• Mulliken Welcomes Diversity
    The board's actions in previously denying the monks' request for permission to renovate the former Mulliken United Methodist Church was contrary to the ideals and beliefs of the majority of people in Mulliken. The people of Mulliken are particularly dismayed that one board member specifically stated that she voted against the monks' request based on religious differences. Religious discrimination is contrary to the best interests of the Mulliken community and to the preferences of the people of Mulliken. Such discrimination cannot be permitted to be perpetuated or endorsed by the Village board. The people of Mulliken welcome the Buddhist community. It is our hope that the monks will reapply and that their application will be granted. The Mulliken community looks forward to meeting and getting to know our newest members.
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    Created by Kathrine Price
  • Demand ISP like Comcast & cox provide unlimited data to all users
    It is important because of the current Covid crisis because families are having to keep children at home and do school online and because monopolies and collusion between corporations that compete with each other is illegal and destroys the very foundation of a free market.
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    Created by Ryan Brown
  • FREE KEMEN Taylor
    It’s important because I was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life without parole.
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    Created by Falisha Taylor
  • Shut down Raptor Airsoft and deny all permits
    Airsoft is an honor and integrity based sport that brings out all walks of life. We come from all over to gather together to play a game where we use toy guns to shoot each other with 6mm plastic BBs. Airsoft players come from all spectrum of our society and plastic warfare unites them on the field Airsoft has shown to help overcome some biases and grievances and create strong cohesion and friendships on the field. These connections form strong bonds between players and squads from all different ideologies to work together. Due to the nature of our sport, where we dress up like army men and play with guns that look extremely realistic, airsoft players know we have to be careful in our communities. A common saying is "We are one bad accident away from being heavily regulated or banned in a state." Airsoft as an industry tends to tread lightly and do a lot of self policing on safety concerns. It is rare that the airsoft community will step up to say that a field should be shut down. Especially in the time of Covid-19 with fields and companies shutting down, the last thing that airsoft players want to have is another field shut down. Which is why this petition should be taken seriously. Raptor Airsoft has a long history of being combative with customers and players. It is well documented that the owners have little interest in customer service, instead only look to make a profit. There are a lot of complaints about getting a defective guns from Raptor, and they refused to refund or replace the item. Raptor has fired a female admin for simply being female. Then Raptor banned anyone who knew that admin, including one of their sponsored players. Raptor banned an entire team just for wearing a rainbow flag patch, and threatened to ban a large group of people at the Northern Watch event because they were wearing that patch. Raptor Airsoft ignored the state orders to shut down all non essential businesses. (While Airsoft is life, it is not essential.) Raptor Airsoft was notified on April 18th at 10:31AM that 3 players from the Miami area were coming to their field to play. These three players had tested positive 2 days before for Covid-19. Instead of asking who these players are, the caller was berated for attempting to shut Raptor Airsoft down. The owner said if we did not like it to call the police. The sheriff's deputies were called and went to Raptor Airsoft to find more then 10 people on the field, people were not wearing any form of PPE masks, and were closer then 6 feet apart. In multiple social media photos, players were seen with no face masks and standing right next to each other. Environmental Concerns: There are several environmental concerns that should cause Raptor Airsoft to be shut down. 1: Raptor Airsoft does not sell or enforce bio BBs on the field. Considering that their property is adjacent to the Ocala National Forest, this should be mandatory. While playing along the back side of their property people were shooting at players in front of the forest but a lot of the BBs missed and went into the Ocala National Forest. Since several companies make bio degradable BBs at very close to the same price as regular plastic BBs, this should already have been a policy. Instead, Raptor Airsoft only sells plastic BBs. Since birds can mistake the BBs for food, it is important for the BBs to be biodegradable and not just plastic. 2: The owners of Raptor Airsoft allow illegal dumping on the property. The video can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKa5AegfBNE The owner, Juan, has a long history of not caring about environmental concerns going back to 1990. He continues to dump illegally on his property. This environmental impact could contaminate the ground water and potentially the aquifer that feeds the natural springs all across the area. The owner, Juan, even got severe burns because a can of paint he was burning in a pile exploded on him. 3: Raptor Airsoft hosts milsim (military simulation) events. At these events people use various pyrotechnics, including smoke grenades. Since Raptor Airsoft buries its trash on property, the chemicals in these smoke grenades can leak into the soil and ground water. Impact to infrastructure: Another major reason to deny any permit to operate Raptor Airsoft is the impact to the roadways leading up to Raptor's field and surrounding areas. Since Raptor Airsoft hosts milsim events, it is not uncommon for heavy machinery to be used for events. At Operation Northernwatch, an event that happened in December of 2019, there were 3 Humvees and a functioning decommissioned tank used at the event. The tank was transported in on a semi truck and the weight of just the tank was 15 tons. Considering the road was still wet and soft from rain, it caused some damage to the dirt road leading to Raptor Airsoft. The damage to the road could have been more extreme if the tank had driven down the road and not the semi-truck. Simply put, the road will not last against the constant traffic to the field. We implore the Lake County Commissioners to please deny any permits for Raptor Airsoft. They have shown to be bad actors for decades now, ignoring state and county laws by operating illegally. Since they continue to violate county laws, at this time they should not be allowed to remain in business. We hope you take this petition to heart and deny all permits. Thank you and stay safe.
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    Created by Mark Sierens
  • Mark Zuckerberg: Stop playing with our democracy
    Last month, Facebook failed its own civil rights audit with a report concluding that the social media giant fails to understand the urgency of the situation and how the platform will have a direct impact on the U.S. presidential election in November. [1] Since then, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, has shown little interest in ensuring the integrity of the upcoming election. In fact, Facebook and other platforms owned by Facebook have shown to be biased in favor of right-wing propaganda and Donald Trump’s campaign. Facebook has fired an employee for collecting evidence that employees, like Joel Kaplan, were intervening in favor of right-wing pages. [2] And Instagram, a Facebook-owned platform, displayed more negative content for hashtags related to Joe Biden, but hid negative content for hashtags related to Donald Trump. [3] The top-performing posts on Facebook also overwhelmingly tend to be right-wing pages. [4] And Facebook has repeatedly failed to stop the spread of hate against marginalized groups. [5] Facebook is playing a dangerous game. But it seems to be more concerned with stopping employee leaks—by firing employees who collect evidence, for example—than actually fixing the issue. As we continue the fight for a better and more inclusive democracy, we can’t afford to sit back and watch Facebook undermine our democracy. Sign the petition to let Mark Zuckerberg know that he must immediately stop the amplification of right-wing propaganda and stop allowing Facebook platforms to put a thumb on the scale in favor of Donald Trump. Sources: 1. “Facebook Just Failed Its First Ever Civil Rights Audit,” Vice, July 8, 2020 https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/akz7qa/facebook-finally-agreed-to-a-civil-rights-audit-and-surprise-surprise-it-failed 2. “Facebook Fired An Employee Who Collected Evidence Of Right-Wing Pages Getting Preferential Treatment,” Buzzfeed News, August 6, 2020 https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/craigsilverman/facebook-zuckerberg-what-if-trump-disputes-election-results 3. “Instagram Displayed Negative Related Hashtags For Biden, But Hid Them For Trump,” Buzzfeed News, August 5, 2020 https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ryanmac/instagram-related-hashtags-favoring-trump-over-biden 4. “How Facebook Became the Social Media Home of the Right,” Vanity Fair, June 5, 2020 https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/06/how-facebook-became-the-social-media-home-of-the-right 5. “20 States Warn Facebook To Do Better At Fighting Hate And Discrimination,” Forbes, August 5, 2020 https://www.forbes.com/sites/alisondurkee/2020/08/05/20-states-warn-facebook-to-do-better-at-fighting-hate-and-discrimination/
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    Created by Iram Ali
  • Demand the firing, arrest, & charging of the LMPD officers who killed Breonna Taylor
    These companies have a lot of power over public life in Louisville, which means hearing from them would greatly pressure Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, and Louisville Metro Police Department to do right by Breonna. Based on their own public statements, each company's executives want the public to see them as supportive of the movement to hold racist institutions accountable. Will you sign the petition to demand UPS, Ford, and Humana executives take a stand and actually push for the firing, arrest, and charging of the LMPD officers who killed Breonna Taylor?
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    Created by Maria Tchijov
  • Write off school loans for nurses
    To acknowledge and support nurses who are at the frontline risking their lives daily.
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    Created by Pat Daniels
  • Easier Ways to Donate Plasma
    I have been forced to fight for my life on several occasions because of the critical shortage of blood plasma. Patients who receive immunotherapy (IV immunoglobulin or subcutaneous immunoglobulin) are often notified that their medications may stop without notice because human blood plasma donations are either decreasing or being used for other products, such as Covid therapy. I am asking for a source plasma to be collected at more locations so that it can be used for immunotherapy. Source donors should be able to donate at various hospitals and the Red Cross and should never be turned away if the need is so great. Additionally, I would like for the plasma companies to conduct travel plasma clinics that would be similar to blood drives. Plasma is used for immune deficiencies, autoimmune deficiencies, cancer treatment, insect and animal bites in humans and many more.
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    Created by Patricia Wigandt Condon
  • Blankets Creek Dual Slalom
    Dual Slalom is important for many reasons! This brings more riders/ racers to the area of Woodstock for our unique Dual Slalom course, It is a college discipline, and it would be a great new club to keep the trails maintained and safe for riders. The town of Woodstock is known for the downtown area with great food and people with great attitudes and an overall great atmosphere! When bikers think of Woodstock they immediately think of Blankets Creek. Just imagine how many more bikers will be here for the amazing trails, jump lines, and the Dual Slalom Course! Dual Slalom isn't extremely known like DH or XC within the middle school and High School community. This isn't good because Dual Slalom is a college discipline and racers are highly encouraged to race Dual Slalom no matter what their main discipline is. If Kelly Pruitt, Jay Wilkes, Leigh Pruitt, and Dave Saigh would be willing to add a Dual Slalom course to Blankets Creek then a group of riders that use the course would be willing to get together to maintain the course and keep it as safe as possible with often meetings on how we can keep the course at it's best.
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    Therefore, we are asking our Select Board to review the seriousness of this situation, reconsider the permit and using Board guidance, seek consultation and the good will of the property owner to re-locate this peddler to a more appropriate site that does not interfere with the safe, normal, daily life of our community. Thank you, petitioners for "NO PLACE TO PEDDLE HATE"
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    Created by NoPlaceTo PeddleHate
  • Justice for Krista Baldivia and Alonzo Wilds
    Krista Baldivia and Alonzo Wilds both left behind families. Krista left behind a mother, a father, 9 siblings, a husband, a daughter and a step-son. While Krista may not have been a pillar of the community she was a person and justice should be served the same as if she was the Frederick County Commonwealth Attorney's own blood. Her, and Mr. Wilds, criminal history should not overshadow the cause of their deaths and the actions of Heishman.
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    Created by Michele Angelos
  • Justice for Erika Gaytan
    We want a safe community and justice for Erika Gaytan.
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    Created by Aporia Euphoria