• Crosswalk Needed On 38th Ave & MLK South
    The Tampa Bay Times have recently reported, that pedestrian and bicyclist deaths have increased significantly in Pinellas County, form 49 fatalities in 2020 to 85 in 2021(per Pinellas and Pasco medical examiners medical records). County officials have agreed there is a disparity amongst low income residents, because of their means of mobility. Lake Maggoire Park is not accessible for neighbors without a car or bicycle, who need to cross MLK st s. Families take on the risk when attempting to cross the busy street; neighborhood children look both ways, then bolt across the street to the park to play, daily. The city has this interaction in phase two based on a traffic study that was done by Stoneweg Lake Maggiore Transportation Analysis in June of 2021. This study would determine the urgency of crosswalk installment for this particular location is not needed for another 2-5 years. The people can not wait that long to safely cross the street. We the neighbors of Lakewood Terrace, are calling on the Welch Administration to install a crosswalk at the location of 38th Ave & MLK st s, within its first 100 days in office.
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  • Get it done! Pass Build Back Better now! We need it and are counting on you!
    President Biden came into office ready to deliver for the American people. But Republican obstruction and the hesitation of a few conservative Democrats are stalling his agenda, which would deliver essential, impactful support to the American people! The Build Back Better Act that passed the House of Representatives is waiting for action in the Senate. This bill would ... - Lower drug prices! - Expand universal pre-K for all Americans. - Create a universal paid family leave program we desperately need. - Support child care so Americans can work and raise a family. - Extend the child tax credit which reduced childhood poverty by half—but expired because of Republican obstruction. - Make the largest investment in history to confront the cataclysmic climate crisis. The bill would pay for these measures by ensuring corporations and the ultra-wealthy pay their fair share. And when Senate Democrats pass it, it will give all Democrats a proud track record of delivering real, meaningful relief to regular Americans—something they can run on this November. Though talks stalled in 2021, President Biden has made it clear he's working to make a deal—something that can get every member of the Democratic caucus on board. And if Republicans want to show they care about their constituents, they'll support it too. But right now, President Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, and all Democrats in both houses of Congress need to hear this clearly from us: Deliver on the promises you made when we elected you. Show us government can help make our lives better. For our communities, our families, and our kids' future, take action now! Get it done. Pass the Build Back Better Act now.
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    Created by Justin Krebs
  • Shine the Light of Television on the Jan 6th Hearings
    The attack on the US Capital, during the certification of the results of the 2020 Presidential election, and the campaign to sow doubt over the results of that election, was one of the most serious attempts to subvert the will of the American people, and the Constitutional responsibilities of the US Senate, in our lifetimes. The Republican Party and it’s Congressional and Senate members have since joined in the campaign to convince the American people of the “Big Lie,” that there was massive fraud during the 2020 elections, and are blocking the passage of The Voters Rights and John Lewis Acts that would prevent Republican controlled State legislatures from passing bills that would disenfranchise minority voters, continue "extreme gerrymandering,” and permit partisan election officials to overturn the results in future election cycles. At the same time, ex-President Trump, his advisors, lawyers and enablers, have exhausted their legal fight to prevent their subpoenaed testimony before the Special January 6th Investigative Commission and the denial of access to documents related to their roles in the events leading up to the January 6th, 2021, attack on our nation’s Capital. The upcoming sessions of the Special Commission, when the central figures in that attempt to prevent the certification of the Presidential election results will be testifying, are crucial to our understanding of the persons responsible for the campaigns of disinformation and events leading up to and during the attack, in order to prevent future attempts to overturn elections that are central to the survival of our democracy. The light of full media coverage of that testimony is the best way to ensure that the Special Committee achieves it goals and prevent those opposed to its investigation from continuing “The Big Lie” and delegitimizing the Commission and it’s findings/recommendations.
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  • Facebook hasn’t owned up to its role in Jan. 6th. It’s time to break it up.
    Facebook’s algorithm incubates extremist content. Extreme content gets more clicks, and more clicks make Facebook more money on ad revenue. In other words, Facebook has every incentive to continue spreading false content. Unless federal regulators take action, the company will continue to grow bigger and more powerful. Sign the petition: Federal regulators must break up Facebook! Our democracy depends on it.
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  • Suspend Dole's Tasteless Commercial - AN UPDATE
    Let's urge Dole Sunshine to take corrective action! Their recent commercial, "Hold My Fruit Bowl" ends with a troubling image of a rock striking a person fishing off an icy coastline: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MzhyWHRdP48 The stereotypical implication is deeply problematic and easily interpreted as racist. Dole Sunshine needs to rethink this advertisement, and pull it immediately.
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    Created by Robin Brooks
  • Unsafe jail/prison housing
    Because countless lives are being lost, some are placed in areas together where they allow altercations to occur. We as families place our trust in you all, as you have taken an oath.
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    Created by Terri Herbert
  • Corporations profit off our taxes.
    Instead of offering a free online option for filing simple tax returns, the government partners with private tax prep companies that con Americans into paying for their services. Now that major tax prep companies H&R Block and Intel (TurboTax) have pulled out of their sweetheart deal with the IRS brokered under Bush, it's the perfect time for the government to finally create a public website that most Americans can use to file their taxes at no cost.
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  • District of Columbia Statehood
    It would provide full voting rights voting rights to an area of 670,000 residents (more than Wyoming & Vermont). Oh, and it would add 2 Senators.
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  • Winsome Sears ethnic bigotry attack on Black American Freedmen descendants of US Slavery
    Ethnic Bigotry has no place in the United States and especially not in Government
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    Created by Tyrone Jackson
  • Free, high-quality, N95 masks for all!
    Our goal must be to utilize the Defense Production Act to produce and deliver high-quality, N95 masks to every person in this country. The Defense Production Act was written explicitly for times like this, and it will mandate that manufacturers put in place additional capacity to meet the needs of the public and provide assistance to companies who want to begin producing N95 masks or scale up production. We must work with state and local governments to deliver N95 masks to homeless shelters, jails, detention centers, testing sites, post officers, pharmacies and congregate care centers. South Korea, one of the more successful countries in responding to the pandemic, began the process of procuring high-quality masks at the start of the pandemic and has provided them affordably to its citizens across the country. And they aren’t alone.  Other countries all around the world are sending masks to all of their people on a regular basis. We can - and should - do the same thing.  Does anyone want to wear a mask wherever they go? Of course not. Is wearing a mask one of the best ways to protect ourselves - and those around us - from getting the coronavirus? Yes, the science is clear. So, if we know that masks work; if we know that masks save lives, then what we want to say is that we are going to provide every person in this country with N95 masks. And I think by doing that, we will not only save lives, but we will send a message to those who are skeptical that wearing a mask is very very important. Masks for All.
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  • End Negligence In Healthcare workers
    If it was you in this position or your family or your close friends, what would you do to help save them or fight for them. We have to fight to save our loved ones. I’m not just fighting for me I’m fighting for my uncle that passed away from Covid that was neglected as well and all the other people that have died along the way due to negligence of the nurses and doctors. We need to stand up to the governor of Texas and contact our state representatives to have this law revoked. Nurses and doctors should not be allowed to mistreat and abuse patients just because they were diagnosed with Covid-19. The sole purpose of malpractice insurance is to protect the innocent victims from negligent health care.
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    Created by Joy Byerlt
  • Break up Big Tech!
    Whoever controls payment systems — the part of the website that transmits your payment info to banks and other financial services — gets access to an extremely valuable commodity: consumer financial data. Information about what we buy, when, and where is a treasure trove. It helps Big Tech fine tune the targeted ads it feeds you, assess whether you pose a credit risk, and more. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is investigating this very issue right now. We need to make sure the CFPB hears from Americans who refuse to let their private financial information fall into the hands of big corporations — and who will not let Big Tech crush small businesses, exploit workers, and expand their monopolies. The CFPB must block Big Tech from owning payment systems! The last thing we need is for Big Tech to have access to more of our personal information.
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