• Lindsey Graham must be held accountable for his role in the attacks on our democracy
    Senator Graham has repeatedly proven that his loyalty to Trump will always come before the good of our democracy. But now, with Graham potentially implicated in Trump’s illegal plot to overthrow our elections, he is desperately scrambling for a loophole that will get him out of having to testify under oath about the shocking allegation that he asked election officials to throw out Georgians’ votes. But Graham is doing all he can to evade legal accountability – and abusing his power to pressure that DA into throwing the subpoena out. This investigation – which is a parallel effort to the January 6th House Select Committee – needs to see any and all relevant information, including Graham’s phone calls with Raffensperger – so they can uncover the full truth. Condemn Graham’s blatant ploy to keep us in the dark – and demand that he is held accountable.
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    Everyone needs to volunteer somewhere like I do and the FB page that I am on is Pennsylvanians for Josh Shapiro.. there are many opportunities right there on the page...Please volunteer somewhere... I hope that you don't just sit there and wait for November 8th to happen. We can't make strides in his campaign without everyone's help!
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  • Implement a "No Shame Dress Code" at STHS
    The current dress code perpetuates sexism, mental illness and an environment that does not support the learning of all students. The dress code sexualizes and objectifies the female student body and is demeaning to the male student body. Without change, this will continue to negatively impact our current and future student body.
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  • Overturn Citizens United and pass the DISCLOSE Act
    Mega-donor Barre Seid’s $1.6 billion contribution is likely the largest EVER made in politics. The fact that a single billionaire can buy such outsized political power just goes to show how dangerous the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United ruling really was. How? This decision opened the Big Money floodgates, allowing groups like Leo’s to more directly influence our elections while still taking in unlimited cash from powerful mega-donors – often in secret. That is NOT how our democracy is supposed to work. We the People should call the shots when it comes to the issues that impact our everyday lives – not a shadowy network of wealthy special interests. And passing the DISCLOSE Act would be another huge step towards transparency and accountability – by modernizing disclosure laws and ending political loopholes that give corporations and special interest groups the ability to hide their campaign-related spending. But frankly, if we want our representatives to respond to this growing Big Money crisis – we need to speak out now. Congress should pass the DISCLOSE Act – and also work to overturn Citizens United – immediately, because everyone has a right to know who is trying to influence our elections.
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  • Police Brutality in San Rafael - Fire Them
    San Rafael Police department used “Excessive Force” on an unarmed and cooperative man. We need to speak up against institutional power. This is what the community does in such a circumstance
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  • End indigenous homelessness in Minneapolis
    Our community is suffering from an unprecedented humanitarian crisis that we haven’t seen since the Indian removal act. The opioid and mental health problems our indigenous relatives are experiencing is killing our children and young adults in our native communities every single day. We must create a safe and culturally healthy space to heal. Western “treatment” is not working for the historical trauma that is the cause for most of the addiction and mental health issues we are facing today. To heal properly, my people must return to our traditional ways of healing and living the best we can in this artificial environment that has been created by the colonists and settlers. This little 6 acre park is perfectly located in the Minneapolis Indian community. The park is only blocks away from the Native American Community Clinic, Indian Health board and the Takota Institute for higher education. This historic move would all but eliminate the homeless encampments in south Minneapolis. Our relatives would be able to be housed with dignity and heal within the community instead of always being “sent away” to get treated and fixed. So please join our historic endeavor to get stolen Indian Landback and create our Red Road Village…
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  • Declare a State of Emergency for Education & Allow Emergency Substitutes to Work!
    If you care about improving the education of students and improving the mental and physical well-being of Nevada educators please sign the petition to declare a state of emergency for education in Nevada.
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  • Raise for Waste Management
    We all believe we are under paid for our positions
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  • Justice for Rashad Jamal
    United we stand Divided we fall. We need as many signatures as possible to help fight against the cruel and unusual punishment of Rashad Jamal. Let’s do what it takes to see that they either grant him a court date or free him.
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  • End US support for the Saudi war in Yemen!
    President Biden approved $5.2 billion in arms sales to Saudi Arabia and the UAE earlier this month. Throwing deadly weapons at these nations will almost certainly perpetuate the Saudi-led war in Yemen — a conflict President Biden announced he would no longer support over a year ago. By backing Saudi-led troops in Yemen with weapons, money, and intel, the United States is actively perpetuating one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world. It’s morally indefensible, and Congress must act to withdraw US support now. We demand Congress must take a stand against the war in Yemen by passing a War Powers resolution ending US military aid immediately! President Biden must deliver on his campaign promise to end unauthorized US support for the war in Yemen. Right now, the war is on pause for the first time in 6 years, giving millions of Yemenis on the brink of starvation a chance at survival. But it’s set to resume October 2. The US must end its support for the Saudis before that date. Such a move could be decisive in finally bringing this war to an end. Congressional action can’t wait. The situation in Yemen is incredibly dire: over two million children under the age of five are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition in 2022 and could die without urgent treatment. In May, Representatives Pramila Jayapal and Peter DeFazio introduced the Yemen War Powers Resolution, which would finally end unauthorized US support for the war. Pressure is mounting: more than one hundred advocacy groups are calling on Congress to pass the resolution. Congress needs to hear from you, too: we condemn US support for these atrocities! Tell Congress to pass a War Powers Resolution to help end the war in Yemen!
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  • Fire Trump’s Postmaster General!
    Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy is still in office — and still trying to decimate the postal service at the expense of Black, Brown and Indigenous communities. President Biden must stop DeJoy. This spring, Congress passed the Postal Service Reform Act, which invests in USPS and postal workers. Despite this cash infusion, DeJoy is still trying to slash USPS operations by cutting positions, hiking postage rates, and shuttering post offices around the country. DeJoy has to go. The only way to fire DeJoy is to nominate two public servants to the Postal Board of Governors who will stand up to DeJoy, invest in a green postal service, protect union jobs, and build a strong USPS that serves all American communities! Tell President Biden to nominate two board members to the Postal Board of Governors who reflect our national diversity and will stand up to Louis DeJoy! USPS offers a huge opportunity for promoting equity. Postal Service jobs have long been a pathway to the middle-class for Black Americans, who make up nearly a quarter of postal workers. And the postal service plays a vital role in connecting our communities, especially rural communities. We rely on USPS to deliver ballots, communicate, bring life-saving prescriptions to seniors, and so much more. We need a Postmaster General who will take advantage of this opportunity. Instead, we have Louis DeJoy — who plans to eliminate 50,000 good union jobs over the next decade as part of his plan for USPS austerity. It’s time for a visionary Postal Board of Governors who will fire DeJoy and herald in a new era for the Postal Service. That means investing in a union-made, electric postal fleet; ensuring postal jobs remain good union jobs; and expanding USPS public service even further by looking into offering banking services, internet access, and more through the postal service. Currently, the Postal Board of Governors is majority white and majority male. We need nominees who bring a diversity of life experience to the board — reflecting the postal workforce and our nation as a whole. Tell President Biden to nominate two board members to the Postal Board of Governors who reflect our national diversity and will stand up to Louis DeJoy!
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  • Stop Louis DeJoy from slashing the USPS workforce!
    Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy wants to cut 50,000 Postal Service positions. Congress must stop DeJoy. Not only will DeJoy’s plan eliminate 50,000 good union jobs, it’ll also compromise the ability of the Postal Service to carry out its essential functions — like delivering ballots safely and bringing life-saving prescriptions to seniors and rural communities. DeJoy’s plan to decimate the USPS workforce is just one piece of his broader vision for USPS austerity. The Postal Service is an essential public service, yet DeJoy cares more about cutting costs than making sure USPS performs its key functions. Congress must stop DeJoy from slashing 50,000 USPS jobs! USPS funding is a major equity concern. The postal service is the lifeblood of much of rural America, where people rely on the USPS to deliver goods and transmit information. In areas without internet access, US mail is absolutely essential. And there’s another problem with DeJoy’s plan: it reinforces the idea that USPS should be managed like a business. That’s absurd. USPS is a public good. Instead of slashing postal workers, we should be taking advantage of the huge opportunity USPS offers for our country. USPS should expand its services for rural and low-income communities even further by looking into offering banking services, internet access, and more. Sign the petition: Congress must stop DeJoy from undermining the postal service and slashing 50,000 USPS jobs!
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