• Urgent: Signatures Needed to Stop the Spraying of Toxic Chemicals on Boulder County Open Space!
    Without informing the public, the County is now preparing for extensive aerial spraying to control cheatgrass on Boulder County Open Space natural lands. We, the residents of Boulder County, don’t want our ecosystems and our communities to be exposed to toxic chemicals. The health of the local ecosystem will not be restored with chemicals. Boulder County Open Space natural lands need forward looking ecological restoration to improve the health of the local ecosystem, increase carbon sequestration, and help mitigate the climate crisis. Such restoration will not come from Boulder County Open Space weed managers who focus on the use of chemicals. Boulder County Commissioners need to seek competent restoration advice from ecologically minded practitioners. The use of chemicals to manage cheatgrass is not consistent with Colorado State recommendations. The State correctly categorizes cheatgrass as a List C species for which the goal “will not be to stop the continued spread of these species but to provide additional education, research, and biological control resources to jurisdictions that choose to require management of List C species”. Aerial spraying is no longer a standard activity for grassland management and requires substantial documentation and explanation for such an extreme action, particularly given the state classification of cheatgrass. While cheatgrass is a local nuisance, there is no evidence that it posses a threat to native species in the Colorado Front Range. *Additional resources* Spray to Play — Article from Boulder Weekly: https://www.boulderweekly.com/news/spray-to-play/ Information about Indaziflam from Beyond Pesticides: https://www.beyondpesticides.org/assets/media/documents/Indaziflam%20Fact%20Sheet%202020.pdf Colorado State Weed Management Recommendations: https://ag.colorado.gov/conservation/noxious-weeds/species-id
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    Created by Mike Johnson
  • The Need For A Woman of Color Speaker is the Only Acceptable Option
    With a female majority in the New York CIty Council, and with Latino Leadership in high positions on a decline, it is crucial that our City centers a Latina leader in our government to ensure equity, diversity, inclusion, and representation are prioritized.
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    Created by The People of New York
  • Grant a Presidential Pardon for Leonard Peltier
    On the heels of the Rittenhouse verdict, your office sent out a message that we have to fix the justice system in our United States. Here is a concrete way you can send a clear message - free Leonard Peltier #freeleonardpeltier. He has applied for clemency before. Given the justice system in South Dakota, it is unlikely his case for parole will be granted - there is just too much of a two-tier justice system there. I plead a petition to you, President Biden, as the head of our government. I am sharing this petition on MoveOn.org. It is time to release Mr. Peltier. Thank you in advance.
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    Created by Wild Dog Study
  • Self-charged electric school buses with continuous climate control
    The more parents and school boards are vigorously demanding self-charged school buses the sooner school bus manufacturers would invest in developing and deploying practical proven self-charged electric school buses.
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    Created by Gary Vesperman
  • Rename 21st in Bryan, Texas: Carey Cauley Jr Street
    When asked at the Chamber event honoring Irma Cauley why no action yet on the street renaming, a Bryan Councilmember responded "well, if everybody wants it." City Manager policy requires “100% of property owners, residents and business owners” to sign a written petition affirming their desire to rename their street Carey Cauley Jr Street. There is no ordinance -no law- on Bryan’s books to rename streets. Local community leader, Helen Washington, walked the streets gathering signatures. She's the spearhead who is crossing every "t" and dotting every "i.” Help her. EVERYBODY, please join Helen and everybody who lives on 21st Street to SUPPORT this effort to honor the Cauleys. Please SIGN to tell Bryan Mayor and City Council you SUPPORT renaming 21st Street to honor our local civil rights heroes.
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    Created by Janet Dudding
  • Demand the Media Cover the GOP's Coup Plans!
    1. Democracy must be the main story. Newspapers, television, and radio need to increase the frequency and in-depth reporting on democracy issues. Americans have to understand the strategies planned to manipulate elections – the voter suppression laws, extreme gerrymandering, replacement of honest election officials, and the scenarios for a losing candidate in 2024 to be declared the winner. 2. Stop routine “bothsides-ism" when covering the two major parties – half of the coverage to one and half to the other regardless of merit. Media should cover the facts and refute the lies -- not propagate them or give them equal time and space. When democracy is under attack, journalists should not cover it like politics as usual. 3. Journalists must hold politicians accountable. They must persistently interrogate every politician who is promoting lies. According to a recent CNN poll, “Almost 6 in 10 (59%) of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents said that ‘believing that Donald Trump won the 2020 election’ was very or somewhat important to what being a Republican meant to them.” Almost all Republican officeholders and candidates have repeated lies about that election and January 6. The media are responsible for reporting the truth and countering the lies. 4. The press should not allow Koch organizations to receive free promotion of their op eds or commentaries. The Center of the American Experiment, the American Enterprise Institute, the Federalist Society, the Heritage Foundation, the American Legislative Exchange Council, and many others are part of a coordinated group funded by the Koch donor network. Their anti-voter, anti-democracy agenda is well documented in Nancy MacLean’s book, Democracy in Chains, and should be exposed by the media. Indivisible MN03 has endorsed this petition. We are asking you to also sign and demand the media cover the struggle to save democracy!
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    Created by Dave Olson
  • Amazon: Stop Attacking Women's Health
    Amazon has abused its monopoly power to hurt small businesses and women in need. Even though it's often hard to talk about, pelvic floor dysfunction is a common challenge for millions of women, especially after birth or sexual trauma. But Amazon is making it difficult to find products that help in affordable and effective ways. After giving birth to my son, my medical professional recommended I use such a product, sold by a small business in Kansas City, to accelerate recovery. What a shock to realize that Amazon has decided to classify these health care devices as "adult products"— no different than sex toys. As a result, these devices will be almost impossible to find on Amazon, while the small businesses who produce them will struggle to stay afloat. When products from one company were misclassified in the past, their sales plummeted by 80 percent. Most men don't even know about pelvic floor problems and, as with so much in women's health, it's unfortunately almost taboo to talk about. But it's Amazon that should be ashamed — not women who are recovering from childbirth or sexual trauma. Combine Amazon's unfettered market power with its corporate indifference to women's health, and what we get is disastrous results for both women in need and small businesses.
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    Created by Sarah Miller
  • Remove Judge Bruce Schroeder For Blatant Bias in the Rittenhouse case!
    Justice cannot be served when a person is provided a judge so biased that he acts as the defendant's best attorney rather than being the impartial mediator he is supposed to be. His behavior would allow a person who killed two people and wounded one while carrying a weapon he should not legally have owned or crossed state lines with. We need to hold our judges accountable, or the justice system is well and truly broken.
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    Created by Denise Glickler
  • Judicial Board Mandated Training
    Studies demonstrated that the most vulnerable time for any victim and children, is after they escape from there abuser. Abusers are using the courtrooms to enforce 50/50 custody or sole custody of minor children to continually have direct access to victims and their minor children and adult victims. This direct victimizing allows abusers access to minor children whom have zero voices inside a court of law, and are being forced to engage directly with their abuser over and over, despite watching this same abuse, or receiving this abuse, or experiencing sexual abuse, when the family was a unit. Victims are helpless inside a court of law from not only protecting innocent children but as well themselves. Meanwhile the abuser uses the court system to maintain control of victims and the minor children. With only 24 judges being mandated in learning, on the physical side of abuse, this has subjected and forced victims to have zero support inside court rooms throughout the United States. This is a direct violation to victims and innocent children because these judges hearing these cases are forcing victims and innocent children back into the same abuse they escaped. How many more innocent children and adult victims must die before these judges are mandated in all forms of domestic violence, including sexual assault and rape? Make your voice be heard by signing this petition today. Thank you!
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    Created by All Forms Of Domestic Violence
  • Petition to Install Energy Efficient Lights in Schools
    Energy efficiency helps reduce the overall carbon footprint produced in schools as well as prompt sustainable living to students and staff members. Installing energy efficient lights in schools would promote less energy use which would decrease greenhouse emissions and the necessary need for power plants.
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    Created by Kiara Bernard
  • Chico State University rebranding re: logo erasure
    Part of the human condition and experience is about solidifying our existence through art, symbolism, and imagery.
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    Created by Abraham Renteria
  • Support Jana Pfeiffer's Appointment to the City of Abq's Environmental Planning Commission
    It is important to have a Native voice for the Environmental Planning Commission District 1. This district oversees the City of Albuquerque's westward development and the Petroglyph National Monument. Land use and development needs a diverse and Native perspective to consider when approving developer's applications and zoning amendments. If selected, I would be the first Native American woman for this district and I will work closely with community organizations in District 1 and my fellow commissioners.
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    Created by Jana Pfeiffer