• Protect the health of LGBT communities!
    The monkeypox outbreak in the US has quickly gone from containable to crisis. There are now over 6,300 known cases in the US — almost entirely among queer men. So far, the public health response has been inadequate. The White House just declared a national public health emergency — that’s a good thing. Now, the CDC must make use of the additional funds available in such emergencies by doubling down on providing tests, vaccines, and containment guidance before the disease becomes endemic. The CDC must use newly-available emergency funding to provide monkeypox tests, vaccines, and containment guidance! The rapid spread of monkeypox among men who have sex with men has called to mind the AIDS crisis for many gay and bisexual Americans. In the US, monkeypox has manifested as a virtually all-queer disease — with only 1.4% of people who have contracted monkey pox in New York City identifying as straight. The government has been very slow to address this disease that primarily affects queer men. Vaccine stores were very low to begin with; the government has been criticized for moving too slowly to produce and distribute more. Inevitably, the situation raises questions about whose suffering counts as a crisis. Recognizing the monkeypox crisis as a public health emergency was a good step towards addressing this crisis. Now, public health officials must make use of the new emergency funding available to answer the demands of queer male public health groups like ACT UP, the storied AIDS coalition that still advocates for health equity. People need rapid tests, vaccines, and guidance! Emergency funds must be used to help communities treat, prevent, and contain the spread of monkeypox!
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  • Protect marriage equality from the far-right Supreme Court!
    Marriage equality is under threat. Last week, the House of Representatives took a big step towards protecting the right to marriage for people of all genders and races when it passed the Respect for Marriage Act. The Senate needs to follow suit. The Senate must pass the Respect for Marriage Act, legislation to protect marriage equality in the face of threats from the far-right Supreme Court! Justice Clarence Thomas signaled that the Supreme Court could overturn marriage equality and the right to access contraception. It would be a grave mistake not to take him seriously. When the Supreme Court overturned the right to abortion in its devastating Dobbs ruling, Clarence Thomas wrote: “we should reconsider all of this Court’s substantive due process precedents, including Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell.” In other words, he wants to apply the same terrible reasoning that struck down Roe to the landmark cases that protect contraception, the right to a consensual partner of the same sex, and marriage equality. Congress needs to spring into action immediately and pass laws specifically protecting the equal right to marriage and contraception nationwide. Fortunately, legislation protecting marriage equality has good momentum in Congress. The Respect for Marriage Act would codify marriage equality and repeal the Defense of Marriage Act: a 1990s law that allows states to outlaw same-sex marriages. The House cleared the bill last week — with a surprising degree of Republican support. It’s clear that there’s a path forward in the Senate too — if leadership gets serious. There’s no other option: the Senate must protect the fundamental rights of all Americans! Sign the petition: The Senate must protect marriage equality by passing the Respect for Marriage Act!
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  • Stop ICE agents from posing as police!
    When ICE or CBP agents show up at someone’s door, they can, and often do, lie and themselves as police. That’s a major problem in many immigrant communities. Immigration agents misidentifying themselves as regular police seriously erodes trust in local law enforcement. It also can lead to violations of immigrants’ rights — for example, when people think they’re required to comply with a search when they’re not. Senator Cory Booker recently introduced the Combating Deceptive Immigration Enforcement Practices Act, legislation that would stop ICE and CBP from wearing clothing displaying the word “police.” Congress must pass this legislation to protect immigrant communities! Tell Congress to stand against ICE and CBP’s violations of immigrant rights by passing the Combating Deceptive Immigration Enforcement Practices Act! This deception is a threat to public safety and an abuse of immigrant rights — but it’s technically not illegal under current law. According to an attorney for the ACLU, “We have repeatedly seen ICE go to people’s homes and coerce people to authorize entry under the mistaken belief that [the agents] are police. It undermines public safety in these communities.” This is unacceptable. It’s Congress’s responsibility to pass a law protecting immigrants from over-policing and police brutality! Stop immigration agents from falsely identifying as police.
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  • Don’t let Amazon privatize Medicare!
    Too many Americans already pay too much for bad healthcare — and our economy is already dominated by Big Tech. Amazon smashes small businesses with one hand and snatches them up with the other. It’s a well-known fact that Amazon preys on the small businesses that use its platform by preferencing Amazon products in its search results and copying successful products produced by small businesses. Amazon has acquired 118 companies in the last 25 years — including pharmacy company PillPack. Now, Amazon wants to lock down its monopoly on the medical field by adding One Medical to the list. Not only would Amazon have too much market power with One Medical under its belt, it also would have a frightening degree of informational power. Should we trust Amazon with our private health data — which could easily be abused to discriminate against consumers on the basis of health conditions? Absolutely not. Sign the petition: Tell the FTC to thoroughly investigate the Amazon – One Medical merger for potential anticompetitive effects and privacy violations!
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  • Change minimum age required to legally buy a gun to 21
    Every single day, more then 110 US citizens are killed at the hand of guns. That's over 40,000 people a year! This year 83 people have been killed in school shootings. Teachers, school staff, parents, and our children who we are supposed to protect over everyone and everything else. There have been 27 school shootings so far this year, we still have four months left. If most mass shooters tend to be 18 and 19 years old, it only makes sense so raise the age requirement for buying firearms. Not only that, but it would also be helpful create laws and restrictions for selling firearms to underage citizens. If protection is an issue, again, there are plenty of substitutes for a firearm.
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  • Finish the Job, DRBC. Give Us a FULL Ban on Fracking
    The message above is the closing paragraph of a letter organizations and individuals will submit to the Delaware River Basin Commissioners. Your signatures will be added to the letter. Here's the full text. You adopted a permanent ban on fracking throughout the Delaware River Watershed last year, a historic and righteous decision by the DRBC. The public has been clamoring since then for you to complete the job and prohibit the pollution and depletion caused by fracking taking place elsewhere by revising the pending fracking regulations and voting for a full ban. This will protect both the Watershed’s communities – human and nonhuman – and its irreplaceable water supplies for up to 17 million people by prohibiting the fracking industry’s effort to dump its toxic and radioactive wastewater in the Basin and preventing their use of Delaware River water for water-intense, wasteful and destructive fracking processes. In 2018, the fracking industry produced 2.9 billion gallons of wastewater[1] in Pennsylvania alone, and the longer well bores being drilled since 2018 mean even higher volumes of both water use and resulting toxic wastewater.[2] The industry is searching for new places to exploit, which is why they are knocking on the Delaware River Basin’s door. A full ban will also ensure that the DRBC’s regulations do not enable the industry to emit considerable greenhouse gasses by continuing to frack without restraint. DRBC must do its part to restrain the polluting fracking industry and the spewing of methane, the most powerful of greenhouse gasses on the all-important 10- and 20-year time scale.[3] In other words, we need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions today! And this is part of DRBC’s mission. The climate crisis appears unrelenting as we face record-breaking heat waves, storms, fires, droughts and flooding, nationwide and globally. People are demanding an all-out offensive by leaders and all branches of government to fight climate change. To reach goals that scientists say we need - like 50% reduction of GHG by 2030 – decisive action at the regional and state level is more important than ever to move us away from polluting fossil fuels and towards clean renewables. This is where you come in, Commissioners. The DRBC has recognized that climate change is directly affecting its water resources program.[4] Climate change impacts on the basin’s water resources include changes in precipitation and runoff that increase flooding and drought, impairment of habitats and water quality (including salt water intrusion to Delaware Estuary water supplies) and sea level rise.[5] Reports covering the specific impacts of climate change on the Delaware River, Estuary and Bay back up this conclusion. A 2019 report from Rhodium Group ranks Salem and Cape May counties among the 3 NJ counties that are expected to experience the highest increase in average annual damage costs due to changes in sea level and hurricane activity since the 1980s.[6] A Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission report found that sea level rise would result in rising water levels in the Delaware Estuary, causing permanent change to the landscape and new flooding.[7] In an earlier DVRPC report, the study concluded that sea level rise over the next 100 years will inundate almost all of Pennsylvania's 1,500 acres of tidal wetlands along the Delaware, the salt line in the Delaware River will migrate further upstream (threatening Philadelphia and South Jersey’s drinking water supplies), and pollutants in contaminated sites could be released into estuary waters.[8] Will DRBC allow the fracking industry to take advantage of the Delaware River watershed to get rid of its polluting wastewater and deplete our water by fracking, all the while emitting climate-killing methane? Or will DRBC do the right thing by prohibiting this abuse? Here in the Delaware River Watershed, our future hangs in the balance as you decide on final regulations regarding fracking wastewater and water operations in the Basin. We, the undersigned, ask you, the voting members of the DRBC, to revise the draft regulations to completely ban imports of fracking wastewater and exports of water for fracking, to protect the public, water supplies, the watershed’s ecosystems, and to help alleviate the climate crisis. [1] https://www.fractracker.org/2019/10/want-not-waste-not-fracking-wastewater/ [2] The supersized gas wells being drilled today in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations use 10-20 million gallons of water per well. According to FracFocus data, the average well in Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale used 11.4 million gallons in 2017, up from 4.3 million gallons reported by agencies in 2011. This means not only more water is needed to fracture the extended horizontal well bores but also means there are greater volumes of wastewater produced by these wells - between 1-1.5 million gallons of wastewater (for 10 M gallons of water used in fracking a well), increasing the volumes many times over the amount typically produced previously in Pennsylvania. FracTracker Alliance Issue Paper, “Potential Impacts of Unconventional Oil and Gas on the Delaware River Basin”, March 20, 2018. Main Author: Matt Kelso. https://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/sites/default/files/FT-WhitePaper-DRB- 2018%20%28003%29.pdf [3] Natural gas is primarily methane, a greenhouse gas 86 times more efficient at warming the atmosphere than carbon over a 20-year time frame (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). 2013. Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis. Contribution of Working Group I to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) and its effects persist for hundreds of years (http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2017/01/03/1612066114.full) The well documented vented and fugitive losses from natural gas systems contribute to atmospheric warming; current technology and practices have not controlled these releases.
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  • Noah’s Plaque
    Everyone loved Noah. He made it so easy to love him. I think he deserves this. I think people deserve an area they can visit him on any occasion while spreading awareness of mental health.
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  • Stop the production and manufacturing of Fentanyl in the USA
    This issue has affected so many people I know and care for and it breaks my heart that our children are being murdered by a drug that has no place even existing in this world it’s power is devastating and deadly on so many levels and it’s taking more lives everyday which is why we need to act now
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  • Thank you, President Biden... Now, cancel all student debt!
    We applaud President Biden's historic student debt cancellation plan, but we recognize that millions of people will still be burdened by debt. That is why we urge the President to cancel all student debt to ensure borrowers have the financial freedom to invest in their futures, support their families, benefit their communities, and contribute to the economy. President Biden must take the next step and cancel student debt for all. Research shows that debt cancellation is progressive. That means the more that is canceled, the more benefits reach people who need help. On top of that, canceling more debt will further advance efforts to address racial and gender equity issues.
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  • Tell Congress: End felony disenfranchisement
    Consider this shocking fact: as of 2020, one in 16 Black Americans of voting age have lost their voting rights. Why? Because our criminal legal system locks up people of color and poor people at a disproportionate rate – combined with unjust felony voting laws that strip people with felonies of their sacred right to vote. Imagine if you didn't have a say in who served as your mayor, governor, Congressmembers, or president. Your power, your place, and your voice in our democracy – all taken away. It’s happening to millions of Americans right now because of felony disenfranchisement. And despite the fact that a majority of us believe that those with felonies should never lose their right to vote – our mass incarceration system is designed to silence the voices and communities most impacted by it. These outdated laws are rooted in the Jim Crow era, and – and disproportionately impact communities of color and low-income communities. With less than 100 days to go before this year’s all-important midterm elections, we must demand justice for the 5.2 million Americans who are being wrongfully silenced. Join us in demanding that no one is wrongfully denied a say in our democracy.
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  • Stop Taos County Housing Insecurity - end evictions now
    The County Commissioners can facilitate a rebirth and revitalization of Taos County. They can act now and be part of building a new Taos County, which is entirely based on the old Taos County before all of these rules and regulations stifled innovation and ingenuity. This will enable reduce water and fossil fuel consumption, foster innovation and empower aspiring farmers, and most importantly, it will increase the quality of life for people in the community. If Taos County goes back to its roots and empowers owner builders to develop innovative solutions to the problems that plague our society, they will re-foster the innovation, courage and self-sufficiency for which the residents of Taos County are known. The county is full of innovative individuals who have embraced taking personal responsibility for the world. They have taken it upon themselves to live more in harmony with the earth and reduce their global footprint. Yet, instead of celebrating these innovations, the county is, at present, attempting to regulate them out of existence. Think about individuals making minimum wage who cannot afford a home. Think about the most disadvantaged members of this community. Keeping people off the streets helps everyone in the community. For a full problem and solution statement with citations and references, go to: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a1Htw7P8ulf9uKChr83bRMudsMR6vI5UBD3GLDcW_Z0/edit?usp=drivesdk
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