• Remove Columbus Day From Groton Public Schools
    He Was an Initiator of Indigenous Slave Trade. Columbus noted that the natives he encountered were kind and giving … and that he planned to use that kindness against them. What resulted was genocide, rape, mutilations and a variety of other atrocities. We Celebrate a Murderous Undocumented Immigrant While Disparaging Hardworking & Honest Undocumented Immigrants Today. Columbus Wasn’t Even the First Explorer to Arrive in the Americas. By celebrating Columbus, we are ignoring a significant aspect of his legacy: genocide. None of Columbus's accomplishments outway the costs of the human lives that he took. It is abundantly clear that Columbus Day should be replaced with a day that honors the lives taken under Columbus’s rule.
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  • Justice for Rape Victims in Bangladesh
    Rape in Bangladesh is a chronic, horrific crime that is not addressed on a consistent, compassionate, legal basis in our country. Too often, the victim is blamed for the offender's crime. We demand that our government establish the Office of Violence Against Women within our Department of Justice so that this dreadful violence may stay in the forefront of our courts, police and offenders. #Rape #Bangladesh #JustuceForRapeVictims #ViolenceAgainstWomen
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  • Save the Public Access Training Program
    As a community we grow together by working together and sharing our stories. Through facilitation of a space that brings together a truly diverse group of Bellingham people to regularly learn, discuss and create together, we create a stronger community and a healthy city. For the past 5 years this program has been growing and community producers have been making videos of the history, culture and events that make Bellingham unique. Due to budget cuts, including temporary cuts from COVID, the program is being eliminated. We believe this is short-sighted and the program should be allowed to continue to grow. If you believe in local programming and giving everyone a voice, please consider signing this petition.
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    As families return to work as the state moves through the four phases, childcare is ESSENTIAL to ensuring the workforce is able to restart. Families with young children NEED our support! Lack of access to child care impacts first responders and front line workers - they NEED our services more than ever! Child care NEEDS an IMMEDIATE influx of equitable grant monies, distributed on a PER CHILD basis - based on licensed capacity - not an arbitrary tiered system that does not take our real expenses into consideration. Issues that appeared to be temporary, e.g. front line teachers and directors becoming ill and sites shutting down, at the onset of this public health emergency, are now causing permanent damage to the early education system. The cost of purchasing personal protection equipment (PPE) and reducing group sizes has further impacted how many children can access services. Without adequate capacity, children will not have access to care and parents will be unable to go to work. Immediate state intervention is needed to stop the COVID-19 pandemic from pushing the child care industry to economic collapse.
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  • Tell Twitter: Stop flagging, start removing false tweets
    With the election less than 30 days away and coronavirus cases rising again, Twitter has failed to take further steps to protect our democracy and our health. Just yesterday, Trump claimed that COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu. While Facebook chose to delete the post, Twitter only flagged the content as “misleading and potentially harmful” but determined that it may be in the “public’s interest for the tweet to remain accessible.” [1] Simply flagging tweets is not enough. If Twitter is calling tweets misleading or harmful, they should be removed. For months, Twitter and other social media platforms have been allowing Trump to use their platforms to spin falsehoods about COVID-19 and related issues. Beyond Trump, bad actors continuously weaponize Twitter to spread false information. Twitter’s choice to flag content still leads to the spread of false information since users can still share the tweet for anyone who might be curious about what’s behind the “learn more” button. Leaving up false and harmful tweets up does not act in the public interest. It’s contradictory to Twitter’s policy against that type of information. Twitter needs to reckon with the question: if the tweet is potentially harmful, why leave it up for people to be harmed? Twitter must do more to protect us. We know that misinformation and disinformation have a real world impact—words online can translate to real actions offline. Strictly enforcing clear misinformation & disinformation rules does not take away free speech rights. People are still able to express their views, but they won't be able to intentionally spread harmful information and lies. If Twitter removes false and harmful information, then Twitter can continue to be a place that cultivates healthy dialogue and debate on real issues. Sign the petition to tell Twitter: stop flagging, start removing false and harmful information. Source: 1. Facebook removes Trump post falsely saying COVID-19 is less deadly than the flu https://www.theverge.com/2020/10/6/21504206/facebook-removed-trump-post-covid-19-coronavirus-flu-lethal-misinformation
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    Jaiden Locarnini Barajas 13 years old of Reno Nv was killed on September 25 while waiting for the school bus in Fallon Nv. He was ran over by a drunk driver who turned out to be a retired police officer. Trying to flee the scene the man had to be guided off the road by a witness. Jaiden and his two sisters were standing in the yard waiting for the school bus when this man made a u turn and plowed through a yard running 13 year old Jaiden over who pushed his sister out of the way, saving her life. This man was able to go home that night to his family. Why is this ok? Why wasn't something done about this? That is why we want this law. Something needs to happen.
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    Google for Education team is being incredibly short-sighted in some of its actions and is not taking into consideration the impact these decisions will have on the school districts and technology leaders that advocated for them world-wide. One of the primary concerns that Technology leaders had before leaping to the Google band-wagon is that Google would eventually rip out the proverbial rug and require a G-Suite Edu fee. While that has not happened yet, these most recent actions on Google's part undermine our confidence in that promise. 1. Now is not the time to change pricing on a vital tool that many educational institutions rushed purchase, and certainly not at such a drastic cost. We are in a global pandemic. Be respectful, and don't price gouge. 2. Now is not the time to invalidate the work that many educational institutions strived for in proficiency by pushing teachers to obtain Level 1 and Level 2 and have spent thousands on.
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  • Help us stop them from taking down our building
    Because there will so many people without homes and will have nowhere to go . We’ve lived here for 10 + years and they wanna take down my building
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    Created by Katherin Anahi
  • Plan for Maui to have a safer reopening
    As Maui County residents, it has become clear to us that the Governor has not done a sufficient job to mitigate and plan for COVID-19. We appreciate that our Mayor and County Council have been concerned and making efforts to protect Maui and keep us safe. We feel the current plan to welcome back tourists is very dangerous to our residents, as the state is not prepared to reopen safely. The single test plan will allow too many positive cases to slip through, and we have already seen how a few cases quickly and exponentially grow beyond what can be controlled or managed with our limited medical and public health resources, including contact tracing. We understand that our economy needs to reopen, but if we do not reopen SAFELY, we will find ourselves in the position of having to shut down again just in time to miss out on the winter holiday travel season. Meanwhile, we risk having our caseload grow and overwhelm our ONLY hospital. Why should allowing mainlanders to vacation here without the hassle of a quarantine take precedence over making it safe for our keiki to have in person school, sports, and extracurricular activities. The current state plan will hurt our keiki, our kupuna, and our hospitality workers.
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  • Help stop my father’s deportation
    They are trying to deport him back please I don’t want them to separate my family they are trying to take him back to his country please just contact the officer I beg all of you guys ❤️
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    Created by Sheila Madrid
  • Keep Nardi's, Oz's, Florenc's, and the other doormen's jobs
    Residents signed leases at Vernon Tower feeling safe and confident that there were 24/7 doormen. They help with daily operations, keep the building secure, make sure no packages are mishandled, and add to the overall residential experience. Sef also has plenty to do without attempting to take on those roles as well. This management company is taking advantage of residents as well as their staff. No compensation in rent is being offered despite the reduction of services -- even though we're in the midst of a pandemic, and people are struggling as is to make ends meet. AND, these doormen have been incredibly loyal, hardworking, and amazing individuals who have worked tirelessly to keep us healthy and safe during COVID. Laying them off now is cruel and unfair to them and their families.
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  • Denounce FRMC Nazi Club
    This is important especially as we are witnessing upticks in violent racially charged hate crimes. Most recently a Black family in Warren was targeted due to their race by a white neighbor. It is important that Madison Heights takes a firm, zero tolerance stance on hate and bigotry in our city. To call Madison Heights the "City of Progress" while housing a known Nazi club in 2020 seems contradictory. We can do better and the citizens of Madison Heights deserve to live in a city that does not welcome hate groups and allows them to stay.
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