• Plan for Maui to have a safer reopening
    As Maui County residents, it has become clear to us that the Governor has not done a sufficient job to mitigate and plan for COVID-19. We appreciate that our Mayor and County Council have been concerned and making efforts to protect Maui and keep us safe. We feel the current plan to welcome back tourists is very dangerous to our residents, as the state is not prepared to reopen safely. The single test plan will allow too many positive cases to slip through, and we have already seen how a few cases quickly and exponentially grow beyond what can be controlled or managed with our limited medical and public health resources, including contact tracing. We understand that our economy needs to reopen, but if we do not reopen SAFELY, we will find ourselves in the position of having to shut down again just in time to miss out on the winter holiday travel season. Meanwhile, we risk having our caseload grow and overwhelm our ONLY hospital. Why should allowing mainlanders to vacation here without the hassle of a quarantine take precedence over making it safe for our keiki to have in person school, sports, and extracurricular activities. The current state plan will hurt our keiki, our kupuna, and our hospitality workers.
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    Created by Cara Flores
  • Help stop my father’s deportation
    They are trying to deport him back please I don’t want them to separate my family they are trying to take him back to his country please just contact the officer I beg all of you guys ❤️
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    Created by Sheila Madrid
  • Keep Nardi's, Oz's, Florenc's, and the other doormen's jobs
    Residents signed leases at Vernon Tower feeling safe and confident that there were 24/7 doormen. They help with daily operations, keep the building secure, make sure no packages are mishandled, and add to the overall residential experience. Sef also has plenty to do without attempting to take on those roles as well. This management company is taking advantage of residents as well as their staff. No compensation in rent is being offered despite the reduction of services -- even though we're in the midst of a pandemic, and people are struggling as is to make ends meet. AND, these doormen have been incredibly loyal, hardworking, and amazing individuals who have worked tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe during COVID. Laying them off now is cruel and unfair to them and their families.
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    Created by Kaylyn Buckley
  • Policing Is Not Restorative
    Steps toward restorative justice cannot be led by the oppressive organizations from whom we are seeking justice.
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    Created by Alexandra Monesson-Olson
  • Save the Historic Mellen Bank in Mellen WI
    This amazing building is set to be razed in less than 30 days we need help to halt the destruction of this building and see if we can find out if there is a way to preserve this historic building. The owner from what we know has not been interested in selling it and has let it deteriorate. The owner is MARY ANN LUEDTKE 3030 N 6TH ST WAUSAU WI 54403 Information about this building from the WI state Historical Society Year Built:1902 Survey Date:1977 Historic Use:bank/financial institution Architectural Style:Richardsonian Romanesque Wall Material:Brownstone
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    Created by Kari Olinger
  • Sign Now: Help stop a new nuclear arms race
    We're witnessing the start of a new nuclear arms race. In late September, Trump ordered the Pentagon to figure out how quickly it could pull nuclear weapons out of storage to load onto long-range bombers and submarines. The Trump administration has already pulled out of two other nuclear treaties, and these latest orders are part of a ramp-up to force the critical New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) to implode before it is set to expire in February. Trump wants a no limits nuclear world, and it is hard to imagine anything more terrifying than even FEWER limits on a president like Trump’s access to nukes. We need EVERY voice in Congress to speak out and use ALL their political leverage if we’re going to get Trump to extend this critical treaty.
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Tell Mnuchin & Pompeo: No new sanctions on Iran!
    The Trump administration is considering adding more sanctions on Iran. Existing sanctions are already hurting the ability of people in Iran to access critical healthcare in the face of COVID-19. The pandemic has killed more than 27,000 and the country is once again shut down in the face of a new and terrifying COVID wave. These new measures would only exacerbate the humanitarian crisis the Iranian people are currently facing. Maximum pressure has meant maximum failure. Urge Secretaries Mnuchin and Pompeo: No new sanctions on Iran!
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  • Big Kid Swings for Margie Street Park
    Especially in the current COVID environment, with limited play and interaction allowed at school, it is vital for children to be able to play after school. Please help us put a smile on our childrens' faces!
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  • Rewrite the American Constitution
    Slaves were not freed until 1863. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920. Black people were not allowed to vote until 1965. Gay marriage was not legalized until 2015. Our constitution was written ONLY by white men in the 1700s. We are not including the thoughts and perspectives of any woman, any person of color, any of our LGBTQ communities. We cannot expect change and we cannot expect equal justice for all when we are living under the supreme laws of a document crafted in the 1700s. As women, we deserve a say As people of color, we deserve a say As people of different sexualities or nonconforming genders, we deserve a say. As people with differentiating cultures in our country, we deserve a say. Sometimes we need to deroot and replant to grow a vital and luscious garden. America, land of the free, home of the BRAVE. WE, the people, must put meaning to those words. It only takes 100,000 signatures in 30 days or less to send a petition to the white house. Please, let’s come together and fix this before it’s too late. Please, set aside our differences and let’s fix this, before it’s too late. Estados Unidos necesita tu ayuda. Por favor. Nosotras necesitamos vivir mejor. No más odio. No más tristeza. Más valentía, más libertad, más vida!! ahora! Vámonos! Salud y gracias.
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    Created by Isabelle Grace Picture
  • Ban Racist Symbolism from Brown County Schools & Businesses
    William T. Thompson, the designer of the Confederate flag, said, "As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-ordained supremacy of the white man over the inferior or colored race" and "As a national emblem, it is significant of our higher cause, the cause of the superior race." There is so much happening in Brown County and Nashville that speaks to the deep roots of racism and ignorance in our beautiful part of the country.  Outstanding teachers have quit or are contemplating quitting the schools because their own heritage or identity is threatened by this imagery and the children and parents promoting it.  Businesses are openly selling confederate flags, sending a message to all who visit our community from the region, the country, and around the world, that hatred is openly allowed and celebrated.  Confederate flag imagery allowed on clothing in the schools and on trips outside the country to partner corporations that have their own strong Equity and Inclusion policies, making Brown County undesirable as a hiring and investment opportunity.  Skilled and passionate IU students of varying ethnicities and nationalities feel threatened coming to Brown County to tutor our children. Brown County children refer to black tutors as their "slaves".  School Board members speak openly on their social media pages about their embrace of symbols of hatred.  And this is what we know about. Imagine what goes on that we don't know about.  Please sign this petition that will be sent to all of the community leaders to BAN ALL HATE SYMBOLISM FROM NASHVILLE, IN. Brown County Human Rights Initiative
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  • Make Election Day A holiday NOW
    Making election day a national holiday is not only the right thing to do, but it is patriotic. Outside of serving in the Armed Forces, voting is highest thing a person can do to show their love for their country. Picking its future leaders is essential to our survival. With this level of importance the question becomes, why isn’t it a holiday? This needs to change immediately. People shouldn’t have to choose work or school over voting for the leaders of the free world. Make it a holiday NOW!
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    Created by Jerome Lewis
  • Condemn displaying the Confederate Flag in Rensselaerville
    Despite a complicated past, today, the Confederate Flag endures as one of the most recognizable and offensive relics of slavery, racism, intolerance and hatred in America. Issuing a condemnation of the display of the Confederate flag asserts that Rensselaerville does not wish to be a place for relics of racism or renewed hatred, and that such sentiments should not feel emboldened in our rural town.
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