• Korean Language Program for Northern Illinois University
    K-pop and K-dramas have been trending on streaming services. Due to this and connection through the world-wide-web, millions of people around the world have become interested in learning more about Korean language and culture. Therefore, it would be in Northern Illinois University's interests to provide an outlet to encourage cultural and educational diversity. If you feel that the implementation of a Korean language program would benefit NIU students and the community, please take a moment and sign this petition.
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    We need people to understand what Nexamp has done to us and our small community! Other large industrial solar companies are also doing this to other communities: LAWSUIT THREAT. Nexamp threatened to take the town to court because we were concerned about native wildlife and requested a larger buffer between the clear-cutting of the forest and wetland. Nexamp wanted to clear-cut 10 feet away from a wetland. ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION AND EROSION. Nexamp promised no noise or environmental disruption, but they lied. We endured the stressful deforestation of 30 acres in our backyards. A diesel generator ran 24/7 for 8 months for “climate control” of batteries on site, which caused noise and air pollution. Lots of litter blew onto our land and into wetland streams. We documented the litter, picked it up, and notified the DEP. Heavy, loud freight trucks used Conway’s small town roads and exceeded bridge weight limits to make large deliveries constantly at early hours during construction, stressing road surfaces and disrupting our rural neighborhood’s quality of life. Erosion took place in numerous areas around the site, some going into neighboring wetlands (still not remediated), abutters’ properties, and a public road.. Nexamp allowed rock dust from drilling and dirt dust from fill brought on site created storms of dust that blew around our homes during the hottest days from failure to have water trucks on site. This caused air pollution affecting our families and native wildlife. VIOLATION OF ABUTTERS’ BOUNDARIES. Nexamp went over the property lines of abutting neighbors with silt fencing, using inadequate data to accurately make site plans realistic for visibility from abutting neighbors due to tree cover and topography of land PANEL VISIBILITY. Nexamp promised the array would not be visible because it is situated on a high ledge, but we can see the panels from our home windows and from the public road. This eyesore has taken away beauty from our small rural town and disgusted many residents. POWER SURGES AND OUTAGES. When the array went “live” the neighborhood experienced random power surges and outages due to Nexamp’s faulty equipment.. This affected many people working from home and the performance of appliances and electronic systems. HARMFUL EXPOSURE TO “DIRTY ELECTRICITY.” After the array went live, harmful high-frequency dirty electricity (confirmed by Eversource) was broadcast into our homes for 7 months, affecting our children’s mental health, as well as the adults. Because of this urgent problem, Eversource shut down Nexamp’s solar array on 1/14/22. Subsequently most of the children’s aggressive, angry behaviors have changed; their demeanor is back to normal being happier and sleeping better. (Teachers and doctors are documenting this.) Also, my neighbor and I have developed tinnitus from exposure, all due to Nexamp’s faulty equipment. NO CLIMATE STUDIES. There have been NO studies done in New England on how these arrays are affecting the climate. One panel can get to 149 degrees Fahrenheit on a summer day! If there are 18,000 panels, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that these arrays are giant ovens heating up New England’s landscape. We need to stop allowing industrial solar to prey on small rural communities with inadequate bylaws, put people’s health in jeopardy, and wipe out native wildlife, many of which are in steep decline and becoming endangered. Temperature monitors need to be in place in and around every array built, and the public needs access to these numbers. We have every right to know how hot these industrial solar parks can become and how they affect the climate around them, and have resources for people to report dirty electricity! Please see these links for more information: https://www.bostonglobe.com/2021/12/30/science/new-england-is-warming-faster-than-rest-planet-new-study-finds/ https://phys.org/news/2016-11-solar-island-effect-large-scale-power.html https://www.techtimes.com/articles/257268/20210221/sahara-desert-solar-panels-are-contributing-to-global-warming-scientists-find-out.htm https://www.dirtyelectricity.org/adhd https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/18556048/ https://www.bostonsolar.us/solar-blog-resource-center/blog/how-do-temperature-and-shade-affect-solar-panel-efficiency/#:~:text=Solar%20panels%20are%20generally%20tested,%C2%B0F%20during%20the%20summer.
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  • Joe Rogan Has Got To Go
    It's time Spotify listened to its users and our demands. Spotify must be a space for sharing ideas, stories, and music, not hate and bigotry. Sign on to demand Spotify remove "The Joe Rogan Experience" and implement policies explicitly banning hate, disinformation, and misogyny.
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  • Petition against the PWC Gateway rezoning, 4-lane highway, and increasing the DC Overlay Zone
    The proposal for the PWC Digital Gateway offers a false choice between building data centers to boost our commercial tax base OR protecting our national parks, Rural Crescent, and drinking water supply. We can do both! Land is available in the Data Center Overlay District, which means we can build more data centers in the right spot AND protect our environmental assets. We are seeking to keep the area currently zoned Agricultural, not to build the Bi-County Parkway (or similar name) and to keep the Data Center Overlay Zone as the current size until that area is built out and fully occupied. Prior to accepting the PWC Gateway Comprehensive Plan Amendment citizens would like to see an Environmental Impact, Water and Power Grid Study. If the Amendment is accepted, the current open space concept will be changed to include 70 foot building heights with noisy industrial strength HVAC Chillers on the roof, additional transmission lines, new substations, thousands of acres of trees decimated and watershed damage to the Occoquan Reservoir and Chesapeake Bay. Paving over the Rural Crescent for data centers and adding a 4 or 6 lane highway will accelerate climate change. In fact, we will create even more sprawl and more climate change acceleration as people move to areas further out than Prince William, to escape data center alley. The undersigned are asking the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors to vote NO on the PWC Digital Gateway Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) rezoning. If you would like additional information regarding support against the above amendments see: GROUPS opposing the zoning change, building the parkway, and extending the data center overlay zone The Prince William Conservation Alliance PWConserve.org The Coalition to Protect Prince William County ProtectPWC.org The Piedmont Environmental Council The American Battlefield Trust The National Parks Conservation Association NPCA.org Manassas National Battlefield Superintendent Virginia Native Plant Society Coalition to Protect Historic Thoroughfare State of Virginia Forestry Department Water Management PWC Historical Commission Piedmont Environmental Council Great Falls Sierra Club Coalition for Smarter Growth American Battlefield Trust Manassas Battlefield Trust ManassasBattlefield.org Virginia Piedmont Heritage Area Va. Delegate Danica Roem Va. Delegate Dan Helmer
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  • Save our Schools, Lawrence KS USD 497
    The current proposals to close East side schools provides an inequitable solution to the budget problem with unintended consequences. Closing neighborhood schools has been shown to increase truancy and negatively affect the academics of students from low SES and with learning disabilities. In addition, neighborhoods where schools are closed see an average decrease of 13% on home values (which then further affects the funding of local schools). Using ARPA funds to give the district more time to work with the community to come up with a better solution that doesn't involve closing schools is an important step in the process of creating a solid and inclusive school district in Lawrence.
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  • Tell Congress: Small-Dollar Donors are Building a 'War Chest' to Pass the Build Back Better Act
    To learn more on how you can take action to build a small-dollar donor 'war chest' and pass the Build Back Better Act, visit: https://www.fenpac.org/build-back-better
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  • Huge Delays Obtaining Visa Interviews at US Embassies: Please Expedite Interviews & Unite Families
    For the people who are fortunate to have families, they find real happiness within that family unit. They find friendship, love, compassion, appreciation, irreplaceable bonds, comfort, joy, acceptance, mentorship among other things in their families. Also, they find a home where you belong, can find contentment and peace around people you love. They find someone they can grow old with, someone they can mentor, someone they can laugh with, someone who will listen and understand them. However, a family is incomplete without its members, especially when they are not physically around each other to fully experience and grow as a family unit. It takes time and effort (lots of both) to grow a family. This cannot happen when the family is separated by distance. Without COVID-19 the process to immigrate to the United States is a lengthy one to begin with – taking a minimum of one year in most cases. However, since the arrival of COVID-19 the immigration process has been marred with huge delays. Immediate family members such as spouses and children are separated far longer from their other spouse or parent than prior to the pandemic. You must have heard the phrase “Kids grow too fast” from parents. Imagine the negative impact of limited involvement with your growing child because she cannot be here due to visa process delays. Imagine the lost years, unable to build a stronger relationship with your spouse, because you are waiting for a visa process which has slowed to a crawl. COVID cases are a serious concern, and unfortunately COVID is here to stay. So, what is next? Can something be done to expedite the immigrant visa process to unite these family members? Since the onset of COVID-19, significant disruptions have occurred in the day to day operations of businesses and government. Still, our relationships and families have to be developed and parenting responsibilities have to be carried out. These must not be ignored for an extended period. Please support this petition and make a difference in the lives of people who just want to be around and grow with their families, as families should. Thank you.
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  • Let Voters Decide
    Members of the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee are elected by county and represent the Democratic voters in that county. They are not there to push their own personal preference. Just as we expect our other elected officials to listen to constituents, we expect our members of Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee to listen. We have seen how the party being perceived to push their preferred candidates has alienated voters and cost us not only state elections, but also national elections. It is time for the will of the people to be heard. Allow our Democratic process to operate in a fair and unbiased primary.
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  • Make Detroit Property Owners Whole
    This is Reparations for a crime which has displaced legacy homeowners, extracted wealth and inheritance. These homes were sold illegally or demolished. We are demanding Justice be done especially in this pandemic.
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  • Justice for Kendrick Johnson
    Kendrick Johnson was brutally murdered 9 years ago at his high school.Kj was 17years old when he was beaten and lynched by classmates
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    Created by Jacquelyn Johnson
  • Crosswalk Needed On 38th Ave & MLK South
    The Tampa Bay Times have recently reported, that pedestrian and bicyclist deaths have increased significantly in Pinellas County, form 49 fatalities in 2020 to 85 in 2021(per Pinellas and Pasco medical examiners medical records). County officials have agreed there is a disparity amongst low income residents, because of their means of mobility. Lake Maggoire Park is not accessible for neighbors without a car or bicycle, who need to cross MLK st s. Families take on the risk when attempting to cross the busy street; neighborhood children look both ways, then bolt across the street to the park to play, daily. The city has this interaction in phase two based on a traffic study that was done by Stoneweg Lake Maggiore Transportation Analysis in June of 2021. This study would determine the urgency of crosswalk installment for this particular location is not needed for another 2-5 years. The people can not wait that long to safely cross the street. We the neighbors of Lakewood Terrace, are calling on the Welch Administration to install a crosswalk at the location of 38th Ave & MLK st s, within its first 100 days in office.
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  • Get it done! Pass Build Back Better now! We need it and are counting on you!
    President Biden came into office ready to deliver for the American people. But Republican obstruction and the hesitation of a few conservative Democrats are stalling his agenda, which would deliver essential, impactful support to the American people! The Build Back Better Act that passed the House of Representatives is waiting for action in the Senate. This bill would ... - Lower drug prices! - Expand universal pre-K for all Americans. - Create a universal paid family leave program we desperately need. - Support child care so Americans can work and raise a family. - Extend the child tax credit which reduced childhood poverty by half—but expired because of Republican obstruction. - Make the largest investment in history to confront the cataclysmic climate crisis. The bill would pay for these measures by ensuring corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. And when Senate Democrats pass it, it will give all Democrats a proud track record of delivering real, meaningful relief to regular Americans—something they can run on this November. Though talks stalled in 2021, President Biden has made it clear he's working to make a deal—something that can get every member of the Democratic caucus on board. And if Republicans want to show they care about their constituents, they'll support it too. But right now, President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and all Democrats in both houses of Congress need to hear this clearly from us: Deliver on the promises you made when we elected you. Show us government can help make our lives better. For our communities, our families, and our kids' future, take action now! Get it done. Pass the Build Back Better Act now.
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