• We need a skate park in southington Connecticut
    I think southington needs a skate park because it will give a place for the youth to go and spend some spare time and get out the house and get into new sports or get better at some skills they already knew and also it will bring some more business opportunities like someone can make a skate shop to support it and also the schools then can make a new club where they go to the skate park or something here are some other reasons a skate park will be a good idea 1-Physical Exercise: Skateboarding provides an active and engaging form of physical exercise, promoting a healthy lifestyle and helping combat issues like childhood obesity. 2-Increased Foot Traffic: A skatepark can attract a diverse crowd, including families and youth, leading to increased foot traffic around the area. This can benefit local businesses by potentially translating into more customers. Increased Property Values: Well-maintained skateparks have been associated with an increase in property values in surrounding areas, benefiting businesses with higher property values. 3-Event Hosting: Businesses can explore hosting events or promotions in collaboration with the skatepark, creating opportunities for increased sales and customer engagement during special occasions or Competitions 4-Positive Community Relations: Supporting a skatepark demonstrates a commitment to community development, enhancing the business's reputation and potentially fostering positive relations with local residents. 5-Social Interaction: Skateparks create a social hub where kids and teens can gather, make friends, and build a sense of community, fostering positive social interactions. Skill Development: Skateboarding encourages skill development, perseverance, and goal-setting as individuals work towards mastering various tricks and techniques.
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    Created by Paul Inserra jr
  • Stop the corporate greed. Protect players and use real grass, NOT TURF!
    Out of 30 NFL teams, 14 use real grass, 14 use artificial turf, and 2 use a hybrid field of grass and artificial materials. It would only cost the NFL 12 million dollars to replace the current turf fields to grass, compared to the nearly $12 billion dollars in revenue that the NFL made in 2023. And that’s not all: Over the last 8 years alone, the NFL has made over 74 BILLION dollars in revenue. Yet, many NFL team owners (30 out of 32 of whom are billionaires and have a combined net worth of over 260 BILLION DOLLARS) would rather prioritize their corporate profits over their players’ safety. For over a decade, NFL players themselves have been very vocal about how much of a toll turf takes on their bodies, and how they dread games where they know they will be playing on turf. The National Football League Players Association (NFLPA), the labor union that represents NFL players, has been advocating for grass fields despite the league’s PR attempts to defend the use of artificial turf. The NFL has a history of putting corporate profits above players: • In the 2000s, Dr. Bennet Omalu discovered a link between football and Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) , a degenerative brain disease caused by repeated blows to the head causing concussions. But instead of thinking of ways they could protect their players, the NFL went after Omalu and other scientists studying CTE. After nearly a decade of denial and suppressing scientific evidence, the NFL finally admitted the truth: There is a link between football and CTE. • Back in 2021, after shamefully using “race-norming” which prevented hundreds of Black football players with dementia from qualifying for awards in a $1 billion settlement of concussion clamps, the NFL agreed to end this practice. • The NFL has continued to come under fire for their lack of guaranteed contracts for players. The sham contracts offered by the NFL give so many outs for the corporation that players rarely see the full payouts from their deals. Meanwhile, every other major league in professional sports has guaranteed contracts. This is greed and exploitative, plain and simple, and it's costing players. And these are just a few examples. The NFL must do better and put player safety above corporate profits NOW. Add your name to the petition.
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  • Grant DACA Recipients Citizenship
    Businesses, healthcare providers, non-profit organizations, and local government jobs may encounter workforce disruptions and challenges in maintaining missions when DACA recipients face delays in renewals. This can impact productivity, economic growth, and the provision of essential public services.
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    Created by Jony Castillo
  • Save Ivan Cantu Before the State of Texas Kills Him
    Ivan Cantu was convicted of killing his cousin, James Mosqueda, and Mosqueda’s fiancée, Amy Kitchen, in 2001. Prosecutors argued that Cantu killed Mosqueda, who was a drug dealer, and Kitchen while trying to steal cocaine, marijuana, and cash from Mosqueda’s home. However, Cantu has claimed that a rival drug dealer killed Mosqueda and that he was framed for the murders. Recent vigorous investigation into Ivan’s case has uncovered serious exculpatory evidence that was suppressed or manipulated at trial by state officials. Additionally, key state witnesses have recanted their testimony and, in light of these findings, three trial jurors have stated that had they known of these wrongdoings at trial, they very possibly would have rendered a different verdict. And according to a new filing just released before the TX Court of Criminal Appeals, the DA just disclosed that the state’s star witness in the original conviction case falsely testified and the lead detective knew she was lying. Ivan’s death date is fast approaching. We are calling on the Collin County District Attorney to request to withdraw the execution date. Everyone deserves a fair trial. We want the judicial system to scrutinize the new evidence in Ivan’s case that exposes fraudulent testimony and wrongdoing by state witnesses and law enforcement. The Collin County Criminal District Attorney’s office says that their mission is "not to convict, but to see that justice is done." Justice has yet to be delivered in Ivan's case. All we are asking is for the execution to be delayed and an inquiry into new evidence to be opened. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, 196 former death-row prisoners have been exonerated of all charges related to the wrongful convictions that had put them on death row. To ensure that an innocent person is not executed, our legal and judicial systems must do their due diligence to examine all evidence in Ivan's case.
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    Created by Sister Helen Prejean
  • Support The Brookfield Flatland Community Owned Garden
    Join us in urging local authorities to turn vacant city lots into community-owned gardens! Your signature could help bring about much-needed change not just in Brookfield Village but potentially inspire other communities facing similar challenges across the Bay Area. Please sign this petition today! Let’s sow seeds of hope together!
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    Created by Brotha TuT Kingdom X
  • Nurses call for action in solidarity with Palestine
    We, the rank-and-file nurses of California Nurses Association, National Nurses United, and National Nurses Organizing Committee, understand the power of collective action. Around the world, the Labor movement has fought for and with oppressed and marginalized communities for decades. Our Union brothers and sisters have stood hand in hand with oppressed and marginalized people in their fights for equality: from the U.S Civil Rights movement to ending Apartheid in South Africa. Since October 7th, 2023, the relentless bombing of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank has resulted in more than 22,000 people killed and more than 52,000 are injured, in addition to thousands who are missing and feared dead under the rubble, 305,000 residential homes have been destroyed or damaged, 339 educational facilities are damaged, 197 places of worship have been damaged, and 26 out of 35 hospitals are not functioning. More than 300 healthcare workers including doctors, nurses, and civil defense rescuers, have been killed as well leaving an already fractured medical infrastructure with less resources and healthcare professionals to assist in caring for critically injured civilians. We have seen the news of Israel using Artificial Intelligence to bomb the press where over 100 journalists have been killed along with many of their family members, to bomb mosques and churches, and historical monuments–to erase any history of the Palestinian people. We are witnessing a genocide unfolding in real-time. As nurses, we follow the nursing code of ethics. The ethics we live by have four main principles: autonomy, beneficence, justice, and non-maleficence. To call for the liberation of the Palestinian people, and to demand that the Union stand beside the Palestinian people, is deeply rooted in our nursing code of ethics. Palestine deserves to live free from this endless violence and displacement from their native land. We have committed our lives to these principles, and so long as we have a collective voice, we will demand a Free Palestine. Our call for Palestinian Liberation is an extension of our commitment to justice, and if we are silent, we are complicit in the genocide. We hope that CNA/NNU/NNOC stands with us in unwaveringly supporting the liberation of the Palestinian people, because doing so is imperative to our Union’s anti-imperialist, racial justice values that we claim to uphold. Check out these actions that you can take now.. Before you sign, please consider exploring these actions that you can take now. http://tinyurl.com/unfp1 In Unity, Union Nurses For Palestine
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    Created by Jehad Adwan
  • Investigate the killing of journalists in Gaza NOW!
    The IDF has a pattern of targeting and killing Palestinian journalists, according to media rights groups. Add your name to call for an independent investigation into the killing of journalists in Gaza. Media reports from Gaza are one of the few ways information comes out of the strip, with restrictions on media in place by the IDF and limited or no internet and phone access in Gaza. Meanwhile, Palestinian journalists share that they are having to choose between dying with their loved ones or reporting the news from a human catastrophe unprecedented in modern history. Netanyahu’s siege of Gaza is already the deadliest period for journalists since the Committee to Protect Journalists began collecting data in 1992. More than 79 journalists have been killed in Gaza, 72 of whom were Palestinian. By one estimate, 1 out of every 10 journalists in Gaza has been killed, making it the single-biggest death toll for journalists in a conflict zone in years. Media and human rights organizations are calling for an independent investigation into the targeting of journalists in Gaza. Reporters without Borders has filed multiple war crimes complaints with the International Criminal Court (ICC) regarding the deaths of journalists in Gaza. In a CPJ report, titled "Deadly Pattern," the media rights group concluded that a "routine sequence" occurs when a journalist is killed by the IDF. Despite all evidence, the CPJ reported that “no one has ever been charged or held accountable for these deaths.” Journalists must be protected. Their coverage and reporting from inaccessible and often ignored places are one of the only ways to reveal the truth in an otherwise contentious or controlled narrative.
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  • FA zoning • chicken lot minimization
    1.5 acres makes sense for large farm animals, however a smaller lot size should be available for chickens.
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    Created by Christina and Cody Forest agriculture
  • Supreme Court Justice Thomas, recuse yourself from all Trump and January 6 insurrection cases!
    Trump's claim that presidential immunity should prevent the federal suit on election interference will be decided by the Supreme Court this summer. Oral arguments are scheduled for April 25. It's clear that the Supreme Court will play a central role in this year's presidential election at a time when the public holds the historically lowest opinion of the Court's integrity. For the Supreme Court to consider these cases with any impartiality, it's critical that justices with conflicts of interest recuse themselves. That applies first and foremost to Justice Clarence Thomas, whose own wife played a role in Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 elections. From secret gifts from right-wing donors to weighing in on cases that his wife is connected to, Thomas has a longstanding history of conflicts of interest. It’s crucial that we raise the pressure now and demand that Justice Thomas recuse himself from this case immediately! He has refused to recuse in the past, and we can't let that happen again. Justice Clarence Thomas must recuse himself from any case regarding January 6 and Trump’s eligibility to be on the ballot NOW. Photo credit: Tasos Katopodis, Getty Images
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  • Support Senator Bernie Sanders' Call for an Investigation of Indiscriminate Bombing in Gaza
    Alarming reports have surfaced that U.S. bombs and artillery are being used in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s war to indiscriminately kill Palestinians in Gaza. Nearly 70% of the more than 22,000 killed so far in Gaza are women and children, with many more missing in the rubble. More than 57,000 have been injured and at least 1.9 million displaced, making the catastrophe in Gaza an urgent and ongoing humanitarian crisis. The New York Times reported that "more children have been reported killed in this conflict than in all major global conflicts combined last year." Netanyahu's far-right government continues to reign bombs over Gaza, while news reports confirm that Netanyahu is bombing safe zones where Palestinians were told to evacuate. The U.N. and various humanitarian and human rights organizations increasingly share reports of human rights violations, as well as hundreds of aid and healthcare workers and journalists being killed by the bombings. Members of Congress are calling for the Biden administration to uphold U.S. law by not providing military aid to states using it to intentionally target civilians and violate human rights. Sen. Sanders has submitted a resolution calling for the U.S. to abide by its own laws and investigate reports of civilian bombings in Gaza to ensure that U.S. foreign aid is not used to intentionally violate human rights. Sign the petition now to call on your elected officials to support Sen. Sanders' call for an investigation immediately.
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  • gates chili dress code
    it’s important because our school dress code is unfair, i should not be getting dress coded for showing my belly button or my shoulder.
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    Created by Mariah Ferra
  • Supporting Kearney Township Short Term Rentals
    We believe that short-term rentals should be allowed and regulated in Kearney Township, Michigan for several compelling reasons: 1️⃣ Economic Growth: Short-term rentals inject money into our local economy, benefiting not only hosts but also local businesses like restaurants, shops, and services. They create jobs and foster economic resilience. 2️⃣ Tourism and Exposure: By welcoming travelers, we open our doors to people from diverse backgrounds, enriching our cultural tapestry and promoting understanding. This exposure helps our city grow on the global stage. 3️⃣ Flexibility and Choice: Short-term rentals offer travelers more accommodation choices, often at a range of price points, making Kearney Township more accessible and attractive as a destination. 4️⃣ Homeowners' Income: Hosting can be a lifeline for homeowners, helping them afford rising costs of living, mortgages, and property taxes. It empowers individuals and supports housing stability. 5️⃣ Safety and Accountability: Responsible regulations ensure safety standards are met and neighborhoods are preserved. They promote responsible hosting practices, ensuring guests and neighbors can coexist harmoniously. We recognize the importance of balanced regulations that address concerns without stifling the benefits short-term rentals bring to our community. Let's work together to create a framework that respects the rights of property owners, supports economic growth, and maintains the character of our neighborhoods. Join us in advocating for sensible regulations that strike this balance and preserve the spirit of hospitality and community that short-term rentals can bring to our city. Together, we can enjoy the best of both worlds—vibrant short-term rentals and a thriving, harmonious community. Let's stand for the freedom of choice, economic growth, and responsible hosting.
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    Created by Amanda Krigner