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To: House and Senate Republicans

Make Insulin Affordable for Everyone NOW!

We need universal insulin price caps now. Big Pharma and Republicans are preventing millions of Americans receiving the affordable, life-saving care that they need. Congress must act to lower the cost of insulin for everyone that has a prescription.

Why is this important?

Insulin is a life-saving medication that millions of Americans depend on. But because of Republicans giving into corporate greed, this medication is unaffordable for too many people. Too often, this results in people rationing their usage at the expense of their health.

Nearly one million of all people who need insulin spend almost half of their income on this medication. And almost 80% of all insulin users have gone into debt to pay for it. No one should have to shoulder this extreme financial burden, especially for something that costs so little to actually produce.

Democrats tried to pass universal insulin price caps through the Inflation Reduction Act last year but Republicans blocked this from becoming a reality. The policy was scaled back to cap insulin at $35 a month for people on Medicare, which was an important step but not enough. During the 2023 State of the Union address, President Biden called for Congress to finish the job and pass universal insulin price caps for all Americans.

It’s time for Congress to side with working people and make insulin affordable for everyone who uses it.

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