• No Citizens Academy in Chicago!
    For several weeks, the people of Chicago have stood resolute in the fight against systemic racism in policing. The implementation of this pilot program will contribute to racial injustice in law enforcement, by inspiring average citizens to operate as honorary ICE agents in our city's streets, utilizing racial profiling to target victims. Chicago demands an end to racialized policing, not an expansion incorporating private citizens. This petition is a demand for Senators Richard Durbin and Tammy Duckworth to stand by Chicago's immigrant communities, and prevent ICE from implementing the Citizens Academy pilot program in Chicago. Sources: ICE Press Release: https://www.ice.gov/news/releases/ice-offers-first-citizens-academy-public-learn-more-about-agencys-mission-chicago#wcm-survey-target-id Yahoo News Report: https://news.yahoo.com/ice-to-launch-citizens-academy-to-teach-civilians-about-targeted-arrests-172430342.html
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    Created by Cassandra Boulanger
  • An Anti-Racist West Point
    A policy proposal was recently published that calls for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point to address racism through anti-racist reforms. You can read the full proposal here: https://www.slideshare.net/TimothyBerry8/an-anti-racist-west-point In response to this proposal, West Point’s Inspector General (IG) has started a “comprehensive review of all matters involving race at the Academy.” However, the results of this review are not publicly available. Additionally, many of the actions recommended in the proposal can be acted upon without waiting for the results of this investigation. We request that West Point: 1. Publicly acknowledge that the Academy faces challenges with racism that harms Cadets, that this does not align with Academy values, and that it will adopt changes to eliminate racism. 2. Immediately adopt the actions not under the IG purview. 3. Publicly share the IG report and ensure its recommendations are instituted by the end of 2020. If you agree that West Point must swiftly begin to take action in building towards an anti-racist West Point, you can express your support by signing this petition.
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  • PA Gov't, Why Give Tax Breaks to Polluters? Asking for Millions of Struggling Pennsylvanians.
    Emergency Action Needed NOW! Please sign my petition and share it with your networks. But don't stop there. Call, tweet at, fax, and email PA state legislators to tell them to vote NO to HB732. Here's the background. Are you angry when you read the stories about corporations getting all the stimulus cash while the people struggle to put food on their tables and avoid eviction? A version of it is about to happen here in PA, but you can stop it. On Monday morning, the Senate will amend HB732 to include the provisions of a bill Wolf vetoed, HB1100. The provisions give HUGE subsidies to companies planning projects like the Shell Cracker plant. If you get any email blasts from environmental organizations, you read about HB1100 when it was making its way through the legislature. You probably also read about how the environmental community thanked Wolf for his veto. It was all theater. Wolf used his veto as a bargaining chip to get some changes added to the legislation. At the time, he said, PA needed “to promote job creation and to enact financial stimulus packages for the benefit of Pennsylvanians who are hurting as they struggle with the substantial economic fallout of COVID-19.” He said the bill was not “responsible use of the Commonwealth’s limited resources." Here's what was really happening. Even as Wolf was threatening to veto the bill, Dennis Davin at the Department of Community and Economic Development was signalling that Wolf was willing to negotiate. "DCED Secretary Dennis Davin said at a February budget hearing that he didn’t think the bill needed to be dumped entirely, just that 'it could be developed a little differently.'” All of the terrible provisions of HB1100 are in the amendment to HB732 that will be introduced, voted on, and sent to the House for a concurrence vote on Monday morning without putting any of those provisions through the legislative process. Funny how fast the legislature can move when they're shafting you. Wouldn't it be great if they could work that fast to help you through this economic crisis? You tell your legislators that you're watching them and will have this vote front of mind when you're in the voting booth.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Protect International Students and Support Higher Education
    This modification now requires in-person class attendance to remain in the United States and continue in academic programs. These modifications are illogical as universities are providing online instruction in response to the medical reality of airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The Trump administration’s use of international students to force universities to provide in-person classes is cruel, reckless, and shortsighted. International students should not have to suffer the uncertainty of their educational future and residence within the U.S., due to a politically-motivated gambit centered upon economic goals that support President Trump’s re-election. International students enrich the learning experiences of fellow students with their intellect, the sharing of personal experiences, and the richness of varied viewpoints. They live and work in our communities helping local economies thrive, and they often return to their countries using the skills and knowledge they have gained to improve the lives of those around them. Through the relationships and professional networks they build, international students are a force for global diplomacy
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  • Join The Health Gap Supporting Commissioner Parks Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis
    This resolution would have Hamilton County to formally recognize racism as a public health crisis. Historically the health outcomes of minority populations, especially black people in the U.S. and locally in Hamilton County have been statistically lower than those of the white population. Black people die prematurely and are more susceptible to critical health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and obesity. These numbers are currently being increasingly exposed through data that is showing that black Americans are dying at disproportionately higher rates from the coronavirus than all other races. In addition to a lower life expectancy black Ohioans face higher rates of infant mortality where racism is a key driver in these cases. In Hamilton County the number of black babies who die before their first birthday is double compared to white babies. Furthermore, factors such as access to care, education level, income, race, and ethnicity, hinder black Ohioans from receiving the health care that they need, especially oral and dental health care. Other social determinants such as socioeconomic status, access to food, physical environment, education, and access to health care can further hinder positive health comes for black and minority populations in Hamilton County. This resolution would address these issues to ensure that the health of all residents is prioritized no matter their race. Here are a few ways racism in Hamilton County will be addressed through this resolution and improve the health outcomes for all people: ● The Hamilton County BOCC will support and collaborate with organizations that focus on black communities, in effort to eliminate health disparities. ● The Hamilton County Child Fatality Review and Fetal and Infant Mortality Review Processes will investigate child and infant deaths that were affected by racism. ● The Hamilton County Oral Health Coalition will advocate the oral health needs of all citizens of Hamilton County. ● Hamilton County BOCC will prioritize health for all races, issuing Health and Equity in All policies approach to decision making. ● The Office of the Hamilton County Sheriff will dedicate Active Bystander training for its officers in order to prevent wrong doings on the job. ● The Hamilton County BOCC will collaborate with the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center to provide a curriculum for private, public and nonprofit entities to teach about the effect racism has on African-Americans and people of color. ● The Hamilton County BOCC encourages all community leaders and stakeholders to acknowledge racism as a public health crisis. To take action to advance equity in the community of Hamilton County. You can view the resolution at: https://www.hamiltoncountyohio.gov/UserFiles/Servers/Server_3788196/File/Government/Board%20Of%20County%20Commissioners/Public%20Hearings/2020/BOCC.2020%20DECLARATION6.29PREFINAL%20(2).pdf
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    Created by Lauren Hardin
  • Say “Black Lives Matter”
    This is important because Black people have been on the back burner of this country for over 400 years even though this country was built on their backs. It’s important for all Americans to face this reality with a willingness, acceptance, and sincerity to make a change in their behavior. The US Senate has the stature and authority to set an example for the US and the world that they are united in this reality and become role models for everyone.
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  • The Chicago Resolution Honoring India's Independence and Democracy
    During President Trump's visit to India in February 2020, mobs attacked minority neighborhoods leading to 46 deaths and displacing thousands. This tragedy along with discriminatory national legislation (including a religion-based system to grant citizenship) demonstrate that India's values of democracy, secularism, and human rights are under serious threat. **If your organization wants to be listed as a signatory, please email: ChicagoIndiaResolution@gmail.com**
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    Created by Chicago Speaks
  • Remove the WNBA owner who "adamantly" opposes Black Lives Matter
    Days after the WNBA announced it would take extraordinary steps to amplify the movement for Black Lives, U.S. Senator and co-owner of the WNBA's Atlanta Dream Kelly Loeffler, declared, "I adamantly oppose the Black Lives Matter political movement" and that we should "remove politics from sports." The WNBA announced that it would spotlight Breonna Taylor's name on jersey's, "Say Her Name" on warm-ups, and "Black Lives Matter" on its basketball courts. Sen. Loeffler, a major supporter of President Trump, criticized the league for taking a stand and said they should put an "American flag on every jersey" as a "common-sense" solution. Former and current WNBA stars Sheryl Swoopes, Skylar Diggins-Smith, Natasha Cloud, Alysha Clark, and Sue Bird have all called for Sen. Loeffler's removal as an owner from the league. Basketball icon Sheryl Swoopes tweeted, "WNBA MUST do better." She's absolutely right. We need to stand with the WNBA in their bold support of the Black Lives Matter movement, especially when a U.S. Senator is trying to intimidate the women's basketball league to fall in line with President Trump's racist view of BLM. SOURCE: "Dream co-owner Kelly Loeffler critical of WNBA's Black Lives Matter initiative," ESPN, July 7, 2020 https://www.espn.com/wnba/story/_/id/29424379/dream-co-owner-kelly-loeffler-critical-wnba-black-lives-matter-initiative
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    Created by Ryan Patrick
    Maria Pereira “Still” Must Go was created by the people of Bridgeport Connecticut along with the support of Bridgeport Public Schools, parents, and community leaders because of Maria Pereira’s continuously belligerent behavior directed towards colleagues, parents, BOE members and anyone not in agreement with her bullying tactics. She is in violation of the Robert's Rules of Law in her disruptive behaviors that consist of shouting, name-calling, intimidation, and unprofessional language. Her history of violence, her criminal record, and threats of lawsuits towards the mayor and anyone who doesn't agree with her has the 21,000 children of Bridgeport held hostage. Her lack of integrity and character are poor examples in which anyone in her seat should be held to a higher standard. Her history of voting to endanger the welfare of Bridgeport students and community makes her unfit to be a councilwoman any longer. Her inability to work civilly with the current community has caused boycotting. Furthermore, her insensitive comments have caused racial tensions in our city to flare at an alarming rate. Her moral turpitude insinuating that people of color holding political offices cannot bring in good financial standing to our city is outright egregious and will not be tolerated. Maria Pereira must go; this is not a request but rather a demand! We the community, parents, and children of Bridgeport Public Schools want her resignation!
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    Created by Jennifer Cuevas
  • Petition for Police Accountability in Massachusetts
    I am a nurse, and a black parent with 4 children, and as the nation grapples with the death of George Floyd, Taylor Breonna, Elijah McClain, and many more, I believe this will significantly alter the way policing is conducted, would increase accountability, trust, and oversight. The fear of de-licensing, having to face a personal lawsuit, and inability to invoke qualified immunity will significantly impact policing in Massachusetts in a positive way. By signing this petition you are sending a direct message to Governor Charlie Baker and Police department that it's time to act now to hold police accountable for their actions.
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    Created by Josh Anyaosah
  • Justice for Aryues Townsend
    It’s been 10 months and no one has been charged. The driver has been identified and still no charges. Aryues Townsend was 24 years old and deserves justice. He was proud to be an organ donor and was able to save 7 lives. He loved and lived life to fullest! He was well loved by so many. His family and friends deserve closure. We want justice for Aryues Townsend!
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    Created by LaCresha Townsend
  • It's BEEN time: Let's end endless war in Afghanistan
    Right now, the United States is sending people in uniform to fight and die in wars that the majority of current members of Congress have never even voted on. Now, because of the Trump administration’s sheer recklessness, utter incompetence, and flagrant disregard for life these troops been at greater risk than even we imagined — recent reports reveal that for MONTHS the Donald Trump has known that Putin's government has been offering bounties to kill U.S. troops in Afghanistan…and has apparently done nothing. Such inaction is unconscionable. And a critical reminder of the long-overdue need to END the U.S. war in Afghanistan. Let’s make this the tipping point to end endless war. Add your name to demand Congress repeal the 2001 Authorization for Use of Military Force NOW.
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