• Oppose "La Muerte" de la Mision (The Death of the Mission) - Luxury Development on 22nd & Mission
    We need 100% affordable in the Mission and we must bring back those that lost their homes and businesses in the fire. This proposed development goes against planning’s efforts of creating race and social equity in planning and development. Due to the negligence of the landlord, two additional fires diminished the tenant's right to return to minimal. He owns19 properties throughout the bay area. After many years of promises to sell for 100 percent affordable housing and then silence. The owner is moving forward to develop this site. This development has been named “La Muerte” de La Mision" (The Death of the Mission) because it will continue the death of the Mission. Please oppose this project! Si Se Puede!! Opóngase al nuevo desarrollo propuesto que pretende construir un edificio de 8 pisos con 148 unidades de lujo, en el 2588 de las calles Misión y 22. Un gran incendio en 2015 destruyó el edificio icónico que originalmente se encontraba en ese lugar, matando a Mauricio Orellana de 38 años, hiriendo a 6 residentes, desplazando a 60 residentes y destruyendo 26 pequeños negocios. ¿Por qué es importante el oponerse? En la Misión se necesita vivienda 100% asequible y debemos traer de regreso a quienes fueron desplazados o perdieron sus hogares y negocios en el incendio. Este proyecto propuesto va en contra de los esfuerzos de planificación para crear equidad racial, social y desarrollo planificado. Como consecuencia de la negligencia del propietario, dos incendios adicionales quitaron toda posibilidad para los inquilinos de regresar. Este individuo es dueño de 19 propiedades en toda el área de la bahía. Después de muchos años de promesas de vender para construir vivienda cien por ciento accesible y luego, silencio, ahora, el propietario está planeando ese proyecto de lujo. Este proyecto ha sido nombrado “La Muerte de La Misión" porque continúa matando a la Misión. Por favor, opóngase a este proyecto. Our Mission No Eviction
 Calle 24 Latino Cultural District 
Trabajo Cultural Caminante American Indian Cultural District Instituto Familiar De La Raza
 Mission Neighborhood Centers Plaza 16 United to Save the Mission Housing Rights Committee 
Dance Brigade's Dance Mission BRAVA! For Women in the Arts Precita Eyes Muralist Accion Latina Save Capp St.
 Pacific Felt Factory
 Gubio Project 
Clarion Mural Project
 Media Alliance
 Cultural Action Network 
Factory 1 Design 
Power People Media SF Lowrider Council San Francisco Latino Democratic Club CARECEN SF Galleria De La Raza
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  • More Pride Flag Emojis on Android and Apple Devices
    This is important because LGBTQ+ representation is essential. If they can add new face emojis on the phones, why can't they add new pride flag emojis? We should be able to have the emoji that represents our sexuality and gender identity!
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  • Mayor Klinakis: Confront Sexual Harassment, Assault and other lawlessness at City Hall
    #MeToo has sparked an outpouring of personal stories of sexual harassment and assault. Over 81 percent of women in the United States report having experienced sexual harassment. The damage is physical, psychological, and economic. It can happen to anyone—including men. That’s why we have laws in place to keep employees safe in the workplace from being harassed or retaliated against if they speak up about it. The conversation needs to include those who witness or are otherwise aware of these illegal actions – they need to speak up and let their voice be heard. But in order to change the status quo, we need those who are witnesses to the harassment or assault — and most often encourage that behavior through their silence — to speak up and say “sexual harassment and retaliation is not okay.” Take the pledge to act, and share with everyone who you want to invite to join you in taking on sexual harassment and assault and demand Mayor Klinakis ensure the City of La Puente is a safe place to work. #Time'sUpMayorKlinakis #StopKlinakisAbuse
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  • WhatsApp is enabling anti-Palestinian mob violence. It MUST stop.
    This was preventable. Facebook has willfully enabled anti-Muslim violence and genocide around the world—including Myanmar, India, Australia, Sri Lanka and more. Today, it's the Palestinians who are targeted. Will you sign this petition to Facebook right now and demand that they stop this violence from taking place. They have enabled so much death against vulnerable communities, it must stop.
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    HB-294 is a regressive bill looking for a problem. Nothing within this proposed measure would do anything to prevent voter fraud but they will absolutely inconvenience Ohio voters and create confusion, create longer lines to vote, reduce voter participation and further increase voter apathy. HB-294 will do the following (summarized): • Limits duration of drop box availability • Cuts the number of early voting days • Cuts off vote-by-mail ballot requests a week earlier, • Creates a new three-tier ID rule (HB-294 -VOTER SUPPRESSION BILL IN DETAIL) 1. Limits counties to one ballot drop box location the last 10 days before an election—regardless of how large or populated a county is. Voters in Ohio’s highest population counties sat in traffic jams at drop boxes last year but counties will be prohibited from making drop boxes more accessible. 2. Eliminates one of the busiest final three days of early voting - Monday. In 2020, some 31,413 Ohio voters voted the day before Election Day. 3. Cuts off mail ballot requests at 10 days before the election, which would make Ohio more restrictive than 40+ other states. In 2020, some 451,863 Ohio voters requested a ballot the final week. In that time, 413,093 voters requested and returned their ballots. 4. Voters would be subject to a new three-tier ID rule with photo ID as the preference. 58.6% of voters, more than 3.5 million, voted by mail in 2020. 5. If a vote-by-mail ballot is not sealed in the voter ID envelope -- but inside the return envelope —it will be thrown out. 6. Makes ban on public offices paying return postage even stricter than current law. Paying voters’ return postage would remove a barrier to voting by mail. 🚨 🚨 ACTION STEPS 🚨 🚨 Call your legislator and the sponsors / co-sponsors of HB294 Email your legislator and the sponsors of HB 294 Write a letter to the editor Sign and Share our online petition AMPLIFY THE MESSAGE BY SHARING THESE HASH TAGS ON SOCIAL MEDIA: #OhioAntiVoterBill #OurRightToVote #FreedomToVote Sample script: Hi! My name is _____________ I’m calling to voice my opposition to HB 294. House Bill 294 is a divisive and dangerous anti-voter bill that contains many of the same attacks on our fundamental freedom to vote that we have seen passed in Georgia and other states. We all want safe and accessible elections, but Ohio Legislators are pushing new anti-voter legislation that will take us in the wrong direction. Any bill that rolls back our access to the ballot box or our right to vote is unacceptable. Ohio already has enough anti-voter laws. We don’t need any more. Elections in Ohio are Safe and Fair. In an article written Jan. 23rd, 2021 by Emily Morgan of The Daily Record, The current Secretary of State, Frank LaRose, stated "for election fraud to occur on a wide a scale, dozens of Republicans and dozens of Democrats who all work for the elections board would have to collaborate on committing a felony and keep it completely quiet.” He also went on to say that "I think we ran the most successful election we’ve ever had.” Any bill that rolls back our right to vote is a non-starter. Period. Please sign this petition and share with other Ohioans to let them know that conservative legislator our enforcing big government to attack their fundamental freedom to vote. Below are the emails and phone numbers of Ohio House Legislators: Sponsors of HB 294 Rep. Bill Seitz (R) email: Rep30@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-8258 Rep. Sharon Ray (R) email: Rep69@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-8140 Co-Sponsors: Rep. Cindy Abrams (R) email: Rep29@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-9091 Rep. Brian Baldridge (R) email: Rep90@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-2124 Rep. Adam C. Bird (R) email: Rep66@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-6034 Rep. Rick Carfagna (R) email: Rep68@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-1431 Rep. Sara P. Carruthers (R) Rep51@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-6721 Rep. Gary Click (R) email: Rep88@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-1374 Rep. Jon Cross (R) email: Rep83@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-3819 Rep. Al Cutrona (R) email: Rep59@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-6107 Rep. Mark Fraizer (R) email: Rep71@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-1482 Rep. Haraz N. Ghanbari (R) email: Rep3@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-8104 Rep. Timothy E. Ginter (R) email: Rep5@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-8022 Rep. Thomas Hall (R) email: Rep53@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-5094 Rep. Brett Hudson Hillyer (R) email: Rep98@ohiohouse.gov Ph#614-466-8035 Rep. Adam Holmes (R) email: Rep97@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-6014 Rep. Don Jones (R) email: Rep95@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-8728 Rep. Darrell Kick (R) email: Rep70@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-2994 Rep. Jeff LaRe (R) email: Rep77@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-8100 Rep. Brian E. Lampton (R) email: Rep73@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-6020 Rep. P. Scott Lipps (R) email: Rep62@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-6023 Rep. Mike Loychik (R) email: Rep63@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-3488 Rep. Riordan T. McClain (R) email: Rep87@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-6265 Rep. Phil Plummer (R) email: Rep40@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-8051 Rep. Tracy M. Richardson (R) email: Rep86@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-8147 Rep. Craig S. Riedel (R) Rep82@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-5091 Rep. Bill Roemer (R) Rep38@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-644-5085 Rep. Jean Schmidt (R) Rep65@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-8134 Rep. Shane Wilkin (R) email: Rep91@ohiohouse.gov Ph# 614-466-3506
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  • Save the Children: Support HR 2590 - Save kids in occupied Palestinian territories
    For the first time, there is legislation in Congress to ensure that no US tax dollars fund multiple human rights violations carried out by the Israeli government against Palestinians. We need you to take action today to ensure that your representative is on this bill. The Palestinian Children and Families Act (H.R. 2590), introduced by Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN), states that the U.S. will not fund the Israeli government's imprisonment and torture of Palestinian children; theft and destruction of Palestinian homes and property; or any further annexation of Palestinian land. This legislation couldn't come at a more critical moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed systemic injustices across the globe, intensifying the harms of state violence and discrimination - Israel is no exception. During the pandemic, the Israeli government has continued to imprison Palestinian children under a military court system, putting them in grave danger of contracting COVID and separating them from their families. Horrifyingly, at a time when we are all asked to stay at home, the Israeli government has actually increased the rate at which it is demolishing Palestinian homes. Now is the time: The U.S. must stop funding the Israeli government's human rights abuses.
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  • Fix the Supreme Court and save abortion rights!
    The Supreme Court just agreed to hear a case that could lead to Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett overturning Roe v. Wade. Mississippi recently banned abortion in the first 15 weeks of a pregnancy. All lower courts have said it is unconstitutional. But now right-wing justices Kavanaugh and Barrett are eager to rule on this critical case. Kavanaugh and Barrett want to use this case and ones like it to overturn Roe v Wade, the landmark decision that protected abortion rights across America. Democratic politicians have spent years warning voters that this could happen. But so far, those politicians haven't taken all the steps needed to protect Roe v. Wade. The most important thing they can do right now is to fix the Supreme Court by adding two more seats. We need Senators to stop wasting time. Will you sign the petition and urge Congress to expand the Supreme Court and save our basic rights?
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  • Biden: Stop giving $3.8 billion in weapons for Israeli Apartheid
    Palestinians have lived under Israeli military occupation and apartheid for decades. And the U.S. government has forced U.S. taxpayers to give Israel tens of billions of dollars in military funding along the way. In its April 2021 report, Human Rights Watch stated that "Israeli authorities are committing the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution ... based on an overarching Israeli government policy to maintain the domination by Jewish Israelis over Palestinians..." As documented in the Human Rights Watch report, Israeli apartheid and persecution includes: - "The suspension of basic civil rights to millions of Palestinians." - "Confiscation of more than a third of the land in the [Occupied Palestinian] West Bank." - "The forcible transfer of thousands of Palestinians out of their homes." Apartheid itself is defined by the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as “Inhumane acts ... committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime.” The U.S. has long been a major funder of Israeli apartheid, forcing taxpayers in the U.S. to give billions of dollars to Israel's military. Meanwhile, the Israeli government uses its military to confiscate Palestinian land and enable the building of Jewish-only settlements. Palestinians who dare to oppose these policies are often arrested, imprisoned, tortured, or even killed by Israeli soldiers and police. What can be done? The Human Rights Watch report says, “The Israeli government should dismantle all forms of systematic domination and oppression that privilege Jewish Israelis and systematically repress Palestinians, and end the persecution of Palestinians.” It is time for the U.S. to stop funding Israel's crimes against humanity. President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris must immediately end all U.S. funding for the Israeli military. Sources: 1. “Abusive Israeli Policies Constitute Crimes of Apartheid, Persecution,” Human Rights Watch, April 27, 2021. https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/04/27/abusive-israeli-policies-constitute-crimes-apartheid-persecution. 2. “A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution,” Report, Human Rights Watch, April 27, 2021, https://www.hrw.org/report/2021/04/27/threshold-crossed/israeli-authorities-and-crimes-apartheid-and-persecution. 3. “Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court,” Article 7 - 2(h); https://legal.un.org/icc/statute/romefra.htm. * The artwork above is by Shirien.Creates. You can see more of her beautiful work on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shirien.creates/
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  • Tell Google we need answers on why they aren’t updating their maps of Palestine
    Google’s censorship of high-resolution maps in Israel-occupied Palestinian territories hinders the ability of humanitarian and human rights groups from documenting home demolitions, settlement growth, and land loss. In Gaza, it’s preventing accuracy in documenting war crimes and human rights violations.[1] Google is inconsistently applying their own internal rules on mapping. In other conflict areas, such as eastern Ukraine, Google responsively and quickly put up new imagery on Google Earth. When it comes to Gaza though, Google has had access to high-resolution maps for over a year. But even during an active bombing campaign, where over 200 Palestinians in Gaza have been killed and infrastructure like a building housing journalists is destroyed, Google isn’t updating to high-res maps.[2] Google Maps has access to new imagery that would replace the blurry maps they have with updated ones. But so far they have sat on their hands, even though obscure, outdated laws that prevented these updates have been reversed for over a year. [1] It’s moments like these that reinforce tech is not neutral. By failing to consistently apply their policies Google and its Google Maps platform is helping to hide human rights abuses. But this isn’t new for Google. For some Palestinian digital rights activists, the slowness to update Gaza maps is a continuation of Google’s unequal handling of Palestine mapping overall. 7amleh, a digital rights group in Ramallah, asserts that the unequal mapping of Palestine is a human rights issue. Google Maps rarely includes the names of Palestinian areas unrecognized by Israel, yet has no problem including the names and locations of Israeli settlements. The maps don’t show roadblocks and checkpoints — resulting in Google Map routes that are useful only for Israelis and can be dangerous for Palestinians.[3] Sign our petition to demand that Google provide an answer for its inconsistent policy that prevents a better view of Gaza to allow researchers, activists, and the media access to high-resolution maps. Sources: 1. “Israel Can’t Hide Evidence of Its Occupation Anymore,” Foreign Policy, August 3, 2020. https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/08/03/israel-cant-hide-evidence-of-its-occupation-anymore/ 2. “Google Won't Say If It Will Update Its Blurry Maps of Gaza,” Motherboard, Tech by VICE, May 17, 2021. https://www.vice.com/en/article/m7evkn/google-maps-gaza-israel 3. Google Maps’ Endangering Palestinian Human Rights, 7amleh, September 18, 2018. https://7amleh.org/2018/09/18/google-maps-endangering-palestinian-human-rights
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  • @SenSanders, @SenWarren: Back @JoaquinCastrotx, nix Israel bomb deal
    On Sunday, May 16, Senator Jon Ossoff led 29 Senators in calling for an immediate ceasefire in Israel & Palestine to prevent further killing of civilians. On Monday, May 17, the Washington Post reported that members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee [HFAC] had just learned that Biden had approved a new weapons deal with Israel, even though the deal had been notified to the committee as required by law on May 5. These are offensive weapons similar to those that Saudi Arabia has used to kill civilians in Yemen. In response, Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro and other HFAC members expressed concern about the weapons deal and the message it would send about the urgency of a ceasefire and urged that the weapons deal be delayed so Congress could review it. But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi & Majority Leader Steny Hoyer overruled them and insisted the weapons deal would go forward without Congressional review. Senators don't work for Nancy Pelosi & Steny Hoyer. If even one Democratic Senator would speak up about this, it would give House Democrats more courage to insist on reviewing the weapons deal before it goes forward. In addition, under the Arms Export Control Act, a single Senator can introduce can introduce a resolution of disapproval on the arms deal and force a floor vote, as Senators Murphy and Paul did on Saudi arms deals in September 2016 & June 2017 in opposition to unconstitutional U.S. participation in the Saudi war in Yemen. Urge Members of Congress, especially Senators Sanders & Warren, to speak up about this weapons deal, demand that it be delayed & reviewed, and introduce legislation to force a floor vote, by signing our petition. References: Sen. Ossoff leads 29 Senators to call for immediate ceasefire: https://www.ossoff.senate.gov/press-releases/sen-ossoff-leads-28-senators-urging-immediate-ceasefire-in-middle-east/ WaPo article on House Dem opposition in arms deal https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/05/17/power-up-biden-administration-approves-735-million-weapons-sale-israel-raising-red-flags-some-house-democrats/ Rep Castro's statement demanding delay and review: https://twitter.com/AlexWardVox/status/1394369401420488708 House Dems demanding delay & review overruled by Pelosi & Hoyer: https://twitter.com/AlexWardVox/status/1394680891088285699
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  • Stop this dark money group’s plot to silence voters
    Caught on tape: Jessica Anderson -- the head of Heritage Action for America -- laying out in detail the shadowy group’s plot to silence eligible voters across the country. First, they draft dangerous model bills that roll back voting options, discourage people from participating, and keep Black and Brown voters from having a voice in our democracy. Then, they launder those bills through GOP state lawmakers -- “so it has that grassroots, from-the-bottom-up type of vibe,” in their words. And once introduced, their lobbyists and disinformation peddlers do all they can to make those anti-voter bills law. That’s right: this group is shamelessly manipulating our legislative processes to shut vulnerable voters out of our democracy. And they’re using former president Trump’s “Big Lie” about the 2020 election to fuel their efforts. Worse yet, the video also reveals that Heritage Action for America plans to spend $24 million over the next two years in eight battleground states -- all to pass and defend laws that strip voters of their right to be heard. We knew that taking away our rights was a big part of the far-right’s plan after Trump left office. But the scale and callousness with which they are executing this plot to suppress millions of voters is nothing short of horrifying. Congress has an obligation to put a stop to it. That’s why we’re calling on every elected official to side with their constituents over dark money -- and support the For the People Act and the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act, two bills that will protect voters’ right to be heard and limit wealthy special interests’ influence over our democracy.
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  • Abrar Omeish is a Racial Equity Champion: Stop the Slander
    The characterizations by Knotts and the GOP are designed to shut down important dialogue and run counter to free speech principles. Education systems must welcome diverse opinions.
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