• Impeached presidents shall not run for re-election
    A president who has been impeached, whether convicted or not, has been found to have broken a law. Such a president cannot be trusted and has proven to be compromised in one way or another and should not be allowed to be re-elected for any government office, particularly president or vice president of the United States of America
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    Created by Carole Kveen
  • President Bush: Please Endorse Biden
    It is no secret that many of us in the MoveOn community did not support the Bush administration, and many of us, including me, were adamantly opposed to many of their policies, especially the war in Iraq. Even though we may not have voted for President Bush or supported his policies, our very democracy is at stake in 2020. A 2018 poll conducted by CNN shows that 76% of registered Republicans hold a favorable view of Bush, which clearly would include a large majority of Trump supporters. While many Trump supporters would instantly change their view of President Bush if he endorsed Mr. Biden, enough of them may vote for Biden to change the outcome of the election. While Biden is ahead in national polls, let's not forgot our mistakes in 2016 of ignoring the Electoral College. The uncomfortable truth is that polls in "swing states" right now are incredibly close -- most within the margin of error. Mr. Biden's victory is far from certain right now, especially with Trump controlling all levers of government and clearly willing to do anything he can to ensure lower voter turnout and discredit as many ballots as possible. President Bush is the one American in the unique position of putting an end to the Trump regime. During his time in office, President Bush often spoke about freedom and belief in democratic values. Respectfully, it's time for him to prove that he really meant what he said.
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    Created by Nate Weaver
  • Ban the Sale of KKK and Nazi Memorabilia
    Profiting off of hate is deplorable, and wrong. The sale of Nazi memorabilia is illegal in the EU, and it should be illegal in North America as well. The perpetuation of these goods being circulated gives them credibility, and a sense of honor. There is no honor in the genocide of millions of people. There is no honor in terrorizing innocent people. There is no honor is racism, and xenophobia.
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    Created by Rebekah Grippen
  • Rajon Rondo should be in the Hall of Fame
    Because he is easily the most underrated point guard of all time, he is so slept on bro - only NBA player since the merger to win a title with the Celtics (2008) and the Lakers (2020) - he is the last remaining TRUE point guard left in the league that plays the game the right way - led the league in assists 3 times - 1st team all defense x2 - 2nd team all defense x2 - 3rd team all nba x1 - 15th all time in assists (NOTE: all but two players ahead of him on this list are in the HoF) - he took a picture with a woman wearing a "Lebron is a b**ch" shirt and Lebron then recruited him to the lakers - watch this video and tell me he shouldn't be in the hall of fame https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QyF_MFpr70&ab_channel=NBA SIGN THIS PETITION IF YOU WANT BASKETBALL TO BE PLAYED THE RIGHT WAY BY FUTURE GENERATIONS
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    Created by Johnny Celtics
  • Compact CNA
    Because we are the eyes and ears of every Nurse. The nurse only know what we tell them. We should have compact certifications just as like The LPN, LVN and Rn's.
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    Created by Donta Clark
  • "Zero Waste" for East Orange - Petition for a Cleaner City!
    This will improve the quality of our lives and our health.
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    Created by Christina Coaker
  • Town Vote on continuing current hybrid as an option
    Many current hybrid students and families are happy with the structure and safety of this model. Covid has disrupted so much for these students already. Last years distance learning was unacceptable and left gaping holes in many students education. Finally settling into a process that is working and stable is a good thing. Families should have thier voices heard and the board should have to listen to the people they serve.
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    Created by Wendy Morris
  • #thislandisOURland: Community Statue Replacement in SFV Ca
    Representation is important! Our community is made of First Nation, Mexican Indigenous and immigrant populations. As such, we desire to see our historical leaders memorialized in our neighborhoods, too. Our Community Campaign includes: A picture and social media posting component This online petition A GoFundMe And a formal application to the City of LA
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    Created by Monique Orozco Picture
  • Recycle movement
    So that the residents of our community can recycle responsibly. Allowing us not to fill our trash cans as fast. As we are not allowed to put anything outside of the trash can. Example boxes, anything recyclable.
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    Created by Bradley Sloma Picture
    Villa/duplex units are multi-family residences and high density developments which will negatively impact the upscale developments of Southern Hills Plantation ("Southern Hills") and The Cascades at Southern Hills ("Cascades"). Of further concern is the close proximity of the proposed duplexes/villas to the proposed office building. These homes will likely be priced “affordably,” since there’s generally no desire to live near commercial property and will harm our property values. Like most homeowners, our houses are our single largest investment. We do not wish to see our investments jeopardized, which prompts this, our unified objection to LBL's rezoning petition. LBL also requests approval to erect a 31,363 SF office/mixed use building on Southern Hills Blvd., yet another high density structure. The grand fountain, a beloved Cascades landmark we all appreciate, would be razed to accommodate the office building. We do not want our serene entryway to be marred with bright lights, more signage, asphalt parking lots, and other similar quality-of-life nuisances, including increased traffic. Residents of Southern Hills and the Cascades are rightly concerned about the morning and afternoon commutes of employees/tenants to the office building, not to mention the constant comings and goings of their patrons throughout the day and night since Southern Hills Blvd. is the only means of egress and ingress to our neighborhoods. In addition, LBL’s petition seeks approval to build all the proposed structures up to 45 feet tall (three stories). All nearby homes, including Southern Hills’ own sales center and fitness complex, are no more than two-stories high. The Cascades' newly built recreation center is one-story in height. Three-story, high density, multi-family homes and an office building jutting above the existing structures do not belong anywhere in or near the Southern Hills' or Cascades' neighborhoods. Rezoning this pristine residential acreage would set a precedent and subsequently lead to the invitation of gradual “commercial creep” on what is currently our wooded, tranquil entryway known as Southern Hills Blvd. We appreciate seeing wildlife while driving to and from our respective neighborhoods on our undisturbed, winding entryway and believe we have a reasonable expectation it will remain unspoiled by upholding the RPDP zoning that’s currently in place. Granting LBL’s rezoning petition is a lose-lose situation for us residents. It’s a win-win for a clever developer-entity who, if its request is granted, can build and sell several homes on what was once a parcel meant for a single-family home, maximizing profits while drastically altering forever the characteristics of our neighborhoods and our shared entryway that exudes the serene country charm we love. To reiterate, Southern Hills Blvd. is the only way by which to enter and depart Southern Hills and the Cascades. This is not a small scale development meant to utilize unused or underutilized parcels, this is large scale development that is inappropriate for our neighborhoods. For the reasons outlined above, the residents of Southern Hills and the Cascades jointly and respectfully urge you, as fellow Brooksville residents, and as our local leaders, to consider the negative impact multi-family, high density, commercial development will have on our peaceful enclave. Please find LBL’s rezoning request incompatible with the surrounding zoning and neighboring land use by denying LBL's rezoning petition. Thank you for your continued service and support of our communities.
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    Created by Jennifer McCoskrie
  • Inclusive American History
    History is fundamental to our understanding of the world around us. Through the study of history, we can discover why the world is as it presently exists: our world in its current state is a direct result of the developments and events of the past. Every action taken in the past, every idea and concept thought of and acted upon, every war and treaty, every great leader and villain has contributed to the collective sum of developments which have molded our world. History is the build-up of actions taken in the past, and as we go about our lives in the present we contribute to that accumulation. Our choices today will directly affect the future, just as the choices of the past directly affect our present. We are, right now, making the history of the future. Thus, history is an immensely important subject to study and understand. It provides the answers to why the world is like it is. An inaccurate understanding of the past, therefore, will present the incorrect answers as to why the world is like it is now. This is incredibly important: having the incorrect answer to why the world exists as it does presently means that the consequences of choices made in the past, or the reality of the development of the past, will be lost and unknown. This means that, as we move forward into the future, we will be unable to truly understand our own place in history and the nature of the changing world around us. Further, incorrect readings of the past can lend support to ideas or beliefs which don’t actually have a historical basis. Such misinformation about the past can provide people inaccurate assumptions about the world around them. It is lamentable, then, that history is so often either lost, deliberately misconstrued, misunderstood or misinterpreted, or entirely fictitious. Much of our understanding of history, and the stories presented to us, do not accurately describe actual events in the past. We therefore often cannot truly understand the nature of the world around us. Much of early recorded history is rife in inaccuracy, legend, and fable. This, of course, is a result of the nature of early human civilization: writing was uncommon and in its early stages of development, history was told through word of mouth and legend, and such a medium for the recording and telling of history easily allows for the true history to be changed, altered, and reinterpreted. Yet history has also been deliberately falsified to provide support or justification for various positions or beliefs. As with any other type of knowledge, history directly influences and shapes our perception of the world, our beliefs, and our ideas. Because of this, the telling of history can be a powerful tool to provide justification for some concepts or ideas, and rewriting history can discredit others. There are many examples of these inaccurate histories, and some of them are quite prolific and influential in the way various societies and civilizations perceived the world. These inaccurate stories of history range from legends and myths about the origins of civilizations and societies, such as the legendary founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus, sons of Mars, which gave the Romans a perception of their civilization as being divinely inspired and thus destined to greatness, to stories about great events in a countries past, such as Paul Revere’s supposed ride to warn the colonists that the British ‘were coming’ which, in reality, never happened but created patriotic fervor amongst American citizens. Further inaccurate histories can be seen across theology, as almost every system of religion claims to be the sole descendents and adherents of the one true god or gods. Not every religion can correctly claim to be the only true faith, and thus the histories that each present must somehow be falsified. As students and scholars of history, we must thus pick out what we discern to be the most reliable sources of history, and be skeptical towards all claims and stories which attempt to tell the past. History is an immensely important subject which contributes very heavily towards our understanding of the present, and as such it is vital that we understand it as correctly and completely as possible. The misconceptions and misinformation about the past which is prolific in modern times lends support to inaccurate understanding of our present world, but hopefully the diligent study of and reporting on accurate and correct accounts of the past will help us finally understand the true nature of our here and now. Cody Knipfer.
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    Created by Rep. La Shawn K. Ford & Dalila Torres Picture
    As the years keep going students years at IVAS is only getting worse. Students deserve more than what we are receiving. For example, If you look at A-plus you will see the drastic changes they have made to that building. IVAS has been standing since the early 2000s yet A-plus secondary gets a new building. What about IVAS? Our classroom is so small sometimes students don't have enough desks to sit in a classroom. Our books are all torn up or they haven't been updated. Let's not forget the restrooms, girls athletics, and boys athletics is a hassle everyone is bunched up together trying to change. Students can't even pass through the hallways without getting pushed. Our funds are so low drill team and cheer team doesn't even have a closet to sort their things in. When it rains our whole B building is filled with leaks. Especially in the gym which is very dangerous. Let’s not forget the band room, it has leaks in every corner, or how in one classroom there was mold, or how a piece of the ceiling fell onto a students shoulder. Our teachers are also a very important topic to talk about. Teachers do their best to try to make the students feel so important, but when something is wrong with teachers, students reflect on what the teachers are feeling. When the administration is not giving teachers fair treatment our teachers are tired but still stay for us students. Teachers have been quitting so many times and also during the year, meaning administration will put in a sub who knows nothing about the subject making students not learn a thing. Students have yet to find a stable teacher who will stay all throughout till graduation. This reflects on students' education. We are not learning a thing if teachers are quitting and getting mistreated. Let's talk about the Covid-19 situation. During this situation is a hard time for not only for students but for teachers as well. Teachers don't have PPE which is something that should be provided to teachers and classrooms in the middle of a pandemic. Teachers don't even get lunch break because it has been taken away from them. These things reflect on us, students. Teachers are willing to go above and beyond for us but at a certain point, they get tired of this treatment and have to start thinking about themselves. This is our time to stand together. We have to use our voices to get a better environment for our education, we need to use our voice for better education, we need to use our voice so that finally they can see the mistreatment that is going on at IVAS, we need to use our voices so they can finally acknowledge IVAS and not just A-plus. We need staff who will take the time to try and figure out how to make IVAS a better school. It's sad that staff from A-plus come to IVAS and them, themselves complain and see how bad IVSS is compared to A-plus. When is our time to shine? When are we going to get teachers that stay, when are we going to get new restrooms, when are we going to get new books, or how about some more space in our school. When is it our time to finally better our education? When will they acknowledge us? The administration doesn't even know our names, they just see us as money bags. This is our time students! WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER, WE WILL GET EVERYTHING WE NEED TOGETHER! PLEASE USE YOUR VOICE AND HELP US SIGN THIS PETITION.
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    Created by Anonymous Anonymous