• Sign the Petition: New USPS Chair must fire Louis DeJoy
    President Biden is ousting one of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s biggest allies on the USPS Board of Governors -- meaning he can nominate a replacement who will protect the Postal Service by firing DeJoy. Louis DeJoy is a GOP mega-donor who was hand-picked by Donald Trump to run the USPS. He spent most of 2020 trying to sabotage this vital public service -- imposing outrageous restrictions on postal workers, removing mailboxes by the truckload, and more -- in service of Trump’s plot to silence mail-in voters during the presidential election. And this year, he has been widely criticized for his decision to slow down mail delivery and raise postage prices -- as well as for the potential personal profit he could make from these plans. But despite the alarming changes made under DeJoy’s leadership and the negative impact they’ve had on voters, families, and small businesses -- USPS Board Chairman Ron Bloom has consistently backed him. Their relationship has drawn particular scrutiny due to Bloom and DeJoy’s financial ties. In a span of just seven months, DeJoy purchased up to $305,000 in bonds from the asset management firm where Bloom is a senior executive. [1] But President Biden has now made a surprising announcement: he will not re-nominate two members of the USPS Board of Governors, including Bloom. This is a game-changer -- but we need to speak out immediately to make sure Bloom’s replacement is dedicated to firing DeJoy. Sign this petition if you agree: the Senate must secure firm commitments from Biden’s nominees that, if confirmed, they’ll defend the USPS by firing Louis DeJoy. 1) https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/11/19/usps-biden-bloom-dejoy/
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  • End Gerrymandering: Stop letting partisan politicians silence voters
    Right now, Common Cause is suing Governor Greg Abbot to overturn Texas’ heinously gerrymandered new maps. These districts were drawn by the state’s Republican-led legislature -- and if enacted, they would silence Latinx, Black, and AAPI communities and deny them the resources they need to thrive. We’ll do everything we can to fight these rigged maps in court, but the truth is: we never should have gotten here. We know that when power-hungry politicians in Texas or any other state can hand-pick their voters, they prioritize protecting their own jobs -- not communities’ needs. Redistricting is supposed to be about making sure everyone has a voice. But as we’re seeing in Texas, partisan politicians are shamefully abusing the process and making it a tool to take over our democracy. Their dirty political tricks have real-life consequences. Unfair maps like those proposed in Texas deny voters a meaningful say in our democracy -- and keep people from getting the representation and resources they deserve. If Congress doesn’t respond, the very same extremists behind today's wave of anti-democracy disinformation and vote-suppressing state laws will keep taking map-rigging to new levels. Thanks to advancements in technology, they’re now able to draw maps that silence voters -- especially Black and Brown voters -- with surgical precision. Here’s what we can do about it: the Freedom to Vote Act includes proven solutions to end partisan gerrymandering once and for all. But Mitch McConnell -- who cares more about protecting his own power than strengthening our democracy -- is abusing the filibuster to block the bill. If you agree that the Senate must do whatever it takes to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and end gerrymandering -- including abolishing the anti-democracy filibuster -- add your name today.
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  • Remove Robert Doherty as Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature
    We, the undersigned, petition the legislators of Sullivan County, NY, to vote to remove Robert Doherty as the Chairman of the Sullivan County Legislature. We believe this action will restore civility to legislative discourse, and further restore the faith of residents in a properly functioning local government, of which they can be proud. Robert Doherty’s reckless governance, willful disregard for both ethical conduct and process, and his continuing blatant abuse of fellow legislators, county staff, and the public, has sapped community trust in the institution and demoralized hundreds of county public servants that work for and protect our community. Specifically, Robert Doherty: - Uses Sullivan County assets for political gain - Regularly makes factually inaccurate and demonstrably false statements in both legislative meetings and other public forums - Regularly misrepresents the sentiments of the legislature - Regularly belittles and harasses women during legislative meetings - Has repeatedly directed personal attacks against fellow legislators and other municipal officials - Burdens Sullivan County with legal expenses due to his potentially illegal activity while serving as chairman During Robert Doherty’s chairmanship: - Sullivan County staff positions are chronically and dangerously unfilled - The Care Center at Sunset Lake, Certified Home Health Agency, and the Department of Community Services are destabilized and threatened - State-mandated transparency rules are flagrantly ignored - The County Attorney is a lawyer who was appointed before he was to be removed as a Judge of the Sullivan County Superior Court by the NY State Commission on Judicial Conduct due to multiple instances of misconduct and abuse of authority - The Sullivan County Legislature has lost the trust of county employees, unions and the public The continuing misconduct of Robert Doherty has caused undue expense and brought shame to the office, the Legislature, and to this County. By our signatures below, we implore this Legislature to vote to remove Robert Doherty as Chairman of the Legislature.
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  • Redistricting Commission Please Listen to the Voices of the San Pedro Community
    Keeping San Pedro whole in one Assembly District will ensure our small community port community has fair representation.
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  • Tell President Biden: DO NOT restart student loan payments
    Millions of Americans will be thrown back into loan repayment even though we face the persistent impact of the pandemic, growing inflation, and so much more. Before the pandemic struck, people struggled to navigate the broken student loan system wreaking havoc on the financial lives of families across the country. Restarting payments will be a financial disaster, but the President has the power to stop it. Continuing the pause on federal student loan payments is an important investment in Americans' financial lives. It gives people the financial freedom to pay rent or purchase homes, afford healthcare or medicine, start small businesses, and support their families. Without the burden of student debt, Americans weathered the pandemic, and many are thriving. We have added our name to this petition to send President Biden a simple message: DO NOT resume student loan payments.
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    Manatees play a vital role in the ecosystems of Louisana. They help prevent the overgrowing of seagrass which could negatively affect the state's fishing industry. They help by eating the water hyacinth and other invasive plant species hurting the lives and chances of survival of our native species. They are also important as they are living fertilizers for important plant species vital to the Louisiana food chain.
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  • Ask SpaceX to take steps to protect birds!
    Help us protect birds in Boca Chica: Please demand a full-scale, in-depth analysis of SpaceX’s environmental impacts. The SpaceX facility in Boca Chica is surrounded by federal and state public lands used by hundreds of thousands of birds, including the federally Threatened Piping Plover and Red Knot, as well as the Endangered Northern Aplomado Falcon. These lands also support several species of sea turtles and mammals listed under the Endangered Species Act. Despite the area's ecological importance, SpaceX has conducted and expanded operations with little oversight by federal authorities. Construction at the facility, launch activities, fires, and rocket debris are already impacting the wildlife of the Boca Chica region. Rather than minimizing operations to protect this fragile area, SpaceX has increased its scope well beyond what was specified in the Federal Aviation Administration’s 2014 Environmental Impact Assessment. This includes testing a new rocket — a massive 400-foot-tall ship — that is much larger than originally authorized. It also includes development of a natural gas facility to extract and deliver fuel to the site. Over 14,000 acres of federal and state public lands have already been affected by the SpaceX facility — and much more is at risk if we don’t raise our voices now.
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    There is an IMMEDIATE need to obtain a Bay Bottom Lease for the Veterans Fish Camp Card Sound Road, in the Florida Keys. The below states an important factors to reduce suicides and the Bay Bottom Lease would help with these: According to the World Health Organization, having a safe, supportive environment plays a large role in suicide prevention. When people feel secure in their surroundings, they experience less anxiety and depression, improve their physical health, have fewer instances of substance abuse and experience an overall improved quality of life and life expectancy. According to the Mayo Clinic, “most often, suicidal thoughts are the result of feeling like you can’t cope when you’re faced with what seems to be an overwhelming life situation.” Immediate Action is needed
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  • Save 10th & Kiwanis Hyvee!
    The people who live in the neighborhoods surrounding this store do not have many options for groceries or other necessities provided by this store. It previously was a locally owned Sunshine at least since 1995 serving this neighborhood. Having a community centered grocery is something valued in Sioux Falls as we see with stores like Sunshine, Franklin, and Andy's as well as Hyvee and other larger grocery chains. From a Sioux Falls resident Tray: "Creating food deserts is a part of systemic racism. The group of folks who were let go from Kmart apply to this Hy-Vee only to be moved farther from their homes. I grew up eating here when I was younger and it was Sunshine and now I shop here as an adult. This is disheartening." The people that surround this store will have less options that are accessible for healthy food. We as a community need to know how their needs will be met. Update 12/13/21 from community members: We feel this will be a LASTING impression on ALL the residents of Sioux Falls as to how a well known business as Hyvee responds to the pleas of the disadvantaged and handicapped in the community. Hyvee is removing access & affordability from those who truly need it. Almost 3 miles to travel to the nearest 26th Hyvee grocery will affect many who do not have transportation. Adding the rising cost of groceries and gas prices. Closing the store would place an extra burden on them. THE STORE IS PROFITABLE: Mayor TenHaken said:"Hy-Vee confirmed themselves they were running a profitable store; but it just doesn't fit into their portfolio services anymore. THOSE IMPACTED: THIS store important to the FIREFIGHTERS who need to cook for the first responders at their stations, as well as AIR NATIONAL GUARD troops who shop there. Hy-Vee closing creates a food desert and strains area NON PROFITS. MANY in the area WALK or bicycle, many have small CHILDREN, many are single mothers, elderly or disabled. APARTMENT OWNERS AND TENANTS An important must-have when apartment hunting often involves the presence of a grocery store within a few blocks. OWNERS AND TENANTS of the numerous apartment complexes which Kiwanis Hyvee serves would also feel the impact of this store closure. Those with no access to a vehichle, who walk to the store who WILL have NO way they can think of now to travel 3 miles to the closest grocery store if the Kiwanis store closes. Sioux Falls has 6 recognized food deserts by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, where a grocery store is more than a mile away in a predominantly low-income neighborhood. Hy-Vee's store close will likely add another food desert in the nw-central neighborhoods based on high concentrations of low income rental properties. MICHELLE ERPENBACH Exec dir of Thrive, said: "..that neighborhood needs a reasonable grocery store and now they don't have it. It's ignoring them," "We're watching a gap open up in front of our eyes. What do we do about that as a community? Are we going to let that gap open and let people fall in? "There's absolutely going to be food inequity with this closure," Mayor Paul TenHaken said. "With this Hy-Vee closure, it leaves a very large gap.- question THERE SEEMS TO BE A CONFLICTING REASON FOR CLOSING THIS STORE , 2 PEOPLE QUOTED IN NEWS ARTICLES SAY 2 OPPOSING REASONS . I WONDER WHICH IS CORRECT: https://www.argusleader.com/story/news/2021/12/08/food-deserts-could-increase-in-sioux-falls-after-hyvee-closure-feeding-south-dakota/8836062002/ 1."We know there is demand, and Hy-Vee confirmed themselves they were running a profitable store; but it just doesn't fit into their portfolio services anymore. That need will get filled in due time," TenHaken said. https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/companies/sioux-falls-hy-vee-to-close-will-be-repurposed-as-non-retail-site/ar-AARm36k 2. Tina Potthoff, senior vice president of communications for Hy-Vee. Unfortunately, this location did not consistently meet our financial expectations.” The change is due to increased growth and demand for pharmacy and baking service in Sioux Falls, Potthoff added."We need the additional space to keep up with demand," Potthoff said in an emailed statement. "We want sales to reflect the quality of value we’re bringing to the store and the customer service we’re providing. Unfortunately, this location did not consistently meet our financial expectations.” Potthoff did acknowledge that closing the Kiwanis location would widen food deserts in the northwestern part of Sioux Falls. She said that Aisles Online accepts EBT payments and said that Hy-Vee will "look at ways to further address" the issue. ...Sounds kind of vague...I wonder what ways they are looking at and at what time on the future???
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  • PROTECT PERFORMING RIGHTS | Policy Integration w/ Grammy's Recording Academy
    If primary basic compensation in whatever form alone for artists/sources' work or partaking is a concern so should the social/professional respect to protect the dynamic and knowledge of subjects' contribution to the industry in-turn for their livelihood/well-being to inspire their public which also means public witness/advocacy to this concern means (as) much stimulating a more aware sphere within any arena related to art/business which falls on the quality of it's culture's support to support (it) by initially maintaining how creators stand for themselves by their own right. MIND | CHAOS CULT's project fund proceeds conjoins same value with the GrammyFund to mandate the fair automatic acknowledgement of artists'/other officials' decision-making outside what excludes them from their own creative/intellectual property value (known to them) to further expansive interest.
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  • AnimeNYC November 2021 Refund all attendees
    Fair and caring treatment of human beings and the passion for Anime AnimeNYC only cared about selling tickets, not their attendees and the Anime community.
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  • No plastic utensils in schools
    Other people should join me in my "campaign for change" because this pollution and plastic problem effects all of us. If humans don't change their habits, then soon the earth will became a landfill. The cause is also extremely important because earth is our only home, and there's not a second one to go to if this one dies. But if there were, then humans would probably destroy that one too.
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