• Passing periods need to be longer for hms students
    So students have more time to do all the basic necessities before their next class.
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    Created by Ava Smith
  • Shorten the workweek to 32 hours!
    The Thirty-Two Hour Workweek Act, a bill introduced by Senator Bernie Sanders and allies, would shorten the standard workweek from 40 to 32 hours and increase overtime pay—doubling it for days that last over 12 hours. This bill is an opportunity to end the exploitation of working people and build an economy where the American dream is accessible to everyone. A 32-hour workweek isn't just about working less; it's about living more. And the evidence is clear—it's good for people and the economy. Studies show businesses flourish and workers' health improves with shorter workweeks. Less time spent working means healthier lives, stronger communities, and an economy where everyone thrives, not just the 1%. Sign the petition to shorten the workweek to 32 hours and make our economy equitable!
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  • Transforming Nations Ford: Design Challenge
    This initiative is significant as it addresses the needs of the youth population and the high rate of violent crimes in the area, which is significantly higher than the county average. Tailored support through these non-profits ensures everyone can thrive regardless of background or circumstance.
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    Created by Joi Mayo
  • Pass the Equal Rights Amendment NOW!
    Section 1: Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of sex. Section 2: The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. Section 3: This amendment shall take effect two years after the date of ratification. The Equal Rights Amendment passed Congress in 1972 and since 2020 has met the three-quarters state ratification requirement necessary for it to go into effect. But because it was not ratified by states within a specific window of time, Republicans in Congress are blocking it from going into effect. Champions in Congress, including Representatives Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush, founded the historic Congressional Equal Rights Amendment Caucus and are working to pass the ERA and have it enshrined into our Constitution. They introduced a joint resolution between the Senate and the House that would affirm the ratification of the ERA, but with Congressional Republicans blocking its passage, we need to show the overwhelming public support for the ERA and demand it be passed THIS YEAR. The ERA would not have gotten to where it is today if it weren’t for the tireless efforts of everyday people over the past century—and we have to keep up the fight to demand Congress do its job and recognize the ERA as the 28th Amendment.
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    Created by Aliya Khan
  • Protect the whales and our seas from climate change
    The ocean is hotter than ever. Burning fossil fuels for energy, industrial processes, and transportation is trapping greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere and causing Earth’s temperature to rise—and whales are suffering the devastating consequences. Every degree hotter the ocean gets, whale food sources, habitat, and health are threatened. When temperatures rise, populations of salmon decline, leaving orcas without the food source critical for their survival. A study looking at humpback whale populations in the Pacific Northwest estimates that the impacts of marine heat waves in the area have resulted in the death of 7,000 of this already endangered species. Of all the sea creatures, whales—orcas, humpacks, belugas, blue whales, and more—are some of the most beautiful and intelligent creatures on our planet. As the largest mammals in the sea they support marine biodiversity, population control, and more. Protecting whales and their habitats isn't just crucial for the conservation of these majestic creatures but also for the overall health of marine ecosystems. If we don’t take action NOW to slow the effects of climate change and save the whales, we risk destroying our oceans entirely. Add your name to demand that Congress move fast on climate change to protect whales and the integrity of our oceans.
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  • Protect Children From Abuse and Death in Child Care Facilities
    Require states to report child safety data at the federal level and enforce existing child care safety regulations
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  • Issue subpoenas for Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow!
    Democrats on the Senate Judiciary committee voted to subpoena Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow as part of an ongoing ethics probe into Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito … but then never issued the subpoenas. It’s been over two months. What’s the hold up? Around the initial vote, Republicans like Lindsey Graham and Josh Hawley promised messy, vendetta-filled retaliation if Democrats voted to subpoena their conservative allies. Leo is the chief architect of the right-wing Supreme Court and Harlan Crow is a billionaire GOP mega-donor and close friend of Clarence Thomas. Democrats must continue their SCOTUS ethics probe and issue the subpoenas for Leo and Crow. Leo and Crow’s shady involvement with SCOTUS and certain conservative justices has been heavily reported on, and must be officially investigated. A recent ProPublica expose revealed just how central Leo is to the right-wing’s domination of United States courts. From his post atop the conservative legal think tank The Federalist Society, Leo guided Supreme Court appointments under Bush Jr. and Trump, organized luxury trips for Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, oversaw well over $1.6 billion in funding for right-wing dark money groups, and much more. Then there’s Crow. Over more than two decades, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas reportedly accepted luxury trips virtually every year from GOP mega-donor, and billionaire Dallas businessman, Harlan Crow without disclosing them. Between the two of them, Leo’s injection of huge sums into our legal system has led directly to our current right-wing court that’s gutted our reproductive rights, decimated environmental protections, and more. And Crow’s involvement with Thomas raises extreme ethical concerns. Senate Democrats must continue their investigation into Supreme Court corruption and hold Leo and Crow accountable. Sign the petition to Senate Democrats: Issue the subpoenas for Leonard Leo and Harlan Crow. Investigate the extent of corruption on the Supreme Court!
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • CNN & The New York Times: Stop the journalistic malpractice NOW!
    CNN and The New York Times are two major news outlets who largely control narratives and public perceptions on any given topic. We deserve fair and honest coverage. CNN and The New York Times must stop the journalistic malpractice NOW. Recently, a freelance Israeli journalist for The New York Times was exposed for liking a social media post that called for Israel to turn the Gaza Strip “into a slaughterhouse” and other horrific content. This exposes a clear bias in traditional news media, and they must do better. And The New York Times' language to describe the killing of Israeli people versus Palestinian people has been damningly passive. The words "slaughter," "horrific," and "massacre" have been used in relation to Israelis 86 times but only three times for Palestinians. And when discussing the prisoner exchanges, The New York Times referred to “Israeli women and children” being exchanged for “Palestinian women and minors.” Since October 7, news outlets have been partially responsible for messaging to the American people about what's happening, and some of the facts are just not adding up. CNN agreed to terms that condition that in order to enter Gaza, they'd have to submit all materials and footage to the Israeli military for review prior to publication, giving the Israeli military the opportunity to suppress content and materials that might showcase Palestinian suffering. CNN also hired a former Israeli military soldier, who was a member of the IDF’s Spokesperson Unit which is responsible for public relations, to report on CNN’s war coverage. There are record reports of increased acts of hate against Muslim, Arab, and Jewish communities throughout the country. Outlets’ choice to publish articles that inflame tensions and increase hatred against communities already experiencing a record number of hateful threats is irresponsible and dangerous. The media plays a huge role in public perception and opinion. Media outlets have a responsibility to publish factual articles and to act with journalistic integrity that promotes the peace and safety of all peoples. CNN and The New York Times have staff that are sounding the alarm about journalistic malpractice. We must come together in solidarity to hold CNN and The New York Times accountable and to demand that they report fairly and honestly. Will you take action now and sign the petition?
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  • Reinstate UNRWA funding so they can continue urgent humanitarian aid!
    The UNRWA is one of the largest U.N programs with over 30,000 staff. The U.S. rashly halted funding in January after Israel officials accused a handful of UNRWA staff members of involvement with Hamas and the attacks on October 7, 2023. Despite the lack of evidence, UNRWA swiftly launched an independent investigation and increased standards for transparency and accountability. Still, dozens of countries followed the U.S. in pausing aid, pushing UNRWA to a breaking point and exacerbating the starvation and dehydration crisis facing innocent civilians. In March, Sweden and Canada announced they would be resuming funding after reviewing the interim report of the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS) and observing the immediate measures taken by the UNRWA to strengthen transparency and accountability. Hundreds of thousands of people in Palestinian are on the brink of famine. The U.S. provides more funding to the UNRWA than any other country. Without assistance, the UNRWA may not be able to keep up humanitarian efforts in the region and many more innocent people will die from hunger—disproportionately affecting women and children in Gaza. Cutting off access to food and water is inhumane and violates international humanitarian law. As we continue to push for a ceasefire, we must make sure that civilians receive aid IMMEDIATELY to stop starvation and dehydration, and that means funding the UNRWA so they can continue to provide necessary services. PHOTO: AP Photo/Nasser Nasser
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  • Stop & Reject AIPAC's right-wing influence on political elections
    In 2022, progressive Democrat Andy Levin was ousted from his House seat, largely because of a whopping $4 million ad spend from AIPAC—all money spent directly attacking him and his campaign—partially because of his criticism of the actions of the Israeli government in the past. Let’s be clear that that’s the only line AIPAC will draw when it comes to where their support ends. The committee will happily support prominent pro-insurrectionists and election deniers who believe that Donald Trump is still the rightful President of the United States. And 4 million dollars was chump change compared to what they’re trying to spend this cycle to get rid of some of our most progressive members of Congress. AIPAC is expected to spend $100 MILLION—much of which comes from Trump donors—across its political entities in 2024, taking aim at candidates who have held the Israel government accountable for flouting international law and not prioritizing the humanitarian concerns of those in Gaza. AIPAC’s biggest targets are members of the Squad, progressive House members like Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, Jamaal Bowman, Ayanna Pressley, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib who have been openly pressuring the administration to call for a lasting, permanent ceasefire. It doesn’t stop with our most progressive champions and the Squad either, AIPAC’s ambitions are broader. United Democracy Project, the group’s super PAC, is monitoring 15 to 20 House races and polling in many of those districts, and it will likely continue to support anti-democratic, election-denying extremists again. This influx of money to oppose the strongest progressives in Congress and to support election deniers hurts our democracy! We have to call out and work to stop the large influence of corporate dark money within politics that actively discourages the participation of grassroots donors and suppresses the impact of moving our country forward on progressive issues. And in this moment we have to continue to support members of Congress who promote and support a ceasefire, and work to get us closer to a solution that protects Israeli and Palestinian civilians and stops endless, devastating violence. Sign the petition if you agree!
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  • URGENT Petition in OPPOSITION to BitDeer Bitmine in Massillon - SAY NO!!!
    Please help us protect a prized element of our quality of life and wellness on the SW side of Massillon. Massillon residents deserve peace and quiet!! Quality of life, and public health should be in the forefront of decision making when the city of Massillon is considering bringing new business to Massillon! In response, BitDeer’s only noise mitigation for the loud bit mining operations (70 plus decibels - 24/7, 7 days a week) is a simple palleted wooden fence, painted green. Bitdeer is not concerned about noise pollution and harm to local residents, in a very unregulated industry such as bitcoin mining. Listen to Massillon LIVE’s broadcast from Treemont Coffee today, March 9, 2024, about this issue: https://fb.watch/qICz6VELtm/?mibextid=w8EBqM
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