• We Need an Anti-Price Gouging Law in Maryland NOW!
    On June 11th, 11 churches joined together to provide $25,000 in free gas in Prince George's County to provide direct aid to the community. Organizers were discouraged to learn that Sunoco Gas Station on Marlboro Pike increased the price per gallon by 10 cents during the event- and immediately lowered the price after. Currently, in Laurel, MD residents are receiving rent increases from $400.00 - $1600.00 as well as parking fees of varying amounts depending on rental seniority & Schweb Partners LLC based in Jackson, NJ claims this is market value for their units. Blatant exploitation and price gouging are unacceptable when our community is struggling to make ends meet, Maryland needs explicit anti-price gouging legislation to protect our citizens from industry greed.
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  • Congressman Eric Swalwell - Support LGBTQ families in a more meaningful way
    On Saturday, June 11th, a group of Proud Boys verbally attacked attendees at a family-friendly LGBTQ Drag Story Hour that occurred at the San Lorenzo Library. Congressman Eric Swalwell has organized a meeting to discuss this issue and the harm caused to LGBTQ families. His colleague in Congress, Hon. Congressman Ro Khanna, has endorsed an Anti-Gay candidate for State Senate. Her name is Lily Mei and over 90% of the members of the Alameda County Democratic Party agree that her anti-gay past makes her ineligible from receiving the Democratic Party's Endorsement. We are asking that Congressman Swalwell do more than just hold a meeting. We are asking that he call his colleague in Congress to request the reconsideration of Lily Mei's endorsement.
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  • Florida's Modernization of Parole Act
    This change lowers recidivism, decreases prison violence, reduces state spending, and increases public safety.
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  • Reparations Task Force for New Orleans
    Please sign and pass along this petition so that New Orleans can “be in that number” of cities and states engaged in reparatory justice actions to address the glaring racial disparities in personal well-being between Black and white children and adults in the United States.
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  • Free Cuong: Demand that ICE Release Cuong's Detainer!
    Cuong Phan is a 46 year old incarcerated Vietnamese immigrant who came to this country in 1984, when he was 8 years old. Cuong was sentenced to serve 15 years to life for gang-related shooting in September of 1994, even though he wasn’t the shooter. He was just an 18 year old boy when he was arrested. Cuong has since taken full responsibility for his actions, serving 28 years in State Prison. In this time, he’s completed multiple programs (Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Criminals and Gangs Anonymous, Lifer's Activity Group, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, Meditation Buddhist Pathways, Going Out By Going In, Partnership for Re-Entry Program); built his skills in the trades (Vocational Machine Shop, Computer Services and Repair, Vocational Mill and Cabinet, Braille Transcriber); and continued his education to earn 6 college degrees. Cuong is now the Supervisor for the braille program at Ironwood State Prison, which helps produce books for blind and disabled students across the nation. The company he works for has also offered him a job when he’s free. Cuong was recently granted parole, pending Governor Newsom’s approval. His release will be in July of this year. However, ICE has issued a detainer on Cuong. This means that ICE requested the State Prison to notify them before releasing Cuong. On his release day, instead of being freed, Cuong will be detained by ICE, and potentially deported to a country he’s never known. Cuong should be reunited with his family and community, who are ready to support him and his freedom. Will you sign the petition TODAY to stop Cuong from being transferred to ICE?
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  • End Coors' sponsorship of Denver Pride
    Pride was not created to be a party. It was civil unrest to fight against police brutality and to celebrate who we are and fight for equality and justice. This cannot happen when organizers of pride are in bed with a corporation who funds campaigns to turn the clock back on our fight for equality. The Center on Colfax must end oors' sponsorship of Pride today. Pride was, and always should be, a grassroots movement.
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  • Ban Autistic Conversion Therapy in Minnesota
    The Autistic community, like the LGBTQIA+ community, has been wrongfully pathologized and oppressed. In fact, the very same people who attempted to convert gay children into straight children began by attempting to convert Autistic children into neurotypical children. In 1961, Norwegian psychologist Dr. Ole Ivar Lovaas was hired by UCLA to investigate the perceived behavioral problems of Autistic children. Inspired by the work of Harvard psychologist Dr. Burrhus Frederic Skinner, Lovaas developed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) to make Autistic children “indistinguishable from their peers.” More than a decade later, in 1972, Lovaas and his team of researchers used ABA to “treat” gay children in the government-funded Feminine Boy Project. Fortunately, the queer movement was able to mobilize and force the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and World Health Organization (WHO) to remove homosexuality from their lists of mental illnesses, which, in turn, shifted public discourse towards banning conversion therapies for LGBTQIA+ children. Unfortunately, the Neurodiversity Movement, in its infancy, has not been able to build up the same kind of popular support for demedicalizing the neurocognitive style of Autism, so conversion therapies for Autistic children still persist under the guise of “treatment.” Indeed, even the public school system employs ABA practitioners to “help” children in special education courses, which are just another manifestation of segregation (in this case discrimination against neurominorities). But if the queer and Autistic powerhouses unite under the same banner, we can show the Minnesota Legislature that, by neglecting to prohibit ABA and its derivatives—Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention (EIBI), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), “social skills training,” and so forth—it is actively legitimizing autistiphobia. Furthermore, because Autistic people are more likely to identify as LGBTQIA+, when so-called allies of the queer community permit medical assistance coverage of ABA, they are, in effect, sentencing the very children they claim to support to suffer through conversion therapy in its original form. To this we say “No more.” Sign and share this petition to show the Minnesota Legislature that ABA has no place in the land of 10,000 lakes! ••• To learn more about the unjust pathologization of Autistics, the evidence against ABA interventions, and the international effort to ban them, please read and/or listen to the following sources: https://neuroqueer.com/autism-and-the-pathology-paradigm/ https://www.lgbtqnation.com/2021/03/man-behind-ex-gay-conversion-therapy-started-trying-make-autistic-children-normal/ https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ULX0z9sjwIs https://therapistndc.org/applied-behavior-analysis-aba/ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/322239353_Evidence_of_increased_PTSD_symptoms_in_autistics_exposed_to_applied_behavior_analysis https://autcollab.org/projects/ban-of-conversion-therapies/ https://our.actionstation.org.nz/petitions/inquiry-into-the-consequences-of-conversion-therapies-for-autistic-children
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  • San Francisco Supervisors: Don't Skip Funding for Climate
    Anybody who woke up in San Francisco under the orange sky on September 9, 2020 knows that climate change is undeniably upon us. But if we start now, there are still many things we can do to turn the tide and avoid the worst impacts. In our city that means rapidly switching our homes and vehicles off of fossil fuels and moving to cleaner, safer, electric alternatives powered by renewable energy; expanding transit; strengthening our ecosystems; and protecting and empowering the communities that will face the worst impacts. San Franciscans are ready to step up and do our part, but we need support and help from our city's leadership. The Department of the Environment (SFE) has outlined an $11 million budget over the next years to begin tackling the biggest sources of the city's carbon emissions, doing so in a way that focuses on justice and equity for the most vulnerable communities. Community groups are calling for additional funds for clean electrification pilots, incentives for eliminating fossil fuels in homes and transportation, and better clarity and protection from the hazards of sea level rise in Hunters Point and other contaminated areas. Additionally, planting trees to capture carbon and provide protection against extreme heat -- a key element of the CAP -- would be especially cost-effective in a city that lags most others in the extent of its tree canopy. Climate change won't wait for politics as usual to play itself out -- the longer we wait, the harder it gets to avoid the increasingly threatening consequences of a hotter planet. The Board of Supervisors will be reviewing the proposed budget in the month of June. We demand that they recognize the scale of the crisis by fully funding SFE's $11 million budget request and additional CAP priorities.
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  • Raise the legal age to buy a gun to 25
    Think back to when you were 18, 19, even 21, did you have need for a automatic rifle? Or even a handgun? So, why would we sell guns to 18 year olds? With no training, little background info, and zero questioning, we let a child buy weapons that kill. Are you comfortable with this? Please help raise this ridiculous legal age limit to something other than 18.
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  • Homeless Bill of Rights for Wausau, Wisconsin
    Please help by signing this petition. We want to ensure that our unhoused citizens maintain their right to employment and resources essential for their survival and path to recovery. This petition will be presented to the Wausau City Council. By agreeing on the basic human rights of our unhoused, we can begin to work together to help.
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  • Put a Stop to Mass Shootings. Stricter Gun Laws Now.
    How is it that we are in this position again? Mass shooting after mass shooting and now back again at a grade school. The American people should not have to fear for their lives every time they see a movie, go to church, shop for groceries or drop their child off at school. Countries all over the world have taken a stand against gun violence by implementing stricter laws and regulations, resulting in near-immediate results. We demand stricter gun control now. Thoughts and prayers do not cut it anymore.
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  • Facebook shouldn’t profit off of racist violence and white supremacy.
    Big Tech companies can take down and stop profiting off racist violent content like the Buffalo shooting video. Google designated the Buffalo shooting as a “sensitive event,” preventing ads from running on searches related to it. Facebook has not yet decided to demonetize and remove content related to the Buffalo shooting video and replacement theory. The New York Times and Tech Transparency Project found that “Facebook is surfacing the violent video or links to websites hosting the clip next to ads.” Facebook even recommended some search terms for the Buffalo shooting video as “popular searches” on the platform. A study by Media Matters for America revealed that Facebook has profited off over 50 ads from right-wing political candidates pushing the replacement theory and allowed hundreds of similar organic posts from right-wing media outlets. Facebook doesn’t have to profit off this racist violence and white supremacy. Join us in speaking out and demanding action from Facebook. SOURCES: 1. Mac, Ryan. "Buffalo gunman’s video is surfacing on Facebook, sometimes with ads beside it." The New York Times. 19 May, 2022. 2. Gogarty, Kayla. "Facebook profited from ads promoting white supremacist “great replacement” theory." Media Matters for America. 20 May, 2022.
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