• Tell Facebook: Ban Trump Forever
    Today the Facebook Oversight Board made a decision on Trump, kind of. The Board agreed that Facebook’s suspension of Donald Trump after the January 6th insurrection was correct, but they believe it was inappropriate for Facebook to indefinitely ban Trump since they believe this was an arbitrary decision. The Oversight Board believes that the penalty needs to be proportional to the harm done. Let’s be clear: the indefinite suspension of Donald Trump from Facebook and Instagram is absolutely a proportionate response to the harms he has caused. From insurrection at the Capitol to contributing to the rise in AAPI hate crimes and escalating harm against Black and brown communities by aiding white supremacy, anything short of indefinite suspension would be reprehensible. The Board has passed the baton back to Facebook and gave the company 6 months to assess the situation in full. And we need to make sure that Facebook doesn’t backtrack on their original decision to indefinitely ban Trump. We must keep up the pressure. Facebook needs to create clear policies around permanently banning individuals and groups that support white supremacy and harm Black and brown communities — individuals like Trump. This is not just about Trump’s past behaviours, but also to prevent future human rights violations that he may spark from his extensive supporter base. #StopTheSteal didn’t come from nowhere, and who knows what’s coming next. He’s sown too much hate, disinformation, and violence to be granted access to Facebook again. On day one he’ll likely lift up some new racist, conspiracy theory. At a minimum, his mere presence back on Facebook will be a rallying cry to his followers. Sign the petition telling Facebook: Keep the permanent ban on Donald Trump.
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  • End the giving of $3.8 billion to Israel each year that kill Palestinians
    Israel uses funds, $3.8 billion each year, to "buy" from the US weaponry and materiel to use in the ongoing oppression and destruction of the Palestinian people under its control. International laws require that Israel, as the occupier of Palestine, to provide for adequate care and human rights to those Palestinians. Israel has not provided the badly needed care in this time of covid and had actually bombed vaccination clinics where the few vaccines they have and have so even more diminished Palestinians ability to try and fight this and other battles. The funds are used for illegal Palestinian home demolitions as well as the continued taking of land from the indigenous Palestinians for Jewish only settlements.
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    Created by Brian O'Keefe
  • End the pandemic and save lives by suspending vaccine patents!
    Right now we are watching a devastating catastrophe unfold. India is in the midst of the worst wave of coronavirus infections we have ever seen. India is also one of the world's biggest vaccine manufacturers. But because of patent rules, they are unable to make their own versions of the vaccines that many Americans are now able to easily obtain. In October, India and South Africa proposed that the World Trade Organization (WTO) waive intellectual property laws for Covid vaccines through the end of the pandemic, which would allow generic pharmaceutical companies to make additional vaccine doses and sell them to middle- and lower-income countries at a lower cost. Nearly 100 of these countries supported this proposal, while the US, the UK, and the EU, among others, opposed it. The world’s wealthiest nations have administered 86% of all Covid-19 vaccines to date. Meanwhile, lower-income countries, which account for 80% of the world’s population, have only been at 0.1%. This is unacceptable. Will you tell President Biden to help end the pandemic by waiving vaccine patents and scaling up global vaccine production?
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Sign the Petition: NO gerrymandering in 2021
    Now that the 2021 redistricting process has officially begun, we must speak out right now to stop partisan politicians from drawing rigged, unfair maps. Because if we don’t, some power-hungry politicians will abuse their control of the process and draw gerrymandered maps -- resorting to despicable tactics like “packing and cracking” to limit the political influence of Black and Brown voters and protect incumbents from competition. That’s not how our democracy is supposed to work. Voters should choose their elected officials, not the other way around. And any efforts by politicians to interfere with the process -- by using data that was not intended for redistricting or drawing rigged maps that ignore communities’ voices -- can’t be swept under the rug. That’s why we are flipping the script this cycle -- putting communities, not politicians at the center of the process. Whether your state’s districts are drawn by the legislature or by an independent commission -- mapmakers need to hear loud and clear that We the People will not be excluded from the redistricting process or silenced by gerrymandering. That also means making sure that only the best, most precise population data available is used, which comes from the 2020 Census. Using another source, especially one that was not designed for drawing maps -- or conducting the entire process behind closed doors -- only creates further opportunities to gerrymander and abuse power. These maps will shape our state legislatures and Congress for the next ten years. We cannot afford to let politicians draw deeply partisan and racially divisive districts that deprive voters of the chance to elect someone who shares their lived experiences. If you agree, add your name today.
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  • Where is the Global Vaccine Rollout? WAIVE Patent Rights Temporarily!
    Failure to vaccinate the world put us all at risk. We are not safe until all of us are safe. Waiving the patent rights would allow every country the right to produce Covid-19 generic vaccines. We have to remember that there were countless unnecessary deaths during the AIDS/HIV epidemic in many countries and continents like Africa because of the pharmaceutical companies' property patent rights. Let's not make that mistake again. The waiver of these patent rights will give the vaccine technology to those countries in greatest need. These vaccines saves lives and everyone should have a right to have access to them. Over 100 countries have signed on the World Trade Organization's plan to waive the Covid-19 vaccine patent rights. Tell President Biden to sign on too! Time is of the essence to save lives and to make us all safe.
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    Created by Pat Watson
  • Stop beach Pier 55
    We, the undersigned oppose the plan by Hudson River Park Trust and the City of New York to open a beach and want the funds allocated to support the black trans and queer communities in this city
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    Created by Ra Keish
  • Challenging tattoo laws in South Carolina
    Fortunately times have changed and it is considered a "NORM" now to be tattooed all over! Every other state it is legal buy why not here in SC? With this being said most girls love to have a little flower or star behind their ear or a cute little tattoo on the back of their neck but it is not allowed here. What happened to my body my choice? We want to get as many signatures and statements of why you think tattooing in these areas should be legal here in South Carolina!! Please help us challenge these laws!
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    Created by Dana Blair
  • Investigate Foul Play at SUNY Buffalo State College- Missing College Student-Saniyya Dennis
    Saniyya Dennis is an Honor Student, She did not miss Work, She did not miss School. Saniyya is a high achiever, she communicates with family regularly so it was not in her character to abruptly cut communication. Saniyya takes school and her job on Campus very serious. A protest was going on about racial injustices on campus before Saniyya went missing. Clarence Shepard, a black student was profiled and brought up on Code of Conduct Violations that were later thrown out after a hearing. He wasn’t able to sleep well for several nights because of the trauma that came along with it. In Addition, an Instructor mentioned on video she was tired of hearing about BLM ( A group centered to address the issues of black people). This story was published on 04/20/2021 Https://www.wgrz.com/article/news/local/student-protestors-demand-that-racially-charged-incidents-are-addressed-at-Buffalo-state/71-b99c682d-12dd-4dde-9ae7-28de146a8cce Knowing these details gives cause to further investigate in the case of a Black Missing College Student who took education serious. With just days after a protest for racial injustices on the Campus, and the probability of discussions lingering amongst students, Foul Activity could have been at play here. Saniyya Dennis was Last seen in the Elevator on Campus 04/24/2021 and wearing what seems to be a mask with the school logo. Saniyya appeared to be wearing a hoodie and open sneakers. Given the time range she was on the elevator between 10:30pm-11pm, and the way she was dressed, does not appear she was going far distance on foot.
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  • Radioactive Roads? No thanks!
    Two bills moving through the legislature, HB1144 and SB534, would roll back rules for conventional drillers in PA. Versions of these bills have failed in the past. This time, one especially concerning provision is worse than it was last time. The bills allow for the road spreading of drilling waste. Last time, it was proposed to be used as a dust suppressant on unpaved roads. This time, it could also be used on both unpaved and paved roads for road stablization, anti-icing, and de-icing.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Put Down The Guns Now Young People
    So a child or teen will not pick a gun up until he or she become educated
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    Created by Jack Logan
  • Roseville - Proclaim June as Pride Month
    Our nation was founded on the principle of equal rights for all people. Advancements have been made with respect to equitable treatment of LGBTQ persons throughout the nation. But the ideals of our founders have yet to be realized. The City of Roseville has a diverse LGBTQ community which continues to struggle for inclusion especially in this time of extreme divisiveness. The City of Roseville has a duty to: * bring its residents together, * to support one another, * to show solidarity for all its citizens, and * to invite everyone to reflect on ways we all can live and work together, committed to mutual respect and understanding, committed to supporting dignity and equity for all people in the community. The City of Roseville can demonstrate its support for our city’s diversity and our LGBTQ community by flying the rainbow flag at City Hall during the month of June.
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    Created by Tomas Vera
  • SAVE El Crystal Elementary School & Combine with City Park
    WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? THE EL CRYSTAL ELEMENTARY SITE IS BEING SOLD – GET INVOLVED! The San Bruno Park School District is selling the former El Crystal Elementary site, giving the City a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to consider acquiring this property. However, the School District is negotiating with potential buyers without any formal process for public input on what best serves the needs of the community. We, the residents of San Bruno, must tell our Board of Trustees and City Council that we want them to thoroughly explore all options for the City of San Bruno to acquire the El Crystal School Property. WHAT CAN I DO? We must pressure our elected officials to work together in the best interests of our community. Combined, these are our highest elected individuals in San Bruno with a total of 10 members. Six (6) of those members are up for re-election in 2022. It is time that our wishes be heard! WHY SHOULD I GET INVOLVED? The expansion of San Bruno City Park would allow for so many possibilities such as a library, fields, maker spaces, childcare, etc. Many of these uses could provide mutual benefit for our students as well as the broader community. None are possible if the land is not maintained within the City. We all value open space, we all value parks and we must fight for them. I KEEP HEARING THE CITY HAS NO MONEY – HOW CAN THIS BE FUNDED? While the City certainly has many competing priorities and limited funds, there are options available. The City is expecting over $100 million in developers’ fees over the next 10 years and has put in place various initiatives expected to generate new revenue in 2021. The San Bruno Community Foundation, which was created to use the restitution funds from the Crestmoor Explosion could also potentially provide some funding to assist with the purchase. After the new Recreation and Aquatic Center is built there will be approximately $30 million remaining. The SBCF just completed a listening campaign for community input that identified both our schools and our parks as top community priorities. The Board of Trustees also can be a part of finding creative and flexible solutions with regards to the sale price and timing for when funds are received.The public can encourage them to use that flexibility for the best interest of the San Bruno community. NOW WHAT? Sign this petition and make your voice heard! Have you considered attending the next City Council meeting to speak during public comment asking that funds be allocated for the purchase of El Crystal? Have you contacted your elected officials? Have you contacted the San Bruno Community Foundation or attended their town hall meetings? Their website is http://www.sbcf.org/. We cannot let this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity pass. It is now or never.
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