• Seeking Asylum is a Basic Human Right
    It can take YEARS to be granted asylum in the US- but it starts with an interview at entry. The "credible fear" interview occurs when a potential asylum seeker expresses why they are fleeing their home country. If granted, the person/family begins the process for consideration of asylum. It took one local family over 20 years for their asylum case. We should NOT be increasing the BARRIERS to consideration for asylum at stage one.
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    Sarasota extremists with the Moms for Liberty are pushing the same chilling book-banning agenda with our public libraries that they pushed on our public schools. Under the guise of so-called parental rights, they want to dictate their narrow worldview upon everyone, not just their kids. This is a freedom for all issue, not just for an extremist few!
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  • Stop this outrageous Paxlovid increase, end Big Pharma greed!
    Paxlovid saves lives. And Pfizer is jacking up its price. Pfizer just announced it’s going to nearly triple the price of the antiviral COVID drug that can help reduce symptoms, prevent hospitalizations, and save lives.1 Pfizer executives are prioritizing profits over patients. This is Big Pharma greed, plain and simple. Pfizer’s CEO doesn’t need any more millions — he made $33 million in 2022,2 while so many Americans struggle to pay for the prescription drugs they need to survive. We must let President Biden know this is unacceptable. Sign the petition: Tell President Biden to stop the corporate profiteering off of COVID treatments by guaranteeing access to all Americans. Paxlovid costs $13 to make. Pfizer is going to sell it for $1,400.3 That’s a 10,000% price markup. Drug corporations are making massive profits on medicine people need to survive. Pfizer became the first ever Pharma company to bring in $100 billion in revenue. That’s right, $100 billion.4 While everyday Americans are struggling to afford medications, Pfizer executives are getting richer and richer. Big Pharma will always want to maximize profits. Big Pharma executives will always want fat bonuses. That's why President Biden must step in. Add your name: Stop this outrageous Paxlovid increase, end Big Pharma greed! Sources: MSNBC, “The estimated production cost of Paxlovid: $13. Its new list price: $1400,” October 23, 2023. Fierce Pharma, “Coming and going paid off for biopharma CEOs in 2022,” July 27, 2023. MSNBC, “The estimated production cost of Paxlovid: $13. Its new list price: $1400,” October 23, 2023. Fierce Pharma, “Coming and going paid off for biopharma CEOs in 2022,” July 27, 2023.
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  • Amazon can afford to pay, but only will if we make it
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon became a trillion-dollar corporation, with Bezos becoming the first person in history to amass $200 billion in personal wealth. Meanwhile, Amazon warehouse workers risked their lives as essential workers and only briefly received an increase in pay. Now, we're demanding Amazon pay its fair share to workers, communities, and the planet. Sign the petition to join workers, activists, and citizens from across the globe coming together to Make Amazon Pay its workers fairly, pay for its impact on the environment, and pay its taxes. Together, we'll demand Amazon and lawmakers implement policies to improve the workplace, provide job security, respect workers, operate sustainably, and pay back to society.
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  • AMGA BOD request to update By-laws
    Help us drive positive change in the AMGA by requestion long overdue changes to the By-Laws which will help create a more equitable distribution of influence and power on the Board of directors.
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  • George Santos Must Resign
    George Santos just avoided expulsion from Congress—despite his long record of dishonesty, fraud, and corruption. [1] But here’s the simple truth—Santos needs to be held accountable for repeatedly lying to his constituents and the House of Representatives. Santos was indicted twice this year on 23 serious charges—including identity theft, wire fraud, and money laundering. He’s also accused of misleading and lying to hundreds of thousands of voters about his identity, his finances, and what he was doing with their money. [2] His actions were so blatantly dishonest that nearly 200 of his colleagues—Democrats and Republicans—agreed he should no longer serve in office. The fact is, we deserve leaders who we can trust and who will follow the law—and George Santos can’t even be honest about his own resume! We must continue demanding accountability. Add your name to demand George Santos’ resignation—and swift action by congressional ethics watchdogs if he doesn’t. [1] https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/01/nyregion/george-santos-expulsion-house.html [2] https://www.cnbc.com/2023/10/27/rep-george-santos-arraignment-on-new-fraud-identity-theft-charges.html
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  • President Biden: Act Now to Protect Democracy
    President Biden recently said that protecting democracy is the “central issue” of his presidency, and so we are calling on him to back up his words with action. President Biden has the power to combat corruption and protect our democracy and our right to vote unilaterally, with the stroke of a pen, by taking executive actions that will strengthen our democracy. President Biden issued a voter access executive order before, but must now take additional important steps to fight corruption that’s undermining public confidence in American democracy, enhance transparency of corporate lobbying, prevent foreign money from influencing our elections, and create a White House Office of Democracy that can ensure that the U.S. Government is using every tool available to protect voting rights and American democracy, among other key pro-democracy reforms. Sign the petition to President Biden: Use the full power of your office to combat corruption and protect democracy!
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  • Ceasefire to stop all loss of life
    This level of violence and terror should never be experienced by a child or family, and it won't halt the ongoing occupation and tyranny in the area. To preserve lives, there is an urgent need for a de-escalation and swift ceasefire.
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  • Your comments are needed to support critical new DOL H-2A regulations
    In September, the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed new regulations for the H-2A guest worker program that would reduce abuse, exploitation and trafficking of farm workers. Transparency and accountability in the H-2A program will in turn improve the wages and working conditions of US workers. The 327 pages of complex regulations by the Biden administration would improve the lives of the hard working men and women who harvest our food and reflect the recommendations that the farm worker movement have been making for years. The public comment period will be open until November 14th. Please help us do all we can to make sure these changed regulations go into effect by sending your email to make sure the final regulations are as strong as possible and improve workers' conditions, wages, and ability to organize. The proposed DOL regulations would improve conditions for H-2A farm workers by: * Strengthening workers' right to advocate, form a union & have key services in employer-provided housing * Protecting workers from unjust firing, retaliation, and other violations by employers * Prohibiting employers from confiscating travel documents to prevent human trafficking * Targeting unlawful fees, fraud, and other abuse in the recruitment and hiring of workers These changes are urgently needed. Just last year, a federal investigation uncovered how H-2A employers ran a human trafficking ring, described by prosecutors as "modern day slavery" in Florida, Texas, and Georgia. In Utah, the former President of the Utah Farm Bureau is now subject to a human trafficking investigation after physically assaulting H-2A workers on his farm. Wage theft, abuse and exploitation are commonplace in the H-2A program and displace US workers while employers profit. This can't keep happening. The current system is broken and oversight is urgently needed and the regulations must be changed. Take action to send us your comments, add a personalized comment on the box on the share page and we can submit them en masse and save you the difficulty of navigating through the government website.
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  • Adopt Pono-Cocoa Certification Nationally
    Small chocolate companies are not able to compete against the prices of big chocolate corporations that use child slavery. Since the farm labor is unpaid, and all the wages, just go to the CEOs, it’s no wonder why it’s important to compete against companies like them. However, they have normalized child-slavery in cocoa in West Africa for over 120 years or eight generations. So it’s time for the normality of child slavery in cocoa to become a shocking occurrence, or not happen at all, instead. No competition can happen that’s fair while some employees are (forced into) working for free. Chocolate is an unfair market and there’s no way to compete and no way to enter. New companies would almost have to use cocoa produced by child slavery to have prices near the same as big chocolate corporations. Chocolate companies deserve to be able to compete with Big Chocolate corporations. It’s not fair that they’ve destroyed competition, through the deliberate use of child slavery. And, of course, keeping it all hidden.
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  • We Don't Need More Evidence. We Need a Ban on Fracking.
    We encourage everyone to read the Compendium's Summary of Findings and to encourage your governor and state legislators to read it closely. https://concernedhealthny.org/compendium/ The photo was taken on October 2 at the People's Hearing on Climate Change when people from across the state testified for four and a half hours on the harms they have already suffered and the need for action on climate. Governor Shapiro, every legislator, and their staff were invited to attend the hearing just steps from their offices. We can count on one hand how many even stopped by.
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  • Justice for PetSmarts actions
    Have you had a family pet? Imagine your loved one dying to a lack of care. Kobe, a 12 year old poodle, died during a nail clipping at a PetSmart store. 47 cases across 14 states since 2008 (2008-2021) states family's claim they took their dog to PetSmart, just for it to die during or shortly after their visit. I have my own experience. Our family dog, Marshall, became aggressive and scared toward humans after his visit. We couldn't touch his neck or side abdomen. We had to rehome him in hopes 1-1 companionship would be better for him, and he died from a series of strokes. PetSmarts horrid actions should be punished.
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