• PROTECT the Office of Congressional Ethics
    Here’s what’s going on: The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) is an independent House ethics watchdog that Common Cause and others worked to create in 2008. It helped clean up corruption and make sure members of Congress were playing by the rules. Before the OCE, House members served as both judge and jury when considering ethical charges against their colleagues. Too often, there was a mutual “look the other way” understanding in which both parties would excuse each other’s misconduct. Now, Republicans want to go back to those bad old days and hamstring the OCE. They’re planning to make it harder to hire staff at the OCE and implement arbitrary term limits that would target three long-serving Democratic ethics board members – risking decades of institutional knowledge, and majorly weakening oversight in the new Congress.
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  • Tell Mark Zuckerberg: Donald Trump cannot rejoin Facebook with a free pass to lie.
    Donald Trump could be back on Facebook as soon as Saturday. And, believe it or not, because he’s running for President again Facebook has already declared they’ll give him a free pass from their fact-checking policy! I don’t need to tell you how dangerous this is – the last time Trump’s election lies went unchecked, he abused his massive online megaphone to incite the violent January 6th insurrection – which led to the ban that may now be lifted. Since that deadly day, bipartisan investigators in Congress have uncovered a mountain of evidence showing how Trump’s social media vitriol was like “rocket fuel for extremists” – which means holding his statements to the same factual standards as every other user is the absolute least companies like Facebook and Twitter can do.
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  • Tell the DOJ: Act on the criminal referral for Donald Trump
    Over the last 17 months, the January 6th House Select Committee has worked around the clock to investigate how Trump and his associates planned, promoted, and paid for the January 6th attack on our country – and how he repeatedly refused to lift a finger to stop it. They’ve uncovered increasingly shocking evidence demonstrating how Trump and his accomplices plotted to undermine our democracy, pushed dangerous election lies, and even wanted to throw out election results. They documented how Trump planned in advance to falsely claim victory regardless of the actual election results. Donald Trump brazenly violated his oath of office, and when his lies and conspiracies led to the horrifying and violent attack on our Capitol, he refused to tell the January 6th insurrectionists to stand down for a gut-wrenching 187 minutes. Now, we have a real chance at accountability – since the January 6th Committee has recommended criminal consequences for Trump’s actions.
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  • George Santos Must Resign or Be Expelled
    George Santos built his campaign on a series of outrageous and offensive lies, deceiving the voters of New York's 3rd District about his qualifications, work background, and lived experience. His continued presence in the House is a disservice to and disrespect of the people of Long Island. He must resign and give voters a chance to choose a representative who is honest about who they are. Santos's litany of lies is too long to recount: false claims that he is the descendant of Holocaust survivors, fabrications about his education and past employment, glaring gaps about his finances, and more. His excessive campaign spending and the unknown sources of his wealth have also raised flags. Yet Santos continues to dig himself deeper into a hole, while lashing out and avoiding accountability. And instead of coming clean or focusing on his constituents, he'll now be tied up in investigations by local, state, federal, and international authorities because of the long trail of deception and fraud that's just beginning to be uncovered. Santos must resign—and if he doesn't, Congress should expel him from office under their constitutionally granted powers.
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    We believe the requested Rezoning and Land Use Designation Change are not an improvement to the General Plan, nor is this development in scale or does it fit with the identity and character of the surrounding areas. We would hope the Peoria Planning Commission and members of the City Council of Peoria will honor the original intentions of the city of Peoria’s visionaries by rejecting Simpatico’s application.
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  • Nat should play Fortnite
    its beneficial towards em and I
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  • Impeach George Santos Upon Arrival!
    If we now know the truth about George Santos, let's acknowledge the fact and correct this betrayal before there are consequences that jeopardize our democracy by allowing another individual who's allergic to reality, be a leader within our country
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  • American Jews Demand: George Santos Must Resign for Misusing Holocaust Tragedy
    George Santos lied about his mother’s family fleeing from Nazi oppression in the Ukraine and then Belgium, fleeing from the Holocaust to Brazil, where he then immigrated to the United States. His mother’s family already was living in Brazil during the period when he said they were fleeing from the Holocaust, so this is an outright lie. The Holocaust is one of the greatest crimes against humanity to ever occur, and to the Jewish people, the Holocaust is a personal and collective tragedy. We hold the truth of the Holocaust sacred and do not accept when it is used in a lie for political gain to help to obtain political office. It has been proven that Representative Elect George Santos has completely lied about his family background, and he is neither Jewish, nor did his family flee from the Nazis in Europe. This is an unacceptable lie and we demand that he step down and not take his seat in Congress. We demand that the GOP recognize his slap in the face of the memory of the Jews who suffered and died in the Holocaust and call for him to not take his seat in the House of Representitives.
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    This is important to us Our department is 24hrs and mandatory overtime is constant daily because we are very short staff and we are working day evening and night shifts. Looking for parking and moving our cars every 2 hours is not possible. For those who have nights and weekend passes and are working multiple shifts. To receive citations is just unfair and their should be a compensation given back. Also what are we to do because we are not going to purchase two passes and we are still Z.S.F.G.H employee that even with a pass day or night the lots don't even have enough spaces for employees to park rather it be the parking lot on 23rd or our campus lot! It needs to be some type of resolution and accommodation for all employees and once again our department is a 24hr department and we work around the clock! we do need help fighting this!
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  • Justice for Terra!!!!
    Because my daughter and so many others who defended themselves are behind bars.
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  • Consider a less divisive name for the King Cotton Holiday Classic
    The Civil War continues to be the single most divisive event in US history. References and branding that are remnants of this destructive time in our history should be considered divisive as well.
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  • Add your name! Hold members of Congress who incite violence accountable.
    Republican attempts to silence our voices haven't gone unnoticed. But to stop them, we need to step up now. Elected officials should never amplify language or take actions that put the lives of their constituents, their peers, or public servants at risk.
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