• Singing River EPA: Bring Broadband to 100% of US
    In the information age, all Mississippians need fiber-to-the home broadband and our EPA is the only one who can do it for 100% of us. On July 18th 2020, FIFTEEN Mississippi electric co-ops submitted applications for over $73,000,000 in grant funds. However, our EPA was not one of them.
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    Created by Jason Hillman
  • Remove federal law enforcement from Portland, Oregon
    Federal officers in camouflage and tactical gear filled Portland streets with tear gas, shot at protesters, and used unmarked vehicles to arrest and detain protesters. The American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon calls it “flat-out unconstitutional” that protesters in Portland are being “shot in the head, swept away in unmarked cars, and repeatedly tear-gassed by uninvited and unwelcome federal agents.” Federal authorities have no right to police an American city against the wishes of local leaders. Sources: 1. “Feds Vowed to Quell Unrest in Portland. Local Leaders Are Telling Them to Leave.” The New York Times, July 17, 2020 https://act.moveon.org/go/141155?t=10&akid=268993%2E23524057%2EFCty61 2. "It was like being preyed upon’: Portland protesters say federal officers in unmarked vans are detaining them,” The Washington Post, July 17, 2020 https://act.moveon.org/go/141156?t=12&akid=268993%2E23524057%2EFCty61 3. “Tear gas, unmarked cars are used in protest arrests in Portland,” Los Angeles Times, July 17, 2020 https://act.moveon.org/go/141157?t=14&akid=268993%2E23524057%2EFCty61
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  • Town of Lewiston to allow waste treatment facility
    Niagara County is already home to the Manhattan Nuclear Project waste currently located on 7,500 acres off of Balmer Road in Youngstown, NY and Love Canal, completely uninhabitable, sprawling over 16.83 miles in Niagara Falls, NY. Both sites produced toxicity and numerous health ailments are attributed to living in these areas. The county is becoming the toxic waste dump of the Northeast and does not deserve, want, or need another treatment facility that will pose severe health risks and endanger lives. Additionally, the Special Use permit on the application is designed to subvert the Town of Lewiston's ability to perform oversight on, or hold accountable the facility for any environmental violations, health ailments attributed to the waste, damage done to streets from increased traffic of heavy trucks, and increased, disruptive noise caused by the facility. It will also allow this facility to be built in an area that is not zoned for this facility and directly contradicts the plans of the Lewiston Town Board to clean up the toxic waste. Tell the Town of Lewiston Board to DENY this facility being built, and support their own mandate to clean up our environment.
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    Created by Kathleen Bielli
  • John Lewis Memorial Bridge
    John Lewis is the real American hero and patriot. Rename the bridge!
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    Created by Karl Boisvert
  • Protect Non-violent Protesters in Portland
    Portland has a long history of protests. President George H W Bush referred to my hometown as "Little Beirut" because he was greeted by protests as soon as he stepped off the plane. I have personally attended many demonstrations. I felt safe enough to bring my young daughter and her friends. Portland demonstrations are largely peaceful, orderly and more like a festival than a protest. Since the DHS and other federal agents have arrived this has not been the case. I will continue to protest for a cause that I feel needs attention but I no longer feel safe. The lives and physical welfare of innocent citizens are at risk. Our government leaders need to take action to protect Portlanders exercising their 1st Amendment rights. While Governor Brown and Mayor Wheeler may not have the authority to order the federal agents to leave, they can send the state and local police to stand between them and the protesters. This is an opportunity for the Portland Police Bureau to prove that it is here to protect and serve the community. The real violent agitators are federal agents. If we can’t make them leave, please sign to protect Portlanders from them.
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    Created by Andrea Still
  • Close Gyms and Dine-in Restaurants in Texas
    We had been on partial lockdown for only a little over a month in April, before we reopened the state, but things had not improved. Hospital beds are overflowing, people are losing their loved ones. It's only a matter of time before it happens to anyone of us, especially for those who work in restaurants. Tell Governor Abbott to support this proposal and shutdown gyms and restaurants to prevent more deaths.
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    Created by Gabrielle Van Housen
  • Grizzly bears need safe passage and secure habitat, not bullets!
    Even though the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the Trump administration and maintained Endangered Species Act protections for Yellowstone area grizzly bears on July 8th, threatened grizzly bears are not out of the woods yet. Right now, Montana’s Grizzly Bear Advisory Council is finalizing recommendations that will influence the Great Bear’s future for years to come. Unfortunately, several Council members support trophy hunting and oppose strong protections for grizzlies. Tell the Council to recommend increasing habitat security, support rules to safeguard connectivity between recovery areas, require non-lethal conflict prevention measures, and reject calls for grizzly bear trophy hunts.
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  • @JoaquinCastrotx: Run for Foreign Affairs Chair to #EndEndlessWar!
    Today’s election results for New York's 16th district are a major victory for progressives across the country who demanded fundamental change in Congress. On the most consequential foreign policy issues—illegal wars, regime change, brutal sanctions, and bombs sales to dictatorships—the Democratic House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair has been on the wrong side. We are asking Congressman Joaquin Castro, currently HFAC Vice-Chair, to run for committee chair on a bold, progressive agenda to overhaul the status quo and make sure that the priorities of grassroots Democrats—peace, diplomacy, and human rights—are finally the priorities of the committee.
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  • Removal / relocation of Confederate monuments in the city of Savannah
    All over the United States we are witnessing the negative impact of Confederate monuments aimed at controlling the narrative of history and attempting to perpetuate notions of white supremacy. These monuments were originally installed to revise the history of the Confederacy as an honorable cause fostering false ideologies by a small group of wealthy donors. Although we do acknowledge they represent a piece of history, they are by no means an honest nor accurate depiction of everyones history. By removing the statues, we are making the public space a space for all people in the community to take pride. We are also making a statement that Black people are welcome and racism will not be perpetuated, nor tolerated in Savannah. Please sign this petition to remove and relocate the monument!
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    Created by Lisa Rundstrom
  • Withdraw the Lawsuit Against Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and the City of Atlanta
    Atlanta must ensure the safety of its communities of color who are more susceptible to COVID-19 due to more residents who are considered “high risk” (specifically pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, asthma, and other respiratory challenges). With cases surging in Fulton County, including within the mayor’s own family, this lawsuit and emergency order are both rooted in partisanship and a lack of scientific reasoning. Atlanta is home to a vibrant college and working community—the governor’s weak stance will be the root cause of continuous death in Atlanta. This decision is not only ignoring the safety of the people of color who reside in Atlanta, but shows bias as he has not also sued other mayors mandating masks. Kemp must halt his biased actions against Keisha Lance Bottoms and do his job by supporting the mayor by ending his divisive and ineffective partisan policies NOW!
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  • Recall Georgia Governor Brian Kemp Over Handling of COVID-19 Pandemic
    Brian Kemp exercised unconstitutional authority over localities and undermined their right to "Home Rule" and the ability to take action to prevent the spread of a deadly virus.
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    Created by Arthur Rauscher
  • Demand NRSC Take Down False Exploitative Attack Ad
    The NRSC has taken hundreds of thousands from Occidental/Anadarko Petroleum, the company responsible for the 2017 Firestone home explosion. The claim that Gov. John Hickenlooper did not levy a fine against Anadarko is false. An 18M fine was levied against Anadarko after a nearly three-year investigation into the tragedy initiated by Hickenlooper's administration. The NRSC is using donations from Occidental/Anadarko to finance an ad making false claims about the response to the Firestone home explosion over the objections of the survivor of the tragedy. This almost incomprehensible act of hypocrisy and malice toward the victims of negligence by the oil and gas industry cannot be allowed to stand. The NRSC must take this ad down and apologize to Erin Martinez.
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