• Increase Wages
    Scott County has been losing much needed employees due to higher pay rates in other counties. There is a shortage every where and Scott County needs to show their respect and appreciation to/for their dedicated employees by providing fair, just and competitive wages.
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    Created by Dawn Bailey
  • Remove MyPillow products from Walmart’s shelves
    Walmart is a great place to find a wide array of low-cost essentials among other things. However, recently it has caught my attention that Walmart stores are still selling MyPillow brand pillows. I like Walmart for the quality products I get for a specific price point. With the CEO of MyPillow supporting the capitol insurrection and the lies about election fraud, I’m disheartened by Walmart’s refusal to cease the sales of these products. I worry that allowing CEOs to lie publicly and spark unnecessary discourse about our democratic elections. Hopefully with enough signatures, we can let Walmart know that we’d like to continue shopping at their stores, but not while they sell products who’s profits go towards overturning a democratic election.
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    Created by James Holmes
  • Ed Newberry: Stop working for Saudi Arabia's dictator
    Every year, dictators and foreign governments spend hundreds of millions of dollars to manipulate American politics and bend U.S. foreign policy towards their interests. As America's largest arms customer, Saudi Arabia's monarchy spends vast sums in the U.S. every year to promote the idea that their dictatorship should be a U.S. ally. Meanwhile, the Saudi dictatorship does everything in its power to block freedom and reform at home. Saudi Arabia's rulers jail and kill peaceful critics, torture women's rights activists, bomb civilians in Yemen, and intervene against democracy across the Middle East. Saudi Arabia's current dictator, Mohammed bin Salman, is no exception. Ed Newberry of the U.S. lobbying firm Squire Patton Boggs is one of many unethical lobbyists who have worked as registered foreign agents for Saudi Arabia's dictatorship. But he and his firm are the only ones who still represent the very Saudi office that was directly involved with the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Newberry's bloody contract began with a payment of $1.2 million via Saud Al-Qahtani, the head of the Saudi Center at the time. Al-Qahtani has been sanctioned by the US government for his role in murdering Khashoggi. His Saudi monarchy center was also named in a recent US intelligence report on Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi's murder in Turkey by Saudi agents, which stated: "The 15-member Saudi team that arrived in Istanbul on 2 October 2018 included officials who worked for, or were associated with, the Saudi Center for Studies and Media Affairs (CSMARC) at the Royal Court." Help take our country’s politics back from the brutal dictators who want to bend our fragile democracy to their will. Demand that Ed Newberry and Squire Patton Boggs stop working for Saudi Arabia's dictatorship. Urge Ed Newberry and Squire Patton Boggs to cancel their contracts with Saudi Arabia's dictatorship and the so-called Saudi Center for Studies and Media Affairs at the Saudi Royal Court (CSMARC). SOURCES: 1) "Edward J. Newberry, Partner, Squire Patton Boggs,” https://www.squirepattonboggs.com/en/professionals/n/newberry-edward-j 2) “Top Lobbying Firm Is Still on the Payroll of Saudi Center Implicated in Jamal Khashoggi’s Murder,” Mother Jones, March 3, 2021, https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2021/03/top-lobbying-firm-is-still-on-the-payroll-of-saudi-center-implicated-in-jamal-khashoggis-murder/ 3) “Amendment to Registration Statement Pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended,” received by NSD/FARA Registration Unit, U.S. Department of Justice, March 1, 2021, https://efile.fara.gov/docs/2165-Amendment-20210301-140.pdf 4) “Short Form Registration Statement Pursuant to the Foreign Agents Registration Act of 1938, as amended,” received by NSD/FARA Registration Unit, U.S. Department of Justice, September 20, 2016, https://efile.fara.gov/docs/2165-Short-Form-20160920-634.pdf. 5) “Assessing the Saudi Government's Role in the Killing of Jamal Khashoggi,” Office Of The Director Of National Intelligence, February 11, 2021, https://www.dni.gov/files/ODNI/documents/assessments/Assessment-Saudi-Gov-Role-in-JK-Death-20210226v2.pdf 6) Saud Al-Qahtani: Saud al-Qahtani Helped Kill Khashoggi, Tortured Prominent Activist https://dawnmena.org/saudi-arabia-saud-al-qahtani-helped-kill-khashoggi-tortured-prominent-activist/
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    Created by Sunjeev Bery Picture
  • Kathy Stein's Unethical Behavior is harming families.
    I'm not the only single mother who has suffered at the hands of Kathy Stein's repeated injustice and abuse of power.
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    Created by Kimmaire Sellers Picture
  • Impeach and or remove SCOTUS justices
    We've seen what power the Supreme Court has over what happens in our country. The most outrageous example is the ruling on Texas and its basic ban of all abortions. This is just the beginning of Republicans taking control of the country state by state with the assistance of Trumps nominees. He did irreparable damage already while president and with the help of his Trump Republicans, is still moving our country toward religious control over not only women, but the LGBTQ+ community. How soon will it be before they have control over all aspects of how each and every person in this country lives? Do you want to wait until you are the next person or group they come after? We moved into the 21st century and people with a 19th century mindset is slowly taking over the country. How are we to compete in such a world? We'll lose the respect and backing of each and everyone of our allies. We are the country that's supposed to be representative of how the world should be. We are no better than the Taliban when it comes to the rights of our Mothers, Sisters, Aunts and Nieces. As a gay man, we have fought for equal rights, not more or better rights, just what everyone else has naturally. Am I as your friend, brother, uncle, nephew or son to be treated like I'm not human because of my sexual orientation? Am I to return to being denied human rights? In the 70's in Pittsburgh, PA, I witnessed first hand the not so perfect police protection for gays and lesbians that straight white men and women have. I personally witnessed two of Pittsburgh's finest come into a gay bar, go to the bar, get alcoholic drinks and handed an envelope with money in it. That was our protection. Protection not to be harrased or arrested. The owner, when I wanted to protest begged me not to do so. My mother, at the age of 91, walked myself and my husband down the isle. She was a devout Mormon and yet she loved me unconditionally. When the law passed she made this comment: Better hurry and do it before they changed their minds. Well, she wasn't far off. I believe this is where we are headed and without the support of the gay community and those who love us, we may just end up where we were in the 70's and before.
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    Created by Robert Workman
  • Texas Against Women’s Rights
    We need to protect the rights of women that has been fought and won by those women before us. Our constitutional rights are being torn away from us with forced pregnancy and birth. Women have a right to choose. Roe v Wade gave us that right.
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    Created by Aliana Diodato
  • DEP, Don't Let Drillers Dump Toxic, Radioactive Waste on Our Roads
    This petition is a companion to a sign-on letter organizations are invited to sign. Find the letter here. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfywuN-6wKXEOW2Zwqy5dHmhIt2XtwlHxJ2AgiQaA8KRPk8yQ/viewform Here's an excerpt: Kurt Klapkowski, Director of the Bureau of Oil and Gas Planning and Program Management at DEP, told the Council, “We have to be able to defend our decisions with data. And that was the attempt, with working with Penn State, that's what we were attempting to do was to develop that data to be able to have a program that we could go to the Environmental Hearing Board and the Commonwealth Court and Supreme Court under the constitution and under the statutes that we administer, that would be defensible.” He continued, “I don’t think we would have any objection to working with [the Council] and the Legislature to try to figure out a way to develop that data. I think we're hopeful that the study that we funded and expect to have finished will provide data that will allow us to have a program that we can defend in court. But that's really the bottom line for us, I mean we can only exercise the authority that we’re given within the limitations that we have and that's what we're attempting to do.” The study he refers to is the PennState study expected to be completed by the end of the year. A growing body of peer-reviewed research has consistently demonstrated that road spreading of drilling waste damages the environment and poses risks to public health. As is the case with virtually all peer-reviewed research on oil & gas drilling, the trajectory has been one that has broadened and deepened our understanding of impacts already occurring and potential risks, not one that has reversed our thinking in any way. Spending taxpayer dollars in the search for data to support your intended policy shift is an unacceptable professional and ethical breach of your duty to the Constitution you swore to uphold. DEP must halt any plans to develop regulations that would allow road spreading of drilling waste. Instead, the DEP must ban road spreading of drilling waste under any circumstances.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Pass the Women’s Health Protection Act
    UPDATE: The House of Representatives has passed the Women's Health Protection Act! Call on the Senate to do the same. The Supreme Court's hearing this week has positioned it to strike down the remaining protections provided by Roe v. Wade within months. This is after SCOTUS has let the most extreme abortion ban in the nation go into effect in Texas. We need Congress to act. Congress must immediately pass the Women's Health Protection Act. The Women’s Health Protection Act, which has passed the House and awaits Senate consideration, would stop the Republican onslaught of anti-abortion and abortion-restrictive legislation coming out of state legislatures across the country. It would block states from creating barriers to care and would protect health service providers' ability to offer abortion care. Sign our petition now and tell the Senate to protect an individual’s right to choose—and eliminate the filibuster to allow this popular, bipartisan law to pass.
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    Created by Shaunna Thomas, Ultraviolet
  • Expand the Supreme Court & Save Abortion Rights
    Right-wing Republicans and the Supreme Court have already undermined the protections for abortion rights that had been provided under Roe v. Wade and are poised to gut it completely. The hearing in the Mississippi case shows the Supreme Court is ready to take away the legal right to an abortion. This is after the Supreme Court has allowed Texas's outrageous abortion ban going into effect—banning abortions after 6-weeks of pregnancy, before many people even realize they are pregnant, or have time to see a provider and make a decision to have an abortion. Right-wing justices appointed by Donald Trump and enabled by Mitch McConnell's power grabs are actively ending abortion rights. Republicans stole and seized a majority on the Supreme Court—and from abortion rights to voting rights to consumer rights, we're seeing the disastrous results. President Biden must appoint new justices and expand the court in order to rebalance it against the stolen seats and unprecedented right-wing power grabs—and in doing so help fight for abortion rights, voting rights, regulations on corporate power and so much more. Senate and House Democrats have introduced the Judiciary Act of 2021—Democrats in both houses must sign on to this legislation and pass it immediately.
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  • Resign, Ron: Sign to Demand the Immediate Resignation of FL Governor Ron DeSantis
    We can't wait one more day. Ron DeSantis must resign. Add your voice to help get him out of office, and save lives. And it's not just the failed COVID response. DeSantis has passed laws criminalizing protest, he's worked hard to pass voter suppression measures, and implemented laws to survey college students and professors about their political beliefs. He's dangerous to public health and to civil liberties. We cannot allow him to harm Floridians any longer. Join the statewide effort calling on Ron DeSantis to step down. Take action: Sign Today and demand the immediate resignation of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.
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    Created by Thomas Kennedy
  • Universal Masking in School in Substantial Risk Category
    I am asking you to sign this petition so that our children can return to school safely in-person 5 days a week. Remote schooling was extremely difficult for our entire family. In the times of delta we are watching in real time more kids becoming more ill with this variant. The New York Times reported this week that Children's hospitals around the country are seeing a surge in Covid-19 patients. "The crush of Covid-19 cases at Children’s Hospital New Orleans grew so dire this month that the state called in a federal “surge team” of emergency responders to help" (NY Times 8/30/21). At HCS our children do not yet have the option to be vaccinated. Our public schools should take this threat of Delta seriously and follow the guidance from our local health department to protect our children and our community at large. Universal masking, while our risk is substantial per NH DHHS, will reduce transmission of the disease in our schools reducing remote learning, quarantines, and infected kids.
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    Created by Hampstead Parent
  • Build a Skatepark in Avon CO
    These days, we all need more accessible outdoor spaces to play. Our current local skateparks are overcrowded and dangerous. As residents of Eagle County, we know that our outdoor spaces are one of our BEST community attributes. This is particularly true for school-age kids who have outgrown the playground or don't play organized sports. Skateboarding is a great outlet for these kids. This project will also have a positive impact on our community. Skateparks are incredibly popular! With thoughtful design and engineering, they can be used by skateboarders, inline skaters, roller skaters and often scooters and stunt bikes. Visit any public skatepark and you will see an incredibly high use of public land per square foot. A skatepark will increase the use of our public, tax-funded park. It will also provide an outlet for the ever-growing sport of skateboarding and showcase Avon, CO as a place where the community comes together to support this great sport.
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    Created by Avon Skate Coalition Picture