• America must help India through its COVID crisis
    India is in the midst of the world's worst COVID outbreak. Hospitals in India are stretched beyond their breaking point. Mass crematoriums cannot keep pace with the constant stream of the dying. Helping India in its hour of crisis is the right thing to do morally – but it's also the right thing for America. None of us are safe until the entire world is rid of COVID.
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  • Take Action to Decriminalize California’s Emergency Response to Mental Health Crises
    For decades, California has underfunded mental health services. As a result, the criminal justice system often serves as the state’s default mental health provider, with jails and prisons filled with people suffering from mental illness. In addition, an estimated 10% of law enforcement agencies’ budgets – and 20% of staff time – are spent responding to individuals with mental illness. A direct consequence of our overreliance on law enforcement responses to mental health crises is that almost a quarter of all people killed in police-involved shootings since 2015 had a known mental illness, with black men dying at a disproportionate rate. Between when Derek Chauvin’s trial started and his conviction for the murder of George Floyd, 64 people died at the hands of police. More than a dozen of them had a known mental illness or were in the throes of a mental health crisis. In 2019, Miles Hall, a 23-year-old black man living in Walnut Creek, was in the midst of a schizophrenic mental health crisis when his family called 911 for help. Despite being familiar with Miles’ condition, the officers resorted to lethal force within a minute of their arrival. Law enforcement officers are not mental health experts and should not be expected to serve this role. A better system for Miles and all Californians is possible – one that leads with treatment, not law enforcement. Last year, the federal government established “988” as the new 3-digit alternative to 911 for mental health crises. Callers to 988 will be connected with around-the-clock support, including mobile crisis teams that can respond to the scene with trained mental health professionals and peers rather than law enforcement. If California does not act now, the state will lose critical federal support and funding. Please urge California lawmakers to pass, and Governor Gavin Newsom to sign, Assembly Bill 988 (Bauer-Kahan) – also known as the Miles Hall Lifeline Act – to implement the 988 system in California and take concrete steps to reduce shootings where mental health is involved. AB 988 will ensure that we respond to a health crisis with a health response.
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  • Tell Congress: Ban ShotSpotter sales to police
    In Chicago, ShotSpotter allegedly detected eight gunshots near 13-year-old Adam Toledo on March 29. ShotSpotter put police on high alert and within five minutes, police had pursued, shot, and killed Adam Toledo.[1] Police already criminalize and harm Black and brown people, and they don’t need tech assistance to do it more often. ShotSpotter technology allegedly detects gunshots. But in densely populated neighborhoods, where many Black and brown people live, it produces a high percentage of false alerts. In a six-month study in Chicago, the MacArthur Justice Center found that over 85% of the time, ShotSpotter did not lead to evidence of reportable incidents or crimes. They found that ShotSpotter is “wasteful, alienating for community members, and generates intolerable risks of avoidable harms.”[2] ShotSpotter increases the threat of police shootings by unnecessarily bringing police into confrontations with Black and brown people. The faulty technology, marketed heavily to police departments with free six-month trials, is currently used in more than 100 U.S. cities.[3] With a $33 million contract, the Chicago Police Department is their largest client. Adam Toledo should be alive today. Congress needs to take action to take out tech that reinforces racist policing — they should ban ShotSpotter use by police. Sources: 1. ”Police technology under scrutiny following Chicago shooting,” The Hill, April, 21, 2021. 2. “Chicago Awaits Video Of Police Killing Of 13-Year-Old Boy,” The Intercept, April 13, 2021. 3. “ShotSpotter Cities,” ShotSpotter Website, April 23, 2021.
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  • Fight Gun Violence. Tell the U.S. Senate to Pass Universal Background Checks Now!
    Atlanta. Boulder. Indianapolis. These have been just the high-profile mass shootings that grabbed national headlines over the last few weeks. In fact, the United States has averaged more than one mass shooting a day so far in 2021. And as the pandemic unfolded in 2020, gun violence rose dramatically with over 19,000 people killed in shootings and firearm-related incidents. Tragically, who is harmed by gun violence has often been determined by race, ethnicity, or gender. People of color -- and everyone -- deserve to be safe. While we mourn the recent shootings, we must also fight the explosive combination of guns, racism, misogyny, and white supremacy to reduce the likelihood of such tragedies recurring. The U.S. House has passed gun legislation to tighten background checks on gun sales, and now it’s up to the U.S. Senate to turn it into law. Tell the U.S. Senate to act against gun violence now and pass universal background checks.
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    The Cincinnati NAACP and many organizations adamantly oppose the advancement of House Bill-22 (Expansion of Obstruction of Justice) because it is an arbitrary law proposal that will give more power to law enforcement to selectively penalize citizens. This bill allows police to increase the penalty of Obstruction of Justice up to a Felony against citizens simply exercising their right to free speech. The expansion of Obstruction of Justice is not only unnecessary but counter-productive to ongoing efforts toward better police and community relations. The current law reads as follow: ORC. 2921.32 OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE states: “No person, without privilege to do so and with purpose to prevent, obstruct, or delay the performance by a public official of any authorized act within the public official’s official capacity, shall do any act that hampers or impede a public official in the performance of the public official’s lawful duties.” There is no evidence of an increase in citizens impeding and preventing officers from performing their official duties. The current law as it stands is sufficient and addresses all acts that prevent, obstruct, or delay the performance of a public official. Adding failure to follow a lawful order and diverting the attention of a law enforcement officer will only broaden the scope in which law enforcement can penalize Ohioans. It is also extremely punitive to charge concerned citizens with the same level offense the accused is being charged. This regressive measure will only create more low-level felons in an already exhausted correctional system. HB-22 will lend more opportunity for police abuse of power, leaving citizens vulnerable and their rights exploited. Legislators and law enforcement who believe in our free society should never support a bill like this that attempts to thwart and penalize law-abiding citizens who exercise their rights to observe and record interactions with police and the public. If citizens witness police misconduct and have reasonable objections, the answer is not to create laws to penalize those good Samaritans, the answer instead, should be, to seek laws that welcome accountability and discourage police misconduct. Similar to the concerned citizens who witness police misconduct that led to the murder of George Floyd, they were within their rights to record the incident as evidence. As taxpayers, it is our right to freely approve and disapprove of Police conduct. Our inherit freedoms should not be left to the mercy of an officer whose tolerance levels could be biased. If HB-22 is made into law, it would only lead to more abuse of power that is subjective and discriminatory. Law Enforcement Officers receive first class, taxpayer funded training that provides an abundance of skill sets on how to work under pressure. We should not have to lower the bar and include unnecessary measures to Obstruction of Justice for trained professionals. Lawmakers must stop using every opportunity to strip away the freedoms and rights of citizens just to further empower a government agency that already lacks meaningful measures of accountability. If HB-22 becomes law, it will have a negative impact on peaceable citizens that could potentially face severe criminal charges for exercising their basic rights provided and protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. Again, we are asking you to join us in opposing this bill by signing this petition to show lawmakers that you do not support HB-22 and demand the members of the Ohio House Criminal Justice Committee DO NOT ADVANCE THIS BILL out of their committee. Below are the hyper link email addresses to each member of the Ohio Statehouse Criminal Justice Committee. Please also send emails and feel free to use the points above for reason why the bill should not pass: EMAIL ADDRESSESS OF OHIO LEGISLATORS BELOW: CC: Jeff Lare District 77 R- email: Rep77@ohiohouse.gov DJ Swearingen District 89 R- email: Rep89@ohiohouse.gov Cindy Abrams District 29 R- email: Rep29@ohiohouse.gov David Leland District 22 D- email: Rep22@ohiohouse.gov Willis E Blackshear Jr District 39 D- email: Rep39@ohiohouse.gov Sedrick Denson District 33 D- email: Rep33@ohiohouse.gov Tania Galonksi District 35 D- email: Rep35@ohiohouse.gov Adam C Miller District 17 D- email: Rep17@ohiohouse.gov Phil Plummer District 40 R- email: Rep40@ohiohouse.gov Sharon A Ray District 69 R- email: Rep69@ohiohouse.gov Jean Schmidt District 65 R- email: Rep65@ohiohouse.gov Bill Seitz District 30 R- email: Rep30@ohiohouse.gov Andrea White District 41 R- email: Rep41@ohiohouse.gov
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  • Stop the Asphalt Assault in the Mountain View Neighborhood
    No to Another Polluting Industry in the Mountain View Neighborhood! No to the New Mexico Terminal Services’ Asphalt Plant! ___________________________________________________________________ Please consider making a comment when you sign the petition. Comments may be used anonymously in social media, legal materials, promotional materials and any other manner to oppose industrial development in Mountain View If you would like to stay involved and get updates on this action and other issues of cumulative impact in the Mountain View Neighborhood please click here to sign-up for our contact list: http://bit.ly/mvcoalition ___________________________________________________________________ We, the residents of Mountain View and our allies and supporters, believe the New Mexico Terminal Services (NMTS) Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) batch plant would further negatively impact the health of community members because the air pollution permit allows NMTS to release significant amounts of air pollution into the Mountain View community, which is already host to a large number of toxic and hazardous industries. “The Environment is where we live.” ___________________________________________________________________ The Threat—Widespread destruction of the environment and our community On October 26, 2020, the City of Albuquerque Environmental Health Department approved Air Quality Application Permit #3340—New Mexico Terminal Services, LLC—new construction for a 400 tph Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Plant, and a 133 tph Aggregate Railcar Unloading Terminal, located on a 61+ acre tract at 9615 Broadway Blvd. SE. The property is currently zoned Agricultural (A-1) "Agricultural Use" and is not zoned for "Industrial Use" (M-2). The Mountain View community is consistently inflicted with toxic and hazardous pollution from High Industrial Businesses, which includes: Emissions / fumes of carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), Sulfur Oxides (SOx), Total Suspended Particulate (TSP), Particulate Matter < 10 Microns (PM-10), Particulate Matter < 2.5 Microns (PM-2.5), and Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAP). The entirety of the cumulative pollution problem is concerning in the Mountain View area. The Community Who is Threatened: Mountain View is a residential and agricultural community located between the Rio Grande and I-25 south of Rio Bravo in southeast Albuquerque. It has consistently been invaded by polluting industries through policies of the City of Albuquerque and the County of Bernalillo. Our community is largely Spanish-speaking, low-income, and working class. Mountain View has been defined as a vulnerable environmental justice community by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). For several decades we have lived with the disproportionate burden of polluting industries compared to other more affluent neighborhoods. Mountain View is a predominantly “Hispanic” community of color. Many residents self-refer to themselves as Chicano or Mexicano. Community Concern: Our community is already disproportionately overburdened with polluting and toxic industries. We, the residents of Mountain View, and our supporters are concerned this NMTS hot mix asphalt batch plant may further negatively impact the health of our community members, because studies have shown that asphalt plants in general have significant health impacts. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) impact our health, and recent studies are finding many of these contribute to a growing pandemic of disease including Parkinson’s. We recognize that the continued, ongoing targeting of our low-income community of color with polluting industries by elected officials and regulatory agencies is a glaring example of environmental racism, and we will name it. Upcoming Hearing The ABQ / Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board is holding a dispositive hearing, likely in late summer this year, that may include opportunities for public comment. We expect that the hearing will be held over Zoom due to COVID-19 safety precautions. Attorneys from the New Mexico Environmental Law Center are representing the co-petitioners: Mountain View Neighborhood Association, Mountain View Community Action, and Friends of Valle de Oro National Wildlife Refuge. More information about the hearing will be shared as it becomes available. What the Community is Asking For: We respectfully request the ABQ/Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board to reverse the air permit that the Environmental Health Department issued for NMTS to build and operate a hot mix asphalt batch plant in Mountain View. We also want the City of Albuquerque to cease approving all permits for polluting industry in our already-overburdened neighborhood in Mountain View and to declare a moratorium on such permits. More information Contact: Nora Garcia, President of Mountain View Neighborhood Association, (505) 414-1621 Marla Painter, President, Mountain View Community Action, (505) 220-3969 Aryn LaBrake, Executive Director, Friends of Valle de Oro, (505) 750-3383 Photo by: Gabriela Campos
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  • Simon & Schuster: Cancel your book deal with Breonna Taylor's killer
    Breonna Taylor was fatally shot by police officers, while she was sleeping in her apartment. She was only 26. Today, none of the three officers who fired into her home have been charged in her death. Now, they are now seeking fame and profit over Breonna's name and memory. The book, which is titled “The Fight For Truth: The Inside Story Behind the Breonna Taylor Tragedy" is a brazen attempt to rehabilitate the image of Mattingly, who still has his job and has never served time. Breonna has already lost her life due to the actions of this officer. She will never be able to tell her story. Mattingly shouldn't either.
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  • Senate Bill 5141- Climate Justice Task Force
    While privileged communities get to drive through tree-lined neighborhoods, underserved communities are left with thick polluted air and chain linked fences, this is climate injustice. Senate bill 5141 will be implementing a climate justice task force, this will make sure everyone is protected from the climate crisis. The task force provided will take into account the health issues that come with climate change, for example, lung issues from inhaling poor air quality. Reducing environmental health inequities will keep hundreds of people safe and taken care of. The environmental health disparities map "shows pollution measures such as diesel emissions and ozone, as well as proximity to hazardous waste sites" (Washington State Department of Health). Senate Bill 5141 would have government officials refer to the map more to keep polluted areas of Washington under control, as well as keeping underserved communities safe. We need to ensure this bill gets passed so that all communities are protected and accounted for.
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  • A Message From the Community to Emily Powell
    Dear Emily Powell, You have addressed us, the Powell’s community, several times over the past year to offer insight into Powell’s health and challenges during the pandemic. We’ve appreciated those updates and your candor, as well as the acknowledgement that we, the community, play a role in the company’s success. We have responded to your letters with patience and online orders while the stores were closed, and our continued patronage and support now that they’ve begun to reopen. While the most recent community message came from the new Powell’s CEO, Patrick Bassett, we don’t yet know Mr. Bassett the way we’ve come to know you and your family over the years. We also know that because you are the owner of the company, Mr. Bassett's message carries your endorsement, so we would like to continue the conversation with you. Your workers — many of whom have devoted years, some decades, to Powell’s success — are what makes your stores special. Their friendly faces, depth of knowledge, and devotion to their work are what has kept us coming back for so many years. We were saddened by your announcement of mass layoffs at the beginning of the pandemic, but also heartened to learn that the contract between Powell’s and ILWU Local 5 would ensure your workers' rightful return to the workplace, in order of seniority, as jobs became available. We understood that it might take a while, but we trusted that on the other side of things, we would be able to walk into a Powell’s store, see a familiar face, and breathe a collective sigh of relief as things returned to some kind of normal. So you can imagine our dismay when we read the recent announcement and learned that many of those workers — who lost their jobs through no fault of their own — were no longer eligible to be recalled and would have to apply for their former jobs. That is unconscionable. We understand there’s some dispute over the language in the labor contract or what was agreed to in conversations between the company and the union at the onset of the pandemic. We want to be clear that this letter has nothing to do with either of those things. This is about what is kind and morally right. This is about going above and beyond whatever is minimally required by a labor contract or by law and showing compassion for the dedicated workers who have made Powell’s a success. This is also about what we, as a community, are willing to support, and frankly, we need you to do better. We, the members of the Powell’s community, ask that you immediately halt all external hiring and begin recalling your laid-off workers in order of seniority. It's the right thing to do, and we’re saddened by the fact that we even have to ask. Sincerely, The Powell’s Community
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  • Enough is enough. Minnesotans demand police accountability and an end to police violence!
    The time is now for our legislature to pass meaningful, common sense laws that will hold police accountable and make our families safer. The killings of George Floyd and Daunte Wright were not an anomaly. Police brutality is a real issue that disproportionately impacts Black, Indigenous, people of color and low income people in Minnesota and across our nation. In Minnesota alone, there have been over 400 deaths from police brutality since 2000. The torture and killing of George Floyd in eight minutes and 46 seconds is perhaps one of the worst police brutality cases in our nation's history. This happened here, in our state, in our community. And the recent killing of Daunte Wright on the night of April 11 was another example of grotesque, unaccountable police violence. Daunte was shot dead just minutes after being pulled over for allegedly hanging air fresheners in his rearview mirror. In this moment as the entire nation and world watches Minnesota, we have an opportunity to lead the nation by passing pragmatic laws to promote safety, justice, transparency and accountability. Courageous Minnesotans are currently standing up for justice for all and peaceful protestors are demanding accountability and common-sense laws. Today, we are asking Minnesotans to demand Justice for George Floyd and all Stolen Lives by passing the following bills during this year's state legislative session. The bills would : End the Statute of Limitations for Lawsuits for Wrongful Deaths Caused by Police (HF 717, SF 2021) Strengthen Civilian Oversight (HF 640) End Police-Only Responses to Mental Health Crisis Calls (HF 1686, SF 1924) End Qualified Immunity (HF 1104, SF 580) Independent Investigatory and Prosecutory Body for Police Critical Incidents End Prosecution for Reporting Police Misconduct (HF 2201) End No Knock Warrants (HF 1762, SF 2139) Require Police to Carry Professional Liability Insurance (HF 440, SF 815) Require Access to Body Worn Camera Footage in Police Critical Incidents within 48 Hours (HF 1103, SF 807) A growing coalition of community groups including Communities United Against Police Brutality, Minnesota Disability Justice Network, Minnesota Justice Coalition, Racial Justice Network, Twin Cities Coalition for Justice 4 Jamar, Families Supporting Families Against Police Violence and Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) Minnesota demands police accountability and an end to police violence.
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  • End the Blockade on Yemen
    The US-backed Saudi-led coalition has been killing Yemenis for since its “intervention” 6 years ago. Recently, and out of desperation, the US-backed coalition escalated its tactics, implementing blockade on fuel entering the country. This effectively dismantles the supply chain in Yemen, leaving millions without food and medicine. It leaves hospitals and homes without power as fuel is required to power generators. This blockade is starving millions of Yemenis and the UN estimates 400,000 Yemeni children could die from starvation if the blockade is not lifted. Now a child dies every 75 seconds. Yemenis have been deprived of their basic human rights of water, food, electricity, and life at the hands of the US-funded onslaught. This is a preventable, man-made humanitarian crisis. We will not stand by the deaths of our families and people. President Biden and the United States must publicly condemn the blockade on Yemen & end all US support for the Saudi blockade.
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  • Make remote access to all public meetings a permanent fixture -
    There are a number of reasons why remote access to meetings should be preserved. First, it allows more people to attend meetings. This method has been necessary and is overdue - to remove it is discriminatory. There are those who cannot physically attend meetings for myriad reasons. Lack of transportation, caregiving, illness, age, etc. can all keep folks from in-person attendance. Second, following CDC guidelines in the meeting room means that attendance will be limited and, therefore, that fewer folks will be able to participate. To have meetings with only physical attendance and a limited number of attendees diminishes the public's ability to participate in decisions that involve them. Neptune had a hybrid meeting style in place. Third, NJ is still a highly at-risk state in terms of Covid infections. As of 9 April 20, cases were up 20% from a month ago. Monmouth County has the fourth-highest number of new cases. The Covid Tracker at the NY Times, updated on 10 April 21, states, "Monmouth County is at an extremely high risk of exposure to Covid-19." With these facts in mind, the reality is that there are those who will neither be able nor choose to participate because of health concerns. To deny the public remote access to meetings is exceedingly undemocratic and, at this time, medically unsafe.
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