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To: Facebook

Keep Trump Off Facebook

Facebook has once again provided an organizing space for another attack against a democratically elected government.

On January 8, 2023 – two years after former President Donald Trump used Facebook to incite a violent insurrection in our nation's capital – Brazilian extremists took the U.S. insurrection as a blueprint for their own attempted coup after Trump-like Jair Bolsonaro refused to concede to his Democratically-elected successor, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. Searches for “intervention” and “ballots” directed users to Facebook Groups advocating for a military coup and spreading disinformation about rigged ballots.

Despite all this, Facebook is STILL considering allowing Trump back on the platform.

In suspending Trump, Meta said that they would “assess whether the risk to public safety has receded” after a two-year suspension. Let’s be clear: Trump remains a risk to public safety and democracy. He has continued to spew election disinformation on his own social media platform, Truth Social, spread dangerous rhetoric promoting violence, and embrace QAnon at rallies and events.

Why is this important?

Facebook is preparing to make a decision on whether or not to reinstate Donald Trump's Facebook account. For the risk Trump poses to our public safety and democracy, we must keep Trump off Facebook. Join us in urging Meta to keep Trump off Facebook.





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