• Tax single use plastic bags in Newport News
    Each year, more than 500 million plastic bags are discarded. Most people do not think about where this plastic goes, but the truth is, it never goes away. The amount of plastic on the planet is growing. It clogs up the rivers and oceans, chokes animals, enters the air, and contributes to pointless mass production. A simple 5 cent tax on single use plastic bags may seem like a small effort, but it would benefit the environment greatly. It would help people to only take what they really need, and stop over production ie double bagging, if there is a price involved.
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    Created by Olivia Melnitchouk
  • Make it easier to repurpose office buildings into affordable housing!
    The United States is in a housing crisis, leaving 7.3 million low-income renters nationwide without access to affordable housing, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. This crisis disproportionately affects marginalized communities of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx renters, as well as women, LGBTQ+ people, and people with disabilities. Addressing this crisis is a matter of justice and equity. Why repurpose empty office buildings? It isn’t just about convenience, it’s also about sustainability. Construction accounts for 11% of global carbon emissions. By repurposing office buildings into affordable housing, we can ensure millions of Americans access the housing they need while reducing the strain construction puts on the environment. The power of change lies in legislative action! Cities and states can pass legislation to reduce the barriers to converting office buildings into affordable housing, including streamlining permitting processes, revising zoning laws, establishing tax exemptions and abatements, and creating funding and grants to drive and incentivize conversions.
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  • Orlando Magic: Stop donating money to support Ron DeSantis!
    Just this year, Republicans, led by Governor DeSantis in Florida, have passed horrifying legislation that targets, attacks, and undermines the rights of Black, Indigenous, and Latinx communities as well as immigrants, queer people, trans and nonbinary people, and women. Florida is no longer safe for many of these communities. Last year, DeSantis used over $600,000 in taxpayer dollars to lure 50 Venezuelan asylum seekers onto a flight to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Families, including children, were transported across state lines under false pretenses. DeSantis signed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill into law and extended it through 12th grade. He blocked an African American studies AP course for students. He signed violent anti-LGBTQ+ and anti-trans legislation into law. And most recently, Florida’s Board of Education approved new guidelines that claim that Black people benefited from slavery. It is absolutely repugnant, and unsurprisingly, when there was backlash, Ron DeSantis doubled down and defended those guidelines. DeSantis has abandoned Floridians, focused on his own political gain at the expense of the people he vowed to govern. Under his so-called leadership, Floridians have struggled through an ongoing health care crisis, soaring rent prices, and rising costs of everyday necessities like groceries and utilities. And instead of focusing on providing relief for individuals and families, DeSantis’s priority has been to pass racist, homophobic, and transphobic legislation. There must be consequences for all of the havoc that DeSantis has caused, but instead, the Orlando Magic is fueling his hatred and bigotry, and is bankrolling his campaign at the expense of our most vulnerable communities. If we come together, we can put an end to this and demand that the Orlando Magic commit to not giving DeSantis’s campaign another dollar to advance his dangerous agenda.
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  • Fight back against housing junk fees!
    Junk fees are squeezing the middle class, taking money out of their pockets and putting it in the hands of predatory landlords And these are not small nuisance fees attached to luxury items — Americans are being overrun by junk fees in critical sectors, like housing. Consumers deserve live without the fear of unexpected or unexplained fees surprising them around every corner. It's time to eliminate bogus junk fees! Add your name to demand our government put consumers first.
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    Created by Soraya Vaezi
  • Fight back against banking & ATM junk fees!
    Junk fees are squeezing the middle class, taking money out of their pockets and putting it in the hands of big businesses. And these are not small nuisance fees attached to luxury items — Americans are being overrun by junk fees in critical sectors, like banking. Consumers deserve the freedom to bank without the fear of unexpected or unexplained fees surprising them around every corner. It's time to eliminate bogus junk fees! Add your name to demand our government put consumers before corporations.
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    Created by Soraya Vaezi
  • Fight back against airline junk fees!
    In recent months we’ve seen record numbers of flight cancellations and skyrocketing ticket prices. The way the airlines mistreat passengers and workers alike makes clear: big airline corporations have too much power already. 
We’re tired of paying up for unexpected and hidden fees. While lower-income Americans are already struggling to pay bills, corporations (like Delta, JetBlue and American Airlines) are racking up and expecting record profits. 
 It's time to subtract junk fees from our lives! We've had enough. The time for us to finally tackle corporate greed is now, and this is just the beginning. If you're tired of corporations increasing their fees and lining corporate executives' pockets, sign the petition!
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  • Indict Trump for Inciting Insurrection, Too
    Trump has been indicted four times—twice by the Department of Justice, once by state of New York, and once by state of Georgia. A grand jury of everyday Americans in each of these cases reviewed the evidence and came to the conclusion that Trump must be charged for these crimes. These are critical steps toward holding Trump accountable. However, Trump has not explicitly been charged for inciting an insurrection on January 6, 2021. Trump summoned a group of white supremacist, extremist supporters to Washington, D.C., to interrupt the certification of the 2020 election results, encouraging violence and mayhem. It’s imperative that the Department of Justice open a new investigation into these crimes. The January 6 investigation committee in the House of Representatives already made a criminal referral to the DOJ recommending that Trump be charged for the January 6 insurrection. He's been impeached. Now, the DOJ must finish the job and charge him for insurrection, too. Our democracy depends on it. Photo by Jim Bourg/REUTERS
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  • Make Zurzuvae affordable and accessible
    Not only the accessibility of a groundbreaking medication for postpartum depression at stake but also the fundamental principle that healthcare should be a right, not a luxury. The estimated exorbitant price of Zurzuvae threatens to deny countless parents the relief they desperately need during one of the most vulnerable periods of their lives. By signing this petition, we are sending a strong message to pharmaceutical companies that the well-being of individuals should never be compromised for profit margins. This is a pivotal moment to demand a change in the pharmaceutical industry's practices, to ensure that essential medical advancements are accessible to all, regardless of their financial status.
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    Created by Valeria Trevino
    Allowing students to park on campus offers a myriad of benefits that enhance their overall college experience. First and foremost, convenient parking facilities alleviate the stress and time constraints that commuting students often face, or even UK's classified 'residential students' due to how large our campus is. By providing ample parking spaces, educational institutions create a more accessible and inclusive environment, enabling students to attend classes, participate in extracurricular activities, and engage with campus resources without the hassle of off-campus parking. Moreover, on-campus parking fosters a stronger sense of belonging and community, as students can easily connect with peers and engage in impromptu discussions or collaborative projects. It also contributes to campus safety, as students don't need to walk long distances in potentially unsafe areas or during unfavorable weather conditions. Allowing students to park on campus ultimately promotes student well-being, academic success, and campus vibrancy by facilitating seamless navigation and engagement within the university environment. Further, not all apartments, houses, townhouses, etc. around Lexington offer parking for their residents, let alone visitor parking. Lex park is no longer available around UK South campus, only closer to downtown. If students need to work, drive to class, go to the store, and other basic living necessities, where are they able to park their cars overnight without being towed, or ticketed by UK? Furthermore, what about our out-of-state student population that makes the commitment of high tuition but has no parking accommodation? What about our working students that need vehicle accessibility to pay towards their tuition and/or rent? How do these students efficiently commute to their place of work in order to sustain income for their education and living? Why are these students forced to struggle as UK transportation refuses to accommodate with any type of local parking availability on campus? Why is student parking not prioritized? Why are the STUDENTS that need to park NOT prioritized?
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    Created by Cheryl Spellman
  • Call For A Third party Investigation Into The McKinney Housing Authority
    Other People Should Join Me In My Communities Campaign to Fight the Civil Injustice FAMILIES are enduring by Representative's Of HUD’s Public Housing Properties Across North Texas
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    Created by Dianca Bell
  • 49 years too long
    We are seeking signatures in hopes to getting Kojo released 49 years has been long enough and a lesson has been learned.
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    Created by Jeffrey Blackwell
  • Climate change can be greatly alleviated by farmers through the currently proposed Farm Bill.
    Only sign this petition if you care about this beautiful planet and how we want to leave it for our future generations.
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    Created by Robert Stram