• Mbappe/Ronaldo Swap Deal
    This is very important and we all need it.
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  • Berkshire apartments
    Due to people are getting sick from mold , preventing people who work from home to make living!
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  • Stand up to Louis DeJoy and protect voting rights!
    Trump’s Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has demonstrated over and over again he’ll prioritize profit over ensuring USPS accomplishes its key functions. When it comes to the fundamental right to vote, we can’t trust DeJoy to do the right thing. That’s why Congress must pass the Election Mail Act, legislation that would codify Americans’ right to vote by mail and get their votes counted. Sign the petition: Congress must pass the Election Mail Act, legislation that would require USPS to offer First-Class mailing service for all ballots at no cost to voters! In the midst of DeJoy’s Great Consolidation of the US Postal Service, the need for laws protecting mail-in voting is greater than ever. If DeJoy shutters facilities and cuts the USPS workforce, as planned, he’ll be jeopardizing Americans’ right to get their votes counted — especially in rural areas. President Biden and Congress need to be countering DeJoy’s austerity plans at every step of the way. Right now, Congress can stand up to DeJoy on the urgent issue of voting rights. The Election Mail Act includes vital safeguards such as ensuring voters don’t have to pay to return mail-in ballots; making sure USPS postmarks ballots, and states count them on time; protecting absentee voting; and preventing USPS from making operational changes within 120 days of an election. These reforms must pass now! Sign the petition: Congress must pass the Election Mail Act, legislation that would require USPS to offer First-Class mailing service for all ballots at no cost to voters!
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  • We Need Real Coverage of Iranian Uprising
    In Iran, women, queer folks, and primarily young Iranians are leading protests against the repressive regime—risking their safety and in some cases already losing their lives. It's an inspirational uprising for freedom and bodily autonomy that deserve global attention, solidarity and support. However, most Americans don't even know it's happening. The Iranian authorities have imposed a media blackout. Tragically, through their lack of coverage, major U.S. media outlets are perpetuating a media blackout of their own. If you scan newspaper headlines or track what's covered on 24 hour cables news and the network evening news shows, you'll find very little coverage of Iran—and no mentions in many outlets. When they do have a segment or interview, it often gets the story wrong—such as the New York Times emphasizing economic pressures and erasing the feminist spark at the center of this action and the protest cries for bodily autonomy and of "down with dictators." The New York Times and Wall Street Journal even recently misreported about the regime's "morality police." And news segments all-too-often turn to white Americans of European descent instead of voices of the Iranian diaspora or the voices that are emerging from Iran itself. What the brave Iranians who are protesting—again, mostly women, young people, and queer Iranians—need is to have their voices, stories, and images shared again and again. The U.S. media can play an important role giving more coverage, airtime, and online prominence to these protesters and to this uprising, which will engage more Americans and help turn more global attention on to this historic series of events.
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  • Prevent More Homelessness! Protect Low-Income Renters from $400+ rent increases!
    We are in the middle of a deep and growing housing and homelessness crisis. While we are devoting unprecedented resources toward helping people move from the street into housing, we also have to make sure that those people don't lose their housing and slip back into homelessness because they can't afford the rent. No one should ever receive a $400 rent increase. Poor people living in city-subsidized affordable housing should never receive a city-sanctioned $400 rent increase. A $400 rent increase is not "affordable", by any metric. In 2012, the city incentivized developers to produce over 1800 of "MULTE" units, giving up millions in property tax revenues and waiving development fees that would otherwise go toward our parks, roads, street lighting and sidewalks. In exchange, developers agreed to set aside some of their units to be "affordable". We don't know why the city decided to exempt MULTE landlords from the policy limiting affordable housing rent increases to 5%. But we know they have the tools to fix it. We don't know why the city hasn't increased relocation amounts since 2016, but Median income (and hence affordable rents) have increased by 45% over the same time period. We know that they are okay with MULTE landlords increasing rents by this amount, so we trust they will agree to increase relocation payments as well. We don't know what the city was expecting when they only required affordability for 10 years, or what they thought would happen to low-income people living in those buildings when they expire and get $1000+ rent increases. But we know they have the tools to fix this now. Winter is coming. If the city doesn't act, urgently, more families will be sleeping outdoors. The city talks big about addressing homelessness and "anti-displacement". Now is the time to act.
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  • Fix our system: NO ONE should be jailed or imprisoned for an unintentional voting error
    There are people in jail right now for the “crime” of not realizing they’d lost their right to vote. Take Pamela Moses – whose story sparked national outrage when Tennessee officials gave her six years in prison for voting without realizing that she’d been disenfranchised by her past felony conviction, even after officials told her her voting rights were restored. The charge was later abandoned after Moses won a new trial – but it’s far from the only case. Just this summer, Therris L. Conney got one full year added to his jail sentence – after officials inaccurately told him he could vote while serving time in a county jail. The unjust reality is that when it comes to voting errors, those who are least able to mount a defense are punished more harshly. As a result, poor and Black people in the U.S. are punished more harshly for lesser violations than wealthy white retirees. That’s NOT how our democracy should work. We need to fix these inconsistencies in our legal system – and get rid of the racist felony disenfranchisement laws that put people in these precarious situations. We shouldn’t be incarcerating people for good-faith efforts to participate in democracy. It’s time to fix our system so that ALL of us get the say we deserve in our democracy – and no one is put in jail for an honest voting mistake.
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  • Trump must be held accountable to the full extent of the law
    We need a thorough, unobstructed investigation to determine what kind of threat Trump’s mishandling of these White House files posed to national security. But ever since the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago, Trump and his defenders have thrown everything they can at the wall to distract the public and prevent the investigation from moving forward. This includes Trump’s outrageous efforts to include a “special master” in the investigation, which made headlines last month. Trump likely hoped that this third-party individual, who would be tasked with reviewing the seized documents, would be able to block the DOJ investigators from seeing some of the materials. Trump also tried to make sure that the special master’s work would keep the investigation from moving forward until AFTER this fall’s midterm elections. And even though he wasn’t successful in that effort, and the files are now under DOJ review, it’s clear he won’t stop these schemes until he is forced to. If you agree that Trump shouldn’t be able to delay or manipulate the DOJ’s investigation into the documents he stashed at Mar-a-Lago, add your name today.
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  • CSUSB Fall 2022 Commencement
    The graduating class of 2022 at California State University, San Bernardino deserves a commencement ceremony after all their hard work and dedication. We feel that CSUSB did not try hard enough to accommodate their winter graduates, nor did they consider the students’ input or offer alternatives such as: limiting the number of guests allowed to attend, splitting up graduation ceremonies between colleges, etc. Considering the fact that CSUSB has been increasing tuition costs every year and has the finances to fund the construction of a new building every year, we feel that more could be done.
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  • It's time: Introduce Boundary Waters Wilderness protection bill in the U.S. Senate
    The Boundary Waters Wilderness in northeastern Minnesota is America's most-visited Wilderness and a wildland refuge critical to people and the planet. Anishinaabe people (also known in this region as Chippewa or Ojibwe) have lived in the area for countless generations and have a deep relationship to these lands and waters. Indigenous people continue to harvest wild rice in the Boundary Waters region and maintain treaty rights to hunt, fish and gather. As sovereign nations, tribes play a central role in protecting the Boundary Waters and have called for its protection. This wild and beautiful place is threatened by proposed sulfide-ore copper mining, but we can protect this place if enough people take action. Visit www.SavetheBoundaryWaters.org to learn more.
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  • Michigan wants the Right to choose!
    When Roe was overturned by the Supreme Court earlier this year, 50 years of constitutional, guaranteed protection for abortion care went out the window. This decision has made it even more clear that we need to do everything in our power to codify abortion into law at the state and local level. The first step is to elect unashamed, Democratic and Progressive candidates who will create or support legislation to ensure abortion rights are protected.
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  • Making Conn Equitable
    To make the entire campus accessible for all individuals, regardless of ability.
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  • RAE 4 - We need answers! Prioritize Latinx behavioral health!
    So, what’s the problem?  Though 43.2% of Pueblo’s residents are Hispanic or Latino and 17.8% are living in poverty, there are little to no affordable and accessible treatment services in Spanish without Servicios  48% of avoidable costs in RAE come from substance misuse  RAE 4 got a D grade in its outpatient treatment planning score per a recent audit  Community waits months to be seen. Servicios see everyone in 14 days or less.  Latinos are the second highest utilizers of illegal substances in Colorado. In some neighborhoods, drugs are easier to find than healthy meals.  Latino Coloradoans were the second highest utilizers of mental health services in the State representing 25.8% of all those seeking treatment Root causes to these health inequities include lack of access to bilingual therapists; strong corporate marketing to target poor and BIPOC communities; fear of institutions; lack of resources for immigrant/migrant and refugee communities; lack of transportation; language barriers; retention challenges due to experiencing homelessness; barriers to treatment specific to COVID-19; and stigma. What happens now: Servicios is funded to continue services in Pueblo until 4/30/2023. Health Colorado Inc went from funding us with almost $.5M in Cycle 1 to $0 in Cycle 2. Seeing the massive need for the very services that we expertly provide, we want to know how HCI intends to fill this critical gap in services, and in a culturally and linguistically responsive manner? What can you do: Speak up. La raza! Méjicano! Españo! Latino! Chicano! Or whatever we call ourselves, WE MATTER! When it comes to caring for community, money talks. When resources are taken away, it sends a clear message that our needs and our people just don’t matter and are not valued. Call Christina Brown, the Director of Community Engagement and Transformation at Health Colorado Inc and share your thoughts: (719) 621-8785. Our loved ones are dying and we cannot “wait on time” and expect things to get better by themselves.
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