• Investigate the RNC for using federal property to host their convention
    Every citizen has the right to expect all politicians to uphold the laws of the United States of America especially the national campaign laws. If one party is allowed to utilize federal property and taxpayer dollars to improperly fund their campaigns and conventions, the entire system which should be based on merit and independence will be disrupted.
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  • Cancel Tucker Carlson's show
    Inciting violence on a national stage is dangerous for America
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    Created by Alexis Lawson
  • We Don't Need Conquistadores
    Growing up in the San Fernando Valley I had the honor to be surrounded by so many different types of people and it is this diversity that makes our city special. Woodland Hills, along with its neighboring cities, is on the western edge of the San Fernando Valley and is situated in the heart of Tongva, Fernandeno, and Chumash lands. Conquistadores came to these lands as part of the Spanish conquest and murdered, raped, and enslaved entire cultures of Native peoples. That is the brutal legacy of the Conquistadores. I am of Filipino ancestry, and Conquistadores also subjugated native Filipinos and their land in the name of conquest. In honor of all students and families with Native ancestry, and for all those who support a more just and equitable world for our children, please consider changing the name of our mascot from something that evokes violence and subjugation to something uplifting and powerful.
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    Created by Lakshmi Ricondo
  • Fire Tucker Carlson
    He condoned the shooting by 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, who used a semi-automatic weapon used to shoot three protesters, two fatally.
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    Created by JOAN OBERLE
  • Farm workers are laboring in dangerous wildfire smoke. What is Cal/OSHA doing to protect them?
    UFW is working around the clock to assist farm workers already dealing with repercussions from the pandemic and a dangerous heat wave. Now with the recent wildfires, the danger is escalating. Cal/OSHA is supposed to be protecting the workers, but according to what we are hearing, many workers just aren’t protected. Legislation passed last year mandates the grower provide N95 or equivalent masks if the Air Quality Index is over 150. Sadly, we are hearing again and again of cases where this just isn’t happening. According to a poll of farm workers the UFW conducted three days ago, 84% of farm workers have not been given N95 masks from their employers. A KPIX story from earlier this week said, shared the story of Antonia, a Watsonville strawberry picker, who said her employers “do not provide any of the workers with masks, gloves or other protective equipment, which is a violation of California law, according to Cal/OSHA officials.” The UFW is reaching out to our union growers to ensure they are acting to protect union members—even if it means going above and beyond legal requirements. At contract companies, we are hearing reports of N95 masks being distributed or work being halted. We also regularly communicate with tens of thousands of farm workers, most of them non-union, and enlisting the help of workers and supporters to find and report the locations of violations. We’ve secured 50,000 N95 masks and will be distributing them -- through our organizers and local groups in fire-affected areas -- to the workers who need them most. We should NOT have to be doing this. It’s the employers’ obligation, and it’s OSHA’s job to make sure they do it. Cal/OSHA is publicizing what the law is -- but that’s not enough. They need to be proactively in the fields making sure that the necessary protective gear makes it to the workers. Cal/OSHA’s inaction is putting the workers in grave danger. Sign the petition TODAY. Tell Cal/OSHA they need to be in the fields right now to ensure the people who labor so hard to feed us are kept safe.
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  • Charge Kevin Mathewson As Accessory
    Kevin organized and convened a group called “Kenosha Guard” to terrorize the protesters in Kenosha. He recruited on 4chan and on InfoWars, outlets he knew would draw neo-nazi violent impressionable misanthropes. There is copious evidence of his facilitation of a terrorist group, facilitation in the crime, and his subsequent efforts to tamper with evidence and obstruct an investigation. Hold him accountable for the reckless and willful role he played in bringing together the elements for this criminal act.
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  • Ensure Every Student Has a device and Internet
    It’s back to school time, and most students are returning to remote learning. But for millions of kids who don’t have a device or internet access, remote learning is virtually impossible–especially for children who are already struggling because of low family income, language access, or racial barriers. *Every* kid deserves to have a chance at remote learning, and all school districts doing remote learning must make sure each student has a tablet or laptop with internet access.
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    Created by Justin Ruben
  • Save the Postal Service from Trump's effort to rig the election
    Donald Trump and his new Postmaster General Louis DeJoy have been working to undermine our U.S. Postal Service, including slowing the mail and warning states not to count on the Postal Service. This is a transparent attempt at voter suppression and rigging the election. Trump has been attacking voting by mail and has made clear that the Postal Service cuts are a way to frustrate vote by mail How are Trump and DeJoy interfering with the U.S. mail? DeJoy has ordered the removal of 671 high-speed sorting machines, stopped overtime pay, and taken other steps to slow delivery. Trump and DeJoy’s attacks on the Postal Service add up to mail delays that are so long that critical medications aren’t being received in time by patients in need, businesses are considering switching to private carriers to ward off customer complaints, and our right to vote by mail is threatened in the midst of a pandemic.
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  • No Foster Child Lost
    This is important to me because I not only have 3 siblings in foster care that I have not seen since I was eleven but I also have cousins in the system that are separated. I know how the system works because I was in the system and felt alone at times. I was lonely thinking I didn't have a family that cared until my father passed away and I moved with my aunt and then was taken from her. Placed in another home and then placed with my grandmother and I was scared for years that I would be lost in the system. I have been searching for my siblings since I turned 18 I tried calling the agency we were at when I was younger I spoke to a lawyer, searched Facebook, sent emails. I want to find them because they mean the world to me and I want to make sure they know that because I went through so much pain in the system to protect them and my little sister that got adopted with me. So just getting that help and finding them and stopping this from happening to other families will mean everything.
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    Created by Skyashia LaBorde
  • Stop Taxpayer Dollars Going To Trump Campaign For RNC Speech At White House
    Political speeches and other activities should never be funded by taxpayer dollars. Federal employees should not be used to set up White House grounds for RNC.
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    Created by Erik Olufs
  • Sign the petition: Ban the Secret Services from buying American’s mobile location data!
    BREAKING: Trump’s Secret Service was caught red-handed buying mobile phone location data on innocent Americans from a shady data-mining company -- without a warrant.[1] The Constitution is clear about banning illegal search and seizures, but Trump’s Secret Service thinks they can bypass the 4th Amendment and spy on innocent Americans (potentially including Black Lives Matter protesters) and their location data and movements. This has to stop! Sign the petition: Tell Congress to ban the Secret Service from buying mobile location data! Technically, the government cannot spy on Americans without a warrant, but intelligence agencies like the FBI and the NSA have been secretly doing this for years. It’s what Edward Snowden revealed.[2] But what Trump’s Secret Service got caught doing was a new low: brazenly stomping over the 4th Amendment by buying our mobile location data from a shadowy data-mining company. The data-mining company, Babel Street, scrapes anonymized location data from popular apps to track people’s movements in any given area. This means that most people might not have consented or even be aware that their steps are being followed, let alone that the Trump administration is buying that data outright. In today’s digital age, we have to think about our personal data like oil: “liquid gold.” Tech companies and governments alike go to grave efforts to mine our data and sell it to the high bidder. That includes selling our personal data to the Trump administration who, clearly, have no regard for our Constitution. Congress can’t continue to sleep at the wheel on technology regulations. It’s time for you to speak up and protect your privacy online. Sign the petition: Tell Congress to ban the Secret Service from buying mobile location data! Source 1 https://gizmodo.com/secret-service-bought-access-to-americans-location-data-1844752501 2 https://www.newamerica.org/oti/blog/history-fisa-section-702-compliance-violations/
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  • Demand ICA Release All Detainees
    Privatized ICE detention exacerbates the mass incarceration crisis created by the U.S. prison-industrial complex. Mass incarceration allows those in power to continue to exploit, forcibly displace, abuse and profit from people who are marginalized, disenfranchised, criminalized, and silenced. As one particularly brutal wing of this privatized system, ICA-Farmville has a history of failing inspections, failing to prevent and contain disease outbreaks, and failing to treat our immigrant friends, family, and neighbors with basic human dignity. Their profit-focused management has resulted in maggot-infested food, mumps and COVID outbreaks, and repeated inappropriate and unnecessary uses of force. Join our call to tell the investors who made this operation possible that profit from pain is inhumane.
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    Created by Free Them All