• Give cast members access to independent mental health experts on reality television sets!
    Reality television is a booming industry due to low production costs and high profit margins. These corporations are making millions of dollars off of the exploitation of cast members, who are often misled regarding the mental health resources and support available to them before, during, and after the show. Entertainment should never come at the expense of the mental health or wellbeing of cast members, but right now it does. Demand that Kinetic Content—which produces popular reality shows like Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, and Married at First Sight—as well as other prominent reality tv show production companies and networks create and enforce policies to have independent mental health experts on set. And join us in demanding comprehensive mental health support before, during, and after shows are produced.
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    Created by Nick Thompson and Jeremy Hartwell
  • Tell Congress: End Cash Bail
    While cash bail preys upon those in poverty, it simultaneously privileges billionaires and the ultra-wealthy. When Donald Trump was charged in a sweeping racketeering indictment for alleged efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in the state of Georgia, he spent a little over 20 minutes at the Fulton County jail. A key factor in his release: Trump's ability to afford a $200,000 bond. It's simple: ability to pay is not why someone should stay in jail pretrial. In cities and states across the country, pretrial system reform has already begun. Now, it's time for Congress and state legislatures to act. Photo Attribution: SARAH-JI/LOVE & STRUGGLE PHOTOS
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  • Do your job! Don't shut the government down for right-wing demands.
    The right-wing Republicans driving the agenda of the House of Representatives are threatening to shut down the government. This means that essential services—from making sure our drinking water is clean to keeping our national parks open to ensuring Social Security checks go out on time—could be in jeopardy. There have been federal shutdowns in the past. They hurt the economy, they punish federal workers, and they take a toll on Americans across the country. Why would the so-called Freedom Caucus and the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene want this? To push their radical-right agenda with a wish list of demands they know there's no legislative mandate or popular support for. Their demands range from making our immigration system more abusive to stopping the government from holding Trump accountable for his attacks on our democracy to voting on an absurd impeachment of President Biden. Their goal is to prevent President Biden from being able to govern—and to demonstrate that they don't think the federal government should function. We know better. And we know how many services and programs we rely on. That's why we're asking all members of Congress to say no to a politicized, partisan, reckless agenda to shut down the government. Credit: CNS/Reuters
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  • Dress Code
    I would like for you to join to help change these rules to at least have a compromise in what should be.
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    Created by ilianna rangel
  • West Guertin Street Residents ONLY
    As residents of West Guertin Street, we have been subjected to large amounts of gravel dust and deteriorating road conditions since construction began on our road last Winter. This is a heavily traveled route by locals, farmers and truck drivers alike, making their way to Indiana and as a shortcut to Interstate 65. Gravel roads are not intended to handle traffic of this magnitude. The dust clouds that this non-stop traffic has produced and continues to produce are detrimental to our health. We are breathing this into our lungs, day and night. Many of our neighbors suffer from allergies and asthma, making the dust an even more critical issue for them. Because of the dust, we cannot open our windows, sit on our porches, swim in our pools, enjoy our yards, hang clothes on the line. Our gas and electric bills have increased because of the constant air conditioner/furnace use. Our grass, trees, bushes and flower gardens are all covered in a thick layer of gray dust. When we do yardwork, it gets kicked up. Grit gets into our eyes. Due to the deteriorating road conditions, when the larger vehicles pass through, at speeds exceeding the posted speed limit, chunks of road are being thrown into yards, damaging personal property, including our cars and our homes, along with endangering our safety. As Summer comes to an end and Harvest is on the horizon, we expect traffic to double and conditions to worsen. We are asking that urgently needed changes be made to how the heavy traffic flow is handled to improve our air quality and overall quality of life on West Guertin Street until this construction is complete.
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    Created by Dawnna Strassenburg
    Seeking a Moratorium is crucial to Lahaina, if you feel like supporting this cause, please do so, our Lahaina Ohana and Maui Nui stand as one❤️❤️❤️
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    Created by Lehua Cosma
  • Strong Mayor in Cordele, Georgia
    This is important to the longevity of our community and to ensure a balanced and fair approach to the handling of city business, contracts, services, and resources that interface with the people in the city of Cordele. This move will allow us to bring needed oversight to the operation of our local government.
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    Created by Davontae Hunt
  • BDES Safer School Zone Lights & Signs
    Adding a 20 mph flashing school zone sign to Providence Blvd and a " Do Not Block Intersection" sign to the corner of E St. & Providence Blvd, is important because it will help with safety and ensure a smooth traffic flow for people driving from the school and it'll help put an ease to traffic congestion in this area.
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    Created by Rosalee Lugo
  • Petition to have Rolling Stone issue new review of “Canciones de mi Padre”
    Linda Ronstadt is a legend who does not deserve to be referred to as “an El Torrito waitress who’s been nibbling at the guacamole” when people search the seminal album on the internet.
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    Created by Samantha Salazar
  • Bring ClassDojo Back In Wakulla Schools
    ClassDojo is important for classroom information and tracking behavior (if teacher chooses to use this feature.) From ClassDojo Website- We don’t share any of your information or students’ information with advertisers or marketers. We don’t own anything you add to ClassDojo: you do. Students’ portfolios are private to the classroom. We use the latest security best practices to protect you at all times. We are compliant with COPPA, FERPA, and GDPR in Europe. We will notify you if we make any changes to our practices.
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    Created by Anon Anon
  • Support for Peace Field Farm in Woodstock, VT
    Peace Field Farm has been delayed long enough. It's time for all of us to stand behind its creators and owners, lend our voices to their efforts to create this beautiful venue, which will create jobs, and add to the economy. Please sign the petition and let the Vermont Board of Natural Resources know that the community wants Peace Field Farm open for business this year.
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    Created by Jennifer Falvey
  • Stop MN from Killing Training Businesses
    It starts with a handful of people and small businesses that the state government thinks it can cut out and run out of business, but where will it stop? They can not be allowed to get away with unfairly competing with small business in the state and causing more problems.
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    Created by Timothy Smith