We service the marginalized families in the Red Hook Community and are commited to child safety. The decision to install the bus stop outside our school was in reckless disregard for the safety of our children. At NO TIME were we consulted or advised that a bus stop was being installed outside our school. We would have vociferously expressed our concerns. Since the installation of this bus stop, we have reached out to express our concerns. Sadly, this fell on deaf ears. We live in daily fear that someone will get hurt or WORSE because of the danger of the bus turning on our corner where parents cross the street to enter/leave our building. Also, many of our children leave our building when it is dark during the winter months. The children and families of the Red Hook houses deserve a safe environment like their counterparts in gentrified neighborhoods. As advocates for our families and community, we DEMAND that this bus stop is removed. Please help keep our children safe!!!
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    Created by Maegan Sunshine
  • We need a wealth tax that will make the economy work for everyone, not just the rich and powerful.
    50 million Americans are going hungry, over 10 million are still unemployed, and 63 percent are living paycheck to paycheck. The federal minimum wage has not gone up in nearly 12 years -- the longest period of time without an increase in history. That has benefited corporations and the ultra wealthy and disproportionately harmed minimum-wage workers, a majority of whom are women and come from communities of color. Enacting a wealth tax is a racial, economic, and gender equality justice issue. Instead of addressing this ever-growing wealth inequality in America, callous politicians have successfully defunded essential services like our housing, our health care, and our education, furthering the racial and gender wealth gap. All the while, America’s billionaires continue to accumulate their wealth by paying their workers starvation wages, denying them healthcare, and actively sabotaging attempts by their workers to unionize. Their pandemic gains alone are so immense that they could give everybody in the country a $3,000 stimulus check and still be as rich as they were before the pandemic. This rigged system cannot continue. We need to take this money that has been pilfered from working people and use it to invest into our communities. Imagine, for a moment, what we could do with a wealth tax, what it would mean for people of color, for the working class, for our most vulnerable communities, for all of us. We could fund health care and education, we could invest in infrastructure and green energy, and we could truly begin to build back better. Together, we can make this vision for the future our reality. Sen. Warren, Rep. Jayapal, and Rep. Boyle introduced their wealth tax bill that would make only the wealthiest Americans, worth over $50 million, pay their fair share. It’s only right. Join us in asking Democrats in the U.S House and the U.S Senate to co-sponsor this crucial bill that will begin to rein in this country’s out-of-control corporate greed.
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    Created by Robert Reich
  • DHS: Release immigrant kids from detention
    Remember how our hearts broke when we saw pictures of migrant kids sitting in cages under President Trump? Now those cages are starting to fill up with kids again! Kids are fleeing street gangs, assault, and grinding poverty. They need care and safety. But instead, they’re being imprisoned in the same inhumane Border Patrol facilities from the Trump administration. Hundreds are even being detained past the legal limit of 72 hours. 😡 There are safer alternatives -- like working with local communities to place kids with foster families while they wait to be connected with their own family members. Even one detained child is one too many! Our immigration system should prioritize the safety, health, and dignity of immigrant children and families.
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    Created by Justin Ruben
  • Support Workers Unionizing at Dandelion Chocolate!
    Dandelion Chocolate workers in San Francisco are unionizing with the ILWU! We are asking for: - Living wages. We deserve to live and thrive in the city where we make and serve some of the best chocolate in the world. - Job security. All workers at Dandelion are currently "at-will," meaning they can lose their jobs for any reason or for no reason. During a pandemic and a nationwide job shortage, we deserve security. - An equal, respected, and protected voice on the job. Workers at Dandelion recently raised issues around their workload and staffing levels. The company then eliminated 6 jobs. We want to be able to voice our concerns without fear. Please stand in solidarity with us. We are proud of the work we do, and we want Dandelion to be the best it can be.
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  • Tell Congress: Make Monthly Payments to Parents Permanent!
    Congress just expanded the child tax credit this year, giving parents up to $300 a month per kid! These ‘Kid Cash’ payments will be a gamechanger for millions of struggling families, but we all know the bills won’t stop in December. That’s why the expanded child tax credit needs to be **permanent** -- that would mean $250-$300 every single month for most families with kids under 18! This would cut child poverty in HALF and invest in the wellbeing of our country’s children. We need to show politicians there’s massive support for this proposal. Sign the petition now calling on Congress to make Kid Cash permanent.
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    Created by Justin Ruben
  • Biden: Don’t Listen to Kushner, Join the Iran Deal NOW.
    President Biden is being applauded by Jared Kushner — the very person who was catastrophic to U.S. foreign policy. When Kushner followed his father-in-law into the White House, we had successful, working nuclear agreement between Iran, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, and China. But they decided it would be better to walk away from that successful deal to make childish threats, launch new military misadventures, and put us right back on the path to war with Iran. President Biden should listen to US — not Jared Kushner! During the Trump years, we repeatedly came close to all out war with Iran. If the United States doesn’t move toward for diplomacy now, we’ll be right back on the brink of war. Jared Kushner supporting Biden’s approach to Iran is a bad sign. Now’s the time to choose peace and diplomacy, and it’s up to us to make it happen. Can you add your name to our note urging President Biden to join the Iran deal and walk away from Trump’s catastrophic policies?
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  • Skate Park in Fairview Tennessee!
    Many kids and adults love skating, scootering, biking, etc. Having a skatepark in Fairview could bring us together as a community while doing something that many people love to do.
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    Created by Charley Stubbs
  • Replace the 14 yr old SCSU​.​edu website with a Modern, Attractive, Mobile Friendly Website
    Over 41% of visitors to college websites use a smartphone but the outdated SCSU.edu website doesn't work with smartphones. That's unacceptable. A non-functioning website is bad for recruiting and enrollment. Lower enrollment means fewer resources and more cuts and more pleas for funding. We want a New Mobile Optimized Website for South Carolina State University. We're tired of the delays and lack of urgency. Our SCSU.edu website is severely outdated. It's 14 years old. We deserve a website that makes all SCSU supporters proud and meets the needs of Gen Z prospective students. Let's not drag this process out. We call on the Administration to create, develop and launch a new website before the Fall Semester. It can be done if this situation is treated like the emergency it is. 1) Visit the SCSU.edu website on a desktop/laptop then visit on a smartphone. 2) Notice how difficult it is for prospective students, donors and supporters to make a decision about attending SC State, donate money or take a virtual tour when visiting SCSU.edu on a smartphone. 3) Sign the petition to get the website revamped, rebuilt, refreshed and mobile optimized before the 2021 Fall Semester. We can't wait any longer. Background facts behind the call to action: African Americans have the lowest Desktop computer ownership rates and the highest smartphone ownership rates. Yet the outdated South Carolina State University website that's inadequate on desktops does not work properly on Smartphones. 85% of adults think that a company’s mobile website should be as good or better than their desktop website. 88% of users are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience. Mobile users are 5 times more likely to abandon a task if the website isn’t optimized for mobile. The average student visiting a college site spends: 2 minutes on average on a college site 2 pages on average are viewed on college site 57% is the bounce rate (leaving a college site without visiting more than the page they landed on) for most college websites. A website that isn't mobile optimized will: Have a higher than average bounce rate. Reflect poorly on the institution. Make it harder for students that don't own a desktop to navigate, apply, or take a virtual tour
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    Created by Warren D Dickey Picture
  • Make Daylight Savings Time Permanent
    Make daylight savings time permanent. It is an antiquated practice that negatively affects the mental health and well-being of people every year during the colder months. As a clinician and LCSW, and I am convinced it would help many who suffer with Seasonal Affective Disorder each winter in a marked, clinically relevant sense. Many use therapeutic light lamps and infrared light, and even medication. These are helpful, but that extra daylight during waking hours is vital to mental health. Thanks!
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    Created by Nicole Velasquez
  • Abolish mandatory sentencing and promote the release of any non violent offenders.
    We have the worlds biggest population of our own citizens incarcerated out of any country in the world. Alot of these cases should be handled with a more rehabilitation oriented sentencing guideline so these Americans do not end up in the stuck up cycle of being institutionalized and therefore the future rippling effects mainly affecting families and the recurring arrests and incarcerations.
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    Created by Sammy Fragale
  • Support Amazon workers' right to form a union
    This is a BFD: President Biden spoke out in support of a unionizing drive at Amazon's Bessemer warehouse in Alabama, where over 6,000 workers are about to vote whether to form Amazon's first unionized warehouse in the US. This could pave the way for more worker organizing against the dangerous Big Tech behemoth. In response, Amazon hired a Koch-backed anti-union consultant to help thwart the crucial election. Organizing a union at a monopolistic company Amazon isn't easy. Jeff Bezos is using every bit of the power and wealth he has amassed to stop workers. We need to support them -- and that includes regulating and breaking up Amazon's power, reducing their overall power and size and making it easier for workers to organize.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Support HB3922 & Make Juneteenth A Illinois State Holiday
    Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery in the United States. It is also known as Emancipation Day, Juneteenth Independence Day, and Black Independence Day. On June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, TX, and announced the end of the civil war and the end of slavery. Although the Emancipation Proclamation came 2½ years earlier on January 1, 1863, many slave owners continued to hold their slaves captive after the announcement, so Juneteenth became a symbolic date representing African American freedom. Juneteenth is not a federal holiday. Forty-five states and the District of Columbia recognize Juneteenth as a holiday or observance.
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    Created by La Shawn Ford