Piscataquis is one of the poorest counties in the state. Our leadership needs to represent us in a manner which will encourage businesses to choose this area, and tempt young people from this area to stay. Creating a resolution that embarrasses us to the rest of the state and larger world outside will not accomplish this task. Further, Foxcroft Academy, located in Dover-Foxcroft, has been fostering a considerable boarding program for international students for many years, with students from all over the world. These students contribute a great deal to the local economy during the school year, and, equally important, provide cultural diversity which is vital for our county. Having a public resolution using xenophobic language is a direct detriment to this program, and our community's goal of embracing diversity into our region. In short, this merely symbolic “resolution of protest” gains nothing, and only serves to present Piscataquis County in an unflattering, embarrassing light. For the Commissioners to sign off would solidify their complete lack of competence in their job while misrepresenting Piscataquis County at large.
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    Created by Robert Keniston
  • No more white supremacist cops - no matter what the police unions say. Demand action now.
    Those who attacked the Capitol, democracy, and the rule of law—resulting in at least 5 deaths — had help and even encouragement from some members of law enforcement. Intelligence experts have warned for years about a major, growing problem with white supremacists and other far-right extremists in law enforcement. But police unions have fought and undermined attempts to investigate the problem and fire violent, racist, anti-government, and white supremacist extremists. Several prominent police union leaders have associated with white supremacists, and police unions often perpetuate a culture of violence and impunity. They do everything possible to shield officers from accountability, including officers who are compromised by bias, racism, and connections to white supremacists groups. Police unions have successfully defended officers who used racial slurs, who made posts calling for racist violence, and who have white supremacist tattoos. They have kept these officers in their jobs, on the streets with a badge and gun, and in a position to carry out violence against groups they hate (or to simply fail to protect them). This must change. The consequences of failing to address white supremacist infiltration of the police are clearer than ever. It puts all of us in danger and threatens the basic functioning of our government and democracy. Join us in calling on law enforcement leaders—police chiefs, sherriffs, and others—to root out white supremacists and extremists in the agencies they lead, and directly confront any attempts by police unions to undermine the process or protect dangerous police officers.
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    Created by Police Unions Exposed
  • Remove Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene
    The leaders who fueled last week's attack enabled acts of domestic terrorism and bolstered white nationalist groups who brought symbols of hate into our Capitol, inflicted violence on others, and threatened the lives of our elected leaders and others. Despite this violence, those who sieged the Capitol were undeniably treated with higher regard than so many Black Lives Matter protesters and people of color in their daily interactions with police. They have continued to put the lives of others and our democracy at risk. Americans have put up with this type of behavior for the last four years. Do we really need this for another two years? Congress must take action towards their behavior and make it clear that this will not be tolerated. Boebert and Greene should be expelled from Congress and charged with a crime.
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    Created by Triana Arnold James
  • Tell Nextdoor: Ban QAnon
    Last week's attack on the Capitol had right-wing extremists and conspiracy groups like QAnon at the center of the violence. [1] But moderators at Nextdoor—a neighborhood-based social network, have been sounding the alarm to the company about the growing number of QAnon groups on the platform since at least last October. Nextdoor took months to respond, finally sending a message to moderators five days after the violent insurrection in Washington, D.C. In their late response, Nextdoor simply referred moderators to its policy on COVID-19 and election misinformation, which has no guidance about incitement of violence or fear, leaving moderators without a way to protect their communities. [2] According to Vox, calls from Nextdoor moderators for an outright ban on QAnon have been growing since January 6. [3] Nextdoor now says—privately—that it views QAnon as a hate group. [4] Yet, the company has no plans to make that hardly courageous opinion public. Unfortunately, Nextdoor's racism problem doesn't start or end with QAnon. After the police murder of George Floyd, Nextdoor put out a statement saying, "Black lives matter" and "Everyone should feel safe in their neighborhood."[5] But Black and brown Nextdoor users felt that Nextdoor actually enabled racial profiling and allowed moderators to take down content that supported the Black Lives Matter movement. With that history, it's no surprise that right-wing conspiracy groups are flourishing on Nextdoor. Other platforms, including Twitter, which suspended over 70,000 QAnon-linked accounts, are now taking the threat of QAnon seriously. [6] By doing nothing, Nextdoor is helping hate groups spread online lies and incite offline violence in thousands of neighborhoods. Nextdoor needs to know that its negligence is dangerous and damaging to both democracy and the company itself. Sign this petition telling Nextdoor’s CEO to ban QAnon on its platform. Sources: 1. “Insurrection fueled by conspiracy groups, extremists and fringe movements,” CNN, January 7, 2021 https://www.cnn.com/2021/01/07/us/insurrection-capitol-extremist-groups-invs/index.html 2. “Nextdoor moderators scramble to address QAnon after Capitol attack,” The Verge, January 13, 2021 https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/13/22229236/nextdoor-moderators-qanon-content-policy-rules 3. “The messy politics of Nextdoor,” Vox, October 26, 2020 https://www.vox.com/recode/21526163/nextdoor-politics-misinformation-voting-election-2020 4. “Nextdoor moderators scramble to address QAnon after Capitol attack,” The Verge, January 13, 2021 https://www.theverge.com/2021/1/13/22229236/nextdoor-moderators-qanon-content-policy-rules 5. “Inside Nextdoor's 'Karen problem',” The Verge, June 8, 2020 https://www.theverge.com/21283993/nextdoor-app-racism-community-moderation-guidance-protests 6. "Twitter suspends 70,000 accounts linked to QAnon," BBC News, January 13, 2021 https://act.moveon.org/go/149570?t=19&ak_proof=1&akid=%2E30452676%2Ea2TPwh
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    Created by Jelani Drew
  • Will Sanchez for Senate Exploratory Committee. Beat Rubio!
    “Let us not seek the Rep answer or the Dem answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to fix the blame for the past. Let us accept our own responsibility for the future”. JFK For over 30 years, I have devoted my life to fighting as a lawyer on behalf of the marginalized! Immigants, LGBT communities, foreclosed homeowners, Haitians, Cubans, Nicaraguans and all communities of color. Our tent in the new Florida will be all-inclusive. We are for Healthcare for All, a Wealth Tax, Student debt relief, and restoration of rights for felons in Florida that have served their time. https://williamsanchezsenatorialexploratorycommittee.com/
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    Created by william sanchez
  • Resign Mike Lee
    For more than four years, Mike Lee has not only lacked the courage and the moral compass to denounce con man Trump’s reprehensible behavior, he’s aided and abetted Trump’s deception and domestic abuse of the American public by standing by instead of standing up.
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    Created by Jordan Marshall Andersen
  • Inauguration: Make it Virtual, Low Key or Both
    Our first priority should be keeping everyone as safe as possible, from Covid and from expected violence. Secondly, most Americans believe that expending our human and monetary resources for this event is inappropriate and distasteful in light of what we have been through. We did it beautifully for the convention, why not now? Holding a traditional ceremony is not what the American people want or need.
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    Created by Barbara Sadtler
  • A Virtual Inauguration
    Will send a strong message about protecting everyone from Covid. Also reduce the risk from Terrorist. Save lots of money that could be used to help people in need.
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    Created by Iresha Goonesinghe
  • The Senate must swiftly remove President Trump
    Donald Trump -- the first president to be impeached twice -- is a clear and present danger to the American people and to our democracy. And that threat will remain until he is removed from office and barred from ever running again. That’s why Common Cause is calling on the Senate to immediately come back into session, convene a trial -- and vote to convict Trump for inciting an insurrection, as well as his recent efforts to interfere with the election in Georgia. Though President-elect Biden will take office in a matter of days, as the voters decided in November -- Trump can still do an astounding amount of damage to our democracy in that short time. Plus, the dangerous, authoritarian forces behind January 6th’s violent insurrection will remain with us even after Biden’s inauguration. That’s why the Senate needs to follow the House’s example by drawing a hard line -- right here and now -- and making it clear that any effort to overthrow a democratic election will be met with severe consequences. And if Trump is convicted in the Senate, he can be forever banned from holding public office again. Our senators have a monumentally important decision to make: will they side with Trump and his incitement of violence to overturn a democratic election? Or will they send a clear, bipartisan message that Trump’s outrageous conduct will not be tolerated and the election was fair and legitimate -- by swiftly voting to remove him from office? Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell reportedly thinks Trump committed impeachable offenses, and several Republican senators have publicly criticized the president’s conduct. But their words are hollow if they aren’t paired with action -- and so far, McConnell has remained set on keeping the Senate adjourned until January 19th. This simply can’t wait. If you believe the Senate must act in defense of our democracy and immediately end Donald Trump’s presidency, add your name now.
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  • African American Act of 2021
    I am a Vietnam Combat Veteran and retired from the United States Army. Can you imagine how hard it was for me to help defend our constitution like many other African American soldiers knowing the double standards our society permeated for us? Slavery in the US was atrocious and inhuman. Slaves died on the journey from Western Africa to America. They were regularly beaten and lynched at the discretion of the slave owner. Families were torn apart, babies separated from their mothers and the ramifications are forever instilled the minds of African Americans. To the people of the US who support reparation for the descendents of slaves sign this petition. .
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    Created by Gene Jones
  • Investigate & expel the members of Congress who failed our democracy
    The horrific January 6th attack on our democracy was incited by some of our own elected representatives in Congress -- specifically, those Republicans who supported President Trump’s baseless endeavor to overturn a democratic election. And even despite the violent insurrection, many of these members still voted against certifying the legitimate election results -- siding with the insurrectionists and their efforts to overturn the votes of millions of Americans. It’s outrageous -- and every last one of them must be held accountable. The eyes of the nation are now on Congress: will our representatives let their colleagues flagrantly violate their oaths of office and undermine the will of the voters without consequence? Or will they make it clear that this appalling conduct has no place in a 21st-century democracy? Rep. Cori Bush has introduced H.R. 25, which would open a House Ethics Committee investigation into these members. And if they’re found guilty of breaking their oath to uphold the Constitution -- including the 14th Amendment, which expressly forbids representatives from engaging in “insurrection or rebellion” against the nation -- they could be expelled. Our representatives must swiftly pass this resolution. The January 6th insurrection was the culmination of months of attacks on voters across the country -- especially Black and Brown voters -- and every member of Congress who voted with Trump is complicit.
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  • Disbar Rudy Giuliani
    Democratic ideals matter. Truth matters. Rule of law matters. It's as simple as that!
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    Created by Etelle Higonnet