• Support Police Officer Greg Anderson
    As a matter of public concern, Officer Greg Anderson should not have been prevented from speaking or requested to remove his video from youtube.com. Although in uniform and speaking pursuant to his duties as a peace officer, his topic of address was of public concern and therefore constitutionally protected. It did not place undue burden on the government in fulfilling its role, it simply encouraged officers to engage with the public in a fashion that is legally consistent, nor was his speech a matter of personal redress or personal satisfaction. As such, to penalize an officer of the law in his fulfillment of his duties and the exercise of his constitutional rights is a violation of the federal law of this nation. It is a very short trip from suppression of speech to the attempted suppression of the God-given rights of the individual. Tyranny cannot stand. The violations inflicted upon the individual, when overlooked, often become a violation foisted upon the whole. Take a stand with this Officer and support him by signing this petition. If we speak loud enough, perhaps even those deaf individuals within our own government will hear.
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    Created by Josh Williquette
  • President Biden's Winning Team
    To increase the electability of Vice-President Biden put aside your personal feelings about the candidate, set aside your personal feelings about the candidate's specific policies. Some Bernie fans cannot imagine voting for Biden. There are other voters who would rather abstain from voting than to cast their vote for Biden. Remember 2004 when Ralph Nader attracted not only independent voters and helped to place George W. Bush into the White House. Remember when numerous voters sat out the election in 2016, refusing to vote for Hillary Clinton. If they had chosen “the lesser of two evils” (as many described their choices), and cast their votes for Hillary Clinton whom they regarded as an “imperfect” candidate, Donald Trump would not have won! A non-vote for the Democratic candidate, adds one more vote for Trump. We believe that by naming strong possible candidates for a cabinet, Biden will remarkably increase his chances of winning. Remember the amazing group of Presidential Candidates? Imagine them as cabinet members: Corey Booker Kamala Harris Bernie Sanders Tom Steyer Elizabeth Warren Amy Klobuchar Pete Buttigieg Bill de Blasio Julian Castro Jay Inslee We want Joe Biden to choose a Winning Team now. Please sign the petition.
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    Created by Udo Gorsch-Nies
  • Vote by Mail in TN
    Our community has a great history of stepping up during a crisis. In the past decade, we've dealt with floods and tornadoes with our steadfast volunteer spirit. The Coronavirus pandemic is another test of our values, and we believe that we will rise to the occasion by expanding Vote by Mail to all people who request ballots.
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    Created by Joshua Rawlings
    These businesses are the livelihood and sole source of income of many bar owners, some of which I know personally. If they are forced to wait longer than 30 more days to open they will NOT be able to reopen at all! Not just for the patrons of these establishments and the music industry, but also on behalf of bar/nightclub owners please consider allowing them to open!
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    Created by gina di bella
  • Inmate Dies of COVID19 Locked in Shower by Prison Guards
    I am the mother of one of Tiffany's 4 grandchildren. My child is 4 years old currently, and was 1 years old the last time she seen her grandmother alive. Tiffany died on April 29th, 2020 in Edna Mahan Correctional Facility. Tiffany was experiencing symptoms of COVID19 for two weeks and was placed in solitary confinement amid her suffering. She was locked in a shower, and complained of shortness of breath as she passed out multiple times before any prison staff came to check on her. The prison staff tried to revive her unconscious body multiple times, but she was dead before anyone let her out of the shower. Tiffany was a loving grandmother to all of her grandchildren. My daughter will never get to meet her grandmother again. Tiffany got through her prison sentence by holding on to hope that she would be able to see her grandchildren again. I am asking for your help to petition the NJDOC Commissioner and Governor to help bring real prison reform to our NJ state prison systems. There are countless inmates who are afraid for their lives due to witnessing the death of Tiffany Mofield. If we can get this petition signed by as many people as we can, together we can shed light on the horrific prison conditions our friends and loved ones face. Commissioner Hicks and Governor Murphy should provide transparency to our citizens of the State of NJ so that we are confident in our prison system's practices regarding inmate fair access to health care and humane treatment. We need a prompt and thorough investigation into Tiffany's death and her medical treatment up until she died. Help the family of Tiffany Mofield get Justice and bring change to our prison systems.
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    Created by Janae Gonzalez
  • Open Bars and restaurants in New Orleans
    So many Service industry workers out of work and Bars are paying high leases on their businesses but not allowed to open to capacity or at all. These bars and restaurants are going bankrupt and losing their life’s work before our eyes. People can social distance at a bar as they do elsewhere. Those that are particularly concerned with catching the virus will stay home anyway. Let the marketplace govern itself.
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    Created by Kim Hoffner
    --Covid 19 has had a large impact on our students' learning, and many are struggling. --Our students need and deserve to return to a Principal who knows them and can help them cope when they return after this difficult time. --As parents we ask our School District to help our children reengage with school by limiting the disruptions Principal changes bring.
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    Created by Mini Siddique
  • Tell McDonald’s: Give Workers Paid Leave Protections Now
    McDonald’s employees are on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic. As an essential service provider, the fast-food giant continues to operate every day, while many employees don’t have access to paid sick days or paid family leave—forcing them to make an impossible choice between their job and protecting their health and their family’s health. The majority of McDonalds 800,000 employees are women and people of color--some of the same communities that are least likely to have access to paid leave. To make matters worse, trendlines on COVID-19 infection rates in the U.S. show that the pandemic is hitting Black and Hispanic communities hardest. That’s why we’re joining our friends at the Fight for $15, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to amplify the voices of McDonald’s employees and demand that paid sick days and paid family leave is provided to ALL employees who wear a McDonald’s uniform. Will you sign the petition?
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    Created by Apollo Gonzales Picture
  • Let's Abolish Capital Punishment in the U.S.A!
    Capital punishment is an issue in the United States of America. There are many states that have currently legalized and retained the right to execute criminals for their crimes. Capital punishment is a cruel and unusual punishment, it is more costly than imprisonment, and many innocent lives are being taken because of it. Capital punishment should be abolished in the United States of America. First, capital punishment should not be legal because it is a cruel and unusual punishment. There are many different methods of execution, but not a single one is better than the other. All are heinous. Cruel and unusual punishments consist of lethal injection, hanging, gas chamber, electric chair, firing squad, and beheading. It is understandable that criminals deserve the worst for the horrific crimes that they commit, but death is not the answer.  Next, capital punishment shouldn't be allowed because it is more expensive than a prison sentence. All the lawyers, judges, and other personnel put more hours into preparing, trying, and reviewing the issues, given that a life is at stake. In addition to the people who are participating in the trial, the equipment required to perform the execution is also very costly. If a criminal just got sentenced to jail, it would be a lot less expensive and the person would still be alive. Lastly, capital punishment should be abolished because many innocent people are being killed. The death penalty carries the inherent risk of executing an innocent person. Since 1973, more than 165 people who had been wrongly convicted and sentenced to death in the U.S. have been exonerated. Capital punishment should no longer exist because many people who are guilty of nothing have been killed. Unless it is absolutely certain that the person who is thought to be guilty actually is, nobody should be executed. In conclusion, capital punishment is a big problem and it only leads to more problems. Death should not be permitted. People deserve a second chance in life and they can't use their second chance if they are dead. We are on a mission to abolish capital punishment. So, who's with us?
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    Created by Pusheen Cat
  • Open Pennsylvania Bars and Restaurants
    For me and many of these businesses as owners and employees this is our livelihood. We have absolutely Little to NO money coming in but still have to pay our state and federal taxes along with rents, utilities, insurance, etc. Please reconsider this
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    Created by Jim Bish
  • Stop gerrymandering in Missouri
    In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Republicans are trying to roll back a recent effort to ensure that Missouri voters pick their politicians -- not that other way around. In 2018, 62% of Missouri voters approved the Clean Missouri initiative -- a measure that puts everyday Missourians in charge of the redistricting process and prioritizes partisan fairness. But despite voters’ clear message to their elected officials, Republicans in the legislature -- backed by shady special interest groups -- are now trying to gut this groundbreaking initiative before it’s even implemented. They want to make it easier for lobbyists and political operatives to manipulate state voting districts. This is a direct attack on the people of Missouri’s voices. We can’t let legislators circumvent the will of their voters -- and take away the essential political reforms that Missourians demanded. Plus, if these Missouri Republicans succeed -- it could pave the way for other state legislatures to weaken gerrymandering reforms. Voters in Michigan, Colorado, and Utah also used ballot initiatives to pass new redistricting measures in 2018. That’s why we need a nationwide outcry to shut these dangerous efforts down. The bill has been passed in the Senate and is now headed to the state’s House of Representatives. Add your name to send a message to the Missouri House: don’t override the will of the people! Reject SJR 38 and put a stop to gerrymandering in Missouri.
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    Created by Common Cause Picture
  • National Strike
    COVID 19 eliminates the ideas of a large march or protest. We need a weapon at our disposal. May 13, 2020, the Supreme court will make a ruling. Rachel Maddow fears it will be a decision about Trump being "above the law" and no rules applying to him. (The Court normally rules on narrow points of law, but this conservative court is unpredictable.) We must demonstrate we will not tolerate the destruction of democracy.
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