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  • We Need Your Support for Mountain Bike Trails in DeForest
    Mountain bike trails provide opportunities for kids and adults to be active while also appreciating the outdoors. Thoughtfully planned and mindfully built trails that are designed to be safe and have minimal impact on the environment will be a great asset to the community. Mountain biking is one of the fastest-growing sports in the U.S. It is a sport that many people within the community already engage in, but do not have access to within the community. Besides the benefits of mountain biking, having trails in DeForest will allow people the opportunity to get engaged with the building and preservation of these trails. Likely leading to participants appreciating these spaces and advocating for their preservation in the future. Other Benefits: 1. Participants are encouraged to practice leave-no-trace principles which can be applied in a variety of natural settings. Leave-no-trace means you take out what you take in, stay on established trails, and generally have as little impact as possible on the area while using the trails. 2. Mountain bike trails offer additional access to areas designated as being recreational spaces (parks and open spaces). 3. Mountain biking is a healthy activity both physically and mentally as it allows participants to both exercise their bodies and minds by riding challenging trails. 4. Mountain biking in natural areas affords participants the opportunity to appreciate and value these spaces, becoming individuals who preserve and protect these spaces. 5. Mountain bike trail building and maintenance offers people an opportunity to come together to learn how to care for these spaces.
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    Created by Matt Hayden
  • Reject Eric Adams Appointing His Brother in Virginia as Deputy Police Commissioner
    New Yorkers have had enough. We didn’t like when De Blasio did this, and we didn’t like it when Trump did it either. We are not going to let every single mayor take us for morons, when they are acting dishonorably, thinking we will stand for this nonsense & corruption. Eric Adams appears to want to present that he has “higher standards” than what we’ve seen in the past — but this is the same old, same old. We must make it stop. Today.
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    Created by New Yorkers Reject Nepotism + Corruption
  • USCIS needs to issue work permits and federal IDs to all asylum seekers immediately
    Please join my campaign as I work with close to 1000 immigrants who struggle and are suffering at a time when they could be contributing adding to the economy. With a federal ID they can access classes and computers at the libraries. They can feel safe on the streets. Please understand that this would radically change lives.
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    Created by Pat Leach
    We need to protect our vulnerable animal population.
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  • single Use Plastics can be stopped. Here is how.
    Congress is listening to the large beverage bottlers, since they are contributing so much money to their campaigns. But these companies do not vote. The people do. If we can get enough signatures on this petition, our representatives will have to listen. This is an easy step that has been taken in other countries and some individual states. Where it has been implemented, it has been shown to significantly reduce plastic waste. Please joint me in bringing this to the attention of your representatives so that we can get this important bill passed.
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    Created by David Cook
  • California-Bring back paid sick leave for Covid-19
    If you or someone you know has been sick with Covid-19, you know first hand how hard it is. How sick you may become and how impossible it is to make it to work when you are sick. Quarantine, sickness, and isolation is hard enough, we should not have the added worry of how we are going to feed our family’s, keep a roof over our head, and pay our bills. Please help me convince Governor Gavin Newsom to reinstate the California 80 hours paid sick leave for Covid-19. And to bring it back to all Americans in the Nation
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    Created by Christina Rodrigo
  • Certify and license Dog Trainers
    Too many cases are surfacing and animal control can't do anything unless there are visible signs of abuse. Visible abuse isnt always present. Sometimes the worst abuse is done mentally and under the guise of training. Even though there are certifications for trainers (CCPDT) people don't legally have to have those certifications to set up shop as a trainer. And the organizations giving those certifications don't police people who have earned them...The onus is on pet owners to do research before entrusting their pets to any trainer. WE MUST be able to stop bad trainers
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    Created by Jenifer Wilde
  • National Betty White Day
    This would be a fantastic way to celebrate the life of Betty White. And what better time to do it than for what would've been her 100th birthday?
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    Created by Heather Niles
  • What kind of America do you want?
    January 6th was one year ago and yet America's Democracy is more vulnerable than ever. Many states are enacting laws to make voter suppression and a future coup more likely. Many more Americans are victims of conspiracy theories. The next several national elections will determine if democracy continues or is replaced by autocracy.
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  • Keep ALL Oil & Gas Wastewater Off Our Roads!
    When the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection's (DEP) Oil and Gas division put a moratorium on road spreading in 2018, conventional drillers turned to a different arm of the agency, the Bureau of Waste Management, to find a loophole that would allow them to keep spreading toxic, radioactive drilling wastewater on unpaved roads in PA. The loophole is called Coproduct Determination. Owners of any waste product can legally make determinations that their waste is essentially a product capable of performing the same function a commercially-available product performs. And then they can start using it. At no time are they required to tell the DEP. Should the DEP find out and request a copy of the determination report, the waste owner must provide a copy. In early 2021, for the first time since drillers started availing themselves of the loophole, the Bureau of Waste Management requested determination reports from 17 drillers. The Better Path Coalition requested copies of the reports and put together our own list of companies reporting road spreading in the DEP's Oil & Gas Waste Report. We came up with 29 companies. DEP provided copies of 8 reports that included one that wasn't on our list because the company had not reported road spreading after the moratorium. What we found in the so-called determination reports was alarming. Not one driller came close to doing a proper determination following guidance laid out in 25 PA Code Section 287.8. Some just turned in random lab tests. Others submitted reports filled with extraneous information. When we tried to do our own tracking of the waste, we found the DEP's reporting system to be seriously flawed and missing critically important information. We chronicled all of this in our new brief, The Moratorium Morass. You can read it here, https://www.betterpathcoalition.org/betterpathbriefs. Public health and the environment won't be protected until there's an outright ban on spreading dangerous drilling waste!
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Reform the Electoral Count Act!
    Donald Trump's January 2021 coup attempt sought to exploit the outdated Electoral Count Act, the law that governs our elections. The Congressional committee responsible for investigating the events of January 6th is reportedly working on recommendations for legislation reforming the Electoral Count Act right now. It’s essential that the committee introduce strong and clear legislation, and that Congress pass it as soon as possible. We can’t risk another attack on our democracy.  The Select Committee on January 6th should introduce legislation reforming the Electoral Count Act as soon as possible!
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