• Take Action to Support Access to Affordable, Local Healthcare in Pennsylvania!
    Are you worried about access to affordable, high-quality healthcare in your local community in Pennsylvania? Hospital merges and consolidations have led to closures across our state. Facility fees and other undisclosed costs have given patients sticker shock when we receive a bill in the hospital. Send a message to your Representative in Harrisburg asking them to support two bills that will protect patients throughout Pennsylvania.  These bills will come to a vote soon on the floor, and your elected officials need to hear from you that you support them.
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  • Help Needed for the Disabled
    The commissioner, Nina Waters, could order the plow already at the beginning of our 70 yard road to plow it for the safety of 10 people and one disabled man.  Simple accommodation to solve a very simple problem, but she refuses to help her own constituents. 
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  • Bring Dr. Royal Baxter BACK to Her Students
    Dr. Royal Baxter has been an integral part of Clayton State University, profoundly influencing the lives of students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. Her unexpected dismissal has left a significant void in our university community, and we believe that her reinstatement is crucial for several reasons: Dr. Baxter's unwavering commitment to her students' success and well-being has made her a beloved figure on campus. She goes above and beyond to support her students academically, personally, and professionally, fostering an environment where everyone can thrive. Dr. Baxter is the vital link that connects students, staff, faculty, alumni, and community members. Her efforts to build a strong, united Laker Nation have created a sense of belonging and pride. Reinstating her will help maintain and strengthen these connections. Dr. Baxter's presence contributes significantly to the positive and inclusive atmosphere at Clayton State University. Her dedication to creating a supportive environment ensures that all members of the university feel valued and respected. Dr. Baxter is an advocate for students and staff, ensuring that their voices are heard and their needs are met. By joining our campaign, you are supporting a leader who genuinely cares about the entire Clayton State community and works tirelessly to represent its best interests. When we come together as a community, our collective voice becomes powerful. By joining this campaign, you are contributing to a united effort to bring about meaningful change. Together, we can make a compelling case for Dr. Baxter's reinstatement and demonstrate the overwhelming support she has from the Clayton State family. Dr. Baxter embodies the values of dedication, excellence, and community that Clayton State University strives to uphold. Her reinstatement will not only restore morale but also reaffirm our commitment to these core principles. We urge you to join us in this important campaign. Your support and participation can make a significant difference in ensuring that Dr. Baxter returns to her rightful place at Clayton State University, continuing her invaluable work and enriching our community. Together, we can achieve the change we seek.
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  • Help Save Sacred Lands in Arizona From Destruction!
    Right now, Chí’chil Biłdagoteel Historic District of Arizona, a high desert oasis sacred to multiple Indigenous tribes and commonly known as “Oak Flat,” is under extreme threat. Rio Tinto, a UK-Australian mining company — notorious for polluting Papua New Guinea, causing an environmental disaster in Brazil that left 19 dead, and blowing up Juukan Gorge, a treasured 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site in Australia — would destroy the area by carving out a 1,115-foot deep, 1.8 mile-wide crater for strip mining. A coalition of Western Apache tribes and their allies is taking their case to the Supreme Court after the Ninth Circuit narrowly ruled against them earlier this year. It’s the necessary next step in this fight. Still, we’ve seen the Court fail to protect Native rights and the environment before — that’s why we need to work every possible angle to #SaveOakFlat. As the litigation continues, we’re piling the pressure on Congress to pass Rep. Raúl Grijalva's Save Oak Flat from Foreign Mining Act. This bill would reverse the land transfer and permanently protect the area — and building enough support to pass it in the House is one more way to ensure Oak Flat remains sacred and pristine for generations to come. Can you take two seconds to act to uphold tribal sovereignty and permanently protect this sacred space? Urge your Rep. to support and pass this legislation now.
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  • Tell Mayor Fox: Negotiate a Contract for Bradley Beach Workers NOW!
    The people who keep the Borough of Bradley Beach running deserve a contract that reflects their hard work.  These hardworking men and women are tired, under financial strain, and deserve better. Enough is enough! Please support these hardworking dedicated public service employees!
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  • Get Coach Rivera Back!
    We strongly believe this is the wrong decision because there is a more qualified candidate for the job who has not only more experience, but better results Her name is Coach Yolanda Rivera. We can only get her if you all help out. She has been coaching the girls team for more than twenty years and through  those many years, she has made many well-rounded players both for the girls and boys team. She knows how to get us to work hard and really absorb the skills and knowledge of volleyball to then apply them to real games. She is very cultivated on how to teach a new, non-experienced player to then grow them into fully fledged birds, flying in the court, working as a team to do their ultimate best, and to be proud of their best. She gives us goals and holds us to high expectations to encourage us to keep going on to our prime. She has really developed the love for this sport in the eyes of many of the players on the team and even has shown to people at tryouts how determined she is to teach these young, aspiring players to her wits end. Not only does she teach us, but she makes it an enjoyable community as well as a challenging one. Rivera is very deserving of this spot and I hope you all see it too. On the other hand, Mr. Bartomeo is someone who we don’t think is quite qualified just yet. We aren’t saying he is bad at his job, but it’s like comparing billions of stars in our galaxy to our Sun. He doesn’t have nearly as much experience coaching volleyball as he has only been coaching the JV Girls Volleyball Team for two years. He hasn’t gained as many results from people who began at the same spot as many players have that were in varsity.  Examples of this are serving, spiking, and overall moving. He is a very chill coach that doesn’t get those girls working hard and exercising. This includes warming up which without it is very dangerous and can lead to more chances of injury when playing. Though he did many drills for bumping and setting, he never did any drills for spiking which should be drilled and at least be a little developed before a student goes into varsity to flourish that technique. Not only that, but he didn’t properly teach how an underhand serve should be performed as many of those girls who tried out for varsity couldn’t get the ball over the net or in the court in some cases and many of these girls didn’t really move around to try and get the ball. The blame is not only on the coach, but he has to actively encourage and make time for change and to really get better results on how they play and understand the game. Many girls that joined Varsity this past fall were from JV previously were coached by Mr. Bartomeo. Most of the girls have claimed their season started late, they rarely had any practices, and when they did they were very short practices. As a result, this caused the girls to have a short season, low skill learning, and lost motivation into playing volleyball. We see that he enjoys volleyball, but he has a few years of improvement ahead of him before he should be teaching at the varsity level since if he can’t get beginner level athletes to improve a lot, how can he do that for intermediate to advanced level players? Coach Rivera is a huge advocate of warm ups because she knows it prepares your body for safe playing when you learn to do them accurately. She teaches you not only how to underhand serve correctly, but how to overhand serve. She teaches you more than just the basic bump-set-spike. She teaches you what to do when a teammate bumps the ball to the net. She teaches different positions as well as formations and determines which fits each of us the best. She motivates us to move and to really work together on the court. She has helped us trust each other and get closer as a team. She can make a beginner advance so far. She has also helped in building teamwork and makes the girls feel comfortable, confident, and connected. She has made every single girl she coached improve not only physically, but mentally. She has opened up the world of determination for each of us and even to apply it to an outside situation like this. She has aided all of us so much and we’re determined to do our very best to get her back for many years to come. Thank you all for your time.
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  • Justice for Sophie
    This is profoundly important, not just for Sophie, but for every student who deserves to feel safe and respected in their educational journey. By seeking justice for Sophie, we're not only honoring her experiences and validating her pain, but we're also standing up for countless others who may have suffered in silence. This action sends a powerful message that such behavior will not be tolerated, and that every student's well-being matters deeply. It's about creating a ripple effect of change, ensuring that Sophie's ordeal becomes a catalyst for a safer, more compassionate environment for all. By addressing this issue head-on, we're planting the seeds for a future where no student has to endure what Sophie did - a future where every young person can pursue their dreams without fear or hesitation. This is more than justice for one; it's a stand for the dignity and rights of all
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  • Reject Oklahoma's Unconstitutional School Bible Mandate
    Oklahoma’s recent Bible mandate is part of a growing Christian nationalist movement to break down the walls separating Church and State. And public schools—not just in Oklahoma but across the country—are a clear target.  Walters ran, and won, on a platform denouncing “woke ideology” and book bans, so it’s ironic but no surprise that he is attempting to mandate the Bible in public schools across the state. In fact, the Oklahoma Supreme Court just ruled against a proposed publicly funded religious charter school—which would have been the first in the country. His announcement follows just days after Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry signed a state law requiring the Ten Commandments to be posted in public school classrooms. Similar bills were introduced in Mississippi and West Virginia, and one was passed in Arizona that would allow–not require—teachers to display the Ten Commandments. This is clearly part of a coordinated conservative playbook to take control of our public schools, undermine public education, and push an extreme Christian nationalist agenda nationwide.  The fight for religious freedom—as well as freedom from religion—is taking place right now in Oklahoma. Sign the petition to urge state leaders to reject Superintendent Walters’ Bible ban NOW and commit to upholding students’ religious freedom!
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    Please join me we all know in the 1980's the "war on Drugs" meant war on Black Americans.  Most of the men I counsel up state are from that era.  Sentenced 15-25 years for marijuana. Today their are marijuana distributors on nearly every corner.  Pardoning individuals who were unfairly treated by the criminal legal system, the government acknowledges harms of an unjust system, takes a positive step to rectifying errors and removes barriers to employment, housing and other basic needs of those plagued with a criminal history.
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  • We the People Enacting the Declaration of Independence Clause
    This is a petition to enact our rights & duties to save the democracy of The United States of America according to The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence doesn't only give us a right, but a duty to alter or abolish any part of the government that does not secure our unalienable rights including life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness, The Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney-Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, & Neil Gorsuch have been working and removing our rights little by little over the years in an attempt to overthrow our democracy! The Declaration of Independence states  When a government has "a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.” This is to also as for the removal of The MAGA Republican GOP Party in its entirety, including Mitch McConnell due to their aligning themselves with a convicted felon, repeating Russian propaganda, giving aide to the enemies of The United States of American, & planning & implementing an insurrection on our U.S. Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Not to mention NOT doing the work of the American People that they were elected to do, but doing the work of one citizen, Donald Trump! This is to the detriment of our United States Democracy!
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  • Demanding a Fair Salary Increase for Merced County Public Employees
    Merced County Public Employees need your support to have a salary increase granted by the Board of Supervisors in order to address the following issues:       1.   Cost of Living Increase: The cost of living is rising by 3.3%, making it harder for public employees to afford basic necessities.  2.   County Budget: With a budget of $1.17 billion, Merced County should have the financial capacity to support its employees with a livable wage.  3.   Fair Compensation: Public employees deserve fair compensation for their hard work and dedication to our community.  4.   Poverty Rates: Merced County's poverty rate is above the state and national average. Many public employees are near the poverty line, and it is crucial they receive adequate salary increases to address this.   Merced County public employees are the backbone of our community, and investing in them is investing in our county’s well-being. These hardworking individuals manage important tasks in government offices, such as handling records, processing permits, and assisting the public with their needs. They ensure everything runs smoothly in our local government. These employees have families to support, needing money for housing, food, education, and healthcare. By giving them fair pay, we help them take care of their families and continue to provide excellent service to our community. Ensuring they are paid well is crucial for keeping Merced County a great place to live.
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  • Petition to Protect New Jersey Cannabis Workers and Promote Local Industry
     Support local cannabis jobs and ensure a safe, fair, and equitable industry.
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