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To: Trader Joe's CEO Bryan Palbaum

Drop Your Anti-Union Trademark Lawsuit!

Trader Joe’s corporate is currently taking alarming actions against Trader Joe’s United—our labor union that represents the workers who make Trade Joe's a great place to shop. Corporate is threatening to sue us for trademark infringement. Sign the petition NOW to demand that the Trader Joe’s CEO cease union-busting tactics and drop the lawsuit!

Why is this important?

Trader Joe's United is gaining significant momentum—workers have successfully won union elections at four locations. But instead of supporting and bargaining in good faith with us, we’ve repeatedly experienced union-busting by Trader Joe’s corporate. This summer Trader Joe’s United released merch to help raise funds for the union. Just a week later, corporate threatened to sue, claiming consumers might be "confused" between the store’s products and our union’s products.

Threatening to sue their own union is a new low and could set a dangerous precedent for other companies looking to intimidate and block union funding sources. Sign the petition to be in solidarity with Trader Joe’s workers and all workers across the country!




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