• Take the nuclear button away from Trump
    It is TERRIFYING that right now there is no check on Donald Trump’s power to launch nuclear weapons. It’s simple: if Donald Trump can’t be trusted with Twitter, he cannot be trusted with a nuclear arsenal that could end humanity as we know it. People created nuclear weapons and designed the systems governing their use — and people can work to limit and ultimately eliminate their use. Speaker Pelosi has already raised the alarm about Trump’s access to nuclear weapons with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Congress is primed to act, and a push from us could help make sure that they step in to take the nuclear button away from Trump and all future presidents.
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  • The head of Chicago’s FOP is defending Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol. He has to go, NOW
    The violent attack on the US Capitol by Trump supporters—incited by Trump and his allies—was an attempt to violently overturn the results of the election. It left at least five people dead and threatened the lives of members of Congress, top government officials, Capitol police officers, and everyone who works at the Capitol. Rioters armed with guns, mace, handcuffs, and tactical gear entered the Capitol, and almost reached areas where members of Congress and others were hiding. Catanzara is defending the rioters, justifying and normalizing their attack on the Capitol, and downplaying the threat they posed. It’s dangerous, and needs to be stopped. When law enforcement signals to right wing militias and white supremacists that they’re on the same side, it encourages more serious acts of violence and sends the message that they may get away with it. Last year, we saw how this escalated violence in Kenosha, Portland, and elsewhere, with tragic results. Catanzara is making it more likely this will happen again, and at the same time he’s making it nearly impossible for people in Chicago to trust their police force. Here are a few quotes from Catanzara: • “Do I support [the Capitol attack]? I wouldn’t have partaken in it. They’re individuals. They get to do what they want. Again, they were voicing frustration. They’re entitled to voice their frustration.” • “They clearly have been ignored and they’re still being ignored as if they’re lunatics and treasonous now, which is beyond stupid.” • “Do I support the frustration? Listen, I don’t have any doubt that something shady happened in this election. You’re not going to convince me that that many people voted for Joe Biden. Never for the rest of my life will you ever convince me of that.” • “If the worst crime [at the Capitol] is trespassing, so be it.” • “it’s an inconvenience at this point, is all it is.” After Catanzara made these statements, it was reported that a Capitol Police officer died as a result of the riot. This is outrageous, but not surprising. Catanzara himself has had more than 35 official complaints against him as a police officer, and been suspended 6 times. He marched alongside white supremacists and QAnon supporters, and he is already being investigated by the Police Board for racist and violent social media posts, including one where he said Muslims “all deserve a bullet.” Chicago’s FOP and other police unions have long promoted violent, unaccountable, and authoritarian policing - and they viciously attack activists and political leaders who are pushing for change. During this election, Chicago’s FOP, the national FOP, and many other police unions endorsed Trump and waged a campaign of fear, lies, and inflammatory rhetoric to promote his re-election, and the authoritarianism he stands for. Chicago’s FOP in particular is notorious for attacking, intimidating, and threatening activists and political leaders who get in their way - and under Catanzara’s leadership, its actions have been more extreme and dangerous than ever. It’s time for Catanzara to be fired as a police officer and removed from his position as leader of Chicago’s FOP. Join us in calling on Chicago city leaders to publicly call for his removal and do everything in their power to make it happen.
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  • SIGN: Terri Lynn Weaver Must Resign
    Terri Lynn Weaver participated in a day that led to an insurrection on our great country's capitol. She then proceeded to post via social media that the individuals there were patriots and "antifa" must have been behind any (seemingly unimportant to Weaver) unrest. This is inexcusable and unforgivable behavior. The people of the 40th deserve a representative with a higher moral compass and logical reasoning.
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  • Hold them ALL accountable for the coup
    Unless this is done, laws become a lie and the democracy is well and truly dead. Unless this is done, you create a schism between power and the powerless that is too deep to heal; our brothers and sisters of color, our women, will never trust, will never stop fighting to create equality, and there will never be peace. Ever. Unless this is done, you confirm the ability of another dictator to take the White House, and you allow the Senators who care only for their own skins to keep perpetuating the violence and lack of morality to continue. And you simply kill our country.
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    Created by Lori Kirstein
  • We demand your immediate resignation!
    Cynthia Lummis, (R) Senator of Wyoming, was sworn to affirm that she would support and defend the constitution. This oath is required by the constitution, to which - Senator Lummis - has broken the laws to which thereof.
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  • Remove Josh Hawley from Senate
    He assisted in stoking the events of January 6,2021 ! His rhetoric resembles that of Donald J Trump and is dangerous for the American people! He doesn’t deserve to sit on the senate! Our democracy is at stake.
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    Created by Faylynn Hall
  • Congressional Dems: Support Staff and Employees After Attack
    During the attempted coup, several Congressional staffers took heroic actions (including protecting the states' electoral college records and remaining with their Members) and all employees and vendors in every part of the building faced unprecedented terror. Even worse, as the white-supremacist mob breached the complex, they paraded symbols of hate, including the Confederate battle flag, through the halls, chambers and offices of Congress. All building personnel, particularly those who are the targets of this mob's ire (Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Jewish and LGBTQ) should be provided with immediate paid time off as well as 100% paid mental health and trauma support. Regardless of whether someone works directly for a member of Congress, staffs a vendor location in the complex or provides cleaning services to the building, the trauma they have and will continue to endure after the events of January 6, 2021 can be traced back to government officials and members of Congress and to the abject failure to stop these events by Capitol Police. The least our country can do for these committed employees, staffers and vendors is provide time to recover, grieve and tend to their mental health needs.
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  • Expel Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas from the United States Senate
    As a Kansan, I was disturbed that the United States Senator elected to represent me would take part in an effort to overthrow the election of another state. If my vote is to count, my elected representatives must trust the state and local officials whose job it is to accurately conduct, count, and audit each election. Regardless of the outcome of the election, Senator Marshall's actions set a dangerous precedent for our nation's democracy that anyone's vote may not count so long as enough U.S. Senators object at the point of certification. This is a violation of the United States Constitution and amounts to an attempt to overthrow the Government of the United States. Senator Marshall presented no substantiated evidence to support his actions, and instead used conjecture, conspiracy theories, and lies to support his claims. Without verified evidence of election fraud, Senator Marshall's actions amount to an act of sedition, and for that he should be expelled. The First Amendment gives me the right to petition the United States Government for a redress of grievances, and as his constituent, I petition the United States Senate to hold Senator Roger Marshall of Kansas accountable for his actions.
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  • Label Hate Groups as Domestic Terrorists
    Ending white supremacy is THE work of our generation. Its been 15 years since the FBI warned us that the klan and other hate groups had infiltrated police forces across the nation. On JAN 6TH 2021 we saw the consequences of previous administration's failure to act on the FBI's warnings. This horrible failure must be corrected. We must not tolerate intolerance!! Will you stand on the right side of history Mr. President? Label hate groups as terrorists and make it impossible for them to function in the light of day. Hate speech is not free speech it is premeditated violence.
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  • Impeach Missouri Sen Josh Hawley
    Senator Hawley's actions directly put our nation's democracy at risk. He incited violence by his words and must be removed.
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  • Oppose Trump 2024
    For four years, the country has watched as Donald J Trump has stoked the fires of division and violence between Americans. His rallies: “knock the crap out of them,” Charlottesville: “fine people on both sides”, his defense of the Kenosha shooter, countless examples of racist rhetoric inspiring hate crimes against immigrants and Americans of color, innumerable attacks on the integrity of any journalism that painted him in a poor light, as well as any detractor including former allies, numerous baseless attacks on the integrity of our elections, and now this... Directly inciting a violent mob to take over the US Capitol Building in his name to stop the certification of his defeat. Demanding his Vice President break the Constitution he swore an oath to defend to invalidate an election and keep him in power. Anywhere else in the world we would denounce this behavior as dictatorial and despicable. To have integrity, we must do so when it happens in our own Capitol as well. It is despicable, it does aspire to dictatorship, and it does not befit the office of the POTUS, now, or ever. Party politics have a huge role in deciding who gets nominated for any public office. To stem the tide of division Trump is responsible for will take every American of conscience speaking out against him if and when he runs again. Do not forget what we saw and heard the last four years, and especially on Jan 6, 2021. Sign the pledge that you will oppose any future campaigns for public office by Donald J Trump. His public career, his platform, marked by hatred, division, and doubt, must end here so that we can continue to work toward the free and fair Republic that Americans believe in.
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    Created by Solan Lewis
  • Censure the GOP Senate leaders of the January 6, 2021 failed coup attempt
    Our Constitution spells out in great detail the role of the Congress in the Electoral College system. Their role is to certify and count the Electoral College votes, not to litigate the results of the election. Republican Senate members Hawley, Cruz, Blackburn, Braun, Daines, Johnson, Kennedy, Lankford, Hagerty, Lummis, Marshall, and Tuberville desire to take on an unconstitutional role in this process purposefully sowed doubt in the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. Through their actions these members fan the flames of conspiracies regarding the election results in a further attempt to cast doubt on the integrity of the process all while claiming widespread fraud without providing any evidence to support such claims. Their actions were reckless, inciting the violent insurrection witnessed by millions around the world. The United States is a beacon to the world on how a democracy and a peaceful transfer of power should work. On January 6, 2021 that beacon was dimmed, almost extinguished, to due the reckless actions of these Republican members of the Senate, thus a censure and stripping of committee assignments is warranted to prevent such seditious acts from occurring in the future.
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