• Cancel the term of leases for college students heading home
    It is important because I have personally witness what my daughter and so many other students have experienced in Athens, GA., where the University of Georgia is located. Because the housing regulations are so lenient in Georgia, the management companies take advantage of student/tenants. In the past, I have notified the Congressman, Jody Hice, but my email was ignored with responses to support his office.
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    Created by Debrrah Laguerre
  • Shelter in Place Florida
    To the save the lives of Floridians and stop the spread of Covid-19
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    Created by Atnarko Ross
  • Tell MSNBC and CNN to Stop Airing Trump's COVID-19 Press Conferences Live
    Broadcasting these events live is a public health risk. Trump is feeding his viewers with disinformation and misinformation. It is impossible to fact-check this information in real time, and viewers are likely to engage in dangerous, risky behaviors if they listen only to Trump's public statements. He is also using this platform to campaign for reelection by promoting his "brand" as someone who stands up to the news media. By broadcasting these segments, you are feeding into an unhealthy dynamic in which Trump is able to further undermine trust in the news media. By carrying these briefings live, you are complicit in spreading dangerous lies and division: both are killing us.
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    Created by Chuck Tryon
  • Congressional Pay Cut During COVID-19 Shutdowns
    I believe that this would work as an incentive for Congress to pass a reasonable bill to assist Americans who are struggling in the wake of this pandemic. Prioritizing American citizens over corporate bailouts would help to increase the faith lost by the US Federal Government.
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    Created by Jessica Andrus
  • No Covid-19 Bailout Money for Trump Corp
    President Trump has refused to commit to rejecting bailout funds for his personal business. For the President or any member of Congress to receive taxpayer corporate bailout funds would be corruption of the highest order. Any bailout bill put forth and signed my Congress and the President for victims of the Covid-19 outbreak must exclude Trump Corp and any other business owned by the President, Vice-President, Cabinet Members and any member of US Congress.
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    Created by Srikant Rao
  • Replace Trump with Andrew Cuomo
    It's life or death now. Do you really trust Donald Trump with your life? Andrew Cuomo would save millions of people from a painful death.
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    Created by Concerned Citizen
    Millions of Virginians are out of work and their businesses have been closed due to COVID-19. Millions of Virginians are financially struggling and having difficulty meeting their needs. Stay ahead of the curve and be great leader. Governor, leaders are made during challenging times.
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    Created by Mazhar Chughtai
    A pandemic crisis requires centralized leadership and the federal government is putting us all at risk by not acting quickly and decisively.
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    Created by Joan mandle
  • Hazard pay for essential employees
    It's important because people deserve to be financially comfortable they're going to risk their health and their family's health to continue to provide essential services to the general population
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    Created by Andrew Wilson
    Many have medical conditions that need to be addressed, running out of medications, others need to return to work and continue supporting their families and the rest want to be reunited with their families.
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    Created by Yesenia Villacorta
  • No more 3 Day Tips Change
    We are hard worker. We put our life and soul into the business. We have to carry massive water cases. We work on every kind of weather even also in the time of coronavirus.
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    Created by Johnny Nguyen
  • Honor Kenny Rogers
    Kenny Rogers had appeared in a GEICO commercial and thus deserves for the company to pay tribute to him.
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    Created by Anthony W