• Don't bailout corporations, bailout Americans: Demand $2000/mo during Coronavirus crisis
    It is imperative that we have a common-sense approach that protects we the people and not corporations. In terms of potential deaths and the impact on our economy, the crisis we face from coronavirus is on the scale of a major war, and we must act accordingly. We must begin thinking on a scale comparable to the threat, and make sure that we are protecting working people, low-income people, and the most vulnerable communities, not just giant corporations and Wall Street.
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  • Rent Relief for Monroe County
    With Governor Andrew Cuomo waiving mortgage payments for 3 months, landlords should be required to pass the savings on to their tenants. The most vulnerable in our society and those of the “gig” economy don’t have mortgages. They pay rent on a monthly basis.
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    Created by Andy Frey
  • Covid-19 Response Student Loan Forgiveness
    I am a 64 year old Registered Nurse Manager working in an acute care hospital in the state of Washington. I have witnessed a heroic response to this pandemic; front line nurses, patient care technicians, physicians, pharmacists, laboratory techs, imaging personnel, and other licensed staff have reported to work and cared for COVID-19 patients for the past three weeks. We are now running low on personal protective equipment. On my 14 bed unit, three staff members are currently awaiting test results as they have become ill while caring for patients. They are unable to report to work, thus the rest of the staff are overworked - but they are showing up. Management has maintained a 24 hour per day Incident Command Center while continuing to run their units. Most of us have not had a day off in three weeks, yet we continue to report to work because we are committed to caring for our patients. Although we have put all elective surgeries on hold, staff from surgery are now working at each entrance to the hospital, screening every one who enters for their temperature and COVID-19 symptoms. We are making an extraordinary effort to reduce exposure to and transmission of this virus and at this point have received little to no support from the Federal Government. Student loans are regularly forgiven for healthcare workers who agree to work with underserved populations. Those who continue to care for patients in the current healthcare environment are entitled to reward for placing themselves at risk during this unprecedented crisis. Yes, we did commit to provide quality care to the population we serve, however, we did so assuming that our Federal Government would support us by ensuring that we would have adequate supplies to do our jobs without placing our own lives at risk.
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  • Suspend mortgage, Rent and utilities in the state of New Mexico
    So families in this crisis don’t lose their homes
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  • Release Immigrants from ICE Facilities AMID COVID-19
    My husband is currently detained at the El Paso Processing Center. My husband is currently detained, We have 2 US citizen babies together (1 & 2 yr). I have constant communication with my husband as as this Covid-19 pandemic has increased, we both find myself more concerned and panicked to say the least. I know that living in the borderland they are more susceptible due to the massive amount of immigrants trying to cross looking for a better life. I feel like it is only a matter of time and pretty much inevitable that this virus will outbreak in the center, I mean the conditions are already poor even in their best circumstances. I know that ICE has the discretion to release these people from custody and I feel like there is no better time than now. These people need to be with their families, especially in these dire times. I am asking for your help to be heard for these people in custody. I am asking for a louder voice, I would like to reach the Warden of the Detention Center as well as the Ice field office directors attention to push them to release the detainees. The Country has been declared to be in State of Emergency, Gov. Greg Abbott on 3/19/20 sent executive orders to prohibited crowds of 10 or more, The El Paso Processing Center is housing more than 60-70 people per barrack, making the center contradict orders given by Abbott. The facility has made NO changes in the way they handle possible contact contamination, no hand sanitizer, no antibacterial wipes, no deep cleaning! My husband is relying on his “1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi....” to wash his hands with no antibacterial soap and using tissue paper to avoid touching anything as his tactic to protect himself. We are in a crisis and I am begging for the life of my husband and on behalf of the lives of all those other detainees, please help me us be heard. Our country needs to unite and what better way then to have these immigrants unite with their families! Public health agencies around the world are sounding the alarm about COVID-19’s impact as the number of cases in the country rises. Those detained in close quarters are particularly susceptible to contracting and rapidly spreading this highly contagious virus.[1] We know from experience that medical care at ICE facilities in Texas- El Paso are inadequate, and that proper measures have not been taken to ensure the safety of detained people, facility staff, and other visitors to the El Paso Processing Center during this outbreak. Medical professionals recommend strict social distancing as a crucial measure for avoiding transmission, but this is impossible to implement in a detention facility.
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  • COVID-19 Pandemic: Bail out workers, not big businesses!
    The federal government just bailed out financial institutions to the tune of 1.5 TRILLION dollars in an effort to prop up the economy, while leaving suffering workers in the lurch. We’ve been hearing for years that there simply isn’t enough money to provide healthcare, college, and housing as basic human rights, but this massive corporate giveaway proves (just as it did with the 2008 bank bailouts) that the money is there when the 1% and big corporations need it. Due to federal inaction, local governments all over the country are being forced to enact increasingly radical measures to stave off financial disaster for workers and the poor, steps (like the eviction moratorium in Portland) which were previously considered “impossible.”
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  • Senator Burr Must Resign for Pandemic Profiteering
    Senator Richard Burr (R NC) and his wife sold up to $1.7 million dollars worth of stocks just before the stock market crashed during the Coronavirus epidemic. Burr is the head of the Senate Intelligence Committee and was getting daily briefings about the developing crisis and its seriousness long before most working families knew how deep this crisis would be. Senator Burr told his constituents that the Coronavirus was under control, but six days later he sold off up to $1.7 million worth of stocks. In the midst of a global health crisis and impending recession that could be more catastrophic than most of us have ever experienced, Senator Burr lied to American voters about the depth of the crisis they were about to face, putting all of us at risk, and protected his own bank account instead. Senator Burr must resign. Immediately.
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    Created by Nita Chaudhary
  • Richard Burr must resign for profiting from coronavirus info
    In mid-February, while Donald Trump was telling the country that the coronavirus was a "hoax" and "no big deal," Sen. Richard Burr was telling members of the "Tar Heel Circle" to prepare for the worst. The "Tar Heel Circle" is a private group that promises access to legislators, with membership fees up to $10,000. He told the members that the coronavirus would be worse than the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918, which killed more than 50 million people worldwide. Meanwhile, Burr sold up to $1.5 million in stock, partly in hotel chains, which he knew would take a big hit once people were forced to cancel trips and vacations. This is akin to insider trading! Burr used information he was specifically privy to as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee to help donors and line his pockets--but he didn't warn his constituents. He put all of his constituents at more risk. Burr has committed an unforgivable transgression as our representative, and we need to tell him to resign immediately. https://www.newsobserver.com/news/coronavirus/article241330126.html?utm_source=pushly&intcid=pushly_496965 https://www.newsobserver.com/opinion/article241334586.html
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  • Tell Congress: We demand nurses are protected during COVID-19
    At a moment when we are asking nurses and other health care workers to step up and protect people, we must be able to protect them as well.
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  • Tell Boulder City Council: Place NEWR on the November Ballot!
    In order to get this initiative on the ballot for Fall 2020, NEWR needs to gather just over 3,300 signatures from Boulder city residents. Until the COVID-19 crisis struck, we were well on our way to doing so, having gathered close to 2,000 signatures. But, out of concern for public health and safety, we have decided to suspend canvassing for the time being. While pausing our canvassing effort is the right decision, it means we are not likely to hit our signature goal and that we must find another way to get on the ballot. Fortunately, in these unprecedented times, Boulder's City Council has indicated that if we can supply ample evidence of public support, they may place our initiative on the ballot themselves.
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  • COVID-19: In-person voting must be postponed
    Poll workers dropping out. Last-minute polling place closures. Voter confusion. Low turnout. Voters in Florida, Arizona, and Illinois dealt with these unprecedented challenges and more on their primary day due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. In response, election officials must take the necessary steps to ensure that every voter can cast their ballot safely going forward. That includes temporarily postponing in-person voting. The Center for Disease Control has advised against events and gatherings nationwide and has called for individuals to practice social distancing. Election officials must follow the guidance of these public health experts -- and step up to prevent serious disruptions and risks to voters in future state primaries. It’ll take all of us -- whether you live in a state that has already voted, one that’s voting soon, one that isn’t voting until the summer -- speaking out together to make sure that voters can exercise their rights without fear or confusion. Add your name to tell election officials: in-person voting must be delayed for the next few weeks -- to protect voters and our democracy.
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  • Pay #ADOS Reparations to Stimulate the Economy
    The Coronavirus pandemic is a health crisis like we have never seen before, and it is colliding with the economic crisis of the racial wealth divide. Due to the racial wealth divide created by our government, 70% of American Descendants of Slavery have zero wealth, exacerbating that is a lost wages and medical costs that will impact families across the country for weeks, months, and years to come. The persistent burden of being bottom caste is a recipe for an economic disaster for 35 million American Descendants of Slavery in epic proportions. Labor shocks, like those the pandemic are likely to cause, will undoubtedly increase the racial wealth divide. ADOS without income will face eviction, foreclosure, loss of businesses & homelessness at a time when they can least afford it. We also call on lawmakers to immediately stop these actions that hit distressed ADOS the most. Paying the debt in response to the Coronavirus crisis will help the 35 million people in poverty and stimulate the economy when it is needed most. It will allow ADOS to purchase the necessities their families depend on: food on their table, a roof over their head, and critical healthcare. In the long term, reparations to ADOS would help prevent or reduce the impacts of an upcoming recession. Reparations can boost GDP by up to $108 billion a year and could add up to 1.5 million jobs per year.
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    Created by Trish Walker