• Remove Morgan County Dog Warden
    Dog Wardens are not above the law, Goddard Law Made knowingly causing serious physical harm (including physical harm that carries an unnecessary or unjustifiable substantial risk of death) to a companion animal a 5th degree felony.The dog had a chance to live and Warden chose to end its life which warden knowingly caused death, knowing a rescue was taking the dog.Warden raither kill animals instead of placing them, rescue or adoption.This dog was not an aggressive dog.
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    Created by Lori Burns
  • Stand with MN Immigrants Support the North STAR Act
    Ten percent of Minnesota's residents are immigrants. They are our neighbors, friends, family, and coworkers. They work, pay taxes, and contribute billions of dollars to state revenue every year. Still, many are subject to arbitrary and prolonged detention, exorbitant bail, or even deportation as a result of trivial interactions with local law enforcement. Blurring the lines between law enforcement and immigration enforcement erodes trust between immigrants and police, uproots beloved community and family members from their homes, and enables racial profiling. Doing better by immigrant communities in Minnesota benefits us all. Many immigrants don't trust law enforcement because it can double as immigration enforcement. This creates fear that they may be turned over to ICE detention in asking for help. As a result, many immigrants avoid reporting crimes or seeking emergency services. Immigration detention doesn't keep us safe. Almost 2/3 of those held in ICE detention have no criminal record. Most immigrants referred to ICE detention by local law enforcement have only minor offenses, like traffic violations. ICE detention often removes a primary breadwinner from immigrant households. This can push families into financial crisis. When parents are at home families are safer and healthier. The North STAR Act will benefit all Minnesotans. Immigrants will be able to seek medical care and emergency services without fear. Employers will benefit from a more stable workforce. Law enforcement can use freed up resources on more appropriate public safety tasks.
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    Created by MIRAC
  • Save Church Farm Lane and Old Valley Road as nature preserve and walking, Cycling recreation area.
    5) This proposal is a once in a lifetime opportunity for responsible and thoughtful preservation of some of West Whiteland”s and Chester County’s remaining historic, rural and natural resources.
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    Created by Todd Rouse
  • No president should have "absolute immunity"!
    Donald Trump thinks he’s above the law and should not be held to the same standards as the rest of us. And that’s really because he’s trying to get out of his federal election subversion criminal trial before November’s election. His thinking is, if he can just make it through the election and win, he’ll get the chance to pardon himself. He must be stopped. Earlier this year, a D.C. circuit court ruled unanimously that Donald Trump does not have full, "absolute immunity" from ever being prosecuted for anything just because he was president. Now, he is asking the Supreme Court to block this decision, granting him immunity from prosecution. Last summer, special counsel Jack Smith charged Trump with four federal felonies for conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election, leading up to and on January 6. He has claimed he should be fully immune from prosecution for the crimes he committed and is relying on the far-right, Trump-stacked court to save him. Trump will exhaust all options to avoid accountability for the crimes he’s committed. This is just his latest attempt, but if he’s successful, the consequences are grave. The Supreme Court should not play into Trump's tactics to postpone accountability and justice. Since they have decided to take Trump's appeal, they must rule against him, denying Trump full, absolute immunity.
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  • Keep Mr Cody as our High School Math Teacher!!!!
    Our kids deserve the best education available to them and Mr. Cody meets that standard. A mistake made on the weekend outside of school should not dictate whether or not he is capable or suitable for his job. Mr. Cody is one of our best teachers in the school system. My daughter has always struggled in Math she just doesn’t get it, since she has moved up into high school and has had Mr. Cody not only have her grades skyrocketed for Math but her state test scores in Math have skyrocketed. Her UNDERSTANDING of the subject has went through the roof. She has went from testing below the state average to ABOVE it. And it is solely because of the methods and extra care that Mr. Cody takes with his students and her story is not the only one like it. Mr. Cody spends his planning periods and lunch hours whenever necessary helping students one on one. If they are behind he helps them catch up, if they just aren’t getting it he helps them. And he takes the time for those students out of his personal time. Instead of using his planning period he helps them and then goes home and does his planning. Instead of getting his personal time for lunch he helps them. He goes above and beyond his job. And it shows in our kids test scores. Not only does he do those things but he also makes your children comfortable in asking for the help. Which is something that can’t be said for most teachers. A lot of time the attitude our children have is that it’s not worth asking, because they won’t listen, or they’ll say no. Our kids not only get the help they need but feel safe and optimistic in asking for it. These kids love him not because he’s cool or he lets them mess around but because he legitimately helps them. He has their respect. We are the generation that voted for medical marijuanas legal status. So not only should we help keep a teacher that we KNOW is massively beneficial to our children’s education but we should fight for our medical legalization that we worked for. We should fight against the school for trying to make something that we pushed and voted for still a negatively looked upon thing, like it’s still makes you a pariah to have a medical card even one that recently expired. We need them to know that this is not a firable offense. Then, there are other teachers in the school who have not gotten marijuana possession charges on there own time that deserve to be forcefully resigned. That not everything should be about the way something looks. It should be about what’s best for our kids. What THEY deserve. If they wanna get rid of teachers, great! But let’s get rid of the ones that don’t care. That say things like… “well all my kids in this class are making C’s so it’s fine”. No it’s not fine, your not doing your job!!! That no matter how much effort your child puts into trying to catch up or understand something they get met with a do it yourself attitude. Who no matter how little they do they put their own failures onto your kids. The Lexington school system has done a lot of shady stuff to help themselves “save face” and we as parents HAVE to fight for the best interest of our kids. The school system needs to remember that they are at the bottom line emoloyed by the parents of this state. They are employed by our tax dollars and when they make poor decisions they have someone to answer to. That’s you. This community needs to come together on soooo many issues. And I feel strongly for our kids it needs to start here. Help us keep a valuable teacher, if we don’t, we senselessly lose him to another school. For what? Ask yourself that.
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    Created by Jessica Roberts
  • Mars and Nestlé: Stop using child slave labor in your chocolate NOW!
    Children are often abducted from their homes and later sold to cocoa farmers, potentially never to see their families and loved ones ever again. Most of the children are 12-16 years old, but reporters have found children as young as 5 years old, many of whom are forced to work up to 14 hours a day. And when children attempt to escape, they are beaten and tortured. It’s unacceptable. Children forced to work on cocoa farms often use machetes to cut cacao bean pods down from trees and then pack them into 100-pound sacks and when they’re full, they have to carry them. Aly Diabate, a former enslaved cocoa worker said, “Some of the bags were taller than me. It took two people to put the bag on my head. And when you didn’t hurry, you were beaten.” The chocolate industry has a revenue of over 254 BILLION dollars per year, yet, even though it is estimated to only cost the industry a little over 5 million dollars a year to trace cocoa beans to track where their cocoa is coming from, there has been little interest in the technology from any chocolate company. It’s shocking, but not surprising. Greedy corporations in the chocolate industry like Nestlé and Mars have enough money to pay workers a living wage AND ensure that they DO NOT use child slave labor. But instead, they are prioritizing their corporate profits. No more. Major chocolate companies have claimed to be concerned and to make efforts to end child slave labor, but they are a multi-billion dollar industry, but it’s been over two decades since they were exposed, and there is still child slavery in their supply chains. It’s wrong. Together, we can keep getting loud and pressuring chocolate industry companies like Nestle until they end child slave labor once and for all. Will you take action now and sign this urgent petition? Image credit: Duchesse layenah
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  • Bring Back Snow Days for NYC Kids
    Snow days were a magical part of childhood for many of us. Waking up to see a world covered in white, to hear that your school days was canceled, and to learn that occasionally we throw away our routines to play, to marvel at the natural world, and to drink hot chocolate. However, following the city's expansion of remote learning during the pandemic, Mayor Adams and Chancellor Banks said that when in-person school is canceled, students would pivot to remote learning. Chromebooks are sent home, schedules are posted on digital classrooms, and the business of school continues. It's unfortunate and unnecessary. Remote learning is a poor substitute for in-person learning as students, educators, and parents all agreed, especially for early learners. The educational gaps we worry about aren't made or broken by one day of zoom tutelage. And, sadly, the tech just isn't up to snuff. Even with a day's notice, the Department of Education's digital hub went down Tuesday morning, leaving many students unable to access the tools they were told were required for the day. This sent parents into the spiral of being tech support, at-home educational aides, and frustrated disciplinarians. All while the snow fell outside. It makes sense in an era of increased climate emergencies such as last summer's toxic-air days to have remote options. But it also makes sense to let kids experience and enjoy a day that's different than others ... especially one that's rarer and rarer. So there are many steps the DOE can take: Clearer plans and tools for remote learning; an investment in digital literacy that includes online security and privacy; an assurance that the commercial vendors we're using aren't commodifying our students' digital information; and good old-fashion projects that kids can work on OFF of their computers ... on their own, with siblings and friends, or with caregivers, depending on their home situation. But one other thing the DOE and City can do: Bring back the snow day.
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    Created by Justin Krebs
    This is important to every Florida resident as it not only cost an insane amount of monetary lose, but also results in inaccurate arrest records, jail time, attorney/bond fees. As well as over crowding our jails and straining our already over worked judicial system. Leaving a broken system that just continues to diminish.
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    Created by Ashley Rutherford
  • Reverse Trump’s policy and Save Net Neutrality
    The FCC’s current proposed rule is the best chance we’ve had to reinstate net neutrality since the Trump administration destroyed the regulations in 2017. But telecom lobbyists and their allies are hitting DC in an all-out effort to water down or block the recently proposed net neutrality rules. They’re even placing misleading, sensationalist op-eds in local papers across the country. While these lobbyists and their Republican allies want to characterize net neutrality as a “takeover” of the internet, the fact is that these protections act to keep broadband free and open for all, and out of the hands of Big Cable. Net neutrality remains hugely popular across the country. In October, Demand Progress joined with over 30 partner organizations to relaunch Battle for the Net, so people can tell the FCC and Congress why net neutrality is important to them. At the end of the comment period in January, over 100,000 activists had filed comments in support. That’s an incredible start, but now we need to pile on the pressure as the FCC prepares to finalize the rule! This is the best chance we’ve had at reversing the Trump administration’s disastrous policy and winning a free and open internet! Add your name: The FCC must save net neutrality now!
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  • Demand constituent input before renewing contract between Sherburne County Jail and ICE!
    Sherburne County has been in the inhumane business of profiting off of immigrant detention since the 1990s, striking a deal with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The immigrants jailed in Sherburne County Jail aren’t incarcerated as punishment for a crime, but rather because the federal government plans to deport them. What’s more, the conditions immigrants experience in the jail are abhorrent and inhumane. Immigrants are not allowed to have face-to-face visits with their families or to go outside while in custody, which can last over a year; are sent to solitary confinement as punishment for the most minor infractions; are denied culturally sensitive resources; and, as the American Immigration Lawyers Association reports, are often barred from meeting with their attorneys; and are routinely jailed under these conditions for years. Sherburne County should not try to profit from failed immigration policies that divide our community and harm our neighbors. Instead, we should let immigrants stay home with their families while they go through the legal process. That’s how we handled immigration throughout most of this country’s history, and that is the right approach for the people of Sherburne County. The voices of constituents deserve to be heard. Add your name to tell the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners to hold a hearing to discuss the renewal of the contract between the Sherburne County Jail and ICE.
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  • Keep Passport Services in Carbon County
    The Prothonotary’s Office is the only acceptance facility in Carbon County. Now residents and our elderly residents have to travel to neighboring counties for these services.
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    Created by Kayla Semmel
  • Tell Taylor Swift: Leverage Media Attention to Register Voters!
    This year 41 million Gen Zers will be eligible to vote. Twice-impeached and disgraced former president Donald Trump is running again, despite currently facing 91 felony charges. The stakes are high and the foundation of our democracy is literally on the line—along with abortion rights, LGBTQ+ rights, immigrant rights, labor rights, and more. We need every person to be politically engaged and active to fight back against the rise of the far right, and vote to transform our government into one that truly works for all of us. As a prominent celebrity frequently featured in the media, Taylor Swift has an opportunity to reach voters on a tremendous scale. Taylor Swift has a busy schedule, with a new album coming out in April and the continuation of her viral and successful Eras Tour, assuring that she will continue to be in the media spotlight for the rest of the year. The right-wing is spreading conspiracy theories about Taylor Swift and the election because they are afraid of her—and they want to stoke fear and paranoia to dissuade her from having an impact. It's textbook fragile masculinity, and we call their bluff. Tell Taylor Swift to actually give them something to talk about. Leverage all the media attention by flashing a QR code during her fall Eras Tour to help register new voters.
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