• Justice for Rashad Jamal
    United we stand Divided we fall. We need as many signatures as possible to help fight against the cruel and unusual punishment of Rashad Jamal. Let’s do what it takes to see that they either grant him a court date or free him.
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    Created by Travis Slaton
  • Thank you, President Biden... Now, cancel all student debt!
    We applaud President Biden's historic student debt cancellation plan, but we recognize that millions of people will still be burdened by debt. That is why we urge the President to cancel all student debt to ensure borrowers have the financial freedom to invest in their futures, support their families, benefit their communities, and contribute to the economy. President Biden must take the next step and cancel student debt for all. Research shows that debt cancellation is progressive. That means the more that is canceled, the more benefits reach people who need help. On top of that, canceling more debt will further advance efforts to address racial and gender equity issues.
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    Created by Natalia Abrams Picture
  • Stop Taos County Housing Insecurity - end evictions now
    The County Commissioners can facilitate a rebirth and revitalization of Taos County. They can act now and be part of building a new Taos County, which is entirely based on the old Taos County before all of these rules and regulations stifled innovation and ingenuity. This will enable reduce water and fossil fuel consumption, foster innovation and empower aspiring farmers, and most importantly, it will increase the quality of life for people in the community. If Taos County goes back to its roots and empowers owner builders to develop innovative solutions to the problems that plague our society, they will re-foster the innovation, courage and self-sufficiency for which the residents of Taos County are known. The county is full of innovative individuals who have embraced taking personal responsibility for the world. They have taken it upon themselves to live more in harmony with the earth and reduce their global footprint. Yet, instead of celebrating these innovations, the county is, at present, attempting to regulate them out of existence. Think about individuals making minimum wage who cannot afford a home. Think about the most disadvantaged members of this community. Keeping people off the streets helps everyone in the community. For a full problem and solution statement with citations and references, go to: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a1Htw7P8ulf9uKChr83bRMudsMR6vI5UBD3GLDcW_Z0/edit?usp=drivesdk
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    Created by Bethany Rose
  • Demand Big Tech Stop Attacks on Abortion Access!
    A teen and her mother in Nebraska face criminal charges for allegedly self-managing an abortion, and social media and tech giant Facebook has provided some of the evidence that led to their arrest. Prosecutors have obtained and are using private Facebook messages to demonstrate the teen was seeking pills to end an unwanted pregnancy. After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Republicans claimed they weren’t interested in prosecuting people who are or were pregnant, yet local authorities are charging the teen and her mother. And despite Big Tech’s claims to support abortion access, Facebook is helping criminalize these people seeking abortion care—and many more people who want to practice autonomy over their lives or simply seek health care. The fact is that abortion access advocates and privacy experts had been warning us about this—that following the right-wing Supreme Court's overturning of Roe, our digital info could be used by authorities to track our pregnancies, support forced births, and criminalize us. Facebook, Google, Amazon, and other tech giants collect endless data, creating digital trails about our health and behavior. And as they've shown, authorities will seek this information out and tech companies will provide it. It’s not enough for them to say they support abortion access, or even that they'll provide staff with resources to seek out abortion care. These companies need to act. - They need to stop collecting and monetizing the data that invades our privacy. - They need to allow users to control and delete their digital identities. - They need to refuse to comply with requests that compromise our health privacy. - And they need to stop backing right-wing politicians who have pushed abortion bans and laws that criminalize pregnant people, their families and their medical providers.
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  • Accountability for Fake Voter Fraud Allegations
    This is costly not only in the monetary cost, but also in the damage done to our democracy and eroding faith in our elections. Such allegations are leading to violence and further division in our country. This must be stopped.
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    Created by Dawn Rice
  • Protect LGBTQ+ marriage equality and interracial marriage from Republican attacks NOW!
    Republicans, who have won the presidential popular vote only once in the last 34 years, have engaged in a concerted effort to pack the Supreme Court with right-wing extremist judges, who have stripped us of our rights over and over again. And though the Respect for Marriage Act passed in the U.S. House of Representatives, 157 House Republicans voted against it. That’s right: 157 Republicans voted against protecting interracial marriage and same-sex marriage. And ONLY 5 Republicans in the U.S. Senate have publicly said they would vote to pass the bill. It’s unacceptable, but part of the Republican agenda has been to relentlessly attack the LGBTQ+ community. Republicans have not minced words: Florida Republican U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (who is up for re-election in November) said that voting to protect interracial and LGBTQ+ marriage equality was a “stupid waste of time.” And when Indiana Republican U.S. Senator Mike Braun was asked if he would be okay with the Supreme Court leaving the question of interracial marriage to the states, he said “Yes.” It’s disgusting. After Roe v. Wade was overturned, LGBTQ+ couples and families have been anxiously rushing to the courts to get married, completing second parent adoptions with their partners, worrying about whether or not their partners and families will be covered by their health insurance in the future, and so much more to protect their families from these attacks. It’s heartbreaking. No one should have to worry that their rights (that so many have fought and died for) will be stripped away at the hands of corrupt, illegitimate, and unelected Supreme Court justices that do not represent the people. The U.S. Senate needs to act before it’s too late. It’s time to pass the Respect for Marriage Act to protect interracial and LGBTQ+ marriage NOW.
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    As Citizens of Cobb County, Georgia, we are horrified and alarmed by the increase of deadly shootings involving assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in our society. These deadly weapons have been used by individuals to ambush people, including children, causing death and severe injury to large numbers of victims in mere moments. The ammunition for assault weapons shred human flesh and decimate bodies beyond recognition. These weapons of war and mass destruction should not be available to purchase. Retailers have the power to decide what merchandise they sell. They do not have to include assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in their product offerings to be successful, profitable operations. THUS, WE REQUEST THAT ALL RETAILERS IN COBB COUNTY IMMEDIATELY AND PERMANENTLY STOP SELLING ASSAULT WEAPONS AND HIGH-CAPACITY MAGAZINES
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    Created by Richard Pellegrino
  • Preserve Gowanus for Residents & Businesses (Register Opposition to 9th Street Rezoning)
    The real estate developers are a powerful force in NYC, but the people of Brooklyn don't back down in the face of a threat to our communities.
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    Created by Kathryn Krase
  • President Biden, Declare a Climate Emergency
    We are partnering with other organizations across the country to gather signatures on this petition started by Greenpeace. Please add your name to this petition to send the strongest possible message to President Biden. The climate crisis is already changing life as we know it. Devastating climate impacts are displacing millions of people each year. Meanwhile, the fossil fuel industry continues to extract from public lands and exploit communities of color for profit. Declaring a Climate Emergency would be the beginning of the end to the era of fossil fuels and climate destruction. By using his executive powers, President Biden can repair the harm caused by environmental racism and deliver good-paying union jobs, justice, and clean energy for all. Families from Washington state to Florida are already starting to feel the severity of the climate crisis. In the United States and around the world, Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor people are the first to feel the impacts of fossil fuel extraction and predatory exploitation. By declaring a Climate Emergency, President Biden can begin to utilize the “whole-of-government approach” to begin solving the biggest existential threat that we have ever faced.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Thirsty for a water fountain?
    Water is a basic human right. At a school that demands academic excellence, it is hypocritical that no water is provided for paying students. Dehydration negatively impacts academic performance and focus. How can we perform if we are not given the basic tools in order to do so. We are also in school for the HOT summer months with no AC in the classrooms as well. Water is something that should AT LEAST be provided considering the tuition we pay to attend this institution.
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    Created by Samantha Tirado
  • Protect Sonoma County LGBTQIA+ Community - Stop Dave Chapelle From Performing at LBC
    The Luther Burbank Center for the Arts claims, on paper, to be committed to serving Sonoma County’s diverse community, “taking meaningful actions to welcome and center the voices that often need to be heard, [and] furthering the community dialogue around equity, oppression, active inclusion and privilege in everything we do.” [Source: https://lutherburbankcenter.org/about/general-information/diversity-equity-inclusion/] If any place, particularly a nonprofit, commends itself for its upstanding diversity, equity and inclusion, it should be held accountable by those standards in all its actions within the community it serves. By allowing performers like Dave Chapelle to use their space as a platform for blatantly transphobic and harmful content, the LBC contradicts the values asserted in their DEI statement and directly contributes to the violent rhetoric LGBTQIA+ people are forced to deal with every day. By giving discrimination the stage, the Luther Burbank Center sends a message to all of Sonoma County that prejudice, harmful language, and stereotypes are cause for laughter and celebration. On Wednesday, July 20th, Minneapolis’ First Avenue theater listened to community outcry and relocated Dave Chapelle’s performance to another venue. By aiming to move Chapelle’s Sonoma County performances, we build upon the message which First Avenue has sent: transphobia will not be tolerated in our community or beyond. The LBC is supposed to stand for our community, not for profit! By signing this petition, you raise your voice against the normalization of transphobia in our county and stand as an ally to the LGBTQIA+ community.
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    Created by Joy Anderson
  • Make the Installation of the Climate Clock in the PA Capitol Permanent
    As I write this, the clock that indicates how much time we have left to avoid a 1.5 degree temperature increase is about to roll over from 7 years, 0 days, 00:00:00 to 6 years, 364 days, 23:59:59. In spite of this, and the fact that the majority of Pennsylvanians want to see their government act on climate, our state government continues to take us in the wrong direction, approving more fossil fuel and petrochemical development while pushing for huge investments in false climate solutions promoted by the fossil fuel industry. Among them are technologies like Carbon Capture and Storage and Blue Hydrogen, initiatives like turning western PA into a Hydrogen Hub, and specific projects like Nacero, Encina, and KeyState. Our clock must serve as a permanent reminder that our government needs to break its ties with the industries responsible for the ever-shortening amount of time it counts down and take swift, bold, and just action on climate.
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    Created by Karen Feridun