Because democracy.
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  • Stop high speeds & regulate traffic on Crockett Street
    Regulating traffic flow and speed is CRUCIAL in protecting our young students as well as neighborhood residents and pets. Traffic flow and speeds have increased due to the following: 1. There are currently ZERO speed bumps and/or stop signs on Crockett St between Houston Ave and Sawyer Rd, two major thoroughfares. 2. With school being primarily virtual for nearly a year now, speeds and traffic on Crockett St have increased significantly as there are no pick up lines or crosswalk guards to help regulate. 3. There has been a tremendous amount of new construction and development in the recent years where 1 house will be rebuilt into 3, densifying the neighborhood and increasing the number of residents (and cars driven). 4. The new network of art studios and local businesses has created a flourishing neighborhood with many attractions within walking distance. There are more pedestrians in the area now than ever before (especially on weekends when events are hosted at the studios) 5. There are THREE (3) new large apartment complexes with hundreds of units (completed and under construction) which continues to increase traffic even MORE. 6. There are multiple accidents that occur at the intersection of Sawyer Rd and Silver St, one of the main intersections between businesses, art studios and residences. Let's get ahead of this problem now before something catastrophic happens to a young student or pedestrian. Tell the City of Houston that Crockett Street needs stop signs and speed bumps to regulate high speeds in this residential area. HOUSTON NEEDS TO HEAR YOUR VOICE!
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    Created by Sara Kirillov
  • Demanding Proper Support for the Sandridge Volunteer Fire Department
    The Sandridge Volunteer Fire Department serves a large area that is growing. It is in desperate need of a vehicle to transport its first responders to calls. Currently, all of their vehicles only sit 2-3 people which leaves many calls left shorthanded. Safety gear that has been denied has put the first responders serving our community in an unsafe manner. These men and women are already risking their lives to serve our community, that is more than enough. Nobody should be asked to risk their lives without proper safety gear. We have lost 2/3 of the Sandridge Volunteer Fire Department's manpower because of the poor decisions of the Sandridge Volunteer Department Board. This is a severe hazard to our community.
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    Created by Toni Higgs
  • Investigate and Prosecute Trump's Crimes
    Donald Trump's pathetic efforts to stay in office against the will of the American voters has been truly criminal. His departure from office will not end this abuse. If there are no consequences for breaking the law, Trump and those like him will continue to do it with impunity. We call on all prosecutors—federal, state, and local—to fully investigate alleged crimes committed by Donald Trump before, during, and certainly after his time in office, and to prosecute them fully if he has broken the law. Donald Trump is not above the law—and no number of Twitter followers can be allowed to change that. If he has broken the law, he must be held accountable. Federal law enforcement—the FBI and DOJ—has an obligation to investigate the very public illegality Trump is implicated in, from lying on his taxes, to treating the White House as a campaign tool and lure to make money at the Trump Hotel, and even attempting to pressure Georgia's Secretary of State to "find" (meaning: "fabricate") enough votes to throw the election to him. And it looks like he's broken state laws as rampantly as federal, giving New York's Attorney General and Fulton County, Georgia District Attorney jurisdiction to prosecute Trump for crimes that cannot be waived by a presidential pardon. Trump should not be singled out for prosecution solely because he was president or to settle political disagreement. But by the same token, he must not be given special treatment or have his crimes ignored simply because of the office he held, because of the extent of the corruption he perpetrated, or because he still has millions of supporters. Nobody is above the law, and Trump's wealth and abuse of his office must not be allowed to justify putting him above accountability under the law. Our democracy depends on it.
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    Created by David Sievers, MoveOn Civic Action
  • Ban Gas Leaf Blowers Weekends & Summers in Huntington NY!
    Thousands of residents work from home (regardless of Covid). Our children are learning from home. Elderly, impaired, and infants are home all day trying to rest. It has become impossible to concentrate on any given day of the week as leaf blowers are used every day at all hours of the day! We have also ceased to hear birds for much of the day, animals run in fear, kids cease playing outside, you can't even walk your dog any longer without being blasted with NOISE & POLLUTION!
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    Created by Huntington Peace
  • Boycott Rhythma
    As an African American artist, it is important to stand firm on our beliefs. Nobody should be treated unfairly or be forced to not be able to pursue our goals. As a dance community we should not stand for racial slurs being used against us.
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    Created by Braven Sloan
  • Justice for Inmate Rashod Stanley
    It’s important because he’s currently locked in a system that said its purpose was “Rehabilitation” yet he’s being charged for actually Rehabilitating himself in that said system.
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    Created by Renita Mitchell
  • Stop Trump’s last-ditch attack on our democracy
    “So look, all I want to do is this: I just want to find 11,780 votes.” [1] The Washington Post just released shocking audio where Donald Trump makes this demand of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. Throughout their hour-long phone call, Trump repeatedly bullied, coerced, and even threatened Raffensperger -- demanding that the state’s election results be overturned. This dangerous behavior puts the core of our democracy in jeopardy. Trump’s repeated lies about the election and blatant efforts to subvert the will of the people won’t keep him in the White House -- but they’ll do lasting damage to Americans’ faith in our political system. And worse yet -- instead of rejecting Trump’s outrageous attempts to tamper with the election, many GOP members of Congress are falling in line with his shameful scheme. That’s right: over 100 Republicans in the House and at least a dozen Republican senators plan to back Trump up -- by contesting the Electoral College results when Congress counts them. Their grandstanding can’t change the fact that Joe Biden will be our next president. But it’ll add dangerous uncertainty to a transition of power that has already been fraught with chaos. It’s well past time for this country to move forward. After overcoming immense obstacles to cast their ballots during a global pandemic, the voters picked Joe Biden to be the next President of the United States. We need to speak up together for free and fair elections -- and against any efforts to sow chaos, undermine democracy, or interfere with the peaceful transfer of power. If you agree, please join us in condemning Trump and his Republican enablers’ last-minute attacks on our democracy by adding your name. 1) https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/trump-raffensperger-call-transcript-georgia-vote/2021/01/03/2768e0cc-4ddd-11eb-83e3-322644d82356_story.html
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  • WPS Schedule
    Students are already beyond stressed with remote learning and adding more screen time is doing nothing for them. The people in charge don’t know the reality. All this will causing is a decline in mental health for all students.
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    Created by Jerika Polanco
  • Impeach Trump for trying to steal the election
    Donald Trump was caught on tape trying to overturn the result of the 2020 election. We cannot let him get away with it. Trump called Georgia's Secretary of State and, according to an audio recording of the call obtained by the Washington Post, Trump asked him to find enough votes to overturn Biden's win and hand Georgia to Trump. "I just want to find 11,780 votes," Trump demanded. Trump abused his power to seek to influence Georgia's Secretary of State to change the vote count, and made threats if they refused his demands. That's trying to corrupt the election, through and through. Even if Trump fails, and Georgia's Secretary of State has so far resisted Trump's demands, this sets a terrible precedent. We have to hold Trump accountable now in part to ensure nobody else tries this in the future. Congress has the constitutional means in the form of impeachment to stop Trump from abusing his power in order to cling to office. We should use that tool, now. It's clear he's delusional, desperate, and corrupt. Sign the petition and tell Congress: impeach Trump!
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  • Cover FFS under insurances public and private
    The reason this is important is because in the past few weeks I have watched trans girls in Baltimore be murdered. We do not want to have to hide, but for safety we must at times. Many trans women in Baltimore do not have access to the funds to cover FFS and this leaves them still with this dysphoria and still as a target to those who have hatred.
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  • Bring The Office back on Netflix!!!
    This is a show that brings happiness to people’s life. We learn so much from the show and it needs to be back up!!!!
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    Created by KYNDALL Longman