• Drain the swamp and get Robert Kadlec to resign as Assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services
    1. Robert Kadlec did not disclose he was a consultant with Emergent BioSolutions and he did not bid out the purchase but made private negotiations with the company to pay $2.8 billions of a vaccine. That was a conflict of interest. Emergent BioSolutions got a ten year contract with the United States Department of Health and Human Services. He also did not note in his Senate filings that he had been a part owner of a company with Fuad El-Hibri, Emergent's founder and chairman. 2. He diminished the role of government experts and reduced the decision making to himself and a few advisers. 3. In 2018, he halted an Obama-era initiative to spend $35 million on a machine that would have made 1.5 million N95 masks per day. These masks would have been very helpful for our healthcare professionals in the frontlines. A recently made contract for $62.3 million went to the company which designed the rapid mask machine that was not purchased as planned. https://www.washingtonpost.com/investigations/before-pandemic-trumps-stockpile-chief-put-focus-on-biodefense-an-old-client-benefited/2020/05/04/d3c2b010-84dd-11ea-878a-86477a724bdb_story.html
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    Created by Gloria Lenoir
  • Massage Therapists Deserve To Make An Income Too
    Massage therapists provide medically necessary services for their clients including but not limited to services that: 1. Boosts the immune system 2. Help drain the lymphatic system 3. Reduces pain and inflammation 4. Improves circulation and lowers blood pressure 5. Lowers stress 6. Helps with fatigue 7. And a multitude of other benefits Many of our clients have chronic illnesses and come to us to help alleviate pain and to maintain a higher quality of life. By forcing us to stay closed, you are handicapping us and preventing us from taking care of our families as well as handicapping the thousands and thousands of clients across the state who come to massage therapists for a multitude of reasons. If a client can go to a physical therapist or chiropractor as well as get their hair and nails done (or tan or go to a gym), certainly they should be allowed to make this choice for themselves as well.
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    Created by Brian Holamon
  • Youth Baseball
    For those who play, youth baseball is an “essential” service. It serves a dual purpose of allowing the children to exercise while achieving the much-needed social interactions that they’ve been missing for so long. Even in the most stable of home environments, there are only so many walks that a family can take. Sadly, as many of our children do not live in stable and healthy homes, baseball provides an outlet where those kids can learn positive core values, engage in healthy risk taking while learning valuable life lessons in a safe environment. For these children, baseball provides a “safe place” where they can briefly escape their reality. Certainly, a compelling argument can be made that youth baseball is every bit as important to our children as nail/hair salons are to adults, yet the latter are scheduled to open first. Currently, it appears that the state and local governments are basing many of their decisions on recommendations from the CDC and other national organizations. While that information is important, other (more local) information should also be considered. For good reason, the CDC’s guidance is issued to protect those cities and regions that have been most affected by Covid-19. However, it is unfair to force Lexington youth to abide by the same rules as kids in New York City as Covid-19 simply is not that prevalent here. Allowing our youth to again enjoy baseball could help these children return to a more normal existence. All of the leagues understand that we will have to implement precautions so that everyone can enjoy baseball in a healthy and safe manner, while continuing to practice social distancing. We will happily abide by these precautions if it means we get to enjoy baseball again. Thank you for considering the above information. I am happy to answer any questions or assist in any way possible.
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    Created by Daniel Mack
  • Urge NV officials to cut the costly death penalty
    In April 2020, the state of Nevada agreed to relinquish its supply of drugs intended for executions to the pharmaceutical companies who manufactured them, as part of a settlement agreement in the case of Alvogen, Inc. v. Nevada. The state no longer has the means to carry out an execution, yet prosecutors continue to spend considerable funds pursuing the death penalty. We believe that the error-prone nature of the death penalty (nearly 1 in 3 cases have errors warranting retrial or re-sentencing), its bias against the indigent and people of color, its lack of deterrent effect, and the sheer cost of pursuing it should convince our leaders to put an end to the practice before cutting budgets for services that Nevadan's most vulnerable urgently need. Please join us in urging Nevada's policy makers to put an end to our death penalty and focus the state’s scarce resources on priorities such as the public’s health and safety.
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  • Petition to Reschedule Mesa Schools Graduation Ceremony
    This is a once in a lifetime event! It is a right of passage that our teens have spent the last 12 years working hard for. Many students will not attend college, will not complete college or may face a life threatening illness or event. This may be the only opportunity many will have to celebrate their academic achievements. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM THEM!!
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    Created by Ariana Mena
  • Get the Navajo Nation Clean water fast
    The Navajo nation is the 3rd worse place per person when it comes to infections and deaths from Covid19. And the Federal Government is not helping them for whatever reasons. We all know hand-washing is the key to stop the spread of this disease. But that is difficult down on the Navajo Reservation when the Navajo People struggle daily to get water to drink and cook with. This seems like an important step that could be taken care of quickly since water does not need to be made, stitched together or shipped from China, all we need is a water source that can handle this temporary withdrawal, tankers to transport it and the money to make it happen.
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    Created by Mark Rose
  • Help Washoe County gyms open
    Gyms have been considered an outlet for both mental and physical health. Our facilities can maintain proper social distancing guidelines and monitor all usage every day. Please allow for our local small business (Anytime Fitness) to re-open so we can continue to support our community and help rebuild our local economy.
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  • Petition to Reschedule CUSD Graduation Ceremony
    This is a once in a lifetime event! It is a right of passage that our teens have spent the last 12 years working hard for. Many students will not attend college, will not complete college or may face a life threatening illness or event. This may be the only opportunity many will have to celebrate their academic achievements. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THIS AWAY FROM THEM!!
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    Created by Bernadette Elliott
  • Reclassification of Pilates studios and Micro gym
    My small studio is also zoned medical and helps clients/patients with injuries as well as neurological issues learn efficient movement patterns so they can continue to stay active and healthy . Too much time is passing by where they are now going to regress which is not good in the long term.
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    Created by Ilene White / Newtown Health & Wellness
  • Town Pump Cancel your Gas Station in WF and build a Park!
    We need strong leaders in industry who have vision, understanding and intelligence to lead us into the realistic future. This future will not be dependent on fossil fuels. We have a narrow window of opportunity to save the planet, and the humans who live on it. In a state where wildfires are becoming their own season, it does not make sense to cut down more trees to pump more oil out of the earth. Help us toward a different future! Sit down with the City Council, Concerned Citizens, and craft a beneficial use for that land that helps our world! You could become a true leader in the changes that are coming, whether you want them or not. Your model is obsolete. Don't destroy another piece of land just to be proven wrong. Be a Real Leader and Do The Right Thing!
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    Created by lk walker
  • Stop Jared Kushner from hoarding coronavirus supplies!
    Where are all the masks, test kits, and other crucial supplies desperately needed to safely end the lockdowns and end the coronavirus pandemic? It looks like Jared Kushner, Donald Trump's son-in-law, has a lot of them. He's working with big corporations to hoard millions of gloves, masks, swabs, and more. We don't know where they're all going, even as governors have to have the National Guard protect their own shipments so the feds don't seize them. This is totally unacceptable. It could even be criminal. But we don't know the details. It's time for Congress to act.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • California Reclassification of Pilates studios and Micro gyms
    As a small, woman-owned business, our boutique Pilates Studio has been classified as a gym or fitness center, and alongside cinemas with a 250+ person capacity, my business has been shut down in advance of other non-essential businesses. Unlike fitness centers, boutique fitness studios and micro gyms have a typical capacity of 1-6 people. Clients often attend pre-scheduled sessions limited to this capacity. In addition, this industry is one of the few female-led and powered industries in existence. We estimate 75% of the owners and workers impacted by this crisis are women. I ask that you support the Petition to exclude boutique fitness studios and micro-gyms from the definition of of “Gyms” or “fitness centers,” and create independent directives applicable for the reduced footprint of the unique business models used by boutique fitness studios and micro-gyms. We respectfully request that at Governor Newsom open us alongside other non-essential businesses who will reopen in stage 2. As a boutique fitness studio and micro-gym operate under strict guidelines, such as: Allowing an operation of 1 client to 1 trainer. This is no different than a single salon operator and client, and it is potentially even more benign in that distance can be more easily maintained by a fitness trainer. Allowing an operation of no more than a 10 client to 1 trainer ratio. This is no different than a small salon with 4 stylists, or a very small boutique, and potentially even more benign in that distance can be more easily maintained by a fitness trainer. All of these would take place under the guidelines of intensive hygiene requirements, radical cleaning measures and would assume that high risk populations would be exceptions to this petition. Our industry has, and always will be committed to the health and wellbeing of all others. We want to reopen responsibly and as quickly as possible.Micro fitness studios employ numerous team members and support clients to become healthy, a need more important now than ever.
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    Created by Dexter Hart