• Delete Trump’s Facebook Page
    Trumps supporters can still easily message each other on the platform. Their Posts continue to divide the country and foment insurrection. Our country’s security, unity and strength as a nation continues to be fractured, with help from President Trump’s active Facebook page. It’s needs to be suspended immediately.
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    Created by Catherine Salfino
  • Enough ! De-fund Congressmen who subvert democracy
    Lawmakers who knowingly spread falsehoods about the election, and then vote to undermine our democracy, must pay a price. Companies must recognize this and choose their campaign donations accordingly. We must pressure them to do so. As our congressional leaders weigh steps against Trump and members of congress who deliberately undermined our elections, let us force them to do the right thing by stopping the flow of corporate money: Enough is enough! As we go past Trump and into Biden's term, maintain the pressure: Enough is enough! As we move to the next election cycle, keep up the pressure: Enough is enough! Turn off the money spigots. Now.
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    Created by Desmond D
  • Remove Michigan Legislators Who Participated in the Deadly Insurrection and Racial Parity
    We the undersigned citizens of Michigan, object to the double standard of "discipline", between white Republicans and black Democratic legislators. We support this petition to hold insurrectionist accountable. HISTORY: Republican leaders claim their members who participated in the insurrection cannot be removed from committees, appointments or their jobs. This cannot happen. In December 2020, State Representative Cynthia A. Johnson, a black woman and Democrat, received thousands of death threats, including lynching, from Republican supporters just for speaking the truth. She was further attacked by Republican leaders, and "disciplined" for exercising her right to freely speak. She was removed from her committees, without due process. Those culpable for violence, promoting anti-democratic fallacies and plans to overthrow our government, should not be on tax-payer payrolls. Representative Johnson, must be made whole and any adverse actions, past, present or future nullified.
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    Created by Tenay Hankins
  • Seattle police union leader blames the Capitol riot on Black Lives Matter. He needs to go - NOW
    The day after the violent attack and coup attempt at Capitol Hill, Mike Solan sent a tweet blaming Black Lives Matter for what happened. When he was challenged, he doubled down, saying that both the left and the right were responsible. By making these claims, Solan is lifting up a false and dangerous right-wing conspiracy theory that attempts to confuse the story of what happened and redirect blame towards people of color and the political left. It’s outrageous, but not surprising. Solan has consistently made appearances on right wing media to attack Black Lives Matter, defend violent and abusive police, and encourage a violent, authoritarian crackdown on anti-racist protesters. Meanwhile, Seattle’s Office of Police Accountability is already investigating 11 current Seattle police officers who attended the Trump rally that led to the attack on the Capitol. If that investigation finds that some officers participated in the attack, it’s likely that Solan will defend those officers and try to keep them in their jobs. The Seattle Mayor’s office issued a strong statement condemning Solan’s comments and calling on him to apologize or resign: “The SPOG President’s statement is wrong, immoral, and a lie. The violent and seditious actions we all witnessed were done by anti-government mobs, inspired and directed by President Trump and his legion of enablers. His statements do a huge disservice to the hundreds of police officers who work daily to serve the public and the rule of law, believe in equality, and were disgusted by Wednesday’s events. His statements do not reflect the values of the City of Seattle but instead echo the failed lies of a failed presidency. In fact, every officer at the Seattle Police Department has an obligation to not ‘post-speech that negatively impacts the Department’s ability to serve the public.’ As we expect this incident to be investigated by OPA, Solan should retract his statements and apologize or resign.” It’s a step in the right direction, but city leaders should push in no uncertain terms for Solan to be fired or removed from his positions as a police officer and police union leader. An apology would be meaningless, and not believable coming from Solan. If the city of Seattle wants police leadership it can trust, Solan needs to go.
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    Created by Police Unions Exposed
  • Political Federal judges-
    It would take the corruption out of the judiciary.
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    Created by Joanna Burke
  • Make January 6 annual US Democracy Day
    In light of the tragic and wholly anti-democratic events of January 6, 2021, the creation of this Day of Democracy would help us ensure that actions such as the siege of the US Capitol Building will never be repeated, and that the ideals of democracy continue to be the core values upon which we build a more just, compassionate, and unified nation for all.
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    Created by Heather Sloan
  • Do not permit Trump's photo to be hung in the White House
    As a mom I believe that my job is to lead by example in my words and actions. It is our civic duty to hold our leaders accountable for their actions. I do not believe that the 45th President deserves any place of honor or special recognition for the reason that he has divided this nation and incited insurrection.
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    Created by Laurie Woodward Garcia Picture
  • Pro-Trump terrorists & white supremacists must be stopped
    We are horrified by the violence pro-Trump terrorists and white supremacists committed at the U.S. Capitol and across Washington, D.C. last week, and the swarming of state capitals across the country. These were not peaceful protests but rather an outrageous attempt by a pro-Trump mob to use force and violence to overturn a free and fair election. There is no question that Donald Trump, aided and abetted by unprincipled Republican members of Congress, is responsible for this attack on our democracy -- both by inciting the violence and exacerbating the structural racism and bigotry that drives it. He made a dangerous situation even worse with his incendiary speech at his rally, tweets, and disgraceful video yesterday. That Trump supporters were able to breach the Capitol with relative impunity stands in stark contrast to the response we saw to the anti-police brutality protests throughout 2020 and Black Lives Matter demonstrations this summer, and highlights how deeply structural racism and white supremacy is woven into our society. We must remember Miriam Carey, a Black mom who crashed her car near the Capitol and was shot five times and killed by the Capitol Police. Every leader in this country must recommit to ending systemic racism, doing everything in their power to ensure the safety of marginalized groups of people, and continuous advocacy for equity and justice for every single person. This includes Congress impeaching President Trump, as well as the Cabinet and Vice President invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office. → *Join us in urging Congress to impeach Trump immediately and for the Vice President and Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him from office ASAP.
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    Created by Kristin, MomsRising Picture
  • Investigate Presence of White Supremecists in Philadephia Police Department
    There have been credible reports that multiple terrorists showed their law enforcement badges as they attacked the U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. There is a well-documented presence of white supremacist ideology in police departments in the United States. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that at least one officer is being investigated by internal affairs as she was within the group that ultimately attacked the Capitol on January 6th. Any officer who harbors white supremacist ideology or supports overthrowing a democratically elected government is a danger to our city. We, as citizens of this city, have an obligation to each other to determine whether such terrorists are in the ranks of our law enforcement and expel them immediately. We have a heightened obligation to support and defend our neighbors who are targeted by these hate groups due to their race, religion or immigration status. None of us are naïve enough to think that this malignancy will disappear when Donald Trump’s term ends. This Petition therefore respectfully requests that the Office of the Mayor of Philadelphia, Philadelphia City Council and the Office of the District Attorney of Philadelphia conduct a thorough investigation of the Philadelphia Police Department, including reviewing social media accounts and attendance at rallies for Donald Trump, in order to identify and expel any member of the police force that harbors white supremacist ideologies and/or poses a threat to our democracy by supporting insurrection against our federal and state governments. Doing so will advance our public security and help to repair the fractured confidence that many of our neighbors have in the police department’s ability to equitably and safely carry out the important role it plays in our daily lives.
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    Created by Andrew D.
  • Invoke 14th Amendemnt and remove Ted Cruz
    America was under attack on January 6th, as much as it was on September 11th. Senator Cruz had no right to comfort the enemies with his vote against the Electoral Votes. I am a retired teacher in the state of Texas and know that we cannot teach our students a lesson where a Texas Senator gives comfort to the enemies of the Constitution instead of telling them the truth and help dissolve the insurgency. He had the power to do so but choose to give aid to the insurrection. Ted Cruz must resign, or Senate should invoke the 14th Amendment and remove him.
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    Created by Maria Llopiz
  • Need re-trial for Joe Gonzalez
    Joseph Cruz Gonzalez, Jr. is innocently incarcerated for a crime of which was not proven in a court of law .A crime of which he is not guilty of by participation or of committing himself. The State failed to produce concrete or even substantial evidence of any wrong doing linking Joseph to this crime. Please join with me and the many others who believe wholeheartedly in Joseph's innocence by signing this petition to the Court of Appeals.
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    Created by Shelly Gonzalez Picture
  • Restore the Integrity of Our Skyline, Remove the Trump Sign
    The assault on January 6th, 2021 to our Nation's congress and our Capitol Building was an aberration, and a direct threat to our democracy. This violent attack was instigated by Mr. Trump and Mr. Trump Jr.. The rioters attempted to destroy the institutions that make us the strongest democracy in the world. These rioters displayed Neo-nazi, racist, and fascist symbols. As more footage of the incident is brought to light, we all are witnessing the violent nature of the groups that forced themselves into The People's House. A police officer was murdered and four other people died in this violent event. It is one of the darkest days in the history of our country. We must make sure that his name is not glorified in any way, because if we do not act we will have normalized the behavior Mr. Trump and his rioting mob of followers displayed. We Chicagoans and Americans ask you to do what is in your power to remove the sign that is now a stain to a city we are proud to call home. Thank you.
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    Created by Fernando Gutierrez