• Wayne's Rights
    Our community is wonderful, These community members deserve their rights know matter what. More Importantly those that are disabled , lack of knowledge or in fear. These people deserve to live in adequate housing, their children should be able to play outside with no worries of offenders watching them, The Beautiful amputee able to leave her apartment to get fresh air or sit ouside, her quality of life should never be in jeapordy! we should all be living our best life NO MATTER WHO WE ARE.
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  • Gov Polis, Act now to make Colorado an abortion sanctuary
    Polis has said that the Dobbs "Ruling doesn’t change anything in Colorado," So no action will be taken outside the regular legislative session. BUT OUR STATE IS ABOUT TO BECOME THE NEAREST SOURCE OF ABORTION SERVICES FOR AN ADDITIONAL 1.2 MILLION WOMEN AND OTHERS OF CHILD-BEARINGAGE FROM OTHER STATES. WE MUST urgently prepare to meet the increased need for abortion services in Colorado and give protection to all those receiving, aiding & providing abortions!
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  • Ban assault weapons now
    Ask every elected office holder if they support an assault weapons ban - from school board to mayor to governor to president and demand that they follow through. This is our America. We cannot go to school, church, shopping, dining, concerts, parades without the threat of gun violence destroying our lives, families and communities forever. We must reclaim our right to life and liberty. Ban assault weapons now.
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    Animals matter! New Yorkers care about animals! Thousands of wonderful companion animals suffer in our NYC ACC animal shelters. They are frightened, confined in cages, becoming stressed, falling ill and are unjustly condemned to death. There is little concern for the shelter’s responsibility and for the animals’ right to a safe and loving home. We must demand accountability and change! We must challenge the status quo and demand reform of the failed and dysfunctional NYC ACC. Killing is not the solution! “What is an animal “shelter” that does not protect, care for its own, nor show them respect. What is a “shelter” that treats those that live there as if they had no rights at all. There are many names for a place like this, but a “shelter” it should never be called!” Karen Lyons Kalmenson Below are several typical descriptions, comments and narratives, among many thousands, of animals killed at NYC ACC: June 26, 2022 - Guinness was killed! “June 25, 2022: ‘Happy ray of sunshine’, Guinness #139794, just 2 years old with the 2ND BEST behavior score. Found tied up and abandoned in a park.” May 22, 2022 - Luna was killed “24 months old. She was highly social, seeking attention, wiggly, and excited to greet everyone at the shelter, which is a testament to her personality. Luna loved people she didn't even know.” July 2, 2022 - Rambo was killed “Jun 30 2022- ORDER TO KILL Rambo #146031’s owner was unable to find him a new family, so now he dies in @NYC ACC anytime…a smart 2yo puppy willing to learn. A target to die, HELP!” And Rambo was killed even though at least 2 offers of homes were received. Twitter reactions: * “Still a puppy. What is wrong with @GovKathyHochul @NYCMayor Why won't they stop this?? RIP sweet baby, you deserved better.” * “Can nothing be done? It's a total disgrace and shame on New York. What about their reputation - It's becoming known throughout the country! Uncaring killers!” * “This breaks my heart. 2 years old. RIP Rambo. You didn’t have a chance at that place.” New Yorkers are fed up with the lack of concern demonstrated by elected officials and their appointees. We care about animals and WE VOTE! Please join us as caring New Yorkers in urging Mayor Adams and the NYC Council to TAKE ACTION NOW!
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    Created by Zelda Penzel
  • Impeach all Supreme Court Justices who lied during their Senate Confirmation Hearings.
    It’s pretty obvious that we’re losing our democratic form of government. We must act and we must act now! The framers of the constitution intended that the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch operate under a system of checks and balances to ensure that the American people were always well represented in their best interests. Sadly that is not the case today. In just one week, this court issued a decision in Roe v. Wade saying that a woman’s right to abortion should be determined by her state. Same week, they decided that New York’s gun law was unconstitutional and that that state had no right to determine what is right and wrong concerning firearms in the state of New York. maybe it’s just me but that seems like opposite thought process is there. On one hand they’re concerned about life in the womb but on the other hand they feel like it’s not necessary to have a carry permit in the state of New York to carry a handgun. It seems this conservative court just wants to get what they want and damn what the people want. The American people greatly oppose restricting abortion and allowing the concealed carry of handguns without proper licensing and training. The conservative court this week also made a decision greatly affecting our efforts to clean up the environment. Makes you wonder how many of them are on the payroll of big business? Have they no concern for the future?
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  • Support IsenGarden, a legal cannabis cultivation in Riverside County California
    If you believe in the healing powers of cannabis and the need for local, sustainably grown medicine that will benefit our community, please sign this petition. Community support is the most important part of the approval process. By signing this petition you can help us achieve our goal of obtaining a cultivation license from Riverside County.
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  • Expand the Supreme Court
    Sign share and spread this important message
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  • Justice for the Supreme Court's violation of Human Rights
    The 1st Amendment states that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." We can't give an order of significance to these rights however if a government official practices their religion in doing the function of their job, it IS establishing an official religion of the government especially when that job lays "the law of the land". When the SCOTUS chose Christian beliefs over the liberty and birth right of bodily autonomy, they established it as the government's religion. Bodily autonomy is the liberty by which all others are based. Humans cannot own anything if they first do not own their own bodies. This was proven by the enslavement of African Americans who have since continued to struggle to gain full control over the rights to their own existence. The unborn do not have and should not have rights or protections overturning the bodily autonomy of the life giver. It is first and foremost the life giver's responsibility and choice to care for their non-viable for life fetus. This care includes ending the pregnancy to spare the non-viable fetus from a life of cruel suffering. It is inhumane to force a non-viable fetus to suffer seizures in it's womb until it either lives or dies. Until it becomes viable for life or it rots and infects the life giver. And this heinous suffering pales in comparison to that of the life bearer who's forced to carry like livestock. This drive to protect the non-viable for life fetus is inherently Christian in it's foundation and no other religion has pushed this philosophic question as far as these current times. In the decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and in their opinions and vernacular in the final report, the Supreme Court has made it clear that womb bearers do not own their own bodies as soon as cells start dividing and are implanted in the uterus wall. This philosophic argument for the sanctity of life can be supported by providing adequate care for the 400k+ children currently in foster care and by providing increased access to preventative birth control so that needless cells don't get a chance to begin to divide. Life deserves to be brought into the world on loving terms where all parties are cherished and supported. Religious philosophic questions belong nowhere near the constitution and the Supreme Court nor do they belong in any institution that receives government funding such as public schools (they are then a government entity by extension). Congress and Joe Biden MUST pass legislation solidifying the LIBERTY of bodily autonomy and rid the courts and entire judicial branch of those who are forcing their religious ideologies onto the whole of this country.
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    Created by Elaine Fraticelli
  • Urge Google to Stop Collecting and Retaining All Location Data
    Big Tech companies have massive stockpiles of intimate user data that could be used to enforce laws criminalizing abortion. There’s no law or government requirement that Big Tech companies collect and keep records of its users’ data. Other tech companies like Apple says “privacy is a fundamental human right” and does not collect user location data. Although Google has said they will delete user location data for those visiting abortions, it’s not clear how Google will identify these locations. Moreover, Google will not delete search requests automatically, putting the burden on users who want to protect themselves to have to do that themselves. Google should prioritize privacy. Join us in demanding Google delete users’ location data that could be used by state governments to prosecute those seeking reproductive health care. SOURCES: 1. Ortutay, Barbara. “Democrats: Google must protect privacy of abortion patients.” Associated Press. 24 May, 2022. 2. Aten, Jason. “Apple's New Privacy Page Is a Not-So-Subtle Smackdown of Facebook and Google.” Inc. 7 Nov., 2019. 3. Rosenberg, Scott. “Roe's overturn is tech's privacy apocalypse.” Axios. 7 July, 2022.
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  • Roe v. Wade has been overturned. Expand the Supreme Court to protect our rights.
    From their unelected perch, the 6-3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court handed down decisions designed to take away our personal freedoms and make our country less safe to live in. If we don’t do something to stop Mitch McConnell’s handpicked, right-wing extremists on the bench, they’ll continue to attack our rights until we no longer recognize the country we live in. To protect our fundamental freedoms, Congress must rebalance the Supreme Court by adding four seats. We can’t let Mitch McConnell or Donald Trump hide behind their hand-picked Supreme Court to enact their extreme agenda. Our rights are too important for that. Congress has changed the Court’s size seven times throughout American history. In order to protect our fundamental rights, it’s time to do it again. 58 members of the House of Representatives have already signed on to the Judiciary Act, a bill that would rebalance the Supreme Court by adding four new justices. Sign your name today to support expansion of the court.
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  • Guarantee the Right to Marry for LGBTQ+
    Roughly 20 million people in the United States identify as LGBTQ+, nearly every American has a relative, classmate, or neighbor who identifies as LGBTQ+. All of these people are afforded the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness afforded to them in the constitution. Now, put that in the law!
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  • Investigate Sen. Ron Johnson for January 6th!
    During the Jan. 6th hearings, we learned that a US senator may have set out a roadmap to overturn the election — and so far, he’s getting away with it. We can’t let that happen. Senator Ron Johnson’s staff delivered a fake slate of electors to former Vice President Pence so that Pence could overturn President Biden’s victory, a former White House aide alleged last week. If the allegations prove to be true, Sen. Johnson took an active role to overturn the election, potentially overthrowing democracy in America. He must be held accountable. Congress must investigate Sen. Ron Johnson for his active role in overturning the 2020 election! We already knew the Wisconsin senator was doing Trump’s dirty work at the expense of our democracy. Just weeks before the January 6th insurrection, Johnson held a congressional hearing on election fraud, perpetuating the right-wing conspiracy that the election had been stolen.Then, Johnson joined nine other senators in calling for an ​​“an emergency 10-day audit of the election.” But we didn’t know just how far Ron Johnson was willing to go to undermine the US electoral apparatus. Now that there is reason to believe Johnson delivered fake electors to Pence, Congress needs to conduct an investigation. Otherwise, the message to the far-right will be clear: there are no consequences for trying to subvert free and fair elections.
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