• All schools should have gender neutral bathrooms
    This is important because it will help the non-binary students feel more safe and comfortable using the bathroom at school.
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    Created by Maya Morrell
  • Let's limit Trump’s power to wage war in our communities
    This is alarming: senior Pentagon officials are reportedly unsure of what they’ll do if Trump invokes the Insurrection Act and sends active-duty troops to our cities and towns in the face of political unrest following the election. The military takes a vow to the Constitution, not to the president — but the president IS the Commander in Chief. And the violence that could be unleashed in our communities after the election has our staff BEYOND worried. The good news is Congress gave a President this authority, and that means they can revoke it. And legislation that does just that — the CIVIL Act — was introduced in Congress earlier this summer. Now it’s up to us to raise the alarm and the political pressure to get this legislation the attention it needs right now — and make using the Insurrection Act so toxic that even Trump thinks twice before touching it. Urge your members of Congress to limit Trump’s ability to wage war in our communities by cosponsoring the CIVIL Act.
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Allow Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian) and Howie Hawkins (Green) on the presidential debate stage
    To ensure a better and fair democracy for voters we should allow 3rd party candidates to debate. Not allowing these candidates onto the debate stage is not only undemocratic but is also an injustice to all voters to not be allowed to see all of their options for president
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    Created by Kaelan Dreyer
  • Food at Ames dining hall
    It is important, so not only studnet-athletes but all students, in general, will have a healthy choice every day. We are paying for food that most of us don't like.
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    Created by Maj Domen sadic
  • Help Free Tez
    It’s not fair. It’s not fair that someone has to serve time in jail for something they never did. It’s not fair someone has to be punished for their own brothers death ! This is important because they do this to us all the time charging the innocent ! Now is our time to fight back now; Now is the time we let them hear us! HELP US FREE TEZ NOW !
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    Created by Dulzura TheQueen Picture
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    Created by Macie Fulmer
  • Save Savannah’s Globe
    The globe is all the way from the 1950s and was made to hold natural gas as a high pressure storage tank. It’s important to Savannah’s history. It’s one of the first things you see when you enter the city and is also noticeable from the road while driving. Many of us grew up looking at it as they drove away so it’s personal to local lives. Tearing it down to replace it with yet another gas station (there are several already in the area) is wrong. Not only is it historical, but it’s iconic, nostalgic, and personal to many Savannah citizens. The early 20th century was a time where architecture was thought of differently. Many buildings shaped like literal objects, such as a the Donut Hole donut shop, were built to represent different things. Over the years, they have been torn down more and more, and there aren’t many left. Don’t let them tear this one down too! It is part of a group not only important to Savannah’s history, but also national history.
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    Created by Bronwyn Parish
  • Sunset Park Dog Run
    Many of these dog owners take advantage of the designated areas in Sunset Park during off-leash hours. Off-leash areas offer the opportunity for dogs to exercise and interact with other dogs. This produces well­-behaved, non­-aggressive dogs that add a positive aspect to the community. Many owners are not able to go to the park areas for a variety of reasons. Some work during off-leash hours, some are concerned with going to the park when it is dark, and some are unable to walk far from home. The community needs a fenced-in area for unleashed dogs that is able to stay open during the day. Together, we hope to raise the funding and awareness necessary to build the dog run and maintain upkeep.
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    Created by Jacinda Quinones
  • RKA: Give students a break from Zoom
    I am a 10th grader in RKA. I have seen that not only do my peers and I need a break from screens, but also do our teachers. Students of all ages are bound to their screens for hours at end due to the unprecedented Covid-19. Staring at screens for hours is unhealthy and can lead to screen fatigue, which many of us suffer from. In the spring last school year, we had Zoom meetings with our teachers only 2-3 times a week, and the productivity in students was the same as it is now if not better.
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    Created by RIYA TRIVEDI
  • Retroactive Admission
    FAIRNESS, INCLUSION, and EQUALITY. The Supreme Court lowered the bar passage score for the California bar exam 2 months after the February 2020 bar results were made public. If the passing score on the Feb. 2020 exam had been reduced to 1390, five percent more white test takers would have passed the exam, but eight percent more Latinos, seven percent more Asians and 13 percent more Blacks would also have passed. The percentage of woman applicants have not been disclosed by the committee. Please support recent eligible applicants who have passed previous bar exams with the new cut score of 1390 to 1439 but are unable to retake the exam due to the high fees and costs associated with taking the exam, wildfires, and the numerous issues caused by the pandemic from unemployment, school closures, and the novel Corona virus. Make California attorneys more representative of the state and provide greater access to justice for low- and middle-income Californians in need of legal assistance. The State Bar of California does not want to make the exam retroactive because they will lose money. The State Bar of California will not make admissions retroactive without guidance from the Supreme Court. Please sign this petition, share with friends and family, and support our future generation of legal minds during these times of social injustice. DID YOU KNOW- The State Bar of California will receive $317,080 in test fees from the 376 repeater applicants that have to retake the online October 2020 exam to receive the same score the received in February 2020. Bar Exam fee: $677; Laptop fee: $153; Total to retake online OCT bar exam $830. Bar preparation courses range from $2,500-$10,000. Law school graduates are required to take the California bar exam after graduating from law school and passing moral character and an ethics exam if they want to practice law in the State of California. Support this petition so this new generation of legal advocates can make an impact in the legal field.
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    Created by Ava Boloori
  • We say: No "October Surprise." No war with Iran!
    Trump is ramping up his hawkish rhetoric and aircraft carriers are moving — we’re left with little choice other than to prepare for an Iran War “October Surprise.” For weeks, Trump’s been laying the groundwork for escalation. On September 14, he threatened war crimes as a response to a since-discredited report about an Iranian assassination plot. Days later, the Navy steamed one of the largest aircraft carriers in the world right past the Iranian coast in an unsubtle show of force. And on September 22, Trump announced new, unilateral sanctions against Iran. The deck feels stacked. But here’s the thing, despite years of fighting and fatigue, we STILL have POWER to safeguard against Trump’s worst possible October Surprise. Congress has the SOLE constitutional authority to determine when and whether the United States goes to war and right now, they’ve got to throw up as many roadblocks as possible — as fast as they can. So let's get LOUD and make sure they hear us when we say: No war with Iran. Not now. Not ever.
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Ban Single-Use Plastic Bags in The State of Florida
    As a peninsular state surrounded by water, and filled with miles of Everglades wetlands, we, of all states, should be making the greatest effort to reduce our waste. Florida’s coasts, wetlands, springs and marine life support tourism and have helped the state amass great wealth year-round. We need to protect the greatest natural treasures of this state. Ban single-use plastic bags for good. Let’s be the 9th state to do so, alongside California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, New York, Oregon and Vermont.
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    Created by J C