This is important because animals are dying, animals are being abused, animals are being neglected because there is no accountability on any level. The lack of responsible ownership is creating an environment where preventable and treatable disease is spreading throughout the state and animals are suffering because of it. We cannot euthanize, adopt, rescue our way out of this crises. This isn't an animal issue, it's a people issue and only we can change it.
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    Created by Melissa Gilkerson
  • Small Business Downtown Florence Initiative
    I hope this message finds you excited about the potential for positive change in our community. Today, I am reaching out to invite you to join a movement that has the power to transform downtown Florence into a vibrant, dynamic space for us all. Our small business is at the forefront of an initiative that aims to enhance the very heart of our city. Imagine a downtown adorned with visually captivating displays, not only showcasing essential city information and events but also providing a valuable platform for our local businesses to thrive. What makes this initiative truly special is its potential to bring about positive change without placing a burden on our community. We are offering these displays for free, dedicating 75% of the content to city-run updates and the remaining 25% as a unique advertising space for our cherished local businesses. Moreover, we are committed to sharing the success of this endeavor with our city by contributing a portion of the revenue generated. We are not alone in this vision; neighboring cities have already recognized the potential for positive impact and offered their support. Now, we are turning to you—the passionate members of our community—to join us in this campaign for change. By adding your voice to our cause, you are endorsing a movement that goes beyond mere aesthetics. It's about fostering community engagement, creating economic opportunities for our local businesses, and ensuring that downtown Florence becomes a hub of activity and connection. We need your support to make this vision a reality. By joining our campaign, you are contributing to the revitalization of our city, helping small businesses thrive, and building a stronger sense of community. Together, we can create a downtown Florence that we are all proud to call our own. Take a stand with us, be part of this exciting journey, and let's shape the future of downtown Florence together. Your support matters, and your voice will be instrumental in bringing about positive change. Thank you for considering this invitation. We look forward to having you on board and making a lasting impact on the heart of our community. Sincerely, A.C.
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    Created by A.C. Rockett
  • Samantha Power: Resign or return your Pulitzer Prize!
    Stop the atrocities and genocide against the Palestinian people.
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    Created by Resign Speakout
  • MT Police & Courts need to know the laws as well
    The only way a change can happen is if we speak up and hold them accountable for what they continue to get away with.. It's our turn to make the change for our future as well as our children's future 🙏
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    Created by Strausie Hart
  • Repair the Killingsworth Lane Road / Property of TNR
    This petition is important because it will add a more quality and safer road worth traveling on.
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    Created by Emilio Lopez
  • Lower Student Debt Burden
    Let’s think of some things that make a person “stable” early on. - Owning a home out of college - Having the opportunity to save for ones future - Partnership/Family Can a person today with the average income buy a house? The answer is no. Now add student debts with the average interest rates of 3.73%-6.28% hovering over your head right out of college. It’s near impossible to be a home owner, save for retirement, and pay off student loans even with the Income Based Repayment plan put in place for some of us. Having close to zero interest rates would tremendously help individuals to pay off loans and figure out their early years while saving for retirement and future plans.
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    Created by Abigail Evans
  • Rethinking Proposition 22: Ensuring Fair Compensation and Autonomy for Gig Economy Drivers
    Consequences of not reforming Proposition 22 based on the petition could include: 1. Continued Exploitation of Drivers: Without reform, drivers may remain classified as independent contractors, susceptible to inadequate compensation and denied traditional employee benefits. 2. Economic Inequity: The flawed compensation structure of Proposition 22 may persist, leading to drivers working excessively long hours for insufficient pay, exacerbating economic disparities within the gig economy. 3. High Competition and Diminished Earnings: The absence of measures to regulate the number of drivers on platforms may result in increased competition, diminishing earnings for experienced drivers and exploiting those with less experience. 4. Failure to Address Compensation Discrepancies: The proposed fair compensation structure may not be implemented, leaving drivers with reimbursement rates below IRS standards and hourly rates based on local minimum wage, contributing to financial hardships. 5. Overcrowding in Certain Areas: Without limits on the number of drivers, certain locations may face overcrowding, negatively impacting drivers' ability to earn a reasonable income. 6. Unequal Distribution of Rides: The lack of a priority system for full-time drivers may lead to an uneven distribution of rides, disadvantaging drivers and passengers in specific locations. 7. Inadequate Health Insurance Coverage: The health insurance coverage issues may persist, leaving drivers without proper benefits or alternative compensation for their active time. 8. Continued Lack of Autonomy: Drivers may continue to lack autonomy as independent contractors, with no reforms addressing the need for a balanced system that benefits both drivers and companies. In summary, not reforming Proposition 22 based on the outlined petition could perpetuate the existing problems in the gig economy, leaving drivers vulnerable to exploitation, economic hardships, and an imbalanced system.
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    Created by Raphael Novaes Picture
  • Citizens of Shelby, IA, Opposed to New Apartment Complex
    We need to ask City Council members all of the questions that they should have already asked themselves before getting to this point of the planning process. They should have reached out to the citizens to get them involved in the process, but they haven't. There have already been two recent public improvement projects that proceeded without informing the public, which is required by law. We need to hold City Council responsible for these actions.
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    Created by Angie Grote
  • Urgent Action Required for Powder Mountain's Compliance with Zoning and Public Access
    The privatization sets a precedent for the resort to pursue further privatizations in the future if gone unchecked!
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    Created by David Fabian
  • Israelis, Jews, and Palestinians for Bilateral Ceasefire
    We are a group of Jewish Americans, Israelis, and Palestinians of the greater DC area, calling for the end of the cycle of violence and an immediate bilateral ceasefire. We stand with all the people of Palestine and Israel and reject the zero-sum framework that we are seeing around us. We are outraged and sickened both by the massacre, kidnapping, and rape of Israelis by Hamas and by Israel’s ongoing massacres and collective punishment in Gaza, creating a severe humanitarian crisis. In our own communities in the United States, we are shocked and saddened by those who continue to justify, encourage, and glorify the killing, destruction, and cycle of blood. We reject all anti-Arab racism, anti-Palestinian racism, antisemitism, and Islamophobia in our community. We call for an immediate bilateral ceasefire as a first step to a long-term political solution. There is no military solution to this conflict. As long as the ideology of Hamas exists, Hamas cannot be completely eliminated. And as long as military occupation, settler terrorism, and economic blockades are in place over Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank, peace will not be feasible. During the temporary truce, it was made clear that the only way to bring the hostages home alive and to save the lives of Gazans is through negotiation. Continued bombing, siege, invasion, and occupation of Gaza – inflicting incalculable death and harm on innocent Palestinians - is immoral. Violence begets violence, both in the immediate and in future generations. It is time to end this dynamic in the interest of everyone in the region. In the words of activists from the Parents Circle, an organization bringing together over 600 bereaved families from both sides of the conflict: “The arc of history is long. Germany once tried to wipe out Jews and now exchanges ambassadors with Israel. Some day, Israel and Palestine will coexist as states, and the question is simply how many corpses will pile up before that happens. We must share this land as one state or two states or five states; otherwise, we will share this same piece of land as the graveyards of our kids.” - Bassam Aramin, whose daughter was killed by the IDF. “Revenge is not going to bring my parents back to life…We must break the cycle.” -Moaz Inon, whose parents were killed by Hamas on October 7th.
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    Created by DC Petition
  • Petition to end parking meters in the Arts District of Downtown Los Angeles
    We are reflecting the personality of our neighborhood, ensuring Inclusivity and Participation for All. Our mission is simple: 1. Observations/ Questions 2. Research topics 3. Hypothesis 4. Test with experiments 5. Analyze Data 6. Report Conclusions 7. Craft a data-driven framework that prioritizes people We are artists, residents, business owners, students, employees, and visitors. Ultimately, the new pilot parking program damages our collective community spirit. We urge Los Angeles city officials, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation, ADLT Neighborhood Council, and Arts District Los Angeles Business Improvement District - BID to reconsider and introduce a Hybrid Preferential Parking District (PPD). There are other methods to manage traffic congestion or raise revenue without causing damage to students, local businesses, residents, and employees. The Downtown Los Angeles Arts District stakeholders would like to find inclusive community-based solutions that benefit all stakeholders equally.
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    Created by Friends of the Arts district Picture
  • Support the Imagination Playground Project to Create an Outdoor Playspace for All Abilities!
    In June 2021, we had a mother come to visit our center with her beautiful little girl, who lives with cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. We gave them a tour of our facility, and then it was time to go out to our playground. We explained to the mother that our playground is not wheelchair accessible. The mother went on to say, “that is ok, most playgrounds around here aren’t, she can just sit on the side and watch”. That statement broke our hearts! No child should EVER have to sit out while all their friends are playing, and no parent should have to accept this as a reality for his/her child.
    1,478 of 2,000 Signatures
    Created by Erin Medlar