• Hip Hip Hooray for our School Board Today!
    Books, and especially books with controversial, unpopular and/or unconventional protagonists, are common targets for censorship. This strategy to control thought runs counter to our culture's deeply-held beliefs in the importance of freedom of expression. We strongly support each parent's right and obligation to engage fully in their child's education. However, that right does not extend to dampening the opportunities for new ideas or exploration of cultures, lives, and lifestyles, both villainous and virtuous, in the past, present and future, for other children in our system's schools. Through reading, these imaginary journeys promote empathy, understanding, inspiration and curiosity, all essential traits for healthy adults and a thriving democracy. We applaud our Fairfax County Public School's conclusion that the books in question are "valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters who reflect their personal journeys." We note that, contrary to the public assertions that propelled action by FCPS, no depiction of pedophilia was found by either school committee formed to investigate the allegations that the books were not suitable. It is important that everyone who believes in the the value of diverse ideas, intellectual freedom and curiosity, and the contribution books make to a healthy democracy, reject the notion that censuring books is a pathway to a better future. Please join us in supporting our Fairfax County Public School Board.
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  • Cancel Real Housewives of Dubai
    Andy Cohen announced that the first international city of the Real Housewives franchise will be Dubai, the heart of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is an oppressive monarchy that criminalizes being gay, requires male guardianship permission to marry, and permits marital rape. Sign our petition today and tell Bravo: Cancel Real Housewives of Dubai and demand that Dubai’s dictators end their violations of women’s rights. This is urgent: filming is expected to start soon. Bravo TV and Andy Cohen are providing cover to a UAE dictatorship that hides its brutal reality behind an international image of luxury and glamour. Cohen and Bravo are packaging a nightmare as a fantasy: Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum repeatedly organized the abduction and holding captivity of his adult daughters. And, he consistently threatens his former wife, Princess Haya, who fled from Dubai and was granted refuge in the UK. Dubai’s rulers need to see accountability for their mistreatment of women and LGBTQI+ persons, not a TV show projecting a fantasized image while vulnerable communities in the United Arab Emirates are living a nightmare.
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  • Don't sell these murderous weapons to Saudi Arabia!
    Saudi Arabia already bought billions of dollars’ worth of US weapons when Trump was President. The bombs hollowing out Yemeni towns and throwing over half the Yemeni population into starvation were manufactured here in the US. The war in Yemen won’t end if we keep fueling the fire with US weapons. Thankfully, Bernie Sanders and other senators are trying to block the weapons sale in the Senate. But they need your help and there’s not a lot of time. If you act now and tell your Senate to block the sale, there’s a chance we can stop this $650 million weapons sale in its tracks!
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    Residents that live in Greenburgh Housing Authority and Greenburgh Heights, LLC complexes have a right to health protection during this pandemic.
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  • Washington State Ferries Preferential Boarding for Human and Animal Emergencies
    The risk of living on an island with very limited medical and veterinary services can be mitigated. Ferry terminal workers must be able to use their discretion to give priority boarding to both people and animals having a medical emergency, including women in labor, without a medical form or a phone call from a physician or veterinarian.
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    Created by Dawn Rains
  • Self-charged electric school buses with continuous climate control
    The more parents and school boards are vigorously demanding self-charged school buses the sooner school bus manufacturers would invest in developing and deploying practical proven self-charged electric school buses.
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    Created by Gary Vesperman
  • Amazon: Stop Attacking Women's Health
    Amazon has abused its monopoly power to hurt small businesses and women in need. Even though it's often hard to talk about, pelvic floor dysfunction is a common challenge for millions of women, especially after birth or sexual trauma. But Amazon is making it difficult to find products that help in affordable and effective ways. After giving birth to my son, my medical professional recommended I use such a product, sold by a small business in Kansas City, to accelerate recovery. What a shock to realize that Amazon has decided to classify these health care devices as "adult products"— no different than sex toys. As a result, these devices will be almost impossible to find on Amazon, while the small businesses who produce them will struggle to stay afloat. When products from one company were misclassified in the past, their sales plummeted by 80 percent. Most men don't even know about pelvic floor problems and, as with so much in women's health, it's unfortunately almost taboo to talk about. But it's Amazon that should be ashamed — not women who are recovering from childbirth or sexual trauma. Combine Amazon's unfettered market power with its corporate indifference to women's health, and what we get is disastrous results for both women in need and small businesses.
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    Created by Sarah Miller
  • Petition to Install Energy Efficient Lights in Schools
    Energy efficiency helps reduce the overall carbon footprint produced in schools as well as prompt sustainable living to students and staff members. Installing energy efficient lights in schools would promote less energy use which would decrease greenhouse emissions and the necessary need for power plants.
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    Created by Kiara Bernard
  • Tell California officials: No drilling where we're living!
    Right now, more than 2 million Californians are living and breathing the toxic health impacts of oil and gas drilling sites in their neighborhoods. An end to chronic asthma and cancer in our neighborhoods is in sight. Just last month, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a draft regulation to stop new drilling within 3,200 feet of homes, hospitals, schools, and other sensitive receptors. Now, a 60 day comment period allows the public to raise our voices to: 1) SUPPORT the 3,200-foot setback for new wells 2) DEMAND that the setback rule applies to existing wells, not just new wells 3) URGE the Governor's administration and CalGEM to take emergency action to ban all new permits within the setback until the final rule is in effect.
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  • We need more ADA-compliant buildings and walkways! The Infrastructure bill was just signed into law!
    It is a human right for disabled/ impaired people to have proper access to buildings, doorways with buttons to push for opening doors for wheelchairs and walkers, elevators between floors, and walkways with ramps. Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) mentions the right to an adequate standard of living. This includes accessibility for disabled/ impaired individuals, as per the Americans With Disabilities Act. The Infrastructure bill was just signed into law by President Biden. It's needed!
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    Created by Annette Romero
  • Opt-in to Cannabis Dispensaries in Dobbs Ferry
    There is a vocal minority speaking out against opting-in. We believe the majority of Dobbs Ferry's 11,000 residents and business owners support opting-in or don't have much of an opinion either way. It's critical that we make our voices heard loud and strong by Mayor Rossillo and the rest of the trustees leading up to the final community forum and vote on November 23rd.
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  • Governor of Florida (Ron DeSantis): Remove the nomination of Joseph Ladapo as Surgeon General
    I would ask everyone in Florida and around the nation to join me in sending a message to the Governor of Florida that the people of Florida deserve a qualified, level-headed surgeon general that will be an advocate for the health and well-being of all Floridians.
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