The undersigned People of Pittsburgh join together to DEMAND that the Council of the City of Pittsburgh abide by our Home Rule Charter and take immediate action to repeal this outrageous, illegal pay grab. We stand for the rule of law and transparency in government!
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    Created by Douglas Shields
  • Tell the Maryland General Assembly to Protect Abortion Rights by Amending the State Constitution
    The 1973 Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade made access to safe and legal abortion a constitutional right. Today, that freedom is at risk like never before. In 2021, states introduced 663 abortion restrictions and enacted 108 of them — a record number since 1973. Meanwhile, 80% of Americans want abortion to be legal. We are the majority, and in this unprecedented time where the federal right to abortion may be no more, it is up to state governments to step in and ensure our laws reflect that. Passing a constitutional amendment to protect reproductive rights NOW is one of the most concrete measures we can take before it is too late. That’s why I am calling on the Maryland General Assembly to amend the state constitution to protect personal reproductive liberty and guarantee the right to an abortion. Add your name to show your support!
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    Created by Doug Gansler
  • Change is needed for Section 8 and Public Hud Housing
    Our nation faces this issue together We are One, and unless we all come together nothing will change as you can already see we have been facing this issue for years. I care, because like many of you I have friends & family who are facing the same issues. Im not just doing this for my people im doing it for the people.
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    Created by LATOYA WALMSLEY
  • Pause Deforestation on Summer St. Duxbury Conservation Land
    Duxbury voters and residents, the ONLY way to effect change is to make some noise and use your voices. And NOW. Deforestation can happen any day. This petition is NOT anti-farm. We are asking Duxbury to take the imperative step of creating a proper Agricultural Strategic Plan for the town BEFORE taking nature down. Email Duxbury Conservation Commission. Write a letter to the Editor. Sign this Petition. Make a peep.
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    Created by Kate Reynolds
  • What the U.S. Can Do to Stop Extinction
    More than a million species are on track to go extinct in the coming decades. In the face of this crisis, the United States must be a global leader. I urge you to join the Convention on Biological Diversity and call for the end of human-induced extinction. Created in 1992, the convention is the primary international agreement to conserve biological diversity. The United States helped develop the treaty, but the Senate never ratified it. Currently we're the only major country that isn't a party to the convention — a shocking failure that needs to be remedied. Later this year the convention will meet to set the global conservation agenda for the coming decade. I urge you to ratify this convention to help protect life on Earth and call for an end to human-induced extinction.
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    Created by Miranda D.
  • Tell Amazon: Stop the spread of covid, reinstate free testing for workers
    Under the highly contagious Omicron Covid variant, Amazon should be making testing easier for employees in order to stop its spread. But the world’s largest employer is failing their workers by stopping free onsite warehouse testing and scaling back paid leave from two weeks to one. Sick workers are scrambling to find free testing and support from Amazon.¹ Tell Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO (who replaced Jeff Bezos last July), to reinstate free Covid testing, longer quarantining, and sick days for their workers. Amazon is making billions off the pandemic. The tech giant, with profits that rose over 220% during Covid,² can afford to reinstate onsite testing. This isn’t the first time Amazon has brazenly risked public health and their workers’ lives. In November, Amazon settled a case with the California attorney general over claims that it concealed Covid-19 case numbers. As part of the settlement (still subject to court approval), Amazon must notify workers within 24 hours of new Covid cases and notify local health agencies within 48 hours.³ But if workers are struggling to get tests or test results, then Amazon doesn’t have anything to report — and infected employees could keep on working and spreading the virus. Take action now. Sign the petition to tell Amazon’s CEO, Andy Jassy, to stop risking lives and reinstate free warehouse Covid testing for their workers. Sources: 1. “Ailing Amazon workers struggle to find Covid tests themselves,” NBC News, Jan 13, 2022. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/ailing-amazon-workers-struggle-find-covid-tests-rcna11942 2. “Amazon's profit soars 220 percent as pandemic drives shopping online,” The New York Times, May 12, 2021. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/29/technology/amazons-profits-triple.html 3. “Amazon settles claims it concealed Covid-19 cases from workers,” CNBC, November 15, 2021. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/11/15/amazon-settles-claims-it-concealed-covid-19-cases-from-workers.html
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    Created by Granate Kim
  • Mandatory Guaranteed $15/hr
    We go through a lot to pickup and drop off orders. There are examples of health issues caused due to long periods of driving to the deliver food to customers in order to make a decent hourly wage. $3 per delivery is slaves wages and should be a crime. We demand $5 minimum per delivery before customers tip. We demand $15/hr while on the app with a 50% acceptance rate. If 8 hours are spent on the platform, you should make a minimum of $15/hr. Anything other should be a crime. (GoPuff guarantees a $14 hourly pay if you do not make at least $14 an hour from deliveries).
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    Created by Gabriel Wilson
  • California can lead the nation in healthcare justice by passing AB1400
    CalCare, AB1400, is supported by The Physicians for a National Health Program, who rely on gold-standard evidence-based data published in peer-reviewed journals to show that it will cover more, for less, with better health outcomes: https://pnhp.org/news/california-single-payer-legislation-ab-1400/ CalCare is also supported by the respected California Nurses Association (https://www.nationalnursesunited.org/press/california-nurses-association-holds-calcare-day-of-action), and the California Teachers Association. Likewise, a systematic review in PLOS Medicine of 22 studies over a 30-year period show single-payer healthcare to reduce costs, cover everyone, and provide more comprehensive coverage than private health insurance: https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.1003013 But perhaps more importantly, we all know family, friends, and neighbors who are unnecessarily stressed by rising medical costs, medical debt, bankruptcy, insufficient medical coverage or no coverage at all. Therefore, we the undersigned respectfully call on you to support AB1400, CalCare, Guaranteed Healthcare for All, as it will strengthen our school budgets, help businesses, both small and large, cut rising employee healthcare costs, save thousands of dollars yearly to families and individuals, and provide a more just and compassionate healthcare system for all Californians.
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    Created by Jim Hesson
  • Thank President Biden for his Supreme Court promise
    With the retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer, President Biden has one of the most important decisions of his presidency: whom to nominate for the Supreme Court. Here's the good news: President Biden has reaffirmed his campaign pledge to nominate the first Black woman to serve as a justice on the highest court in the country. As President Biden wrote, "The person I nominate to replace Justice Breyer will be someone with extraordinary qualifications. Character, experience, and integrity. And they will be the first Black woman nominated to the United States Supreme Court." It's long past time for a Black woman to serve on the Supreme Court, someone someone who is reflective of Black communities and communities of color that are constantly pushed to the margins. And his nominee must be someone who will side with individual rights and liberties and justice for our communities over corporate power and the interests of Big Money. Sadly, we know that the right wing will hurl racist and sexist vitriol and disinformation at any nominee. In fact, Fox News has already begun. It's our responsibility to support this nominee against such attacks, confront the venom and disinformation, and demand political leaders and news media do the same. This is one step in the longer work of expanding and rebalancing the Supreme Court that has been taken over by right-wing power grabs—and in doing so to restore integrity to the court. Add your name to THANK PRESIDENT BIDEN for his commitment to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court—and to affirm your commitment to get his back, fight for confirmation, and push back against any racist and sexist attacks. We'll share these thanks with the White House and with the public to build momentum for an exceptional nominee and to prepare for the fights ahead.
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    Created by Justin Krebs
  • Save Polley Field
    Everybody wants to see Calder Creek thrive again, but it can also happen without destroying our beloved baseball field. Polley Field has been around since 1957 and is easily one of the best and most unique little league fields in all of Sonoma County. Located in the heart of the city, encapsulated by redwood trees, there really isn't anything like it. It's home to generations of Sebastopol Little Leaguers and now their children. It's also the home to one of the longest running coed slow pitch softball leagues in the county with many who have been playing since the 70's. This field gets the most use out of any in Sebastopol and it would truly be a tragedy if the City Council chose to remove it.
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    Created by Kasey Hillier
  • Don't Let Mitch McConnell Steal Another SCOTUS Seat!
    Now that President Biden has named Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to serve on the Supreme Court, the attacks have already started. Immediately Senator Lindsey Graham said the radical left had won. It's a sign of the Republican attacks and obstruction to come. And Mitch McConnell has long made it clear that he'll do anything to steal more Supreme Court seats. Judge Jackson is eminently qualified, and we need to demand a fast and fair process before Republicans dig in. He blocked President Obama from appointing a Supreme Court Justice, refusing to hold a single hearing for months. Then, he changed the rules to confirm Trump-nominated Neil Gorsuch. He denied the ability to investigate Brett Kavanaugh to help rush his nomination. And he confirmed Amy Coney Barrett in record speed after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed—after voting had already begun in the 2020 election—to ensure a Trump-packed Court of right wingers who would fight for corporations and Big Money at the expense of our freedoms and justice for our communities. And the GOP antics have only gotten worse this year on blocking confirmations. Right now, five of President Biden's nominees to the Federal Reserve are being blocked in the Banking Committee because Republicans are refusing to show up for the vote to confirm them. There is a real fear that they will pull the same stunt for Judge Jackson. Judge Jackson has proven in her tenure as a public defender and judge on district and circuit courts that she's a champion of the people. She's defended civil rights, access to abortion, and definitively declared that no President is above the law in requiring former White House counsel Don McGahn to testify before Congress. And she's already been confirmed by the Senate to her judge positions by a bipartisan majority three times. Ultimately, the Supreme Court must be expanded and rebalanced to counter the right-wing Republican power grabs that have packed the court with Trump's pro-corporate, anti-justice nominees. A first step is to move quickly to nominate a skilled, exceptional, dynamic justice who will side with the rights of individuals and communities over corporations and Big Money—and to make sure McConnell's power plays and right-wing disinformation don't stall Democrats' confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice.
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  • Swiftly confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court
    It’s long overdue to have a Black woman serve on the Supreme Court, and now that President Biden has fulfilled his promise to nominate one, it’s up to us to advocate for a swift and effective nomination process. And we must all commit to having her back against the racism and vitriol that's sure to confront her. With experience as a public defender, Judge Jackson puts people first and has the perspective needed to make critical decisions on voting rights, abortion rights, and other issues impacting our country. The first step to her confirmation is for the Judiciary Committee to host a series of hearings to hear about her background and qualifications. It’s up to the Judiciary Committee to ensure that this process goes smoothly and is held with the utmost respect that she deserves. Ultimately, the Supreme Court must be expanded and rebalanced to protect the rights of everyone across the country. Confirming Judge Jackson won't fix the ideological bias besetting the court, but it will set us once again on the right path.
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