• Allow public comment at Belchertown Selectboard meetings
    The Selectboard has an inconsistent process for allowing public comment which does not give residents clear opportunities and avenues for communicating their perspectives, lived experiences and concerns about what is happening in our community. By instituting a regular process for public comment at Selectboard meetings — something that is common in most other communities — Belchertown's leadership will be supporting the democratic process and helping to facilitate necessary dialog between residents and elected officials.
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    Created by Candace Clement
  • House Us AZ
    The COVID-19 pandemic is something that could have been mitigated from the beginning. Our Governor waited until the problem became a full blown crisis to do anything and now, the people of Arizona are having to deal with the consequences. We have been facing a housing crisis for the last couple years, but now we are staring down the barrel of a homelessness crisis. The Governor has continued to skirt responsibility for the repercussions of his own inaction. It is now time for him to step up and fill the shoes that the people of Arizona elected him to wear. An estimated 365,000 rental households (or 577,000 individual renters) are at high risk of being displaced from their homes due to changes in financial income, loss of job, or unexpected sickness from COVID-19. Arizonans did not choose this hardship. They have been made the collateral damage of an unprecedented hardship that could have been handled better by those in charge.
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    Created by Jake Hylton
  • Edwardsville High School Safety Measures
    To protect the health of teachers, students and community members and create equity for all students regardless of wealth.
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    Created by Linda Markowitz
  • Solidarity Northshore's Abolition Demands
    The people of Salem, MA deserve decentralized rehabilitative justice system built on community and protection.The police stands against this, born out of the desire to control and patrol slaves, built from the enslavement of Black and Indigenous people alongside the destruction and abuse of the indigenous community, all the while enforcing the power of the powerful few who strive to benefit themselves instead of the community they press themselves upon. Systemic racism was built within the laws of this country sustaining itself as a prevalent issue within our community and unless we start listening to the voices and demands of the Black revolutionaries that have bled for these changes since the birth of these countries, the system will perpetuate into a cycle of destruction. The abolishment of our modern police institution is the only progress towards achieving proper justice and equality within our criminal justice system; police reform cannot provide the justice we seek. Reform has historically been very limited when it comes to changes and often further induces harm while maintaining the current power structures that this country holds. Police brutality against Black individuals stems from the branches of institutionalized racism that have led to prolonged socioeconomic issues affecting the Black community. We, Solidarity Northshore and community members that sign on to this petition believe that the Racial Equity Task Force’s purpose of “identifying short- and long-term reforms” and “developing an action plan to achieve greater racial equity in our community” is misguided and fundamentally flawed. Our current system of policing, which kills, controls, and contains Black, Brown, and poor people, is working exactly as it was designed. It cannot be reformed to be better. We reject the notion that there are no immediate, actionable goals that the City Council can initiate using their already present power to change policy and divert funding from the police using our demands.
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    Created by Solidarity Northshore
  • We Need a COVID-19 Free Hawai’i and Effective Quarantine Enforcement NOW
    #ProtectHawaii movement is a set of objectives to keep Hawai’i COVID-19-free. HALE HAWAI’I is an organization dedicated to keeping the Hawaiian Islands COVID19-FREE while building and diversifying an aina/ohana-based local living economy for the future health of Hawai’i. https://halehawaii.cc
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    Created by CarolAnn Barrows
  • Stop Banks and Credit Card Companies from Closing/Limiting Accts During Pandemic
    Citizens may be reliant on available credit in order to stave off eviction or put food on the table.
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    Created by Lucy Ladimir
  • Demand That ALEC Donate Their PPE to Florida’s Frontline Workers
    Ahead of their in-person conference that was to be held in Orlando, Florida this month, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) stockpiled PPE that would last attendants the duration of the conference. Now however, ALEC has cancelled their in-person conference and opted for an all-virtual convention because of the spike in Florida’s COVID-19 cases. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, ALEC has lobbied against public health all over the country. From Washington D.C. to state houses everywhere, ALEC has tapped their expansive network to push for early re-opening of the economy, lax public health rules and policies that clearly prioritize business profit over human lives. The consequences of their reckless actions are on full display as Florida has now become the COVID-19 epicenter of the world. ALEC has an obligation to give back to the very communities that have suffered as a result of their harmful lobbying practices by donating their stockpiled PPE to frontline workers.
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    Created by Stand Up to ALEC Picture
  • Join The Health Gap in Supporting City Resolution Declaring Racism a Public Health Crisis
    This resolution would have City of Cincinnati to formally recognize racism as a public health crisis and would solidify City Council’s commitment to improving the quality of life and the health of Cincinnati’s minority residents. The resolution acknowledges racism as “a social power system, with no biological basis, and acts on systemic, institutional, and interpersonal levels, and the impact of this power system is that racism grants social advantages to some while stripping those advantages from others.” It also acknowledges that racism perpetuates disparate outcomes in areas such as housing, education, employment, transportation, health and criminal justice and disadvantages minority communities in addition to weakening the collective success of our entire community. Multiple accounts from sources such as The Urban League of Southwestern Ohio, CDC, and the Cincinnati Health Department have highlighted the historical disparities in health outcomes in minority communities, especially predominately black communities, that continue to persist today. This resolution would address these issues to ensure that the health of all Cincinnati residents is prioritized no matter their race. Here a few of the outcomes for this resolution: • Promote equity through all legislative policies enacted by City Council • Affirm City Council’s commitment to addressing minority health inequities by focusing on the social determinants of health that drive health outcomes including but not limited to crime, social capital, education, transportation food access, housing, access to health services, and more. • City Council will establish a task force made up of community leaders and health professionals with a mission to dismantle systemic and institutional racism and determine how best to promote racial equity throughout the City of Cincinnati. You can view the resolution at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pqpggl5aof3s20a/Resolution%20-%20Racism%20as%20a%20Public%20Health%20Crisis.pdf?dl=0
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    Created by Lauren Hardin
  • Fund the USCIS to Save Thousands of US Jobs, Our Economy, and Our Military
    Americans agree: American businesses, our military and our economy depend on legal immigration. But Washington insiders are threatening to slam the door on businesses and international workers who are following the rules. Over 13,000 United States Citizenship and Immigration Services employees are slated to be furloughed on August 3rd. That means 13,400 hard-working Americans will be out of work, and legal immigrants helping American businesses and generating millions in revenue will not be able to enter or stay in the U.S. 84% of Americans agree that legal immigration is a good thing for this country. We need a well-functioning legal immigration system now more than ever. There is bipartisan support for funding the USCIS – we need your voice to make it happen. Tell Congress: Fund legal immigration through the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. It’s something we can ALL agree on. Protect hard-working Americans from furlough. Keep our businesses, our economy, and our military strong. Let Congress know you support funding for USCIS before the August 3rd deadline.
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    Created by Americans Agree AFGE Council 119
  • Humble ISD Is Not Ready To Return To In Person Learning.
    Humble Independent School District, which provides education to students in grades pre-k through 12 in Atascocita, Houston, Humble, And Kingwood, Texas is set to be one of THE FIRST public school districts in the nation to return to in-person learning in the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic. The start of this school year comes at a time when the Houston Area is seeing an increase in community spread and hospitals & ICUs are at risk of reaching full capacity. There is not a viable treatment or vaccine. The district does not plan to enforce the wearing of masks for students or staff. There is no plan for classrooms where someone has tested positive to quarantine. Top health officials are advising that students and staff not return to in-person learning. Harris County Judge, Lina Hidalgo has issued recommendations for minimizing the health and safety risks of the county districts. The superintendent has publicly acknowledged in writing the intent and desire to NOT follow those recommendations. UPDATE: Harris County Public Health, and Judge Hidalgo issued an order delaying ALL in-person activities for students until Sept. 8th. Humble ISD plans for defy those orders and resume in person athletics camps. Virtually all area school districts, who are set to open later this summer than Humble ISD, have announced their plans to start the school year online. Humble ISD following suit would slow spread and minimize the risks to our children, families, district, and community as a whole. To open right now, would be irresponsible given the data from health experts and the advice of local, state, and national officials.
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    Created by Amy Bakken
  • Tell Congress: No funds for DHS while Trump wages war in our cities!
    Right now, unidentified federal agents are on Portland’s streets targeting, tear-gassing, beating, and illegally arresting protestors in an OUTRAGEOUS overreach of federal authority. These forces are cobbled together from a number of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agencies, acting with impunity and without cause. The last three years have shown how far Trump is willing to go to maintain and increase his hold on power — and how DHS can be used to achieve those ends. What’s happening in Portland, and what’s being threatened in other cities, is nothing less than the post-9/11 national security state being turned on regular people exercising their constitutional human rights. Luckily, you can’t wage a war that you can’t pay for. And Trump’s timing couldn’t be worse: the House may vote on a DHS appropriations bill next week. Add your name now to demand Congress refuse to pass this bill without a COMPLETE withdrawal of these agents and a bar on ANY funding that would support Trump’s secret police force.
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Allow independent L&I interpreters to contract directly, without restrictions, with a dual system.
    Labor and Industries has determined that Independent interpreters will be limited to cover only emergency, and urgent care appointments, when they implement the scheduling system in September. They also have chosen an out of state company to handle the distribution of appointments, a move that will drive interpreting jobs away from Washington State, and possibly out of the country. This company changed their name from MyLanguageLink to InterpretingWorks to do business in Washington. This is a company whose owners have ties with WFSE/Local 1671/Interpreters United. As independent contractors and Interpreters, we are a vital part of our economy, and provide an invaluable service to injured workers. With our economy already weakened by COVID-19, we must do everything we can to protect it. Please join us, and ask the Department of Labor and Industries to do what's right for the majority of workers which are independent interpreters. Let's keep jobs in our state, tell L&I to allow independent interpreters to work without restrictions!
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