• Cincinnati City Council: Keep the Center for Closing the Health Gap in the City Budget
    Cutting the Center for Closing the Health Gap out of city funding would result in a lack of resources to continue serving our community with valuable health education initiatives and support for our underserved neighborhoods. The Center serves as an advocate for the community and a proponent for preventative health care. In addition, the Health Gap has continually collaborated with the community, local government, and the local hospital systems to shed light on the racial and ethnic health disparities that exist within the healthcare space. Since 2004, the Health Gap has used a grassroots mobilization model to engage, empower, and advocate for people in the pursuit of building a culture of health in Cincinnati, where we live, work and play. Through various programs and initiatives, the Center for Closing the Health Gap has been able to accomplish the following: • The Health Gap has reached over 900,000 households through the WE MUST SAVE US CAMPAIGN, COVID- 19 Community Resources website and Town Halls to provide COVID-19 resources and vaccine education to the communities. • The Health Gap has reached over 902,617 people through its Do Right! Campaigns throughout 22 targeted Cincinnati neighborhoods, teaching people how to eat, move, and live right. • Over 132,780 have attended the annual Health Expo, where over 35,000 health screenings have been performed and countless valuable health information provided. • The Health Gap’s Do Right! Kids Initiative has 2,316 students participating in in-school and afterschool activities. • Do Right! Block by Block Initiatives in Mt. Auburn have impacted 1,000 participants annually. • The Wellness Series and the Community Engagement Academy impacted 778 families in 2020 and 2021 with vital health information that has helped create a culture of health within the community. The city’s funding is crucial to the Health Gap’s continued work of meeting people where they are in order to improve our health outcomes. Tell Cincinnati City Council to continue to support the important work of eliminating ethnic and racial health disparities in Greater Cincinnati.
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    Created by Lauren Hardin
  • Youtube: Stop addicting our kids!
    Autoplay and algorithm-driven recommendations on kids’ content are each dangerous on their own, and in combination they are even worse. Kids are being endangered by YouTube’s addictive content rabbit holes and recommendations that can quickly funnel children into inappropriate content. Autoplay should not be the norm for kids’ content, let alone the default setting for any account, as it currently is. In fact, YouTube even defaults to autoplay for content aimed at toddlers and preschoolers and can't be turned off on YoutTube Kids. Too much screen time has been linked to behavioral problems, sleep disorders, decreased mental health, and poorer educational outcomes in kids. Parental controls on YouTube are not sufficient, and they are difficult to figure out. Despite being concerned about screen time, most parents—60% according to a recent Pew study—don’t use parental controls to change default settings. YouTube has a responsibility to keep people safe—especially young people. Please set autoplay to be off by default for all kids content on YouTube and YouTube Kids and end algorithm-based recommendations for kids’ content entirely.
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    Created by Justin Ruben
  • Celebrate Pride Month at Ignite
    Pride Month is an entire month dedicated to the uplifting of LGBTQ voices, celebration of LGBTQ culture, and the support of LGBTQ rights. As a safe and accepting space, Ignite will reflect our values through our actions and practices as we embrace Pride Month within our school community. Celebrating Pride Month as a school advances the culture of safety and acceptance. Comprehensive socio-emotional learning will be elevated with the inclusion of LGBTQ+ pride for our scholars, faculty, and school community, as many of our students identify under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. By celebrating Pride Month, our scholars will feel empowered to use their voice & express their truth openly.
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    Created by Caitlin Cooney
  • President Biden: Secure American Journalist Danny Fenster's Immediate Release from Myanmar
    Danny is the managing editor of Frontier Myanmar, and was detained at Yangon International Airport on Monday May 24th, 2021, shortly before he was due to board a flight to Kuala Lumpur. He was on his way home to the US to surprise us; we hadn’t seen him in over three years. He was sent to Insein Prison in Yangon, a political prison notorious for its human rights abuses. Danny has complied with Myanmar law and adhered to the country's customs and codes. He has committed no crime other than being a journalist. We —his mother Rose, his father Bud, his brother Bryan, and his whole family — are concerned for his well being more so than ever. Myanmar is in lockdown after being hit hard with another wave of Covid. We are calling for his immediate release and safe passage back to the United States. The United States has a profound interest in preserving the freedom of the press worldwide in order to guarantee direct access to independent information for all people. As a nation that is deeply committed to protecting the freedoms, safety, and human rights of its citizens, U.S. officials should be making every effort to ensure that Danny is returned home safely; now. We urge the Biden Administration and U.S. Department of State to act with the utmost urgency to secure Danny’s immediate, unconditional, and safe release and return to the United States. #BringDannyHome
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    Created by Rose Fenster
  • Petition For A Ticker-Tape Parade To Honor Essential Workers
    Will Rogers was once asked why he was not a war hero, in a time when many Americans were. His answer, just slightly elaborated on, went something like this: We can't all be war heroes. I mean, someone has to be left to handle the long and arduous job of sitting on the curb and applauding when they go by. For those of us who were not heroes during the Pandemic, that remains our job. I recently spoke with a friend, let's call her Ann-Marie, who served as a nursing administrator throughout the Pandemic at a major suburban medical facility. Her job, day in and day out, from which she never wavered, was to staff the facility with nurses willing to handle Covid-19 patients. It was not an easy job. Needless to say, some nurses and other ICU staffers resigned. At one point she was in competition with a New York City facility that was offering tens of thousands of dollars per month for nurses. At another point she was asked to staff a sports facility to do vaccinations. In return, the nurses would get early vaccinations. A handful of the nurses showed up, took the early vaccinations, and never came back. But that was all the easy part. The hard part came on the days when she was called to the Covid-19 wards to share the final moments of a patient who was dying without the accompaniment of any family members. Those were the hard days. A hundred years ago, during the Battle of Verdun in World War I, one of the longest, bloodiest and most ferocious battles of the War, each day the allied troops in their tunnels shared with each other in hushed tones this simple thought: Today: on ne passe pas" (French for, "they shall not pass"). So too, each day during the Pandemic, the essential workers and first responders who came together in hospitals across America brought with them only that same noble thought: as to this patient: "on ne passe pas." Mostly, they succeeded. We can at least do our job and applaud when they go by.
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  • #SaveRJJT
    The Legacy of Roberta Jones Community theatre in Santa Clara began when Roberta Jones and a small group of hardworking individuals conceived the idea of a theatre group. Roberta Jones picked the shows, directed some, and served as executive producer of the entire program and also as "Mom" for her young charges, working to instill a sense of responsibility and dedication in each child. Since 1968 and for over 50 years, the legacy of Roberta Jones Junior Theatre continues to serve the community. Roberta Jones Junior Theatre Mission In keeping with the vision of founder Roberta Jones, and its 52-year history, Roberta Jones Junior Theatre provides youth in Santa Clara with high-quality recreational experiences in Theatre Arts. All children are welcome to participate on stage and backstage in productions. The program fosters a strong sense of place and community for participants and the general public. Youths are given opportunities for self expression in a fun, safe environment where they improve self esteem, confidence and social skills while learning the value of personal responsibility from adult role models. Audiences are provided with excellent, affordable, family-friendly special events where young performers inspire joyful appreciation for the Performing Arts in the Santa Clara community.
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    Created by Annabel Gong
    WHY: The Job Center opened in September 2020 and SETA is recommending defunding it. We CANNOT close its' doors. If ever there was ever a need for a Sacramento Job Center, it is NOW, especially coming out of the pandemic when more than ever the black and brown community is looking for work! Now more than ever we need a Job Center serving Oak Park and surrounding neighborhoods. Proposed Talking Points: 1. Oak Park is a critical community where a Job Center is needed. It is in the Promise Zone, Opportunity Zone, and designated an Enterprise Zone by HUD. 2. COVID 19 has significantly impacted Oak Park and has left many of its residents jobless and homeless. Having a Job Center in this area will be key to assisting residents find employment in order to provide for their families. Job Centers are designed to provide opportunities and resources to those most impacted by social determinants and racial equity. 3. The Fruitridge Career Center is part of a collective of non-profit organizations that work to develop the Oak Park community by reducing social and health disparities with children, adults and seniors. 4. SETA compared the performance of the newly established Fruitridge Career Center after seven (7) months of operation, during the pandemic, with the performance of Job Centers that have been open for decades, while acknowledging that even those centers under-performed because of the pandemic. 5. Pivot Sacramento as part of GoBiz operates an employment program that is consistent with the Job Center that targets people reentering from jail or prison. Through that program, we enrolled approximately 760 participants over 18 months, most enrolled during the pandemic. 6. The Fruitridge Career Center has developed relationships with employers and other community stakeholders, including the Black Child Legacy Campaign, CPS, DHA, Alchemist, River Oaks Resource Center, Unite Us and many others. 7. The Fruitridge Career Center partners with the Aggie Square Committee and Community Engagement Department at UC Davis to create employment opportunities for the Oak Park community. The termination of the Fruitridge Career Center will terminate those relationships. 8. SETA claims that funds are allocated to provide activities and services that assist unemployed and underemployed individuals to gain the skills necessary to enter high demand careers in the region. Closing the Fruitridge Career Center in Oak Park which has a high number of unemployed and underemployed individuals, especially as we near the end of the pandemic, contradicts those claims. We need you to SHOW UP and GET LOUD! MAKE A PUBLIC COMMENT ON JUNE 3RD (10AM): ~Make a verbal public comment during a meeting. The public comment phone line will open 15-minutes prior to the start of the meeting. ~Refer to the agenda and listen to the live meeting to determine when is the best time to call to be placed in queue to make a public comment (ITEM III-B – 3 – ACTION). ~Dial (916) 263-3827 and follow the prompts to be placed in queue for a specific agenda item (ITEM III-B – 3 – ACTION) on or off-agenda matter. Each agenda item queue will remain open until the public comment period is closed for that specific item.
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  • Hillsborough TWP Committee: Continue Virtual Meetings
    Hillsborough community members with disabilities, weak immune systems, and others should be able to participate in our local government.
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  • Expel Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress, now!
    McCarthy has refused to take disciplinary actions against Greene and voted against removing her from committee assignments, which passed with bipartisan support despite his opposition. McCarthy and the GOP's silence in the face of Greene's unconscionable conduct isn't just a bad look—it's a threat to other lawmakers. Her recent threats against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have caused AOC to fear for her physical safety and hire more security, and Rep. Jimmy Gomez, who introduced the resolution to expel Greene reports receiving death threats from her supporters. Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is failing in his duty to reprimand Greene for her heinous words and deeds. And yet he continues to embrace members like Greene while ousting Rep. Liz Cheney from House GOP leadership for telling the truth and calling out Trump’s big lie that the election was stolen. This proves that Marjorie Taylor Greene is not an outlier in the Republican party. She is a perfect encapsulation of today’s Republican party. And Rep. Greene doesn’t just spew hate. She directly threatens her colleagues with it. Workplace safety is a growing concern across America. Hate can be lethal. There should be no tolerance for anyone who threatens colleagues. This goes for Congress as well – if not more so since members of Congress are supposed to be national leaders. The list of reasons why Rep. Greene should be expelled from Congress goes on and on, but here are a few: - She has repeatedly publicly supported calls to execute prominent Democratic politicians, including liking a Facebook comment that called for Nancy Pelosi to get "a bullet to the head." In other posts, Greene liked comments about executing FBI agents who were alleged to be part of the "deep state" working against Trump. - She’s endorsed conspiracy theories claiming that 9/11 was an inside job and that the Sandy Hook shooting--where 26 elementary school children and teachers were massacred—was staged. - She is Islamophobic and antisemitic and suggested the 2018 midterms—when our nation’s first two Muslim Congresswomen were elected—was part of “an Islamic invasion of our government,” and she thinks Jewish space lasers are responsible for a wildfire in California. - She was one of the many members of Congress who voted to object to the election results after the deadly, white supremacist attack on our Capitol and our democracy. - On January 12, after the insurrection and after results of the election had been certified by all 50 states, by the Electoral College, and by Congress, she tweeted, “President Trump will remain in office.” - She has repeatedly targeted, threatened, and harassed other members of Congress including Congresswomen Cori Bush and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. - Hundreds of posts, likes, and comments showing Rep. Greene inciting violence by spewing baseless conspiracy theories that have endangered the lives of many continue to resurface across the internet. And that’s just scratching the surface. Our country and democracy are in danger every minute that Rep. Greene is still a member of Congress. McCarthy can change this. This is why we must come together to make sure McCarthy expels Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress, now.
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    Created by Robert Reich
  • Expand Medicare Now!
    Millions of Americans on Medicare lack coverage they need. From hearing aids to root canals to eyeglasses, elderly Americans are forced to pay out of pocket for essential medical care. The human costs are staggering. And now we have a shot to change things. Representative Pramila Jayapal and Senator Bernie Sanders are leading a new charge to expand Medicare -- by offering vision, dental, and hearing care for Medicare beneficiaries, and lowering the Medicare eligibility age. This is a critical first step towards Medicare for All and will help millions along the way. Can you help build support in Congress by sending your representative and Senators a message? Sign the petition and tell the President and Congress: Expand Medicare now!
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  • Eliminate The Fillibuster
    Infratructure ,Voter Right Bill ,Police Reform and Jobs are all on thr table
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    Created by vesa versa
  • Demand the NFL prohibit race-norming and pay reparations
    I am a neurologist / neuroscientist. In 2016, the NFL acknowledged the link between football and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (1). They agreed to a total payout of up to $1B for thousands of lawsuits. They then proceeded to payout pennies on the dollar of what players and their families were owed (2). 60% of athletes in the NFL are Black. Most recently, this exploitation shamefully persists in the context of a performative $250M commitment over 10 years to combat systemic racism. For orientation, annual revenue during a pandemic (2020) was $12B. Tell NFL CEO Roger Stokoe Goodell to re-examine cases for every Black NFL former athlete without race-norming and increase payouts to meaningfully address the impact of neurological injuries sustained + delay in compensation. (1) https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/nfl-acknowledges-a-link-between-football-cte/ (2) https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2018/10/23/nfl-players-family-members-settlement/1736602002/ (3) https://thehill.com/regulation/court-battles/553482-nfl-accused-of-systemic-racism-in-handling-black-ex-players-brain
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    Created by Dona Murphey