• Rugby Team Losing a Star Player Simply Because She is a Girl
    Equity is something we have fought long and hard for. She has found a family in this rugby league and stopping her from continuing to play based solely on the level of discomfort experienced by the men who have had to play against her is absolutely bizarre. She is more than capable of letting them know if it is too much for her physically. She is allowed full autonomy without sexism being a guiding principle.
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  • Tell Congress: Subpoena Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook leadership
    Last week, Frances Haugen, former Facebook employee turned whistleblower, confirmed for members of Congress what nearly all of us know by now: Facebook threatens democracies, Black and brown people, youth, and vulnerable communities around the world.¹ Every time Facebook chooses money over morality that decision is made by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his executive team. Zuckerberg may be the public face of the company, but his choices and decisions are enabled by the yes-people around him. We deserve answers and Congress needs to get on the record explanations from Facebook’s leadership team about the harm the company has caused.² Zuckerberg has testified in front of Congress before, but it’s different now. The Wall Street Journal investigation coupled with Haugen's damning testimony shows that Zuckerberg and the executive leadership team fully understood how they were fueling QAnon conspiracists, bolstering The Proud Boys, and damaging the mental health of teens — all to line the pockets of one of the wealthiest men in the world.² Tell Congress to subpoena Mark Zuckerberg and all of Facebook’s leadership and get them on the record in a congressional hearing by signing this petition. Frances Haugen’s testimony before the Senate Commerce subcommittee meticulously and clearly documented the ongoing harms and threats Facebook causes with its regular practices. One such practice is Facebook’s continued use of algorithms that lift up content that makes people engage emotionally — specifically angrily. This is what allows white supremacist groups and anti-vaxxer disinformation to thrive on Facebook.³ We demand that Zuckerberg and the entire executive team answer to the charges that time and time again, Facebook knowingly put profit over threats to our democracy, our lives, and our children’s well-being. Sign the petition to Congress: Subpoena Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s whole executive team. Sources: 1. “Facebook’s whistleblower tells Congress how to regulate tech,” Vox, Recode, Oct. 5, 2021. https://www.vox.com/recode/22711551/facebook-whistleblower-congress-hearing-regulation-mark-zuckerberg-frances-haugen-senator-blumenthal 2. “Facebook whistleblower testifies before Senate committee,” CNBC, Oct. 5, 2021. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/05/facebook-whistleblower-testifies-before-senate-committee.html 3. “Facebook Whistleblower to Congress: Regulate Big Tech. Silicon Valley Can’t Be Trusted to Police Itself,” Democracy Now!, Oct. 6, 2021. https://www.democracynow.org/2021/10/6/facebook_hearing
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  • Sign if you agree: Top election officials must reject Trump’s lies
    The politicians who tried hardest to undermine Americans’ faith in our elections may soon be the ones running them. You read that right: Republicans who are pushing Trump’s Big Lie and still question our nation’s election integrity -- despite countless audits and evaluations -- are running for Secretary of State in swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Nevada. This could have a devastating impact on our freedom to vote. Secretaries of State have an enormous amount of power over state elections -- and if they start to put Trump’s conspiracy theories at the center of their policymaking, they’ll churn out harmful, far-reaching rules that silence eligible voters, especially Black and Brown voters. They’ll come after mail-in voting, ballot drop boxes, and more. They could give Republican state legislatures the power to override the will of the people if they’re unhappy with an election result. Their intentions are clear: Republicans are furious that they couldn’t rig our democracy to keep Trump in office -- and now, they’re trying to seize enough power in swing states to make sure they get their way next time. That’s why we’re demanding that Secretaries of State nationwide recommit to putting voters’ rights first, not Trump’s whims. We believe that the top voting official in every state should run elections that are accessible to all eligible voters, should speak out against voter suppression -- and should work hard to pass proven pro-voter reforms that make our democracy more representative. If you agree and want to join the nationwide outcry, add your name today.
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  • Don’t let Republican poll watchers intimidate voters
    Imagine this: you arrive at the polls on Election Day, ready to do your civic duty and vote for your member of Congress -- but as soon as you try to cast your ballot, a stranger who has been watching you from the moment you walked in reports you to a poll worker, wrongly claiming you have no right to vote there. No eligible voter should have to face this needless obstruction and intimidation. But right now, the Republican Party is building a network of partisan “poll watchers” who could do just that. That’s right: Republican efforts to keep Donald Trump in office through voter intimidation, groundless lawsuits, and rampant disinformation failed -- so now, they’re setting their sights on the 2022 midterms. And according to a top GOP official, the Republican National Committee has already appointed staff in at least nine states who will recruit and train poll watchers to send to polling places across the state next fall. [1] We’ve seen what these GOP-backed poll watchers do on Election Day: intimidate eligible voters, make unsubstantiated accusations, and help fuel frivolous lawsuits that seek to overturn the will of the people. Voters shouldn’t have to get through partisan vigilantes who have been trained to perpetuate harmful disinformation just to cast a ballot. And those hardworking volunteers and election workers who run the polls, assist voters, and tally votes should be able to do their jobs without interference. Here’s what we can do about it: The Freedom to Vote Act -- a modified version of the For the People Act -- includes several new and strengthened protections for voters, poll workers, and vote tabulators. If Congress passes it immediately, states can implement these vital protections ahead of the 2022 midterms. But Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell -- who is committed to putting the Republican Party’s interests before free and fair elections -- has made it clear that he’ll do everything in his power to shut this bill down. We need to make sure our senators respond by doing whatever it takes to pass the Freedom to Vote Act -- or voters’ and poll workers’ safety could be at risk. Please help us pressure the Senate by adding your name today. 1) https://www.freep.com/story/news/politics/elections/2021/09/24/republican-poll-watching-election-integrity-mackinac/5849414001/
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  • North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Must Resign
    The far right continues push this country towards more acts of violence, bigotry, and hatred. They want to keep this country divided for their own sick, and perverse need for money and power. I, myself, am not a part of the LGBTQ community, but my children all have friends, or others they know that have suffered from parents, and other children, all due to their minds being poisoned by falsehoods, and hatred towards something they often know little about. I don't need to be someone in the LGBTQ community to care about their suffering. I only wish that those that are hateful, and bigoted in this country would educate themselves, and look inward as to why they are so afraid of something that does not directly affect them. Our children need to be taught understanding, and that everyone deserves the right to live their lives free of fear. Teaching children that everyone should be treated with respect, and dignity shouldn't ever be a question. We may have come a long way towards the treatment of the LGBTQ community, but we still have so many miles to go.
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    Because too many innocent children continue to lose their lives because of overlooked negligence and abuse!
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  • White Center Fire Still Raging: Tell King County We Need Support NOW
    Small Business owners and White Center organizers ask for your support by signing below and CALLING: Joe McDermott, King County Councilmember: 206-477-1008 Dow Constantine, King County Executive: 206-263-9600 Senator Joe Nguyen, 360-786-7667 John Taylor, Department of Local Services Director: 206-477-3800 Phone Script - “Hello my name is ______ and I am a resident/supporter of White Center. I am calling because I am concerned about the recent rash of fires in White Center and your lack of action. I support the White Center Business Petition and I urge you to take action now.”
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  • Reject Fossil Fuels and Build Back Fossil Free
    President Biden has the tools to create healthy communities, millions of good-paying jobs, and a better life for people on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction, toxic pollution, and the climate crisis. Indigenous leaders and environmental justice activists have appealed to the White House to reject pipelines, drilling on federal lands, and other fossil fuel projects. We need to raise our voices and urge President Biden to keep his promises to take bold climate action and build back fossil free.
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  • #FireZuck. Tell Facebook to fire Mark Zuckerberg NOW
    Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen told 60 Minutes what we already know: that Facebook is misleading the public about hate speech, violence and disinformation on its platform. Zuckerberg proudly decided to let politicians and "VIPs" lie on Facebook without any consequences, which undermined trust in the democratic process. He let political and military leaders use Facebook to encourage hatred against women, people of color and religious minorities, which resulted in real-life harms and human rights violations. He allowed right-wing extremists to use Facebook to organize violent protests like the January 6th assault on the US capitol. He let conspiracy theories about COVID-19 vaccines spread so quickly on Facebook that they outpace true health information that could save people's lives. He doesn't even seem to care that the Instagram business model is seriously jeopardizing teenage girls' mental health. It's time to get the Zuck out.
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  • Clothes SHOULDN’T Have Gender at Baylor School!
    You should join this campaign to help break down the gender barriers and destroy the gender of clothes, so everyone can wear what they want. People should be able to wear clothes that are out of the norm without being thought of as “transitioning.” This may also help people who identify as they/them, or any other pronouns, as the clothes won’t filter them into any certain group. A singular dress code for the whole school may also welcome new students, as they will see that Baylor is open to all, not just boys and girls. After all, pieces of fabric have nothing to do with gender. We believe that Baylor School should enact a singular, professional dress code, bringing us one step closer to reaching equality for all.
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  • Child Care Stabilization Grant - Equal Funds For ALL!
    All child care workers are among our communities’ most valuable assets. They should, and must, be recognized equally for the herculean task of caring for children during the pandemic. Every child care slot has equal value in moving our economy forward. Larger providers should not be penalized because they are meeting the charge to open their doors to more children and families. The DCYF draft literature makes it clear that funds are available are for stabilizing child care businesses. An equitable distribution of all funds available will stabilize both small and large sites.
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  • Vote of No Confidence - Republican Party
    This country cannot move forward while Blue and Red continue infighting. Something must be done. Republican Senate leaders have been known to say they will not vote for anything just because the Democrats put it forth. This, coming from a man as old as Mitch McConnell, and being agreed to by the others in the same party, is ludicrous. We did not elect them to play games. The censuring of senators for not voting the way they want them to (for having minds of their own) is also a very telling indicator that the Republican party is more concerned that their members play "follow the leader" than think for themselves. The people who voted for each senator did so for the purpose of looking out for their interest... Not so they can sit around, smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and thinking about how they can get back at the unpopular members of their group, or play tit-for-tat with the Dems. Pointing fingers, blaming each other, and threatening "if you do that, we'll do this" makes every single one of you look like a playground bully!
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