Decades upon decades I witnessed as our local politicians take advantage of our communities and of the will of the people. They know the statistics and averages and how to get people activated and how to keep people inactive. Politicians in office know that people who don’t vote are the same people who say things will never change and are completely discouraged from partaking in our local politics and activities. They see the same politicians election after election making the same decisions and believe deep down inside that things will never change and that their one vote could never count. Politicians take advantage of this and allow themselves to get reelected over and over while not activating any new community members to get involved in our local government. The same voters vote for them year after year, and have no interest in encouraging the youth or new community members to get involved. Those that benefit from a politician being seated for decades are the ones that will vote and are the ones that will activate more voters like them to get the result they want. The people of Illinois are an example of these problems that come from politicians holding seats for far too long! We've had so many of our recent politicians go to jail because of their illegalities just slipping through the cracks, yet they were voted in election after election. At any given time an Illinois politician is under investigation and this is not right! Right now on this date 11/23/2020, the Mayor of Chicago, several Aldermen and woman and the decision to allow General Iron to move locations from the North side of Chicago to the South Side of Chicago is under investigation. This example is the #StopGeneralIron movement. Setting term limits will put an end to many of these problems. When we place two term limits on our local Aldermen and women it will activate more people to get involved in our government with each election and we will have a better and more current representation of the will of the people. Imagine knowing that when elections come up people will actually be working to build a better community and working towards activating new voters instead of manipulating our local government against the will of the people and suppressing our voters. The goal is to have as many people active in our local politics every four years not just when our community is at rock bottom! Setting a two a term limit to Aldermen and women will contribute to building a bigger and better community, involved and engaged and will also detour any local loyalist who will do the most to work against the will of the people. Please sign this petition for the good of the people! Thank You!
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    Created by MARGARITA VEGA
  • Allow Dual Live Streaming on TikTok-USA
    This will enable creators the ability to collaborate during their live streams, providing them with more opportunities for growth within the TikTok community.
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    Created by Celena Coleman
  • End Hate in Central Oregon
    It is important for our Central Oregon region to stand up against hate groups of any kind!
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    Created by Stephanie VanKlootwyk
  • Safety for the West Bend Library from Covid-19
    COVID is going unchecked and we need our businesses and institutions to be safe and follow mitigation policies. The rate of infection is so high we must restrict and contain the virus. The virus doesn’t move, people do.
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    Created by Brydie Hill
  • Pass/Fail
    This is important because it will help students worry about passing finals and finish strong in classes even if (final)grades are lower than it should be due to working around the pandemic and shortened semester and our cumulative GPA will not be greatly affected. (Same rules and regulations for pass/fail from Spring 2020)
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    Created by Concerned CBU Students
  • Tell the damn truth!
    Our info-civil-war is tearing us apart
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    Created by Stuart Thomas
  • Keep Fair Lawn Bakery Open
    This is a company very dear to my heart. My grandfather left Bulgaria to pursue a better life in America for our family and this was his first real job here. It changed everything for us! My mother is a long time employee in this location and has dedicated her life to this company. So many lives will be changed if this location closes. We are in the middle of a pandemic and many families are dependent on this income. Our economy will be affected, our local businesses. We need to rally together and make sure the jobs stay here!
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    Created by Elaine Hristov
  • Sign Our Petition in Support of the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020 to Cancel Pigford Debt
    In 1997, the USDA released the Civil Rights Action Team (CRAT) Report, a condemning report that affirmed Black farmer narratives of pervasive government-sanctioned racial discrimination against them through the Farm Service Agency and county committee systems. Later that year, farmer-plaintiffs Timothy Pigford, Cecil Brewington, Lucious Abrams, George Hall, Eddie Ross, and Lloyd Shaffer filed class action lawsuits, charging the USDA with discrimination against Black farmers in the distribution of loans as well as failure to investigate complaints regarding widespread systemic racial animus. The goal of the Pigford lawsuit was to restore Black farmers and their agricultural land base through full debt cancellation, federal and state tax relief, monetary compensation, priority of lending services, and access to land. After the lawsuit, the vast majority of Black farmers were left with crushing debts originating from the racist misdeeds of USDA, threat of foreclosures, and no legal recourse to save their family farms. The $1 billion settlement was paid out mostly in $50,000 cash payments to 15,645 claimants. Only 4.8% of the $1 billion settlement went to debt relief. 6,906 farmers were denied the cash payments and debt relief. Most of the 6,906 were actual farmers with verifiable farm identification numbers. According to recent USDA, 17,000 Black legacy farmers are delinquent on their loans with USDA. Our farmers have been under threat of foreclosure ranging from 5 to 30 years. Over the years, aging Black farmers have delayed foreclosures by filing pro se complaints in federal court. The USDA continues to offset Black farmers’ tax refunds, social security, disability, and subsidy payments to cover outstanding debts. Decades of farmer-led organizing combined with our heightened efforts over the last three years laid the groundwork for the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020. Introduced by U.S. Senators Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand the Justice for Black Farmers Act, is historic legislation that finally includes comprehensive debt cancellation for our Black legacy farmers. Due to Congress being out of session today, the Act will be officially introduced by U.S. Senators Cory Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and Kirsten Gillibrand on November 30th. In order to claim this victory for our farmers, we need to activate our collective power. Thank you to all of our supporters that have helped amplify our campaign and raise awareness of the plight of our Black legacy farmers. In the words of June Jordan, “we are the ones we have been waiting for.” The legacy of the Pigford lawsuit is the theft of Black farms through usurious debt. Now is the time to rectify this shameful chapter in U.S. history. We urge President-Elect Joe Biden and the new Congress to quickly enact the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020.
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    Created by Acres of Ancestry Initiative/ Black Agrarian Fund Picture
  • INVESTIGATE: Trump fires election security director for contradicting him
    Despite Trump’s futile attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election, Christopher Krebs -- director of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) -- remained committed to giving the American people the truth. He reassured voters that the 2020 election was “the most secure in American history” -- and that there isn’t a shred of evidence that voting systems were compromised. [1] Krebs didn’t do this as Republican or Democrat. He did it as a national security official -- and as someone who understands that our foreign adversaries’ primary goals are to sow chaos and chip away at faith in our institutions. Krebs was reaffirming the facts. But that didn’t fit with the ludicrous narrative that Trump is spinning -- so the president fired him. That’s outrageous. Krebs was simply doing his job -- defending the integrity of this free and fair election and maintaining voters’ faith in our democracy. Plus, Trump's selective firing of national security officials who contradict him puts all of us at risk. Especially because Krebs’ former agency also oversees critical infrastructure from other sectors, like nuclear power plants and chemical storage facilities. Congress must investigate this sudden and abhorrent decision -- which jeopardizes our national security and the integrity of our democracy. If you agree, add your name now. 1) https://www.npr.org/2020/11/17/936003057/cisa-director-chris-krebs-fired-after-trying-to-correct-voter-fraud-disinformati
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    Created by Common Cause Picture
  • Speeding Enforcement and Reduction on Sutter Ave. (Carmichael)
    A little over a year ago my mother’s cat Finn was hit by a car on Sutter Ave. trying to cross the street to come home. Yesterday morning her other cat Winston was also hit by a car. She had tried to keep him as an inside only cat, but he got out through the dog door. I was beyond heartbroken and devastated hearing the news from my neighbor and having to carry his lifeless body home. I am tired of people using Sutter Ave as an alternative to Fair Oaks driving 50-60 mph with no regard for anyone. There are children, elderly, cats, dogs, walking, playing, etc., as this is a neighborhood. I am beyond upset at how reckless people drive through this neighborhood. I do not want any other living being to be hurt or killed by the hand of a careless and selfish individual.
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    Created by Brianna Santos
  • President-elect Biden: We're ready to fight for a bold agenda
    The people have spoken, and they voted for bold action. We elected Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in an overwhelming victory with the highest voter turnout in history. People-powered organizing over the past four years and in this election turned the tide against Republicans despite their efforts to suppress Americans’ voices everywhere from the courts to the census to the ballot box. Everyday people—from frontline workers to students getting creative on social media to parents juggling work from home with kids to mothers, fathers, and children demanding justice for Black lives—mobilized to protect each other and our democracy, and we're ready to continue the work to create an America that works for all of us. Only big ideas, like a new New Deal or an investment akin to Kennedy's moonshot, will be able to alleviate the multiple crises our country faces: record unemployment, severe weather with multiple once-in-a-lifetime storms, wildfires raging, unbridled police violence, massive wealth inequality, millions without health coverage in a pandemic, and so much more. Incremental shifts will not tackle the crises or provide the relief desperately needed. We must change the status quo, invest in people and our communities, and shift power away from the wealthy and corporations. Together, we can send a powerful message to the Biden/Harris transition team. MoveOn will deliver your signature and comments to ensure the new administration knows why we need transformative solutions and that we're ready to work to ensure they are enacted. After four years of pushing back against the worst of the Trump administration's policies, hundreds of thousands of MoveOn members worked tirelessly to ensure progressive voters were able to cast their ballots. We voted to make Washington work for the people again. We voted because we can't survive another four years of attacks, the pandemic, and the sinking economy. We voted because we believe that Biden/Harris will deliver for the people who delivered the election for them. Now, we're ready to support the Biden administration implement a bold new vision where everyone can thrive.
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  • Change the name of Robert E Lee Elementary School in Spotsylvania County, Virginia
    Spotsylvania County Schools’ mission statement is: “Together, we prepare our students for their future.” This is an inclusive statement and mission. However, the school's name is not reflective of this statement. Having the name Robert E. Lee negatively impacts our community by glorifying a general who not only owned slaves, but who fought to keep slavery. The burden is now on the members of the Spotsylvania County School Board to defend why the name should stay. “...the statue of my ancestor has stood for years in Richmond as an idol of this white supremacist mind-set. The statue is a hollow reminder of a painful ideology and acts of oppression against black people. Taking it down will provide new opportunities for conversations, relationships and policy change.” -Robert W. Lee IV
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