• "The People's Mandate" (includes abolishing the filibuster and codifying Roe)
    This is important because the people of the United States cannot allow a currently undemocratic institution like the Supreme Court to make incredibly dangerous population-wide decisions which go against facts, logic, and the will of the people.
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    Because if we don't stand up now, it's only going to get worse.
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  • Disbar John Eastman for undermining our Constitution & elections
    In leading efforts to undermine the peaceful transition of power after a free and fair election, he attacked the foundations of our democracy. Nearly 160 million Americans exercised their right to vote in the November 2020 election. Dozens of courts rejected unfounded claims of widespread voter fraud, and the Electoral College formally ratified President-elect Biden’s victory on December 14, 2020. Despite these clear expressions of the will of the people—and with full knowledge of the implications of their actions—John Eastman undermined the Constitution and our democracy. These actions prove John Eastman fundamentally unfit for membership in the legal profession. He has flagrantly violated some of the most elementary ethics rules governing the legal profession. The California Bar should undertake disbarment proceedings against John Eastman and send the message that the legal profession stands firmly in defense of our democratic institutions. They must do so whether or not John Eastman plans to assume the roles of advocate and counselor ever again, as a private or public lawyer. It is the least our profession can do to protect and defend our most cherished ideals and institutions.
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  • Fund New York City's Schools!
    Mayor Eric Adams and the New York City Council have passed a budget that cuts funding to our public schools. That is unconscionable, hits low-income schools the hardest, and has resulted in cuts of 20%-30% in some districts. Our students have already paid a steep price during this pandemic. They now deserve schools that are fully funded, small class sizes, access to art, music, and science, investments in special education, mental health support, and in-school social work, and so much more. Yet, in this year's budget, the mayor shuffled the deck ... and left school budgets in the red. Principals are panicking. Teachers are being "excessed" (which means losing the jobs they have in their school communities) while entire departments are set to be dismantled in many schools. And students and parents are facing a new crisis—just as we thought we were finally emerging from three years of interrupted and compromised schooling. This is all mistaken political showmanship by the mayor. But the consequences are real. Cuts to school budgets mean cuts to staff—that means less support for special ed, less enrichment, and larger classes. It means that teachers are losing their roles and schools are losing the professionals who helped their communities through this pandemic. And by the fall—when budgets are adjusted—it will be too late to hire these folks back. During the pandemic, we applauded our teachers as essential workers. Now we toss them aside. We praised our principals for their dedication and innovation. Now we slap them in the face. We made our students carry the burden of school closures...and now we tell them we won't invest in them. Mayor Adams—make this right. Fully fund New York's schools and support our city's students.
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  • We Need an Anti-Price Gouging Law in Maryland NOW!
    On June 11th, 11 churches joined together to provide $25,000 in free gas in Prince George's County to provide direct aid to the community. Organizers were discouraged to learn that Sunoco Gas Station on Marlboro Pike increased the price per gallon by 10 cents during the event- and immediately lowered the price after. Currently, in Laurel, MD residents are receiving rent increases from $400.00 - $1600.00 as well as parking fees of varying amounts depending on rental seniority & Schweb Partners LLC based in Jackson, NJ claims this is market value for their units. Blatant exploitation and price gouging are unacceptable when our community is struggling to make ends meet, Maryland needs explicit anti-price gouging legislation to protect our citizens from industry greed.
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  • Sign Your Name to Hold Clarence Thomas Accountable With a Code of Ethics
    The lawyer who pressured Mike Pence to go along with a coup claims to know what Supreme Court justices are discussing, and has been revealed to be emailing with Clarence Thomas’s wife. Despite his wife’s deep involvement in a very public act of sedition, Clarence Thomas will not recuse himself from any January 6th cases. On the contrary—he was the only justice to vote against granting the January 6th Select Committee access to key Trump administration documents related to the insurrection. This is a clear conflict of interest. It’s blatantly unethical. But unlike every other federal judge in the nation, Supreme Court justices aren’t beholden to any structured code of conduct. That has to change. Sign your name if you agree.
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  • Support S.764 - Ensuring Funding for Emergency Mental Health Crisis Response Teams
    Over reliance on law enforcement in the United States (US) has resulted in an overrepresentation of persons with mental illness in instances of police violence, arrest, and incarceration. Supporting this bill, which is currently under review in committee, will help cities and states throughout the country establish community-based mobile crisis intervention services for individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. If you agree that this is a need for our country moving forward, please add your thoughts to this letter and send it either to your Senator, or to Senator Wyden, who chairs the subcommittee on finance which is reviewing the bill.
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  • Vote NO on the Water Quality Accountability Act
    Your signatures will accompany a letter that we'll submit to the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. The full letter is available for your review here. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeeWiBV-J1bxRofYiSvdD9KgfyZilG_KKJGaZZKoC75tDxfPA/viewform
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  • DOJ - Do your job! Prosecute former President Donald J. Trump.
    No one is above the law. When crimes are committed, justice and consequences should equally apply to all. Former President Donald J. Trump committed crimes that endanger the democracy of the United States. His supporters must clearly see that the fraudulent model he has built is clearly a crime and that there are consequences when one applies that model. Former President Donald J. Trump has set up a precedence that must be acknowledged as dangerous to the United States.
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  • Congressman Eric Swalwell - Support LGBTQ families in a more meaningful way
    On Saturday, June 11th, a group of Proud Boys verbally attacked attendees at a family-friendly LGBTQ Drag Story Hour that occurred at the San Lorenzo Library. Congressman Eric Swalwell has organized a meeting to discuss this issue and the harm caused to LGBTQ families. His colleague in Congress, Hon. Congressman Ro Khanna, has endorsed an Anti-Gay candidate for State Senate. Her name is Lily Mei and over 90% of the members of the Alameda County Democratic Party agree that her anti-gay past makes her ineligible from receiving the Democratic Party's Endorsement. We are asking that Congressman Swalwell do more than just hold a meeting. We are asking that he call his colleague in Congress to request the reconsideration of Lily Mei's endorsement.
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  • Fair McAdams Parking
    Each child that pays to play is different. Some of the children that play are autistic, asthmatic and have other allergies. Some of these children have a parent/guardian or a sibling with handicap needs. Some parents and coaches get to the ball park at an early time to get a parking spot in this parking lot to save themselves a hassle. If the parking lot is full, then they can go and park at a different lot. If the parking lot is half claimed by cones for people who aren’t even present to claim a spot, then it should be fair for anyone to park. No matter what the reason is for someone wanting to park in this lot, they should all have the fair chance to park if the spot is available and legal.
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  • Backyard Poultry for The Village of Island Lake IL Ordinance Changes
    This is our chance to take control of the food we eat and help reduce waste (chickens will eat your scraps!), unwanted pests and provide fresh, healthy food for our families. Times are changing and it’s not very often people who are fighting food insecurities even get fresh food at pantries. Fresh eggs are a right and not just for farmers.
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