• Evoq Tenant Complaint Petition
    Tenants have rights! If they won’t hear us separately they will have no choice but to hear us all together. Our safety and quality of living matter. We need resolutions and not excuses! From plumbing issues to loitering. We deserve better!
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    Created by Kirstin Smith
  • Stop No Labels From Re-Electing Trump
    No Labels is running a serious, well-funded third-party presidential ticket in 2024. They are on the ballot already in four states and targeting dozens more for their “unity ticket.” But their plan will re-elect Donald Trump. That’s why I am joining with other individuals and organizations demanding that No Labels stand down. A third-party presidential ticket can’t win. All of the third party presidential candidates from the last 100 years combined didn’t get enough electoral votes to win a single election. But No Labels will be a spoiler. They are targeting critical Blue states and splintering the coalition of voters who ousted Trump in 2020, giving Trump a second term when he is more dangerous than ever. Trump came within 3 points of winning six key battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. Even a weak third-party performance from No Labels could put 79 Democratic electoral votes at risk, handing Trump or a Trump-acolyte the White House. That’s a risk that we cannot take. No Labels justiffies this dangerous campaign by making false comparisons between the extremes of the right and the left. No Labels ignores the legislative victories we achieved on a host of issues that appeal to a broad coalition of voters. Democratic leadership delivered a bipartisan infrastructure bill, historic climate investments, bipartisan gun safety legislation, protections for marriage equality, and much more. But if Trump is back in the White House, that progress—and our democracy—is in peril. No Labels must stand down for the future of our country. We're calling on all Democrats to join us in calling out this dangerous ploy.
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    Created by Kate deGruyter
  • Let the FDA Do Its Job—Make Mifepristone Accessible
    Matthew Kacsmaryk, a Trump-appointed judge with a history of crusading against abortion access, just made an unprecedented ruling to ban mifepristone, a drug that for 20 years has been a safe, effective part of abortion medication. This is just the latest in the Republican attacks on abortion access, health care, and bodily autonomy—along with packing the illegitimate Supreme Court to overturn Roe and pursuing cruel measures in state after state to ban and criminalize abortion. It's also the latest in the long plan by Republicans and corporate lobbyists to undermine the work of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They want to gut the FDA in order to throw out regulations that keep consumers and patients safe, in service of Big Pharma and other corporate lobbyists that want to sacrifice safety to increase profits. The FDA has a mandate to keep us safe and help ensure essential medications reach the market. Without the FDA's ability to do this work, we'll all be less safe. And if Kacsmaryk's ruling stands, it's a blow to the FDA and consumer safety, as well as to the many folks seeking abortion care in a safe, effective way. Higher courts need to overturn this ill-gotten ruling, and Congress needs to act to bolster the work of the FDA—for abortion access and for consumer welfare generally.
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    Created by Justin Krebs
  • Reverse the Mifepristone Decision—Protect Abortion Access
    The ruling in Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine v. FDA ordering the FDA to withdraw its approval of mifepristone is unconscionable. Mifepristone—approved more than 20 years ago and used effectively by millions of people for medication abortion—is perfectly safe. Anti-abortion extremists are attempting to use the courts to ban abortion nationwide, even in states that have legal protections for abortion access. That's why together we are asking higher courts to reverse this unprecedented and anti-abortion ruling and restore access to mifepristone—and asking Congress to act to protect abortion care.
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    Created by Justin Krebs
  • Impeach anti-abortion judge Matthew Kacsmaryk!
    Matthew Kacsmaryk just issued a national ban on mifepristone, a drug that for 20 years has been a source of safe, effective abortions. This right-wing judge, with deep ties to the Federalist Society, has pursued a right-wing agenda since appointed by Donald Trump. His professional history reflects his crusades against health care, autonomy, freedom, LGBTQ+ equality and more. He is basing his unprecedented decision on his own right-wing religious views, deep partisanship, and personal crusade against abortion access. These are not how our freedoms can be treated. Congress needs to remove him immediately.
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    Created by Justin Krebs
  • Investigate Tennessee Republicans & Reinstate Tennessee Reps!
    Tennessee Republicans abused their power this week by expelling Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson for speaking out about gun violence amid the protests following a deadly massacre in Nashville. Furthermore, by expelling two Black members of the state legislature, Republicans continued a long history of racist attacks against Black legislators. And, in doing so, they violated Rep. Jones and Rep. Person's first amendment rights and violated the law. The Department of Justice should immediately investigate these actions—and Representatives Jones and Pearson should be reinstated, while House Republican leadership should be held accountable for these racially-motivated, authoritarian, anti-democratic actions. It's well established in America that legislators have a right to speak out on issues in the public domain. This is all that Reps. Pearson and Jones—along with their white colleague Rep. Gloria Johnson—were doing in a peaceful manner that met the stakes of the moment while remaining true to democratic principles of civil discourse. By punishing the two Black representatives—and notably not expelling their white colleague—the Tennessee Republicans abused their power, acted in a long racist tradition, and likely violated their rights. At the same time, they violated the trust of hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans who are deprived representation. The Department of Justice has a responsibility to investigate such actions and whether they violate civil rights, first amendment protections, and the principles of our democracy.
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    Created by Justin Krebs
  • Fair work place
    To make the company aware that no matter what position a person held they all should be treated with respect and to know it’s not okay to sweep or turn your head about an issue that has been brought to their attention rather it’s small or big. All complaints matter!!
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    Created by DdPanthers25 Bryant
  • Mike Lawler - Schedule regular Town Hall meetings for your constituents!
    It is in every constituents interest to hold our member of Congress to account and know where he stands on the issues
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    Created by Margaret Yonco-Haines
  • Hold a Town Hall Event in Tucson, Rep. Ciscomani
    Bring Rep. Ciscomani to Tucson for a live town hall with his new constituents. We deserve to question our representative to Congress.
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    Created by Michael Bryan
  • TELL Starbucks New CEO: Respect Workers’ Rights!
    Starbucks' new CEO has a chance to turn the company around and treat workers with respect. Let's call on him to act! Starbucks, like so many corporations, is doing everything in its power to keep workers from winning their union and a fair contract. They know when we stand together, we're more powerful and can win the respect we've earned.
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    Created by Starbucks Workers United
  • Help to stop the anti-trans bill in Florida from being passed against transgender cancer patients
    It's a cruel and ongoing bill that can take the lives away from trans people in the state of Florida who are diagnosed with breast cancer.
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    Created by Aiden Lee
  • Tell Congress: Protect Our Kids’ Freedom
    You can send a message to your Representative today! Do you know if your Representative supports trans rights? They need to hear from you no matter what: https://go.peoplepower.org/letter/sports-ban/
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    Created by Destinee Dickson