spread this and raise awareness your effort are greatly appreciated.
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    Created by Keshawn Gray
  • UBER & Lyft: Protect your drivers in this pandemic!
    UBER and Lyft drivers are on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, shuttling people back and forth who still need to go to work and get groceries. But UBER and Lyft have yet to extend protections their drivers can actually take, including sick days and paid leave. And these companies aren’t providing the drivers who do want to keep working with adequate sanitary supplies. That means drivers might feel forced to work when they feel ill, or when their family members are sick and need care. These drivers are taking care of us during this pandemic, and the companies they work for need to take care of them by providing critical benefits that protect them, their families, passengers, and communities.
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  • Stop Big Pharma from price gouging on the coronavirus
    Big Pharma companies are already trying to profit from drugs to treat or prevent coronavirus infection -- and we need your help to stop them. Last week Gilead Sciences was caught attempting to get exclusive rights to one drug that has shown promise in treating covid-19. Under intense public pressure they backed off, but they and other Pharma companies still have the ability to raise the price high and gouge everyone for desperately needed medicine. Under a federal law known as Section 1498, the government can override a patent at any time as long as the company receives "reasonable compensation." This gives the government critical leverage to negotiate lower prices. And the government could even start producing lifesaving treatments itself under the Defense Production Act. Will you help use that leverage to save lives and stop Big Pharma from gouging people?
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • COVID-19 benefits for 1099 small businesses
    1099 business have been literally tossed by the wayside and ignored. We have needs, responsibilities, families and obligations, just as any other business in Maryland and we should not be treated, as if we do not matter, when we still pay taxes. Business taxes, personal property taxes, sales taxes, bottle taxes., etc.Our rents and mortgages on our businesses are due, just like every other business in Maryland and it's time we stop being ignored.
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    Created by Sibou Walker
  • Princeton Wegmans: Protect your customers and workers from COVID-19!
    I am the father of two kids under 6 and husband to a tenure-track professor at The College of New Jersey. On Friday, March 27th, in the middle of a global pandemic of COVID-19, my wife went to get the groceries we need at the Wegmans in Nassau Park Pavilion located in West Windsor Township in order for us to continue to shelter at home until it is safe to end social distancing. It was a shocking experience. Wegmans had very few COVID-19 precautions in place. There were no limits on the number of people entering the store. There were no ways to sanitize the shopping carts. Workers were not wearing protective gloves or masks, nor were they practicing social distancing except at check-out. No one else in the store was practicing social distancing. This is an immediate health risk to both customers AND workers. There is no excuse for this. Other stores are doing this right now. The West Windsor Trader Joe's is doing everything Wegmans is not. They limit the number of people in the store at any one time. They sanitize the carts. They enforce social distancing. And it's not just Trader Joe's. Other Wegmans stores in the chain ARE taking these measures. At least one store in Northern Virginia is also taking all the measures described above. Tell the General Manager of the Nassau Park Pavilion Wegmans to immediately implement all COVID-19 safety measures including limiting customers, sanitizing carts and check-out lanes, providing protective equipment for workers, and enforcing social distancing throughout the store, especially during re-stocking. Tell the Health Officers for West Windsor and Mercer County New Jersey to immediately order this Wegmans store to implement these health measures. UPDATE April 2, 2020: I want to be clear that Wegmans corporate guidelines for COVID-19 are very clear and very good, including a number of actions around pay and sick days that prioritize their employees' well-being. But how the social distancing and sanitizing guidelines are being implemented on the ground leaves a lot to be desired. On this point, Trader Joe's is a model. Wegmans' Princeton store can and should do better in meeting their responsibilities in this moment. You can see what Wegmans corporate guidelines are here: https://www.wegmans.com/news-media/press-releases/wegmans-response-to-covid-19-2/
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    Created by Nathan Henderson-James
  • Allow L&I interpreters to work from home, and be compensated by the in-person fee schedule.
    Recently, the Health Care Authority has temporarily allowed interpreters who cover Medicaid interpreting appointments to work from home while being compensated at their current rate of pay during this COVID-19 situation. On the other hand, L&I has chosen to require medical and vocational providers to only use pre-approved vendors in the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) contract when needing interpreters over the phone. This includes companies like Language Link, and Lionbridge. This is causing extreme hardship to independent interpreters who cover face to face L&I appointments, being obligated to remain at home without any means to support their families. If the HCA was able to quickly find a solution for their interpreters, why can't Labor & industries? As this COVID-19 situation develops, we need to do whatever it takes to help our economy. Please join us and ask the Department of Labor and Industries to do what's right for the majority of workers which are independent interpreters, not just a few companies. While we are at home and staying healthy, we shouldn't be worried that L&I will give our jobs to out of state companies.
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    Created by WA INTERPRETERS Picture
  • Loan Forgiveness Especially On Student And Auto Loans
    I have student loans and a car loan with Nissan Financial and I was told they will push back my auto loan but add on extra interests. I think if we are out of work for a month or two instead of charging extra interest and pushing out our loan out several months that those months be counted as paid and we are given time to settle our lives after everything gets back to normal.
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    Created by Robert McMurrer
  • No Chase overdraft fees during coronavirus pandemic
    Our country and our communities are feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus in the most devastating ways. My family is feeling it as well. I recently overdrew my account due to extra expenses for preparing for my state's "stay at home" order and having just started a new job. Instead of providing relief during this time, Chase charged two overdraft fees for a total of sixty eight dollars. In this time of unprecedented crisis, JP Morgan Chase bank must do their part to ease the financial strain of this pandemic for their customers. They were bailed out in 2008 and again will inevitably reap the reward of the two trillion dollar stimulus package which favors banks and large corporations. The deep economic impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus is just beginning, and we cannot make middle-class and lower-class consumers bear the burden. Ten million people have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks, and we not even through the worst of this global pandemic, let alone the profound longterm economic impact. There is no recourse for consumers, however, as they try to get through this economic turmoil and global pandemic and provide for their families. It's unacceptable that JPMorgan Chase continue to make money off the backs of those that are struggling to make their rent, pay their utilities, and purchase groceries for their loved ones.
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    Created by Wendy Van Buren
  • Gov. Cuomo: Stop exploiting incarcerated labor for the production of hand sanitizer.
    In an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19, New York Gov. Cuomo is exploiting the forced labor of incarcerated people to make hand sanitizer but is doing nothing to protect them. In his proud announcement that Corcraft, a state-run corporation operating in state prisons, is manufacturing hand sanitizer scented like a "very nice floral bouquet," he casually left out the fact that the people work for Corcraft are paid less than one dollar per day. And to add insult, people in prison may not even be able to use the hand sanitizer themselves because, according to the Department of Corrections and Community Supervision, anything with alcohol content is contraband.  The virus has already made its way into jails and prisons across the state and is wreaking havoc. Riker's Island has at least 40+ cases, an employee at Sing Sing prison tested positive, and the first incarcerated person to test positive is at Long Island county jail. And these are just the cases we know of. Incarcerated people need protection, not exploitation! People locked in prisons deserve safety and wellness just as much as every other New Yorker. Yet, instead of ensuring that, Cuomo has been doing everything to treat incarcerated people with complete disdain -- undeserving of basic rights and human dignity. He has refused to take up the vast majority of clemency petitions and expand parole and medical release for elderly incarcerated people personally blocked the passage of the HALT Solitary Confinement Act, allowed New York State to continue to operate under a Jim Crow-era voting law that prohibits incarcerated people from voting, and is currently championing rollbacks to recently enacted bail reforms that would expand the jail population.  Prisons and jails are places where a vulnerable population is forced into close quarters, healthcare is poor, and access to soap, sanitizer, toilet paper is limited at best. Inside a prison or jail, it is near impossible to contain an outbreak of infectious disease. This puts both incarcerated people and the people who work in jails at health risk.  We need your support to make sure Cuomo hears this message loud and clear. People locked in prisons and jails are extremely vulnerable in times like this--but with the power of people like you, we can ensure that they aren't forgotten nor exploited. Sign the petition.
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    Created by Color Of Change Picture
    The spread of Covid 19 is still rising at an ever increasing pace across the country. We are nowhere near the peak of this outbreak. Prematurely removing the controls now in place will be disastrous and result in a far greater spread of the desease, with far greater numbers of deaths. And that will have an even greater negative impact on the economy as well. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. THANK YOU.
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    Created by John Orabone