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To: U.S. Congress

Pass the SAFE Bet Act to protect kids from online gambling

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Online gambling is a MASSIVE industry worth nearly $50 billion. But while executives at sports betting companies bring in record-breaking revenue, severe gambling addiction among teens and young people—some as young as 14 years old—is at an all-time high right now as online sports betting skyrockets in popularity.

Big corporations shouldn't get away with making billions off of kids and families whose lives are being ruined by gambling addiction. We need to act immediately to put guardrails on gambling companies and protect children from predatory advertising. Sign the petition to demand Congress pass the SAFE Bet act NOW.

Why is this important?

While sports betting should be for those 21 and up, big gambling companies have flashy advertisements, celebrity endorsements, and mobile gaming formats that inadvertently target children. Big gambling companies even offer hundreds of dollars in "free" or "bonus" bets in their advertising that have one goal: hook a new generation of consumers on their product for LIFE. And these tactics aren't new—Big Tobacco and Big Alcohol have used the same harmful marketing tactics for decades to appeal to young audiences. But unlike those industries, the gambling industry goes largely unchecked, and it's getting out of control, but there is a solution:

The SAFE Bet Act, introduced by Congressman Paul Tonko would put limits on the types of advertising sports betting companies could run, reducing exposure of children and teens to these ads, and stopping gambling addiction before it even starts.

Demand the billion-dollar sports betting industry be held accountable to protect kids from predatory advertising and severe gambling addiction. Sign the petition and urge Congress to pass the SAFE Bet Act NOW.



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