• Ban RBR Network from YouTube
    It is important to guard our thriving community from harmful pyscological muniplation, extreme emotional abuse and cult like programing. Stand with me to rid social media of this toxic content creator to make room for more productive and thought provoking conversations in a more safe virtual enviorment. Thank You
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  • Exxon's Banning Gay Pride
    Exxon employees have reported that Exxon has issued a new policy against showing LGBTQ+ pride—specifically forbidding facilities from raising the rainbow flag during Pride Month. The reason employees have been given: Exxon needs to remain "neutral." There's nothing commendable about "neutrality" that insults and undermines LGBTQ+ staff, especially at a time when the LGBTQ+ community is under attack. Exxon has the gall to ask its employees to represent it in pride parades—even while making their pride invisible at work. Exxon has endless acts of immorality to answer for, after decades of suppressing science and super-charging our climate crisis—a corporate policy of destruction. This latest decision is just one more reminder that Exxon doesn't care for its community or employees, either.
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  • Save Roe v. Wade!
    The shocking news that a Texas woman was charged with murder for legally obtaining an abortion was a disturbing preview of what’s to come if Congress doesn’t stand up for our basic rights. Now Kentucky and Oklahoma have passed bills to ban abortion as the far-right majority on the Supreme Court is on the precipice of overturning Roe v. Wade. Congressional Democrats need to be doing more to fight back. One of the most effective steps they can take: add seats to the Supreme Court. It’s not just Roe that hangs in the balance: the far-right court is prepared to also hand down pro-business decisions on voting rights, affirmative action, and gun rights in the months to come. Congress can pass legislation to rebalance the Supreme Court now, before Republicans have the chance to secure a Congressional majority in the midterms. It’s constitutional, it’s happened before, and it’s the only way to stop the radical right takeover of our courts and our country!
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  • gun violence
    As of April 17 2022 there have been over 120 mass shooting in the US in this calendar year alone. This number is only going to continue to rise if we do not make it harder for people to access these guns.
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  • Don’t Cut Nurse Health Benefits During Strike
    Nurses have gone above and beyond to keep the Stanford hospitals running through the pandemic and to maintain the world-class care that has built the hospitals’ reputations. In the face of a staffing crisis, unprecedented case loads and extremely high patient acuity, Nurses have continued to pour our hearts into helping our patients. Since January, we have put forward proposals in contract bargaining to address serious issues and create a sustainable workplace for Nurses at Stanford’s adult and children’s hospitals, but management just keeps saying no to many of our demands. Even after working with a federal mediator after our contracts expired on March 31, we were unable to reach a fair agreement. The hospitals have refused to acknowledge the understaffing that makes our work so hard. We are fighting to recruit more Nurses, reward the Nurses are working in the critical care areas, allow Nurses to take time to rest and recover, and to get meaningful mental health resources to Nurses who need them. When we could not get these basic commitments from the hospitals, more than 93 percent of eligible Nurses voted to authorize a strike. Now, the hospital executives are trying to use our health benefits as a weapon to break our resolve and prevent the strike. This decision is cruel and immoral. Health benefits should not be used against workers, and especially against the very health care professionals who have made Stanford a world-class health system. Please stand with Nurses and demand that the CEOs David Entwistle and Paul King immediately reverse this decision and pledge to maintain our benefits while we work to reach an agreement. Colleen Borges, pediatric oncology Nurse at Lucile Packard and CRONA president Kathy Stormberg, radiology Nurse at Stanford and CRONA vice president Eileen Pachkofsky, pediatric oncology Nurse at Lucile Packard and CRONA vice president
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  • Elon Musk shouldn't own Twitter
    Elon Musk—Tesla CEO and as of January 2022, the richest man on Earth —made a $43 BILLION offer to buy Twitter. Why’s this terrifying, you ask? This move from Musk signals what many financial experts are calling a hostile takeover of Twitter, a company and platform that Musk is already owns 9% of already. Earlier this week, Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal announced Musk would be joining the board, before saying that Musk had changed his mind and decided not to join the board. That decision left the door open for Musk to bid to own Twitter outright. Elon Musk isn’t fooling anyone, Twitter is one of the largest social media platforms on the planet. While Musk claims he’ll support “free speech,” we know most of the time that’s code for a free pass on racism, homophobia, transphobia and just blatant disinformation. The effort from the ultra-wealthy to take control of news outlets to craft their own narratives is not new (case in point: google Rupert Murdoch), but we find it ridiculous that during a deadly global pandemic, the rich just got richer. And now, Elon Musk—who paid $0 in income tax in 2007, despite his growing wealth—can now easily afford a $43B deal to take control of a platform we all enjoy. It’s time to fight back.
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  • Creation of Disability Cultural Center at Portland Community College
    Students with Disabilities need an identity center separate from Disability Services/Accessible Education because the function of this office is to meet accessibility needs and process accommodation requests, not to meet the needs of Students with Disabilities, for whom there are many. With a Disability Cultural Center, the possibility for grant funding is created, as is the ability to hire student staff, have peer-to-peer programming and advocacy, and opportunity for students to connect with others who are marginalized by exceptionally isolating circumstances.
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  • Mandatory Depression Screening for Stroke Patients
    Screening stroke patients for depression is an easy way to increase a survivors quality of life. Don't miss an opportunity to help others out.
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    Solitary confinement affects inmates in these three ways 1. Psychological -Inmates often experience a sense of “isolation panic” when initially put into solitary confinement -Those in solitary confinement often suffer from: depression, anxiety, psychosis and suicidal ideation -Those who have a history regarding mental health experience worsened state -The suicide rate amongst former inmates is highest among those who were in solitary confinement 2. Physical -exposure outside and amongst others is vital for “normal” brain function -lack of sensory exposure also leads to quickening memory loss -issues with long distance eyesight -Vitamin D deficiency increases risk for bone breaks and fractures 3. Societal -there is no treatment when released for trauma or solitary confinement -”Do we want people to come out better or worse than they went in” Also, Inmates that are assigned to solitary confinement during their incarceration are 3.2 times as likely to commit an act of self-harm as opposed to those who did not experience solitary confinement. Inmates that experienced solitary confinement were 2.1 times more likely to commit acts of self-harm during solitary confinement as well as 6.6 times more likely to commit acts of self-harm once outside of solitary confinement compared to inmates that never experienced solitary confinement. This study shows that Serious Mental Illness coupled with solitary confinement lead to the highest rates of potentially fatal self-harm. Solitary confinement, age, and serious mental illness overlaps showed that younger inmates were more likely to experience less lethal acts of self-harm, whereas older inmates were likely to commit more lethal acts of self-harm. Knowing this information is a clear indication of a human rights violation and we should stand to correct that. Please sign the petition in solitary to show Gov. Parson that the citizens of Missouri stand in solidarity to put human rights first.
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  • Brooklyn: Tell Congress to act now and stop gun violence!
    A shooter opened fire on a busy Brooklyn train platform crowded with commuters, injuring ten people, with multiple others hurt by smoke inhalation and in the panic. The shooter is still at large. Over the last few years, our already-sky-high rates of gun violence in the United States have soared even further, and gun sales are at record highs. There is an unending parade of headlines about the latest mass shooting, and of heart-wrenching stories of students and teachers, of mothers and fathers, of sons and daughters, of family members, who were going about their business when they were killed or injured by guns, their families and communities traumatized forever. The gun violence must stop. Our elected leaders have no greater responsibility than to keep us safe, and we cannot continue to accept their utter failure to do so. Tell Congress to take action now.
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  • Save the Lewis Family Home!
    Move in solidarity with all Black Oaklanders facing displacement–from the babies at Brookfield Elementary to the elders who've been pushed into encampments–by signing the petition.
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  • Fairfield Citizens Against I-95 Noise
    CT DOT must reduce noise pollution on I-95 for its residents. Exposure to traffic noise is associated with stress and sleep disturbances. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently concluded that road traffic noise increases the risk for ischemic heart disease and potentially other cardiometabolic diseases, including stroke, obesity, and diabetes (April, 2020). In addition to quiet paving, quiet joints, and noise barriers, trees and vegetation are another highly effective strategy to reduce noise pollution. For more information, please see the links below: https://stop95noise.org/ https://www.soundfighter.com/health-effects-of-highway-noise-and-what-can-be-done/ https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2018/jul/03/sonic-doom-noise-pollution-kills-heart-disease-diabetes https://www.brainfacts.org/thinking-sensing-and-behaving/diet-and-lifestyle/2018/noise-pollution-isnt-just-annoying-its-bad-for-your-health-062718 https://greenwichfreepress.com/news/transportation/piccininno-transportation-columnist-gets-it-wrong-on-i95-noise-barriers-172426/
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