• Demand GSA administrator Emily Murphy recognize President-elect Joe Biden
    It is important she recognize President-elect Biden for these reasons: 1. She is hindering a peaceful transition until Trump exhausts all legal recourse, which means the transition team pretty much can only get an office to plan the transition and not much else. 2. Her refusal to recognize president-elect Biden has National Security implications because the Department of Defense cannot work with the transition team until the GSA recognizes the results of the election. 3.Her refusal to follow the Presidential Transition Act of 1963 is a clear refutation of the democratic process and severely undermines confidence in free and fair elections in this country.
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  • Twitter: Stop Aiding in Trump’s Coup Attempt—Suspend @realdonaldtrump
    Joe Biden has won the presidency. But the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, is attempting a coup. He has no plans to concede the race and instead is erratically spreading lies of “widespread voter fraud” and taking radical steps like firing his Secretary of Defense—like a true fascist leader. We knew this would happen but it doesn’t make it any less dangerous. Twitter is Trump’s most direct microphone to speak to the American People. It’s time that microphone be turned off for the good of the People. Enough is enough. We can’t wait until Jan 20. Twitter must suspend Donald Trump and his enablers now.
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    The transitional process allows the incoming President- elect access to national security resources and funds necessary for hiring and training staff. The Presidential Act provides for access to these much-needed resources. Emily W. Murphy needs to immediately sign the letter granting access. Delaying the ascertainment process places our country in great harm and serves only to maintain the chaotic status-quo of the Trump administration.
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    Created by Thomas Harless
  • We Need Nationwide Count Every Vote Legislation
    In the midst of a global pandemic that dramatically increased the safety risks of physically going to the polls to vote, several states decided to suppress voter turnout by creating rules that effectively invalidate mail in ballots that arrive after Election Day even if they are postmarked by Election Day. To be precise, there are 28 states that do not allow postmarked ballots to arrive after Election Day. Simultaneously, the President of the United States has deliberately undermined the operations and sustainability of the United States Postal Service and impeded its capacity to process mail, including ballots, in a timely manner. Thus, regardless of the outcome of the 2020 general election, it is clear that we need stronger federal protections for American voters so that every vote counts and so that states cannot suppress votes in the aforementioned manner. In America, our hope is that we are better than this. Not counting votes is unacceptable. Ignoring votes is unacceptable. And voter disenfranchisement is unacceptable.
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    Created by Colin Byrd
  • Wings of Mercy Parent Advocacy seeking seat on Police Reform Comittee
    Even though the Executive Order 203 primarily addresses issues pertaining to racial discrimination, I firmly believe that the mandatory policy reform could prove to be multipurposed and benefit the community more broadly than just as it is defined now.
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  • Count All the Votes & Seat Legitimate Electors
    Despite the moniker as the oldest democracy in the world, the United States has an archaic Electoral College system, in which skates of electors representing a state vote for a presidential candidate to the Electoral College—with 270 electors needed to win. For over 100 years now, the electors with few exceptions represent the candidate who won the popular vote by state, and with a recent Supreme Court ruling, are even more tightly bound to do so. Nevertheless, this election, the Republican Party and Trump campaign are continuing their onslaught against our democratic norms and institutions. In an attempt to steal the election, the Republican Party and Trump campaign are suing states to stop the counting of valid ballots largely of minorities, younger people, and people from traditionally Democratic strongholds. Congress can stand up and end this chicanery by refusing to seat the Electoral College until all votes are counted! More nefariously, the Trump campaign and Republican State Parties are preparing a shadow campaign to appoint alternate slates of electors to the Electoral College in an attempt to sow chaos and throw the election to the House of Representatives. Congress can and must head this off by pledging to only seat slates of electors who represent the popular vote winner of that state. These actions can bring peace to the chaos of the post-election period and ensure the survival of our democracy with a smooth transition of power.
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  • #ReuniteUS - Families Separated By Deportation
    Deportation is an extreme consequence for a civil immigration violation. The Trump administration wasn't the first to deport people with cruelty, but it certainly spread the pain. This problem must be fixed by the Biden administration. We are calling for both administrative policy changes and legislative reform to bring our friends and loved ones home. #ReuniteUS
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    Created by Lynn Tramonte
    January 12th update (5:36PM EDT): Both the Eighth Circuit and the DC Circuit have issued stays of execution for Lisa. The Department of Justice is appealing both to the United States Supreme Court, and presumably they will rule on the stays tonight. The Bureau of Prison continues to prepare to execute Lisa today. Lisa's life is still in danger.
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    Created by Cornell Center on the Death Penalty Worldwide
  • @JoeBiden: Tap @ChrisMurphyCT at State to End Yemen War, Restore Iran Deal
    Of all the candidates reportedly being considered by Joe Biden to serve as his Secretary of State, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy is far and away the most progressive. Unlike Delaware Senator Chris Coons - reportedly also being considered - Chris Murphy has been a champion in the Senate of ending and preventing war. Chris Murphy led efforts to end the Saudi war in Yemen while Chris Coons voted to continue backing the Saudi regime. Chris Murphy consistently supported President Obama's agreement with Iran while Chris Coons worked with AIPAC Republicans to undermine President Obama's most important foreign policy accomplishment for peace. Chris Murphy led other Democratic Senators to oppose the use of U.S. tax dollars for Israeli annexation of the West Bank. Having Chris Murphy serve as our nation's top diplomat if Joe Biden is elected POTUS is our best guarantee of ending the Saudi war in Yemen and restoring President Obama's Iran deal.
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  • Sign the Count On Us Pledge to ensure every vote in Wisconsin is counted.
    We, the people of Wisconsin, call on our public officials to: -Be proactive about making sure voters know their rights and have access to all voting options including voting by mail, in-person early voting, and safe and accessible voting on Election Day. -Support local clerks and municipalities to ensure that every voter that chooses to vote in person on Election Day has an accessible and safe voting location, including proper protections against the spread of COVID-19 such as clearly marked mask requirements, social distancing guidance and hand sanitizer. -Take immediate action to protect Wisconsinites from voter intimidation at the polls and from misinformation campaigns. -Set the expectation that in Wisconsin every vote is counted and that all voters have a meaningful chance to procure provisional or mail-in ballots if needed. -Support local election officials and the media to communicate proactively and transparently with voters about the ballot counting process and when to expect results.
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    Created by Nicole Safar
  • Stop the ban of LGBTQ+ rights in the US.
    They want to revisit and ban the laws that gave us our rights in 2015 from the Obergefell v. Hodges case (ending at a 5:4 vote). We’ve spent so long fighting a debating for our HUMAN rights. It’s already been brought up in court with a 5:4 vote. Our rights are human rights. Why should we have them stripped away for simply loving who we love, and identifying the way we do? It is 2020 yet we’re going backwards. The fourteenth amendment guarantees protection and equality to ALL US citizens, where is that protection and equality now? Please sign this and SHOW that we won’t stop demanding equality in this country.
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  • No Going Back!! 🏳️‍🌈
    Revoking the right for LGBTQ+ marriages infringes the basic human right to love freely and is discriminatory as a nation.
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    Created by Tara Ryan