• Congress: Tax Big Oil to stop their price gouging
    The largest oil companies are raking in record profits, in part because they are gouging prices during a time of war and crisis. According to the Guardian, in the third quarter of 2021 alone, 24 top oil and gas companies made more than $74 billion in net income. There is no reason for them to be jacking up prices at the pumps—especially during a time of war that already has the potential to ignite global instability. Congress must do everything in its power to rein in prices–from banning price gouging to investigating pricing schemes to taxing companies for their excessive profits. It’s time to deliver immediate relief to consumers, hold oil companies accountable, and tax them at fair levels. Instead of taking action, Republicans in Congress are working to shield oil executives by supporting Putin and his efforts to disrupt our markets. They continue to put profits and the ultra-wealthy over the needs of Americans. Long term, we need to decrease our dependence on oil and prioritize combating climate change by creating high-paying jobs in renewable energy, as laid out in President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. But right now, we need action to relieve the problem of oil companies choosing to massively increase prices at the expense of people just trying to get by. While other industries are putting Ukrainians ahead of profits, Big Oil must be stopped and held accountable. Add your name if you agree.
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  • President Biden: End U.S. Support for Oil Dictators
    From Russia to Saudi Arabia, oil dictators are helping to turn our planet into a giant war zone and climate disaster. But even as the Biden administration works to stop Putin's invasion of Ukraine, the U.S. also arms and protects every single oil monarchy across the Middle East. Saudi Arabia's monarchy has been America's top weapons customer. Meanwhile, the dictatorships of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have led a brutal war of starvation and bombardment in Yemen. To make matters worse, the Saudi and UAE rulers are literally refusing to take President Biden's phone call. Meanwhile, global gas prices could drive a worldwide recession while these dictators and Western oil companies make a hefty profit. It is time for the U.S. to stop investing in oil dictators who are helping to drive a global climate crisis. President Biden must stop supporting the brutal oil monarchies of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and every other U.S.-backed autocrat across the Middle East. Source: 1. "Saudi, UAE leaders declined calls with Biden amid Ukraine conflict: report," The Hill, March 8, 2022.
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  • End corporate tax loopholes!
    Tesla will pay $0 in federal taxes this year despite recording a record profit of $5.5 billion in 2021 thanks to existing corporate tax loopholes and the company’s “creative” accounting. That’s unacceptable. Tesla is headquartered in the United States and its 2021 profits secured CEO Elon Musk’s title as the world’s richest man. Yet the corporation will avoid all US corporate taxes because its enormous profits were recorded outside the US, while inside the US, the company reported a loss. For at least three years running, Tesla has avoided contributing to funding the social services and infrastructure that the US desperately needs. Congress must act now to make sure Tesla and other big corporations pay their fair share! Sign the petition to close the tax loopholes for the rich and powerful!
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  • Save American Food Market's American Dream
    For decades spanning several councilmembers and prosecutors, the Detroit Shoreway has tried time and again to frame American Food Market as a cause for drug distribution within the community yet despite numerous police raids and injunctions have found no evidence for these claims. As of March 4th, 2022, Councilwoman Jenny Spencer and the Cuyahoga prosecutor's office of Michael o'Malley chose to enact a nuisance law rarely used in history as a new tactic to shut the store down temporarily. They claim it is the responsibility of the store owners to enforce laws surrounding drug trafficking happening near the store or else suffer the consequences for other people's actions. It is the duty of law enforcement to patrol the neighborhood from crime, not small business owners.
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  • No new drilling! Use renewable energy to address gas prices.
    Oil and gas lobbyists are using Russia's invasion of Ukraine to push for a massive expansion of oil drilling here in the U.S. Pressure is building on the Biden Administration to ban oil imports from Russia. If that happens, gas prices may rise further. And that is leading Joe Manchin and the fossil fuel industry to use this crisis as a justification to massively expand fracking, offshore oil drilling, and other reckless practices at the expense of the climate. Yet it won't even produce enough oil to make a dent in rising costs. Our addiction to oil helped fund Vladimir Putin's war machine while also causing devastation here at home in the form of floods, fires, and scorching heat waves. The answer isn't to drill more oil. Instead we must finally start moving this country away from dependence on fossil fuels and taking bold action to address the climate crisis. Will you speak out now in this urgent moment?
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  • Justice for my daughter and her schools unjust response to her being racially attacked.
    Change is important when enough people stand up to fight for the change. My daughter is not the first student at this school to be racially victimized. As a parent I stand with my daughter to help other children along the way. More changes need to be made to the Education system and I will fight for it with every breath in me. More schools need Equity, Access, Inclusion and Diversity on their "intervention" teams and schools to give children the fair and equal opportunity to learn in a conducive environment. If you have a child, grandchild, friend and relative that has experienced this at any level but you didn't know how to assist? This is the opportunity to take a stand for every child in education. Thank you! Mom
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  • Sign now: President Biden must open the door to Ukranian refugees
    The UN estimates as many as 5 million are ultimately at risk of being displaced by Russia’s invasion. Countries across the globe are already opening their doors to Ukrainian refugees — but in the United States an arbitrary refugee “cap” will shut the door in the face of too many. But there’s a simple solution: President Biden can increase the cap. He has the power to do it — in fact just last year we saw him raise the limit he set for FY2022 from 62,500 to 125,000. Why? Because people like us pushed him to. We have an opportunity to push the Biden administration to realign our broken immigration system with our professed values. Will you help? Add your name to tell President Biden: Raise the FY2023 refugee admissions cap to no less than 200,000!
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  • Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis to Immediately Fire Christina Pushaw
    First the Florida GOP described the “Don’t Say Gay” bill–HB 1557–as legislation that would protect parents’ rights in education. But now Governor DeSantis’ press secretary has exposed the real agenda behind this egregious bill. In a recent Twitter post, the governor’s spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, accused the bills’ opponents of being groomers of young children (aka pedophiles), going so far as to single out Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, a legislator of the utmost integrity. In earlier controversies, Pushaw called the Archbishop of Miami a liar, blamed Democrats for organizing a Nazi rally to hurt the governor, and harassed members of the media for reporting factual information.
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  • Look to Senator Warnock’s example and lower the outrageous cost of insulin!
    Insulin prices are far too high, and they're impacting working-class families every day. For many people who live with diabetes, the cost of insulin is a matter of life or death. The high cost often leads to lethal rationing, and with this bill, we have the opportunity to save lives across the country. Congress needs to side with President Biden, Senator Warnock, and Joshua Davis—not Big Pharma—and lower the cost of insulin!
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  • DeSantis Press Secretary Calls LGBTQ People Child Molesters
    Equality Florida released this statement in response: Governor DeSantis' spokesperson said the quiet part out loud: that this bill is grounded in a belief that LGBTQ people, simply by existing, are a threat to children and must be erased. He chose Pushaw to speak his mind to the public. He owns this unbridled hatred. This same bigoted insinuation has long been been used to stigmatize our families, justify denying us the ability to adopt children, and is being used to justify the tracking of transgender children by government agents in Texas and threats to imprison their parents. Make no mistake — this is a tacit announcement from the Governor that he supports the true intent of the Don’t Say Gay bill: the erasure of LGBTQ people.
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  • Revitalize MLK Recreation Center
    New recreation centers have been built all over Denver county but none included a therapy pool that’s mainly used by the disabled and senior community. I was born and raised in Denver and actively over the years have seen this recreation center neglected. The City & County of Denver has held numerous meetings trying to close this center without avail. Each time the community has said that this is important to the community, disabled, seniors and those that must rehabilitate, due to lack of other physical therapies. Again the therapy pool is malfunctioning and the sauna has been closed for weeks. This problem is unexceptionable by any standards and must be addressed.
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  • Don't let West Virginia legislators censor history!
    West Virginia Senators have already passed a controversial new bill, and they don’t want you to notice. SB 498, the Educational Gag Order bill, bans West Virginia schools and universities from teaching the complete history of America. Now this censorship bill is headed to the WV House, and it could be moving to the Governor’s desk as soon as next week. Simply put, politicians are trying to inject culture war politics into the classroom. Tell the West Virginia House to VOTE NO on the Educational Gag Order bill when it comes on the House floor, because all students—no matter their color, background, or zip code-–deserve an age-appropriate education rooted in facts. With less than 5 days left in the West Virginia legislative session, we have to make our voices heard loud and fast so this bill doesn’t become law. Because of political maneuvering, NO parents, students, or teachers were allowed to testify against this controversial bill in the Senate. We believe the House will also try to rush the Educational Gag Order bill through their chamber. If we don’t stop this bill, West Virginia will make banning history the law of the land. If passed, the Educational Gag Order bill leads us down a slippery slope. If we ban teaching slavery, will we also ban teaching our children about Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln? The Educational Gag Order bill also bans teaching that individuals should feel “discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress” due to their race or sex. In practice, this means teachers will simply skip talking about certain parts of history to not risk breaking the law––and our kids will lose out. This is censorship, and it is un-American. The Educational Gag Order bill ensures that our children will be unprepared to think critically and independently when confronted with the challenges of the real world. 
 The reality is that politicized education decision-making is wrong and gives politicians—not parents or teachers—the power to decide what our kids learn. Please add your voice and sign our petition: Tell the West Virginia Legislature to VOTE NO on Educational Gag Orders and allow schools and universities to teach ALL of history—not just the parts that politicians want your children to learn.
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