• Recall Mitch McConnell from the US Senate
    Mitch has continually failed to represent his constituency, across the country and especially here in Kentucky. He has been uninterested in engaging with Kentuckians and was re-elected as a benefit of straight ticket Republican voting in a red state. He has been responsible for countless policies that have explicitly hurt the people of Kentucky, most recently in combating the increase of stimulus checks to $2k during the COVID pandemic. Removing him from the Senate is the right of the State of Kentucky.
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  • Governor DeWine...VETO Senate Bill 175 (Stand Your Ground: Shoot First, Analyze Later Law)
    If Stand Your Ground legislation becomes law, this type of implicit bias will have a tremendously negative impact on communities of color and will result in the deaths of more African Americans. Blacks are frequently perceived as a threat solely on the fact that they have darker skin. Stand Your Ground legislation will justify the murder of innocent people, particularly innocent Black people whose suspicion is actually based on racial prejudice, racial hatred, racial perceptions, and race based intersectionality - none of which have any basis in fact.
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  • Expel Senator Cruz, Senator Hawley and Censure the six
    The subject senators are on record for stating their intent to object to the electoral votes prior to the joint session of congress on Jan 6th 2021 despite there being no legal basis. In doing so they joined President Trump and his campaign’s false narrative about an election steal and helped seed the insurrection by the far right on January 6th 2021. Most egregious were the individual acts by Senator Cruz and Senator Hawley’s who independently fueled the far-right in days leading up to the vote. The acts of by the far-right mob resulted in halting the counting of the presidential electoral votes, the unfolding of violence and terror within the Capitol building, the destruction and denigration of the Capitol building itself, and a terror that impacted millions of Americans across our nation. Despite the horrors of the day these eight senators were unmoved and persisted in their political theater to object to the electoral votes as planned. Such intent on the heels of an attempted coup is telling. To be clear the January 6th attack was domestic terrorism and an act of treason. These eight senators share in the accountability for the seditious acts that day. There is no room in the Senate for person’s that will continue to keep Trumpism alive in our government. The voters were clear in the 2020 Election; they wanted Trump out, but they wanted to retain Republicans in the Senate. This is the time for the Republican leaders to show daylight between the Republican party and Trumpism. This can be done with the rightful expulsion of those who have aligned with Trump and the far-right to commit acts of sedition.
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    Created by Laura King
  • Officer punches police dog more than 10 times
    The officer held down the dog with his knees and repeatedly punched him for refusing to return a reward he was just given. The witness heard alarming crying and saw the officer strike the dog 10 times before beginning to video. This is a serious offense which indicates behavior by the officer of loss of control, overreaction, and harm using his position of power. The officer held the dog down with his knees and closed first punched him. Abusive, despicable, and frightening behavior caught on video.
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  • Repeal the Global Gag Rule
    Women's health has been seriously affected by the Global Gag Rule, which has withdrawn American aid from any nongovernmental organization offering abortion. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to restore women's access to reproductive health care.
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    Created by Meredeth Turshen
  • Gov. DeWine ... VETO SB 175 (Stand Your Ground, Shoot First Law)
    If Stand Your Ground legislation becomes law, this type of implicit bias will have a disparate impact in communities of color and will result in the deaths of more African Americans based solely on the fact that they are perceived as being a threat. Stand Your Ground legislation will justify the murder of innocent people, particularly innocent Black people whose suspicion is actually based on racial prejudice, racial hatred, and racial perceptions none of which have any basis in fact.
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  • Protection for the Elderly from Covid
    Has this virus not been downplayed and kept a secret from the American people we could have kept it from spreading like wildfire across our nation. The virus found my Father in his own home where he was supposed to be safe. My Father had COPD & Rhuemetiod Arthritis and was 77 years young. He took good care of himself & despite his underlying conditions was in very good health. My father contracted Covid in his own home and spent 6 long weeks fighting for his life in the ICU department at the hospital alone. He died. He may be nobody to Donald Trump BUT TO ME HE WAS MY WORLD. Mask wearing and social distancing must be taken seriously and enforced to the fullest extent in order to stop this virus from claiming more lives. A caring & strong leader would set the example and vocalize the severity of this virus so that people are not letting their guards down and a lot of American’s lives can be saved. I want to do this to honor my Daddy who should have been protected!!!
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    Created by Emily Perez
  • Trump’s shameful pardon spree: Congress must investigate
    As one of his final acts as president, Donald Trump has once again gravely abused the power of his office for personal gain. In recent days, he has issued pardons for a number of individuals associated with his campaign and administration -- including Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone, effectively undoing the biggest convictions won by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. While the wrongdoing they were tried and convicted for varies, they all have something in common: none of them ever broke loyalty with Trump, or offered potentially implicating testimony against him. That’s right -- Trump is openly abusing his power to reward those who put loyalty to him above the laws of our nation and the integrity of our democracy. And while it’s unlikely that this will be Trump’s last abuse of power -- one thing he cannot do is rewrite history or repair the reputation of his presidency after the long line of criminal convictions springing out of it. Congress must fully investigate this shameful act, and pass legislation to prevent this from happening in the future -- if you agree, please add your name today.
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  • Stop Evictions, Save Lives!
    Our communities are battling a new surge of COVID-19 cases — and at the same time, we're facing a catastrophic wave bearing down on our homes: evictions. Every month, families forgo food, water, and healthcare just to pay the rent to avoid eviction. Every month, renters across the country are burdened with over $51 billion in rent payments, forcing us to work multiple jobs, take out loans and put our lives at risk just to pay the bills. It's estimated that renters will face $70 billion in rent arrears by the end of January, and more than 13.4 million households are now at risk of eviction. These evictions disproportionately impact Black, Latinx, Indigenous, API families and working class communities of color. This is unconscionable. We know housing is the cure to this crisis. And we demand more so we can survive — and thrive. We call upon the incoming Biden administration to take immediate action to protect our homes, our families, and our communities. That's why today, Right to the City Alliance members are getting SO LOUD that the incoming Biden administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) just can't ignore us. Are you with us?
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    Created by Dawn Phillips
  • Twitter: Maintain Official White House Accounts Followers
    Twitter Communications spokesperson Nick Pacilio, who describes himself as a “Shady son of a b****,” on his own Twitter profile, defied logic by announcing a complete wipe of Twitter followers to all official White House accounts at the close of Trump’s administration, offering no rationale for the unprecedented decision. Rob Flaherty, Digital Director for the Biden-Harris transition, tweeted: "In 2016, the Trump admin absorbed all of President Obama's Twitter followers on @POTUS and @WhiteHouse -- at Team 44's urging,". Flaherty went on to tweet, "In 2020, Twitter has informed us that as of right now the Biden administration will have to start from zero." While it is true that many Americans get their information from news sources, millions of people are informed only through their social media feeds. Twitter’s stance back in 2016 was that it was an account that automatically went with the president, no matter who held the office. These accounts are not permanently tied to a particular administration and the followers represent the Americans and people around the world who’s right it is to be informed about the activities and perspectives of the executive branch. The United States President is a public servant and therefore the official White House accounts are property of the American people. Twitters decision is an egregious disenfranchisement of 33.2 million people following the @POTUS and 26 million people following @WhiteHouse accounts, including millions of American citizens. This move by Twitter is destructive to democracy because it cripples and could even further shut down the exchange of information and ideas across political divides, bridging administrations. It encourages congeniality bias in our county. This selective exposure to algorithm curated information is poison to the principles advanced by our founding fathers and encourages the kind of vitriolic tribalism that has made deeper roots into our society. Stripping these official accounts of the millions of Americans following them indicates Twitter is willfully complicit in the continuation of the divisive political and social context which we are currently in because it disconnects people from their newly elected government officials. This action disadvantages and betrays Americans who signed up to a service thinking that they had control of their membership to view different feeds and sources of information, only to have a corporate entity exercise even greater control than ever before over what users are able to view and what not to view. This is a shameful betrayal of democratic ideas and we should loudly and unequivocally condemn this action by Jack Dorsey and mouthpiece Nick Palicio. Americans and Twitter users worldwide who support democracy and desire to see a country unified, should declare with one clear voice that we want these official accounts followers to be maintained and keep information flowing to all Americans.
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    Created by James Goedeke
  • Stop COVID in NYS Now
    We understand that herd immunity via vaccination will take months to achieve. Without the steps outlined above many more lives will be lost and many others will become ill, perhaps chronically, per the models. This hurts people, and in the long run, is also expensive across many systems. We have seen what happens when countries work to eliminate COVID. New York State may have more difficulty than a country would, but we can see that the current level of mitigation is not enough. We have seen responses from leaders like Adern, Battulga and Merkel. While they have all struggled with COVID returning, the defining feature of their response is their unwillingness to lose lives. A positive side effect is that their economies have been impacted positively by this approach. COVID Zero NY should be our aspiration. Being better than other states is not enough. It is imperative that our goals be higher because this is impacting our lives, our health, and our livelihoods. We must act, immediately. The WHO’s Dr. Mike Ryan’s statement from March is as relevant today as it was then: “Perfection is the enemy of the good when it comes to emergency management. Speed trumps perfection, and the problem in society we have at the moment is everyone is afraid of making a mistake - everyone is afraid of the consequence of error. But the greatest error is not to move. The greatest error is to be paralyzed by the fear of failure.” Respectfully submitted, Dec 22, 2020 — Sample of Information Utilized Substantial majorities (6 in 10, or more) of Americans support all seven restrictive measures. www.thecovidstates.org THE COVID STATES PROJECT: A 50-STATE COVID-19 SURVEY REPORT #25: PUBLIC SUPPORT FOR MEASURES AIMED AT CURBING COVID-19 USA, November 2020 COVID Zero: https://www.kxnet.com/news/national-news/after-eliminating-covid-19-new-zealand-pm-says-flattening-curve-wasnt-enough/ Economy and COVID: https://indianapublicmedia.org/news/a-false-choice-how-the-coronavirus-married-public-health-the-economy.php?s=09 Lack of transparency undermining response: https://www.wired.com/story/a-lack-of-transparency-is-undermining-pandemic-policy/ Updated COVID risk: https://covid19risk.biosci.gatech.edu/ Closing schools, bars, workplaces, public events reduces R to safe levels https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(20)30785-4/fulltext Additional school information: https://twitter.com/DrZoeHyde/status/1336612124835995648?s=20 Aerosols: https://time.com/5883081/covid-19-transmitted-aerosols/
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  • Extend the eviction moratorium in Oregon
    Portland’s housing crisis is in uncharted territory A new study predicts a national homelessness spike due to COVID-19 and forecasts a 40 to 45 percent rise in homelessness. Affordable housing and support services are falling far short of demand. And, as a surge of evictions looms, the worst is yet to come.
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