• Let AOC speak
    AOC is the highest money raiser in the House Democratic Caucus. She is arguably the most recognizable and popular House member in the nation. The campaign is really going to need to energize young and progressive voters, particularly having put Harris in the Veep slot. This is an avoidable error. Former GOP Gov. Kasich is not going to generate any votes that Biden wouldn't have gotten anyway, but he's allotted 15X the speaking time of AOC. Sixty seconds is a slap in the face to the progressive wing of the party and makes it look like you really don't want their votes.
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    Created by Cecil Bothwell
  • 658 N Edinburgh Ave / Party House and Neighborhood Nuisance
    Since 2017 we have had to endure a never ending turnover of inconsiderate renters and an owner that is unreachable. Many of us have lived in and called this neighborhood home for over twenty years. As a result of this ‘party house’ we have had to endure years of sleepless nights, littering, rat infestations, loud music day and night, noise pollution, and masses of people coming and going at all hours. For example my neighbor has had his two children woken at two AM on a weeknight due to the noise. When we approach the renters it is futile because a new renter appears the next day. Since November of 2019 when the "Short Term Rental Law" was passed, this Airbnb listing has continued to have new guests checking in regularly and on a frequency that does NOT comply with the law. In response the neighbors have tried talking with the renters, calling the police, emailing LADBS, reaching out to Mayor Garcetti, and contacting AirBnB. Yet nothing has been done. We are fed up that these owners run a strictly for profit event space in clear violation of the law and have yet to face any consequences. We are a neighborhood of hard working families who just want the owner held accountable for the laws they are violating. In previous years our complaints were based on quality of life but with Covid it is now a health crisis. The listing continues to promote a space suitable for 16+ people to stay at even though it is a 3 bedroom home and is breaking the law according to LA Department of Building and Safety. We want you to help us remedy this situation as quickly and decisively as possible. The home has an owner who lives abroad (NOT ON PREMISES) and it is NOT lived in by anyone other than short term renters and party goers. The home/listing is run by a Real Estate/Contractor and Concierge event company owner by the name of Shay Shalom Gozlan ( livingthedream.com and New Horizon Development) . Who apparently owns and runs several other properties in and around this neighbor that do the exact same thing. During this global pandemic crisis there has been a constant stream of new tenants each week. This home is not only a nuisance but is now a health risk. They and others like them need to be dealt with immediately and for good! We have the right to enjoy our homes in peace and quiet and walk our neighborhoods and feel safe.
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    Created by Braden Anderson
  • Stop Punishing People in Pain!!!
    Since the 2016 CDC guidelines, millions & millions of people in pain have been forced tapered or dropped on their long time safe & effective prescription pain medicines, causing them to have adverse health conditions(such as heart attacks, strokes, etc.) as well as more people committing suicide now, because they just can't deal with all of the pain. Not to mention pushing more & more to illegal street drugs because their pain is untreated or undertreated causing the overdoses & deaths to keep increasing. Less than 1% of prescription pain medicines get diverted. Where's the crisis in that??? The mass majority of people who take prescription pain meds for their pain do so safely & as directed. But everyone is not the same & needs different dosing. Some need less for their pain. But some need more. Everyone is different & they do not get the same benefits from the same dose & same kind of medicine as everyone else. So you cannot treat everyone with the same dose or put a limit on them. People in pain who take prescription pain medicines are not druggies or addicts(although they are far to often treated like they are) which is very unfair. They have the pain to work against the medicines(& vise versa) & do not get "high". The medicines help dull the pain so they can move & get through each day. The 2016 CDC guidelines were supposed to be just that .... guidelines, for PCP doctors prescribing initial pain medicines. NOT for ongoing chronic pain. But some how those guidelines are now being used as law & as a weapon. The DEA is now using the 2016 "guidelines" as a weapon against our doctors. & this needs to STOP Now! This is causing doctors to drastically taper & drop everyone off of their long time safe & effective prescription pain medicines in fear for their license being taken by the DEA. Not to mention the DEA going after doctors, closing their practices down. Where & what are all their patients supposed to do being cut off in the blink of an eye? Yep, they are going to the streets for illegal street drugs, committing suicide or having detrimental adverse health conditions. People in pain are being harmed left & right! & this needs to STOP!!! It should have never started in the first place. But it needs to STOP NOW!!!! Throw out the 2016 CDC guidelines & do not make any more. Also, those guidelines were all one sided(when made) & based on false & misinformation. Throw out those guidelines & do not make any more. So it can bring back the doctor - patient relationship, to where the doctor can help their patients without fearing for their practice, license or their lives! STOP punishing people in pain. We did not ask for pain but are stuck with it. Opioids(the opioid plant) has been around since the beginning of time. It was given to us to help us with our pain. It wasn't until illegal street drugs came into the picture that started causing problems. Its illegal street drugs that are causing the over doses & deaths. & by restricting prescription pain medicines, you're just pushing more & more to illegal street drugs & therefore to over dose or die. Stop treating people in pain like addicts. Those are 2 totally different groups of people. Each of whom should have their own individualized treatment. Our government are not doctors. Nor do they have any idea of medical conditions or how it should be treated. So, they have no right putting restrictions on our doctors & how they can or can't treat their patients & with what & how much medicines that work best. PLEASE STOP Punishing People in Pain & the doctors who treat them! Thank you!
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    Created by Candi P
  • Booth’s Corner Pet Store Needs to be Shut Down! Boothwyn, PA- Delaware County
    These puppies being sold at Booth’s Corner’s Farmers market are suspected to come from puppy mills. Many are gravely ill and do not survive after being purchased. Many folks have responded to this petition that they've been through similar experiences with this pet shop owner. This man is profiting off of the lives of these puppies and he's taking advantage of loving pet owners.
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    Created by Nicole Latta
  • Bring Robert Home
    *Now that Robert has had COVID, he is even more fragile medically and is at risk of getting it again or contracting other life threatening illnesses. *Robert’s family and his advocacy team have been working for his release since early April, before he got sick with COVID. We need community support to strengthen our efforts. *One of the best ways to combat the spread of COVID in prisons and jails is to release people. *More 20 people have been granted early release from prison during this pandemic across the state. This includes James Eric Swinton from Buncombe County. *Additionally, the NC Department of Corrections has granted Extended Leave of Confinement (ELC) to more than 420 individuals allowing them to complete their sentences at home. *Robert is a great candidate for early release or ELC because he has had absolutely no infractions in prison, and he has a stable home plan for re-entry.
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    Created by Noel Nickle
  • Impeach William Barr NOW
    AG Barr is doing Trump's bidding and has shown his willingness to violate the Constitution, other laws, and any and all norms and traditions to achieve his goals. His goal now is to destroy Biden to enable Trump to win. He needs to be put on the defensive to disrupt his efforts to announce spurious claims aimed at damaging Joe Biden PRIOR to the election. There is public testimony indicating impeachable actions Barr has taken. There is plenty more available to draw up a solid list. Time is of the essence.
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    Created by David Roy, Ph.D. Picture
  • Help US Citizens and US residents return home - Stuck in Peru and other countries
    We need to return to our country. US Citizens and US residents remain in Peru. Many are not in Lima and are in areas that are still under quarantine and need to travel to Lima to fly out. The US Embassy needs to help us. We are human beings that need medical care, need to be reunited with our families, our children are in the US and we are here. We need our US Government to help us.
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    Created by Cynthia Duffaut
  • Independent police review board with subpoena powers
    Effective changes in policing will not occur until the Houston Police Review Board is truly independent of the police and has subpoena powers to gather the information it needs to make informed decisions.
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    Created by David Atwood
  • Paint "Black Lives Matter" down Elk Ave
    We seek to outright condemn racism and bigotry in our "bubble" and town and to invite those in fear of the looming atmosphere of white supremacy to take refuge in our safe haven.
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    Created by Chloe Bowman
  • Cancel EdTPA 2020
    We as student teachers are not getting the real experience that we have prepared for, for the past four years of our college careers. It would be wrong to make these student teachers finish EdTPA when a lot of them won't see their student's faces at all this semester. Student teachers' degree depends on EdTPA but, it is unfair for them to complete the requirements without getting the full experience of being a student-teacher.
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    Created by Maddie Mitsdarffer
  • send trump to jupiter with no space suit
    because trump is a racist, sexist, homophobe , transphobe , rapist and hes an ignorant piece of shit.
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    Created by rowen kai
  • Mayor Kenney: Give Sanitation Workers Proper PPE + Hazard Pay
    Their health and safety is essential and impacts the city of Philadelphia.
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    Created by M P