• U-M Residential Advisors Striking on Basis of COVID-19 Related Demands
    The University's inaction in the face of ResStaff’s explicit concerns and action items over the last few weeks has made it clear that public health is not the priority. The University has repeatedly referred to the Wolverine Culture of Care, but has not extended this same care to us. If U of M administrators do not want to live up to the Michigan Difference, we will be the difference ourselves. Health comes first. ResStaff will not stand for anything less than policies and adequate resources that reflect this priority. As of Tuesday 9/8/2020 at 9PM, University of Michigan ResStaff have decided to strike on the basis of these demands: A. Regular access to testing for all of ResStaff (not only symptomatic individuals) B. Providing sufficient, effective PPE to ResStaff and Students C. Enforcement of social distancing and face coverings inside and outside of residence halls and dining halls D. Enforcement of currently unenforceable guest policy by non-student employees that can be seen by future employers or academic institutions E. Hiring and staffing to normal capacity for all facilities and housing teams F. More specific public and ResStaff communication and transparency G. Hazard pay for ResStaff H. A formal statement of no retaliation from Housing Administration should a ResStaff Union be formed A more detailed list with sub-items, as well as other resources, can be found on linktr.ee/umichresstaffreform. Tell University Housing to stop prioritizing its wealth, and start prioritizing the health of its students.
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  • No New Precinct!
    George Floyd was murdered by the Minneapolis Police Department on May 25, 2020. On June 12, 2020, the Minneapolis City Council unanimously promised all Minneapolis residents a voice in envisioning a new system of public safety [1]. They said: “Police violence… [has] led to community destabilization, a decrease in public safety, and the exacerbation of racial inequities in Minneapolis” [1]. They said: “Together, we will identify what safety looks like for everyone” [1]. They said: “Our efforts to achieve transformative public safety will not be deterred by the inertia of existing institutions, contracts, and legislation” [1]. The Minneapolis City Council has not delivered on any of the promises they made on June 12. Instead, the City Council has been working quickly and quietly to rehouse the Third Precinct with a million-dollar lease at 2633 Minnehaha Avenue [2]. Although this particular lease fell through [5], the City Council has chosen: • to continue their plans to relocate the Third Precinct • to ignore their promises for an extensive community engagement process [1] • to deny residents any opportunity for official public comment on this project [3] • to cut corners and not complete the Racial Equity Impact Analysis for this project [4] Let’s stop them! To get involved, email us at SewardPoliceAbolition@gmail.com. Sources: [1] Minneapolis City Council Resolution No. 2020R-152. Available https://lims.minneapolismn.gov/Download/MetaData/17459/2020R-152_Id_17459.pdf. [2] Minneapolis City Council Request for Committee Action 2020-00852. Available https://lims.minneapolismn.gov/RCA/6658. [3] https://lims.minneapolismn.gov/Calendar/Council/upcoming. [4] https://lims.minneapolismn.gov/Download/RCA/14663/Lease%20for%20Third%20Precinct%20REIA.pdf [5] https://www.startribune.com/deal-for-temporary-third-precinct-site-for-minneapolis-police-is-off/572432432/
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  • End Gerrymandering in North Carolina
    Gerrymandering is robbing North Carolina citizens of a functioning government. Critical issues of universal concern are now wrestled to a stalemate, leaving health care, education, the environment and infrastructure lying dead on the negotiating floor. Nothing is getting resolved; time is wasting away in partisan bickering. Gerrymandering is nothing more that a partisan tool, wielded without impunity, to skew elections and maintain power. Using a tit-for-tat excuse for many years, first Democrats, then Republicans, have claimed this policy to be the prerogative of the “winner” in elections. With the advent of new technological sophistication, this tactic has become a precision mechanism to dismantle the democratic principle of “one man, one vote”. Interminable court cases arguing the fairness of current maps only increases partisan rancor and adds to the total disfunction of a broken system. The resulting political climate has become a bitter stalemate. The citizens of North Carolina deserve better! We are not fooled or complicit with racial “dog whistles”! We demand fair and functional governance! This can only be achieved by establishing fair and logical geographic district boundaries. It is time for a change, and North Carolina citizens should be given the right to let their voices be heard on the matter. Putting a state-wide referendum for a non-partisan commission on the ballot in the next general election would open the door to healing our caustic political climate. Establishing a non-partisan commission would also benefit elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats. By establishing and winning on a fair, level playing field, you could PROVE your worth. You would have reason to be proud of your accomplishment and the respect of an opponent more willing to create a vibrant, governing body. Let’s get it done once and for all! Vote now to put a non-partisan commission on the ballot!
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  • Release the Innocent Holy Land Five Prisoners
    The HLF5 are five innocent humanitarians who were unjustly tried, and whose innocence is widely accepted by politicians, academics, and human rights advocates around the world; but politics keep them imprisoned, deprived of their families and freedoms. They were tried by the US Government in a case full of injustices, and evidence proving their innocence was not allowed in the courtroom. Their sentences ranged from 15 to 65 years in prison. They've exhausted all legal options, and their only hope for freedom is a presidential order. The Palestinian-American community and the Muslim-American community are pushing for this campaign promise in the strongest terms. ALL people of strong moral conscience, regardless of your faith or ethnicity, should support the freedom of the innocent Holy Land Five. After signing this petition, you will receive an email for our upcoming national call. For details on the case, watch The Holy Land Five documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJJkaWVENTg
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  • Fire Racist Cops
    As a community of current and former Lobos, we are extremely disappointed to have been alerted that UNM has an officer who is emboldened in his behavior at a time where the nation is revisiting the systemic racism that is inherent in all police structures and cultures. We would hope by now you've been alerted that an officer who refers to himself as Eric on TikTok has displayed not only a gross misuse of taxpayer money, but created racist content. Below I will highlight all of the policy infractions this individual made, and demand he no longer represents the University of New Mexico in any capacity if, "Each of us defines all of us". Eric has built his entire online brand as being a University Cop at UNM therefore his actions cannot be explained as off-duty edgey humor. Even his username on the platform is "505collegeCop". Officer Eric's face can be clearly seen on this video: https://www.facebook.com/FFOLABQ/videos/pcb.2824755617754241/314282863356085/ Where is not wearing a mask during an international pandemic and endangering lives on University property. In this video, Eric clearly shows he is misusing University resources (UNMPD vehicle) while on duty, damaging the landscaping our campus community works so hard to uphold - staff landscapers and students during Spring Storm, and riding his UNMPD bicycle through the SUB - an action that would not be allowed if he were a student. This a complete disrespect to the student's annual fees and state taxpayers money that support the upkeep and renovation of campus buildings: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=1001116097004456 And of course, the last video I'll share with you is while he is off duty but creating racist content that's already been heavily associated with the University of New Mexico: https://www.facebook.com/FFOLABQ/videos/948231055589747 How can you be a proud "College Cop" at a predominantly Hispanic Serving Institution and create content like this?
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  • Debate Moderators: Commit to disabling a platform for lies during the presidential debates
    The chaos created by the lies being published and proliferated across various media in this country is disabling our democracy. If there is a chance at all for the 2020 election to go forward with a well-informed electorate, the lies must not be coddled into being or tolerated for another 270 minutes.
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  • Open Letter to NIH/HHS
    The funding for Lyme disease is one of the lowest even though it is the fastest spreading Tick-Borne disease. Scientific research appears to be ignored or suppressed that could help patients, and conflicts of interest are present that can influence research, testing, and treatment. It is time that these things were addressed and for change to happen.
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  • End police brutality
    This is important because all around the world our fellow brothers are being killed by the police, and no ones doing a thing about it. It’s time for us the people to do something about it
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  • Open Letter to the CDC
    Lyme disease affects 300,000+ people however only a little over 30,000 cases are officially reported. Many of these individuals have long term effects even after treatment. The Lyme community has called for more effective testing and treatment over the past 30 years, but that request has fallen on deaf ears. They are told that testing and treatment is effective even though research indicates otherwise. Change needs to happen, lives are depending on it. Sign this open letter and make a difference.
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  • Protect Our Voting Rights
    Specifically, this legislation will: ● Require adequate transparency and approval around voting changes, including any attempts to deny voting rights or impose overtly stringent requirements for voters. ● Strengthen federal oversight and accountability around proposed changes to election procedures, particularly around specific measures and in specific jurisdictions that have a record of voter suppression. ● Grant the Attorney General authority to request federal observers be placed where racist threats to voting are prevalent. ● Ensure that “racial minority groups, language minority groups, or minority groups on Indian land” are not prevented from voting due to practices such as changing boundaries, voting locations or voter registration rolls. A recent Intersections of Our Lives poll shows that women of color voted at historic levels in the 2018 midterm election. Eighty-eight percent of respondents said the stakes were too high not to vote. Yet, 25 percent of Black, Latina, and Asian American and Pacific Islander women voters said they did not think their vote was counted accurately. Our democracy and our ability to influence decision-making that impacts our bodies, lives and families is fundamentally threatened when we are not all able to participate in the democratic process. #ProtectTheVote by signing this petition to show your support for voting rights. Urge Congress to take action to stop voter suppression. Call or email your Congressional leaders today, and let them know that you support the passing of the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act!
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  • Joe Biden: Go to Portland & Kenosha -- BE THE LEADER WE NEED
    Joe Biden cannot control the narrative of a campaign against Donald Trump through words. HE MUST ACT. He should spend the remaining days of the campaign shuttling between Portland and Kenosha. Bring the parties together. GET THEM TALKING TO EACH OTHER.
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  • Tell Donald J. Trump he is not welcome in Kenosha, Wisconsin
    Donald Trump is planning to visit Kenosha, WI on September 1, 2020 to “meet with local law enforcement and survey damage from the recent riots.” Donald Trump is not concerned about our state or city that is still reeling from recent tragedy and working to find a way forward. Trump's visit to Kenosha is merely a political ploy and a photo opportunity that only further jeopardizes the healing of Kenosha and the State of Wisconsin. Donald Trump has shown no regard for the Black lives of our City and State or for Jacob Blake and the Blake family, who are in immense pain, yet are calling for healing and peace. Using the open wound of Kenosha to benefit his political campaign is abhorrent, unethical and divisive. As citizens of Kenosha and/or of the State of Wisconsin, we do not choose to be or give consent to be used in this way.
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