• Break Free From Plastic UNM
    It is impossible to tackle the climate crisis without eliminating the use of single-use plastic.
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    Created by CAMERON CALHOUN
  • Atrazine Poisons Wildlife — It's Time To Ban It
    The herbicide atrazine is making frogs croak — and not in a good way. Because it's so widely used across the United States for weed control on crops, concentrations of atrazine in many rivers, ponds and streams are so high they can kill amphibians. If we don't stop using this chemical, imperiled species including dusky gopher frogs and Illinois chorus frogs could be driven to extinction. Atrazine has to be banned, and you can help. This poison's so dangerous it's already illegal in 44 countries across the world. It chemically castrates male frogs at concentrations lower than what's allowed in our drinking water. And in people, exposure to it correlates with elevated cancer risks, irregular menstrual cycles, and low sperm counts. We must ban this toxic chemical once and for all.
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  • Overhauling Welfare and Tackling Homelessness in LA
    Homelessness will continue to grow, unless radical change is made. The bandages that we have placed over this issue have all come unhinged and it needs to be dealt with in a way that is empathetic and strategic. This proposal will remove the problem element (Village E) out of cities and away from children/families. This will also impact certain crime statistics, dealing with petty theft and larceny. This solution will also provide relief on the already taxed criminal justice system, that locks people up that need treatment. With respect to welfare, Villagers A,B& C will be taught self sufficiency and they will have the option to gain skills that can be used in and outside of the village. This will allow the government to reduce aid for them over time as they follow their growth plans. Once they have achieved self sufficiency, they will be provided a one-time stipend to rent a section 8 apartment (paying 60% market rent for a capped timeframe).
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    Created by Rebecca R
  • Justice Clarence Thomas must recuse himself from Moore v. Harper, a Trump-related case!
    Justice Thomas has failed to recuse himself from cases pertaining to the 2020 election before, with disastrous results. In January 2021, Clarence Thomas was the only justice who sided with Trump in a case determining whether the January 6th Committee could access Trump White House records. Just two months later, we learned the extent of his wife’s involvement in the Trump coup attempt. Ginni Thomas texted with Mark Meadows about the insurrection and pressured lawmakers at the state and federal levels to throw out the fairly-determined election results. Clarence Thomas’s shameless dissent in Trump’s favor shows there’s no way he could rule fairly on Moore v. Harper. He must recuse himself! Sign the petition: Justice Clarence Thomas must recuse himself from Moore v. Harper!
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  • Protect journalists from government surveillance!
    The PRESS Act passed the House with bipartisan unanimous support. And when the same legislation was introduced in previous years, it’s enjoyed support from Republicans — including Mike Pence. It’s obvious that if Senate Republicans oppose the legislation now, it won’t be because of policy concerns. It will be out of fear of Trump’s authoritarian tendencies — the same ones that put our press corps at risk. The Protect Reporters from Excessive State Suppression (PRESS) Act would shield journalists from being forced to give up sources and block government seizure of phone and email records. These rights are absolutely essential in any functioning democracy. With just days left in this session of Congress, the Senate must seize this opportunity to defend our democracy before it’s too late! Sign the petition: The Senate must pass the PRESS Act, legislation safeguarding a free and independent press!
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  • Ban Members of Congress from trading stocks!
    Members of Congress may have profited off the pandemic using insider information. Since March 2020, momentum has been building to finally ban Members from trading individual stocks while in office — but time is running out. House Democrats have been promising a final proposal to ban Congressional stock trading all summer. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must bring a strong proposal to the floor now, before the end of the Congressional session! Corruption in Congress has been an issue since long before the pandemic. But in March 2020, Members’ apparent profiteering got more brazen than ever. Senator Richard Burr sold hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of stocks after receiving a briefing on the severity of COVID-19. He warned rich donors at a private luncheon of the oncoming COVID crisis — but failed to warn his constituents, or support legislative action that would remediate the crisis. We called for Burr to be investigated by the SEC and the Senate Ethics committee. To date, he has faced no consequences for his actions. Neither have three other senators who may have profited from insider information as the pandemic was unfolding. The current laws governing Congressional stock trading are too weak – and are rarely enforced. That’s why we need a ban on Members of Congress owning and trading all individual stocks while in office. Members have an incentive to make the policy as weak as possible — but they’re vulnerable to grassroots pressure. We must be clear: the Congressional stock trading ban must require Members, their spouses, and their top aides to divest ALL ownership of individual stocks while in office! Sign the petition: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi must bring legislation to ban Congressional stock trading and ownership to the floor immediately!
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  • Stop Engineering a Recession!
    The Federal Reserve is reportedly set to hike interest rates yet again next week. Trump-nominated Fed Chair Jerome Powell is still claiming he can cut interest rates without driving a recession — but the Fed’s own research suggests the exact opposite. Jerome Powell knows tight monetary policy will hurt working people and cause a recession and he doesn’t care. We need to send him a message. In Powell’s own words, his plan to tackle inflation is “to get wages down and then get inflation down.”[2] Powell’s claim that working people must suffer in order to reduce inflation is patently false — and it was perfectly predictable that he’d mishandle the economy this way. Back in September 2021, Senator Elizabeth Warren sounded the alarm about what might happen if Biden renominated Trump’s Fed Chair. Powell has “regularly voted to deregulate Wall Street,” Warren pointed out. Biden was making a “gamble” that Powell wouldn’t “drive this economy over a financial cliff again.” Now, Powell’s doing exactly that. Just as Jerome Powell was announcing the rate hike last week, the Fed came out with a study showing rate hikes hurt working people and the economy much more than is usually acknowledged. The Fed’s own study essentially says the Fed’s policies can drive up unemployment much faster than the Fed can respond. It’s clear the government should be looking for more reliable, and productive, responses to inflation. Research shows that Congress — not the Fed — can tackle inflation in ways that actually help working people, such as stopping corporate price gouging and protecting domestic workers’ rights. Powell knows he’s manufacturing a recession that will hurt working people, especially people of color. We need to send him a message: knock it off, and clear the way for Congress to productively address inflation!
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  • Stop DeSantis!
    DeSantis and Abbott both framed their actions as protests of President Biden’s immigration policy. The best way for Biden to respond to these fearmongering ‘own-the-libs’ tactics is to actually enact ethical immigration policies. President Biden promised to end Trump’s Title 42 immigration policy, which claimed that the government could block asylum seekers from coming into the country because of the pandemic. But this draconian measure still stands because of a Trump-appointed federal judge. Congress needs to throw all their weight behind actually ending this cruel policy. In the face of Republicans’ remarkably cruel treatment of immigrants, it’s time for Democrats in Congress to stand together, protect immigrant rights, and pass a law to end Title 42. Tell President Biden and Congress to denounce DeSantis’s and Abbott’s actions, and end Trump's border policies for good!
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  • Stop Manchin’s dirty deal, and declare a climate emergency!
    In a floor speech Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders announced he plans to block the deal. Bernie is standing with 650 environmental and social justice groups against fossil fuel industry barons like Joe Manchin. Manchin’s goal is to clear the way for pipeline that would export fracked gas out of Manchin’s home state of West Virginia. He claims the Mountain Valley Pipeline would ease the transition away from fossil fuels and reduce global dependence on Russian oil — but a new report finds it’s a pack of lies. Joe Manchin is the top recipient of fossil fuel industry campaign contributions in Congress, and his personal ties to the fossil fuel industry are widely known. Chuck Schumer needs to listen to hundreds of activist groups and 40 House Democrats (and counting) who are telling him to stop pushing this dirty deal! Instead of cutting deals with the fossil fuel industry, Democrats should be laser-focused on “stand[ing] up for our kids, for our grandchildren, and for future generations," as Bernie put it. By stopping oil and gas drilling and investing heavily in renewable energy, the United States can back off the cliff of extreme weather events that are devastating communities and claiming lives. Declaring a national emergency will empower President Biden to do just that. Once Biden declares a national climate emergency, he'll be able to invoke the National Emergencies Act to halt crude oil exports, limit oil and gas drilling in federal waters, and direct federal agencies to boost renewable-energy sources — all crucial actions if we want to stem the deadly tide of climate change. Sign the petition: Tell President Biden and Congress to declare a climate emergency and oppose Joe Manchin’s fossil fuel deal!
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  • Save USPS: Stop Louis DeJoy from shuttering post offices!
    USPS funding is a major equity concern. The postal service is the lifeblood of much of rural America, where people rely on the USPS to deliver goods and transmit information. In areas without internet access, US mail is absolutely essential. And there’s another problem with DeJoy’s plan: it reinforces the idea that USPS should be managed like a business. That’s absurd. USPS is a public good. As the legislative and political director for the New York Metro Area Postal Union said of DeJoy’s latest plan, “DeJoy's Great Consolidation is a true danger to the public post office." Instead of slashing postal workers, we should be taking advantage of the huge opportunity USPS offers for our country. USPS should expand its services for rural and low-income communities even further by looking into offering banking services, internet access, and more.
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  • Protect our digital privacy in the cryptocurrency age!
    In March, President Biden told several federal agencies to start looking into a “U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency,” or CBDC. A digital dollar could create an accessible public option for digital payments that works for all Americans — but only if it’s done right. Digital currencies must come along with explicit privacy protections. Otherwise, the digital dollar will provide the government with unprecedented access to Americans’ private financial transactions. As usual, poor and marginalized communities will be especially vulnerable to such surveillance. That’s why Congress must pass the E-CASH Act: legislation promoting a digital dollar that replicates the privacy features of analog cash! Sign the petition: Tell Congress to pass the ECASH Act! No Digital Currency without sweeping privacy protections!
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  • Protect Navajo Voices; Protect Navajo Votes
    Currently only 12 percent of the Navajo population votes in the Presidential and Delegate Primaries. In order to build further civic engagement to ensure that the voice of the Navajo People prevails, we have to have a free and fair electoral system. This is especially true with our tribal elections. If we want to inspire our children to make a difference through voting in county, state, and federal elections, we must show that voting at the tribal level has meaning. Without a free and fair election system that the Navajo People can believe in, the Navajo vote will be suppressed all across the board. In order to maximize the strength and power of the Navajo voice and vote, we must build a model electoral system here at home. If we can do this, we can inspire our youth to raise their voice and flex their electoral power at every level. And in so doing, we can transform our Nation from a forgotten patch of jurisdiction to a political powerhouse setting the tone of conversation all the way from D.C. to our State Legislatures and Governor's Mansions.
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    Created by Ethel Branch