• Teays Valley Petition for Covid Protocols to Protect Students, Teachers, Staff and our Families
    Our Teays Valley community is dependent upon the decisions made by our school district. Ohio Covid cases are at an all time high and with new variants like Omicron emerging we need to put efforts into decreasing spread and protecting our kids and the vulnerable among us. Masking at the beginning when winter break is over and school returns is the perfect time to mitigate the surge of Covid cases that we all know and have been warned by experts is going to happen. Reported pediatric Covid-related cases have tripled, vulnerable students are not able to attend in person learning due to the lack of protocol by the district, family members are being infected and hospitalized and children will end up returning to remote learning if school infection rates are not controlled. No Covid protocol in Teays Valley can only lead to what the experts who wrote the letter to the district are warning about; kids getting sick, increased spread, hospitals at capacity and communities suffering. That is NOT helping our children have a "normal" school experience, it is hurting them and everyone around them. Masking is a small effort with an impact. It is the least we should expect from our schools.
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    Created by Stephanie Holsinger
  • A Call For Safer Travels and Safer Schools
    1- Prior to July 8th all travelers were required to test in order to bypass a 10-day quarantine. While this did not prevent COVID19 from entering Hawai'i, it did help slow the amount of cases entering the state. We need to bring back required travel testing for both vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers NOW. Most travelers arriving are not tested and while vaccinated people may have less severe disease it is now obvious that they could very likely be carriers. 2- Government officials have touted “personal responsibility” as the way to contain the spread of COVID, but they have not provided our community with the tools and information necessary to protect ourselves in the best way possible. One of the best mitigation measures and self-protection tools is the use of a high quality mask. We are asking the counties and the state to provide a supply of high quality masks (N95, KN95, KF94) to students and staff at every public school, and to emphasize the importance of their use. 3- Many members of our community have health concerns and need to have access to the highest level of protection. For many people, catching COVID poses a significant risk of death or permanent disability to themselves or a household member. We ask that the state and county governments adopt policies of encouraging teleworking whenever feasible, and encourage private employers to do so as well. We also ask the Board of Education to adopt a policy that no parent will be harassed, penalized or punished if they feel they need to keep their child home to reduce the risk that the child will catch COVID and bring it home to their household.
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    Created by Cara Flores
  • Petition to put Michigan State University classes online
    The current surge in Covid-19 around the country, and in Michigan in particular, make a surge inevitable at MSU. The physical and mental health of the MSU students, faculty, and staff must not be put at unnecessary risk, and a shift to online classes is needed to prevent another disaster within our community.
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    Created by MSU Faculty 2022
  • PPS take action on schedule change
    Recently PPS and the Portland Association of Teachers (PAT) have gone into bargaining. The PAT is proposing a new class schedule that includes a "flex" day to allow educators more time to plan and students more time to do school work. Portland Public Schools has shot down the offer. Student leaders across the district demand PPS to rethink this terrible decision and not backtrack our students. The pandemic has drastically affected our learning — classroom stamina has been depleted, leading to students falling behind and leaving teachers drastically overworked. Our education system is improperly prepared for in-person learning due to the lack of foresight by the District and the legacy of lost learning over this past year. The District did not provide teachers with enough time to plan or prepare for re-introducing students back to school. We PPS students call on the District to work with the PAT to give the flex time we desperately need and workload relief to all our teachers. Please sign in support of our students and teachers.
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    Created by Danny Cage
  • Remove and Ban Fox News from all U.S military instillations and Federal buildings
    Removing Fox News and it’s affiliates would greatly improve the mental health, slow the spread of misinformation and disinformation and decrease the radicalization of our armed force members and Federal employees.. The disastrous effect this propaganda has on the morale of our men and women must not be minimized
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    Created by Brian Sheehan
  • 'Tis the Season for Solidarity
    We need our schools fully funded, our students’ welfare promoted, and our educators’ workplace needs addressed. In this season of giving, support our students by giving educators the working conditions and compensation they deserve. Wishing you and your loved ones happy holidays and a joyous New Year from your friends at MCEA!
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    Created by Montgomery Association
    Students are the workforce. Our education system directly feeds into our businesses and our community. Educators are NEEDED, and need to feel appreciated and not undermined. Parents need to know what is going on in the school system, they need to feel comfortable with the education system their kids are learning in.
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    Created by Emilie Mosier
  • Tell President Biden: DO NOT restart student loan payments
    Millions of Americans will be thrown back into loan repayment even though we face the persistent impact of the pandemic, growing inflation, and so much more. Before the pandemic struck, people struggled to navigate the broken student loan system wreaking havoc on the financial lives of families across the country. Restarting payments will be a financial disaster, but the President has the power to stop it. Continuing the pause on federal student loan payments is an important investment in Americans' financial lives. It gives people the financial freedom to pay rent or purchase homes, afford healthcare or medicine, start small businesses, and support their families. Without the burden of student debt, Americans weathered the pandemic, and many are thriving. We have added our name to this petition to send President Biden a simple message: DO NOT resume student loan payments.
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    Created by Natalia Abrams Picture
  • Hip Hip Hooray for our School Board Today!
    Books, and especially books with controversial, unpopular and/or unconventional protagonists, are common targets for censorship. This strategy to control thought runs counter to our culture's deeply-held beliefs in the importance of freedom of expression. We strongly support each parent's right and obligation to engage fully in their child's education. However, that right does not extend to dampening the opportunities for new ideas or exploration of cultures, lives, and lifestyles, both villainous and virtuous, in the past, present and future, for other children in our system's schools. Through reading, these imaginary journeys promote empathy, understanding, inspiration and curiosity, all essential traits for healthy adults and a thriving democracy. We applaud our Fairfax County Public School's conclusion that the books in question are "valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters who reflect their personal journeys." We note that, contrary to the public assertions that propelled action by FCPS, no depiction of pedophilia was found by either school committee formed to investigate the allegations that the books were not suitable. It is important that everyone who believes in the the value of diverse ideas, intellectual freedom and curiosity, and the contribution books make to a healthy democracy, reject the notion that censuring books is a pathway to a better future. Please join us in supporting our Fairfax County Public School Board.
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    Created by Holly Hazard Picture
  • Self-charged electric school buses with continuous climate control
    The more parents and school boards are vigorously demanding self-charged school buses the sooner school bus manufacturers would invest in developing and deploying practical proven self-charged electric school buses.
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    Created by Gary Vesperman
  • Rename 21st in Bryan, Texas: Carey Cauley Jr Street
    When asked at the Chamber event honoring Irma Cauley why no action yet on the street renaming, a Bryan Councilmember responded "well, if everybody wants it." City Manager policy requires “100% of property owners, residents and business owners” to sign a written petition affirming their desire to rename their street Carey Cauley Jr Street. There is no ordinance -no law- on Bryan’s books to rename streets. Local community leader, Helen Washington, walked the streets gathering signatures. She's the spearhead who is crossing every "t" and dotting every "i.” Help her. EVERYBODY, please join Helen and everybody who lives on 21st Street to SUPPORT this effort to honor the Cauleys. Please SIGN to tell Bryan Mayor and City Council you SUPPORT renaming 21st Street to honor our local civil rights heroes.
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    Created by Janet Dudding
  • Judicial Board Mandated Training
    Studies demonstrated that the most vulnerable time for any victim and children, is after they escape from there abuser. Abusers are using the courtrooms to enforce 50/50 custody or sole custody of minor children to continually have direct access to victims and their minor children and adult victims. This direct victimizing allows abusers access to minor children whom have zero voices inside a court of law, and are being forced to engage directly with their abuser over and over, despite watching this same abuse, or receiving this abuse, or experiencing sexual abuse, when the family was a unit. Victims are helpless inside a court of law from not only protecting innocent children but as well themselves. Meanwhile the abuser uses the court system to maintain control of victims and the minor children. With only 24 judges being mandated in learning, on the physical side of abuse, this has subjected and forced victims to have zero support inside court rooms throughout the United States. This is a direct violation to victims and innocent children because these judges hearing these cases are forcing victims and innocent children back into the same abuse they escaped. How many more innocent children and adult victims must die before these judges are mandated in all forms of domestic violence, including sexual assault and rape? Make your voice be heard by signing this petition today. Thank you!
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    Created by All Forms Of Domestic Violence