• Tell Columbus City Council: Cancel the dangerous North Broadway crossing for the Olentangy Trail
    The City is planning to spend millions of dollars on an unnecessary bridge and trail segment ... that will take pedestrian and bicycle traffic directly to a highway off-ramp. There are far better and more cost-effective ways to improve trail safety at North Broadway! If built, this ill-advised crossing will be a permanent feature of our city infrastructure for decades. Let's demand that the City of Columbus do better.
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    Created by Will Easton
  • Stop the Closure of PIH Good Samaritan Hospital Childcare Center
    More disheartening is our disappointment of PIH’s lack of recognition of The Center’s staff and teachers. Almost all of 2020, PIH medical staff were on the front lines risking their lives to help Angelenos cope with this deadly pandemic. As parents and grandparents took their place on the line, The Center’s staff took theirs alongside by risking their own lives to be there for the children, giving their parents and grandparents peace of mind needed to focus on their work and ensuring their children were safe and cared for. PIH medical staff would be able to perform their duties and care for the community because they had the most progressive benefit that most employers are trying to figure out, onsite childcare services. Yet, instead of celebrating The Center’s commitment to their fellow staff members and praising them for the support they provided, PIH’s actions are a slap in the face to the contributions of their teachers and caretakers. PIH’s short sighted cost cutting is a message to medical staff who are parents that their contribution to the company is disposable. In addition, PIH’s decision is a signal to new employees with young aged children that they are not interested in supporting their growing families and to figure it out because investing in their employees’ wellbeing is not part of their grand plan to grow and expand their services within the community. Research has shown that this pandemic has affected working parents with children under six years of age immensely, showing numbers of increased unemployment specifically for working mothers. In fact, eight percent of working mothers with a child under age 13, are employed in the hospital industry (2019, Center for American Progress). Removing this benefit from PIH’s Benefit Package will greatly impact the retention of their workforce, the quality of their services and reduce their recruitment efforts of working parents. PIH Health’s mission statement includes their commitment to contribute to the health and well-being of our communities, THIS community. The Center has served employees and the Pico-Union/Westlake community for over 25 years and it’s staff has reflected in their commitment with teachers who have been loyal to The Center, its families, and to each other for 5, 10, 15, and even 20 plus years of service. The Center is one of few childcare centers within the downtown area that not only benefited the employees of PIH-GSH but also served the parents/guardians of children that work and serve in the nearby community including government, nonprofit, school and private sector employees. Closing this center equates to one less option for child care within the downtown area. It has gained the support and funding of over 60 past donors, including Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., the late Mr. & Mrs William Henry Doheny, The Harold McAlister Charitable Foundation, and many more community members and associates who believed The Center was worth the investment. The staff of The Center has taken care of the children of many doctors, nurses, staff and administrators who work in this primarily low-income area of the City of Los Angeles who have watched their children grow up and become part of the very community they serve. Caring for the community is part of PIH HEALTH’s mission. And it is clear that the hospital staff is driven and dedicated to that mission of ensuring that their patience in the community receives quality healthcare and wellbeing. The decision to take this critical resource away from the staff at their hospital and the families in the area does not align with and contradicts its mission. We hold the Board of Directors accountable for allowing this misalignment to exist and misinform decision makers to even entertain the idea of choosing business development initiatives over the education and care of children under the age of 4 years old within the very community they serve. We, the undersigned parents and supporters of this cause, strongly believe that the PIH Good Samaritan Hospital Childcare Center closure is a huge disservice to families and the community in the area, and will negatively harm children, parents, and teachers given the limited number of childcare centers operating in Los Angeles County.
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    Created by Betzabel Estudillo
  • Protect Our Freedom to Vote Now!
    We have a unique opportunity to protect the freedom to vote right now—and we need to take it because Republican attacks on voters and voting rights are only speeding up. Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have passed the For the People Act, which includes bold measures to defend voting rights and take on Big Money. And now we need Senate Democrats to use every ounce of their power to pass the For the People Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Act, and statehood for the District of Columbia to ensure Republicans can't rig the rules in their favor and in support of their rich donors and corporate power. Right-wing attacks on voting rights—and especially voters of color—are nothing new, but the current state-by-state attempts at voter suppression are amplified by Trump's destructive lies about the 2020 election. And as these measures take hold, it will require federal action to confront these right-wing attacks and protect our freedom to vote. Our freedom to vote should not depend on our zip code or the color of our skin. Democrats need to act now while they hold the majority in both houses of Congress and the White House. There's no time to waste.
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  • Support Pfaffly's Bond Fire Rebuild
    The County of Orange has made it known that rebuilding in the canyon areas is going to be difficult. I understand that no new building should be allowed in wildfire areas but this is an example of long-time residents wanting to replace their home.
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    Created by Julie Morris
  • Support Workers Unionizing at Great Lakes Brewing Company
    1. Workers are proud to work at Great Lakes. The beers they craft are a Cleveland institution. The workers have made the success of Great Lakes possible and they must be treated with the respect and dignity all workers deserve. 2. Labor unions are the best way to ensure fair treatment and long term stability, for both employees and the company. 3. Great Lakes management must voluntarily recognize the union and not interfere with the worker’s right to collectively bargain. Cleveland is a union-friendly town that respects working families – not union-busters!
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    Created by DSA Cleveland
  • Implement Teaching About Consent and Sexual Violence In The Education System
    Spreading awareness about sexual violence and teaching children about consent from a young age is important because it is simply not talked about enough. As stated before, 75% of people become a victim before the young age of 18. Many do not realize what has happened to them until years later because the topic is never discussed and is treated as taboo.
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    Created by Khalese Ariyun
  • Mayoral Nominee Eric Adams: We Need You to be a Climate Champion!
    Subway stations flooded when a fierce storm blows through town. Roadways turned into swamps. The threats of blackouts in record-breaking heat waves. These are conditions New Yorkers have experienced in the past few days—and it's only getting worse as our climate crisis intensifies. Climate change isn't some far-off threat. It's hurting New Yorkers now, and revealing the crumbling infrastructure our great city relies on. Yet, the Democratic nominee and likely next mayor, Eric Adams, has not fashioned himself a leader on climate and resiliency. While he has good ideas, they are buried in a laundry list of policies on his website. Preparing our city for climate catastrophes can't be a side project: It needs to be a central, driving vision of the next Mayor. And it's a real opportunity. A Green New Deal is an economic driver that would invest in union jobs and workforce development. Getting our city off of fossil fuels would make us a national and global leader. And many of the bold policies to meet this moment—from using our city's procurement power to force changes in national food systems to reimagining streets as public spaces in an effort to reduce reliance on cars—relate to issues that Adams has shown he personally cares deeply about. Adams has built a multi-racial, 5-borough, working- and middle-class coalition to secure the Democratic nomination. Now he has the opportunity and the duty to meld that coalition with a stirring vision for confronting the climate crisis. He can demonstrate that climate change is a working class issue (the images of flooded subways and roadways leave no doubt). But we need him to use his political capital now as the Democratic nominee to talk about a sustainable, resilient, greener New York every day, and to make sure bold plans for green infrastructure and getting New York off fossil fuels are central to his campaign if they are going to be prioritized in his administration.
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  • We must ACT Now for healthier communities!
    SIGN HERE to demand that the president, his Cabinet, Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Schumer, and every member of Congress speak out and #ACTNow to invest and rebuild for a healthier community for all.
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    Black Lake's Kenneydell Beach has already experienced a temporary closure due to levels of fecal coliform bacteria 5x above safe levels. The County has been aware that stormwater runoff and failing septics have been degrading the water in the Lake for years, but still has done nothing to address these root causes. The County does not test beyond Kenneydell Beach and there has never been an environmental review of the entire Lake ecosystem which connects to the strategic groundwater reservation, Puget Sound and the Black River. If you're concerned about the deterioration of our water resources and natural areas, please urge the County Commissioners to take charge and take action.
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    Created by Grace Kronenberg
  • Pass the For the People Act & protect our planet
    Recently, a haunting image made its way around the Internet and shocked the world: thanks to an underwater pipeline that had burst, the Gulf of Mexico was actually on fire. This devastating event was a reminder to all of us that if our democracy can’t respond to the climate crisis -- we are sure to face horrific consequences. Nearly two-thirds of Americans agree with scientists that protecting the environment should be a top priority for the president and Congress. [1] And yet year after year, our elected officials fail to pass dozens of popular, common-sense reforms to combat the climate crisis. Why? Because those who prefer the status quo -- those who are willing to endanger our planet to protect their profits -- have an outsize say in our political process. That’s right: voter suppression tactics, campaign finance loopholes, and weak ethics laws ensure that politicians and their polluting corporate backers get to make the rules, not the American people. We all pay the price for that -- but especially communities of color, which not only are the primary target for anti-voter laws, but also face a disproportionate burden from the climate crisis. That’s not how our democracy should work. We’re calling on the Senate to pass the For the People Act -- a bill that’d strengthen disclosure laws so we know which candidates rely on fossil fuel money, make it possible to run for office without selling out to polluters, and give those communities targeted by environmental racism a meaningful voice in politics. But Mitch McConnell and his GOP allies have mounted a partisan blockade against the For the People Act, filibustering the bill in June. In this high-stakes moment, we must urge the Senate to abolish the filibuster -- and protect our planet by passing the For the People Act. 1) https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2020/04/21/how-americans-see-climate-change-and-the-environment-in-7-charts/
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  • Congress: Cancel the Failed F-35 Fighter Jet
    After 20 years and BILLIONS of dollars it still has NINE deficiencies so serious they could “cause death, severe injury, or severe occupational illness” to the pilots flying them. ENOUGH. From Los Angeles, CA to Burlington, VT, too many of us are struggling to recover and rebuild from the worst of the pandemic. Classrooms have no heat or AC, families go hungry to pay for prescription medicines, a massive climate crisis is coming straight for all of us because lawmakers say the solutions are too expensive — because lawmakers say the solutions are too expensive. One way we could save BILLIONS every year is obvious: Add your name to tell Congress to cancel the F-35 Failed Fighter Jet!
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  • Help Hold USAA Accountable for Their Claim Handling Practices!!!
    We know we are not alone as we have heard from many USAA insured suffering the same TORTURE as we are. We are asking for our trial to be live where everyone can see no matter where they are what USAA is really made of. USAA can be held accountable for their actions and not conceal where none can ever see it. This is a small start at exposing the unimaginable, unthinkable , pure torture USAA has done to our family and many others who have filed homeowners claims. USAA says they understand the importance of family, yet they continuously put more emotional, financial, physical stress on families who don't deserve it. We pay for Insurance so when tragedy does strike us unexpectedly we will not have to stress about what to do. Will you stand with us? Will you help expose the dark side of the insurance industry before someone else is put through this torture? Will you sign our petition for the trial to be live? Will you attend and watch? Will you sit back and think what if it was you and your family? Will you search to investigate yourself? By signing you can make difference for MY family, but will you? I PRAY YOU DO!!! God Bless you and your families, WonderWomanMomma Schmitt
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