• Deny Luxury Resorts in Ultra-Rural Wyoming Upper Hoback
    The way of life we love is about change SIGNIFICANTLY for the communities of Hoback Ranches/Hoback Basin by doubling the population of Bondurant! The resort owner-funded impact study was insufficient and does not address the many negative impacts this Luxury resort will bear on this small community and pristine fragile ecosystem and wildlife. Migratory patterns in direct conflict with this proposed rezoning effort were unaddressed. This public knowledge available and unused in said study can be found easily at http://www.uwyo.edu/haub . The countless dollars and hours spent by our state to produce this public information was not used in this impact statement. Review available information, talk to the Game and Fish, actually look at migratory patterns https://www.usgs.gov/news/new-maps-document-big-game-migrations-across-western-united-states that were unaddressed in the produced and submitted report. Please contact the Sublette County Commissioners and voice why this proposed rezoning from ag to commercial should be denied by the Sublette County Commissioners. Upcoming Commission agenda & information at www.sublettewyo.com. Our small community does not need to provide a change from ag to golf course in Bondurant. Commissioner's review is this week so voice your opinion, sign petition and deny the dramatic and negative change to our way of life.
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    Created by Tracy Penhall
  • Preserve the Rights of DMV Buskers
    Street performers contribute significantly to the heartbeat, culture and vitality of the DC metropolitan area.
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    Created by Emma G
  • Fully fund the Boulder Rifle Club Expansion
    We currently have quite a number of people coming to Boulder County to shoot, whether we like it or not because it's legal. As it stands now these recreational sport shooters can legally shoot just about anywhere they want on our National Forest System lands, which are often extremely close to well used trails as well as homes boarding these public lands. The idea in this petition is to offer an alternative for those people interested in recreational sport shooting at just one location within the County that not only enforces safe use, but will prevent bullets from crossing paths with the thousands of other Boulder County residents enjoying the outdoors. In other words, sport shooting is going to happen here whether we like it or not, but we can do a better job of managing it. There are also 3 other Front Range Counties (Larimer, Gilpin, & Clear Creek) working with the US Forest Service, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife to create recreational sport shooting ranges within their counties as part of the Sports Shooting Partnership: https://www.sportshootingpartners.org/resources/ Until these ranges are opened people will continue to use National Forest System Land to practice shooting with very little oversight, or safety measures in place. As our neighboring Counties open their public shooting ranges the National Forest Lands within their County boundaries will be permanently closed to recreational sport shooting, whether or not Boulder County gets their shooting range constructed within the same timeframe. Opening this public shooting range in Boulder County, adjacent to the private one that already exists here, is a step forward toward more oversight and safety. Links to maps showing the USFS sport shooting closures once the Boulder Rifle Club expansion is complete: Here is the overall map: https://www.fs.usda.gov/nfs/11558/www/nepa/101606_FSPLT3_4656172.pdf Here is an interactive map: https://usfs.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapTools/index.html?appid=686de900600743db9e54b167fa7bf40f We have the opportunity in Boulder County to be a trailblazer for the rest of the country in closing recreational sport shooting on public land while offering a safe alternative. After years of discussions and collaboration the USFS passed a Forest Plan Amendment to close just under 80,000 acres of federal land in Boulder County to recreational sport shooting, on the condition that the County opened a new public shooting range to safely accommodate sport shooting. Last year Boulder County finally approved an expansion to the BRC after years of searching for a location. All the hard work has been done. The only thing left now is to fund the project Boulder County has already approved. The County now has the means to do it. It's time to prioritize the lives and safety of Boulder County residents by fully funding the expansion of the Boulder Rifle Club.
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    Created by Teagen Blakey
  • Remove Lauren Boebert from her congressional committees for using hate speech
    Representative Lauren Boebert's disgusting, hateful attacks on Representative Ilhan Omar, and on millions of others who practice Islam, must not be tolerated. For a member of Congress to repeatedly and unapologetically use hateful, racist, and Islamophobic tropes to attack a Muslim colleague is deeply dangerous. Rep. Omar and her staff receive threats of violence on a regular basis, fueled by comments like Rep. Boebert’s. This sort of toxic behavior has no place in the halls of Congress, and it diminishes the honor of the institution we serve in. It has no place in our public discourse. It has no place in our society. It has no place in any workplace, period. Republican leadership has refused to act to hold members like Boebert accountable. Minority Leader McCarthy has consistently normalized extremists in his party, like Paul Gosar and Marjorie Taylor Greene, who have personally attacked Democrats, as well as the seditionists who tried to overturn the results of our free and fair election. It is clear that Democrats must act, because inaction is complicity, and each day that passes without meaningful accountability further endangers the lives of our Muslim colleagues, Muslim staff, and every Muslim who calls this country home. I have worked with my colleagues to introduce a resolution, H. Res. 845 that will hold Rep. Boebert accountable by removing her from her committee assignments. Please join me in asking your representative to co-sponsor this resolution and send a powerful message to every Muslim and every marginalized person who has ever questioned their place in this country or in the halls of power: We see you. You belong. You are powerful. You deserve a life free from fear, and we will hold accountable those who would threaten that freedom. How we respond in moments like these will have a lasting impact, and history will remember us for it.
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    Created by Rep. Ayanna Pressley
  • Ask Subway Franchise to Switch from Plastic Bags to Paper Bags
    The Subway restaurant is a favorite of millions of people in many countries, and that is great. Unfortunately, however, Subway is also a major contributor to the plastics pollution that is inflicting harm to countless wildlife around the globe. More specifically, the single-use plastic bags that Subway places its sandwiches in and hands them to all its customers are a major contributing factor to the ever-increasing plastics pollution that is harming wildlife. Here are the mind-boggling statistics: Subway sells over 7,000,000 sandwiches every day of operation, which adds up to over 2.5 billion single-use plastic bags dispensed by Subway into the environment every single year (https://www.entrepreneur.com/slideshow/280957). True, plastic bags are technically recyclable, but hardly any of them get recycled, and thus nearly all of them end up in landfills or float around in the environment, with devastating consequences for wildlife. For example, it is estimated that over a million seabirds alone are killed by plastic pollution each year (UNESCO.org). Of course, Subway is not the only company who dispenses plastic bags into the environment. Unfortunately, there are many companies that do the same. However, we are hoping that Subway will take the lead on this worthwhile goal of ending the practice of dumping hundreds of billions of pieces of plastics into our fragile environment every single year. There are two alternative steps that Subway could take to ameliorate this problem: A) The best alternative would be for Subway to do away with the use of plastic bags all together and instead use paper bags to place its sandwiches in before handing them to the customers. Paper bags may not be as versatile as plastic bags for such uses, but in terms of versatility of use, paper bags represent an acceptable alternative, an alternative for which the benefits to life far outweigh its disadvantage of lesser versatility. Also, although paper bags have a higher initial cost to the environment in the production process than paper bags, there is no arguing that plastics disposed in the environment have a much more harmful effect on wildlife than disposed paper bags. B) Offer Subway customers choices: a) No bag at all (especially for customers who will eat inside Subway restaurants); b) a paper bag; or c) a plastic bag (the currently used one). Currently, Subway restaurants automatically place sandwiches in plastic bags without even asking customers if they want one or not. We hope that if customers are asked and given options other than plastic bags, they will opt for the better alternatives. Let us ask Mr. Chidsey, the CEO of Subway restaurants, to take the minimal steps outlined above and reduce the harm that Subway plastic bags inflict on wildlife. Please take a moment to sign this petition. Thank you!
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    Created by Neema Nourian
  • Support Birth Centers and Midwives in New York State!
    Midwifery birth centers provide high-value, evidence-based, patient-centered care that has been proven to result in positive health outcomes, cost savings, and health equity. Midwifery birth centers are essential to advancing birth equity in New York State. However, the current DOH process for midwifery birth centers is the main barrier to opening and operating birth centers. In fact, no midwifery birth centers have been able to be licensed in New York State, leaving families without the care options they deserve. The New York State Senate and Assembly have taken steps to address this issue with a critical bill that provides a solution. Adopting the guidelines from a nationally recognized accrediting organization, like the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers, will protect and serve childbearing families in New York. National birth center accreditation is evidence-based, efficient, transparent, affordable, tailored to birth centers, and is the gold standard of any state's birth center licensure process. This bill will make sure this gold standard is applied in New York State, as well. It is past time for this cost-effective, safe option to be available to the women, birthing people, and families in New York State. The state legislature has already passed this bill—now Gov. Hochul simply needs to call for the bill and sign it before December 31.
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    Created by Whitney Hall
  • Prosecute Trump and his accomplices
    Every single freedom we have will be taken away, from voting to judicial decisions to the right to protest. The very atrocities we see in other authoritarian countries will become our every day reality. If corruption is left to become normalized and the perpetrators aren't held accountable, common sense shows this will all just get worse.
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    Created by Lisa Anderson
  • Hip Hip Hooray for our School Board Today!
    Books, and especially books with controversial, unpopular and/or unconventional protagonists, are common targets for censorship. This strategy to control thought runs counter to our culture's deeply-held beliefs in the importance of freedom of expression. We strongly support each parent's right and obligation to engage fully in their child's education. However, that right does not extend to dampening the opportunities for new ideas or exploration of cultures, lives, and lifestyles, both villainous and virtuous, in the past, present and future, for other children in our system's schools. Through reading, these imaginary journeys promote empathy, understanding, inspiration and curiosity, all essential traits for healthy adults and a thriving democracy. We applaud our Fairfax County Public School's conclusion that the books in question are "valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary characters who reflect their personal journeys." We note that, contrary to the public assertions that propelled action by FCPS, no depiction of pedophilia was found by either school committee formed to investigate the allegations that the books were not suitable. It is important that everyone who believes in the the value of diverse ideas, intellectual freedom and curiosity, and the contribution books make to a healthy democracy, reject the notion that censuring books is a pathway to a better future. Please join us in supporting our Fairfax County Public School Board.
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  • Cancel Real Housewives of Dubai
    Not based in the U.S.? Sign the petition here: https://actionnetwork.org/petitions/tell-bravo-cancel-real-housewives-of-dubai/ Andy Cohen announced that the first international city of the Real Housewives franchise will be Dubai, the heart of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE is an oppressive monarchy that criminalizes being gay, requires male guardianship permission to marry, and permits marital rape. Sign our petition today and tell Bravo: Cancel Real Housewives of Dubai and demand that Dubai’s dictators end their violations of women’s rights. This is urgent: filming is expected to start soon. Bravo TV and Andy Cohen are providing cover to a UAE dictatorship that hides its brutal reality behind an international image of luxury and glamour. Cohen and Bravo are packaging a nightmare as a fantasy: Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum repeatedly organized the abduction and holding captivity of his adult daughters. And, he consistently threatens his former wife, Princess Haya, who fled from Dubai and was granted refuge in the UK. Dubai’s rulers need to see accountability for their mistreatment of women and LGBTQI+ persons, not a TV show projecting a fantasized image while vulnerable communities in the United Arab Emirates are living a nightmare.
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  • Don't sell these murderous weapons to Saudi Arabia!
    Saudi Arabia already bought billions of dollars’ worth of US weapons when Trump was President. The bombs hollowing out Yemeni towns and throwing over half the Yemeni population into starvation were manufactured here in the US. The war in Yemen won’t end if we keep fueling the fire with US weapons. Thankfully, Bernie Sanders and other senators are trying to block the weapons sale in the Senate. But they need your help and there’s not a lot of time. If you act now and tell your Senate to block the sale, there’s a chance we can stop this $650 million weapons sale in its tracks!
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    Residents that live in Greenburgh Housing Authority and Greenburgh Heights, LLC complexes have a right to health protection during this pandemic.
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  • Washington State Ferries Preferential Boarding for Human and Animal Emergencies
    The risk of living on an island with very limited medical and veterinary services can be mitigated. Ferry terminal workers must be able to use their discretion to give priority boarding to both people and animals having a medical emergency, including women in labor, without a medical form or a phone call from a physician or veterinarian.
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    Created by Dawn Rains