• No Pay Raise for Congress After Republicans Blocked a Pay Raise for Parents!
    While parents across the country are struggling to keep the lights on and put food on the table, most lawmakers in Congress make $174,000 — nearly double the average household income. But, now that isn't enough for House Republicans, who are trying to give themselves an $8,000 pay raise, even after blocking a $3,600 pay raise to parents. For all their finger-pointing and yelling about rising costs, House Republicans seem to have little concern about real solutions to help working families make ends meet. Instead of restarting the expanded Child Tax Credit and lowering the cost of living, House Republicans are lining their own pockets with taxpayer dollars. That's why we're standing up to say NO PAY RAISE FOR CONGRESS until House Republicans give parents a pay raise, too.
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    Created by Economic Security Project Action
  • Urge OSHA to implement immediate heat standards
    The summer heat has begun and farm workers and other outdoor workers desperately need a federal heat standard. With the way the government has shifted to the right, the need is more urgent than ever. An example occurred on June 17. Texas is first in work-related heat exposure deaths and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott just made it worse. He signed a bill to nullify local laws mandating water breaks for construction workers. Farm workers will surely face the same risks if conservative values overrule common sense protections in state and local government. The only real solution to save lives is federal action. Demand OSHA enact immediate heat regulations. Heat risk is real. Climate change is happening and outdoor workers are more and more in danger every year. Extreme temperatures could make thousands of workers seriously ill -- and even suffer heat stroke and die. Farm workers are as much as 35 times more likely to die from heat than any other civilian occupation. Only a handful of states -- California, Oregon and Washington -- have policies on farm work in extreme heat. This lack of regulations puts farm workers in an impossible situation where they are forced to choose between making a living and taking care of their health. Currently, OSHA is relying on the "general duty" clause that says the general duty of an employer is to provide safe working conditions. That's not enough. Instead, workers need more robust enforcement, including criminal proceedings. The men, women and children working in our fields can't wait. A Department of Labor committee just recommended OSHA pass permanent rules, but that can take years. Workers need immediate heat standards to be put in place NOW -- before people die due to political gamesmanship like Gov. Abbott's move. Leaders in Congress have been working on this, but to date, nothing has been passed. Heat deaths are preventable tragedies. The prevention is nothing complicated: shade, cool water, rest, education and monitoring. Sign our petition today and demand OSHA enact immediate heat regulations NOW!
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    Created by United Farm Workers UFW
  • Reject Grayson County's Anti-Abortion Ordinance!
    The Board of Supervisors in Grayson County, Virginia is under attack by Evangelical Christian churches seeking to ban abortion care. We can't let that happen. The Virginia Constitution and Virginia Act for Religious Freedom firmly declare that religious extremism has no place in politics. Abortion is still legal in Virginia, and Grayson County does not have the power to countermand state law. This local ordinance was drafted by the FEDERALIST SOCIETY and TEXAS RIGHT TO LIFE for the purpose of sowing division and confusion for people seeking abortion care in rural southwest Virginia – the last central access point in the South for reproductive healthcare. Please join us in asking the Board of Supervisors to reject this harmful ordinance.
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    Created by The Peace Pentagon and Virginia Reproductive Equity Alliance Picture
  • Stop the Road Ops Yard Development on Burns Crossing Road
    The West County Road Ops Yard is an industrial operation that houses many large trucks and hazardous materials that are inconsistent with the surrounding residential communities. The development will require significant deforestation and destruction of the environment and the natural buffer between the communities and the landfill. It will cause additional traffic to an already heavily congested single lane road and creates a safety risk for the children's bus stop at the entrance to the community. The community was not consulted during the planning of the relocation and it has been hidden from the public view due to loopholes used by the county. The county needs to halt the relocation planned, and find a suitable location that does not negatively impact the community residents. A proposal was made and submitted to the county with little to no response on several of the issues outlined. To find out more information and see the proposal you can access the google drive linked here. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1nWtu3i8NY5NB7pXFsLh3vfiQOSI6wTxE?usp=sharing
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    Created by Derek Loughrey
  • Stop book bans!
    Book bans are on the rise, with a small group of conservative parents and right-wing Republicans leading the drive to censor books about racial injustice, sexual identity and gender expression, and an honest look at American history. Just last year, 2,500 books were challenged, restricted, and even removed from shelves in schools and libraries across the country. And some places are even punishing teachers and threatening to prosecute librarians who dare to provide books that reflect the diversity of our country. That’s why MoveOn's Banned Bookmobile is traveling across the country to cities that are ground zero in the fight against book bans, and we want YOU to join us, virtually and in person. One way you can join this work: Add your name to our petition telling Florida Governor Ron DeSantis—who has been one of the most prominent ban proponents—fellow Republican governors and legislators, GOP candidates up and down the ballot, and other MAGA Republicans that we will not silently allow them to ban our books and censor our freedom to read. And demand that all governors and state legislators take proactive steps to fighting book bans and protecting our freedom to read!
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  • Elliott Abrams' Nomination is Unacceptable
    President Biden just nominated Elliott Abrams — a hardline neoconservative, architect of catastrophic interventions and coups in Latin America, who was convicted of misleading Congress about the Iran-Contra affair — to the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy. This nomination should be withdrawn immediately. That's where you come in. Abrams' recent stint as Trump's special envoy to Iran and Venezuela is a glaring reminder of his approach to foreign policy and reckless disregard for humanitarian concerns. It is deeply disturbing that Abrams, who deliberately misled Congress and the people of the United States, is now nominated to a diplomatic post. If you agree, President Biden needs to hear from you today. Join the collective call to action to tell the president to withdraw Elliott Abrams' nomination to the U.S. Advisory Commission on Public Diplomacy now.
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  • Preserve Huff Park
    Huff Park is one of the City of Grand Rapids' most biodiverse parks. It houses over 180 different species of birds as well as countless other animals. The rich biodiversity of the plants, wetlands and animals contribute to the significant need for natural "filters" for our environment to keep the human population healthy. Thousands of people and families each year enjoy the benefits of Huff Park from the ball fields to the boardwalk, plants and animals. An encroaching development of apartment complexes adjacent and backing up to Huff park will significantly negatively impact the biodiversity of the park. While the city wants to increase development growth, this reduces green spaces making the city less desirable for living. Preserving green spaces makes the city more desirable for living in the long run. There are other spaces that do not encroach on important wetlands that can be developed. The proposed multiple unit development adjacent and backing up to the Huff Park will also significantly increase traffic around the area and proposed parking spaces for these units have not been discussed. Please sign the petition to let the Grand Rapids Housing Commission and CNA know you want to keep the area surrounding Huff Park wild and undeveloped for both its plant and animal inhabitants and for humans to continue to enjoy for the benefit of all of Grand Rapids.
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    Created by Nicole Smith
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  • Take action to stop Meta’s new social platform, Threads, from spreading hate and disinformation
    We cannot jump from one mishandled, corrupted social platform to the next. Meta needs to listen to the public, establish trust, and address serious concerns from the start if they want to grow this new platform. Sign the petition now.
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  • Push Back Against Book Bans Paris Bo.Co. Public Library
    Lets protect our right to read and learn freely. Our Paris Bourbon County Library Puts Unity In Our Community.
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    Created by Elizabeth Worick Sainte
  • Solar "Farms" Should Not Be Built Next To Our Homes
    There are thousands of fields in NYS that solar development companies can use to install solar "farm" plants. They put them in your backyard because it is cheaper for them and they make more money at an incredible expense to our health and welfare-all approved by our government. If we don't matter at all in a situation like this, what will be next? This can happen to anyone and it needs to stop.
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    Created by Linda Persons
  • Paul Tapia law
    It’s important that this change happen because the death of my son destroyed me and my family and other families
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    Created by Danielle Tapia