• Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok: Stop Showing Abortion Disinformation Ads to Teens
    These organizations aggressively lie to teens in their most vulnerable moments – telling them abortion is dangerous, that ultrasounds or other procedures are required when they aren’t, and that local clinics don’t have appointments available when they do. This creates a significant public health risk. Some experts estimate abortion bans will increase maternal mortality in women and girls of color by 33%, the same population most likely to see abortion services from a deceitful center. By profiting from these centers’ advertisements, TikTok, Instagram, and Snapchat are spreading misinformation about critical health issues to vulnerable kids.
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  • Approve Ketamine to Help Reduce Suicides!
    Ketamine works for Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD, Bi-Polar Disorder, and other mental health disorders. It stops suicide cold, in just a few hours. Clinicians have been administering these infusions for many years. It is safe and effective. The initial course of therapy is six infusions over three weeks, and costs up to $500 per infusion. People on Medicare and Medicaid typically have low incomes and many cannot afford the cost because CMS has not approved it for coverage. It is immoral to have Americans resorting to suicide when there is medication therapy that can help! The medication should not be out of reach because of cost. Many other FDA-approved drugs are routinely used off-label and approved by CMS. Ketamine is FDA-approved. Ketamine is safe. Ketamine SAVES LIVES!
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  • San Antonio Must Consider an Abortion Protection Act
    The right to an abortion has been proven to lower the risk of death and injury. San Antonio must be dedicated to protecting the safety of its people. San Antonio must continue to honor the rights of pregnant people to bodily autonomy and private medical decisions.
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    Created by J M
  • Pass the Electoral Count Act to protect our elections from the far right!
    Trump knew his supporters were armed when he urged them to “fight like hell” and march on the Capitol, Cassidy Hutchinson alleged in her damning testimony at last week’s January 6th hearings. It’s clearer than ever: Trump and his cronies engineered a violent attempt to overturn President Biden’s rightful victory and they nearly pulled it off. Unless Congress takes action to protect our democracy and our voting rights now, the far right is all but certain to try to pull off another coup in the future. We need new laws governing the certification of elections — now.
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • PA Gov't, Eliminate $5,000 Fee to Access a Taxpayer-Funded Database
    Years ago, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources contracted with a private corporation to put oil & gas well records on its cloud via a database called EDWIN. DCNR staffers scan the records that are uploaded. The database and all of the work to populate it is funded with your tax dollars. The data in the EDWIN are critically important to people who are tracking issues related to oil & gas development. They should not have to travel to a DCNR office in Pittsburgh or Middletown or submit requests to receive individual records to avoid paying $5,500 dollars to access public information. One of those people is Laurie Barr, who I have worked with for many years. She doggedly tracks orphaned and abandoned wells in the state. There are hundreds of thousands of those wells dotting the state that have never been plugged and are leaking climate-killing methane unchecked. One academic researcher who toured the state with Laurie called some of the wells she found 'super-emitters' of methane. Laurie has spent her own money on gas, tolls, and hotels to make the 5 hour trip to Pittsburgh just to access the data she should be able to access for free from her home computer. Please sign my petition to tell the DCNR to eliminate the outrageous fees that only serve to restrict access to critically-important public information.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Aquifers Act
    People should join this campaign for change because it presents a paradigm shift, environmentally, for the United States. Currently, our society channels water from every rainfall to be drained away. This causes dehydration of the land withheld water. Every hard surface produces rainwater run-off. These are places where rainfall could previously sink into the ground. We cannot remove every hard surface, like roofs and roads, so we must invest in managing that run-off more naturally to allow more water to soak into the aquifers. One more time, too often too much fresh water or storm water is directed into rivers and waterways before it can soak into the ground. Many of us have seen the pipes that discharge at incredible rates, and still don't seem to be enough to capture our ever-growing hard surface footprint. These pipes must be discharged before the natural environment and given spaces within the cities, towns, and farms to seep into the soils of the landscape. Every town and region will be different based upon rainfall and geologic boundaries. Securing fresh water resources for our environments will then increase the availability of fresh water for human use. Remember the power of the beaver, that is who and what we must encourage and replicate now.
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    Created by Will Pierce
  • DOJ: Investigate the police killing of Jayland Walker
    On June 27, eight officers fired more than 100 shots at Jayland Walker. Over 60 of them struck his body, and he was killed instantly. Currently, the Akron Police Department and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations are examining this horrific incident. We know that Jayland was unarmed when he was killed—despite what police claim, and that his murder fits a pattern of racially-charged killings of Black people by police. Local organizers in Akron, including the Akron NAACP, are calling for an independent investigation led by the Department of Justice. Ohio elected officials must use their platforms to call for a DOJ investigation, as well.
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  • Brittany Griner is facing 10 years for a Vape Pen!?
    Griner is being held in Russia and facing 10 years for something that’s not against the law in America. This situation that has presented itself has long gone unhandled. It was a simple honest mistake, there is no need to be hold that lady in jail for over 130 days for a mind slip. Free Brittany and Free her now!
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    Created by Madlyn Smith
    This amendment bars the use of federal funds for abortion healthcare. This means that medicaid recipients, service members, and young people who are most dependant on federally-funded health services cannot access abortion services through their healthcare plan and are left to find the money and resources to seek out this procedure on their own. For many people, this is equivalent to an abortion ban. This amendment unfairly targets our most vulnerable citizens. Abortion healthcare and bodily autonomy should be a human right, not a luxury that only the privileged can afford. We believe all pregnant people deserve access to abortion healcare regardless of their financial status, and demand that this amendment be excluded from the next federal budget.
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    Created by Katrina Keller
  • It’s time to repeal the 2002 AUMF!
    20 years ago — George W. Bush lied to Congress and received authorization to invade Iraq. It is now 2022 and Congress has left that law on the books and open to misuse. The good news is, right now, we’re as close as we’ve ever been to repealing the Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002. And with your help — we can pressure Congress into repealing the authorization for good. It is dangerous to give presidents the authority to wage war unilaterally. During the final year of the Trump presidency, Donald Trump used the ‘02 AUMF to assassinate General Qasem Soleimani of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps with a targeted drone strike in Iraq. That assassination brought the U.S. dangerously close to an all out war with Iran. It makes no sense to keep this legal authority to wage war against a government that hasn’t existed for 19 years on the books.
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    Created by Stephen Miles Picture
  • Protect Abortion Access in Kansas by Executive Order
    On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) abused their power and overturned Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark decision that declared a federal constitutional right to an abortion, despite recent polls that suggest 85% of American voters believe the procedure should be legal in some or all circumstances. (Source: https://news.gallup.com/poll/1576/abortion.aspx ) As of June 28, 2022, there are 13 states that have enacted trigger bans—bans or laws that were prepared well before the decision was made on June 24, 2022 that would further restrict or ban altogether the constitutional right to abortion. These states include Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, with Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt signing the state's trigger ban law only minutes after the SCOTUS decision, which prohibits most abortions, even in the cases of rape or incest. The full text of the AG opinion letter can be found here: https://ago.mo.gov/docs/default-source/press-releases/22-2022.pdf?sfvrsn=39ffd2d_2 It does not stop there—for a person seeking the procedure, Missouri is the worst place to be in the country right now. Since the trigger ban went into effect, more far-right Republican lawmakers are introducing planned provisions to the law that are extreme and ludicrous. Rep. Mary Elizabeth Coleman, a member of the Missouri House of Representatives from the 97th District, representing parts of Jefferson and St. Louis Counties, has put forth a provision that copies the legal strategy behind the Texas law that would allow private citizens to sue "anyone who helps a Missouri resident obtain an abortion out of State." (Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/03/08/missouri-abortion-ban-texas-supreme-court/)
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    Created by Cassandra Krul
  • Highland Park: Ban military-style assault weapons and high-cap magazines now!
    A Fourth of July neighborhood parade. Another young white man with a military-style semi-automatic assault rifle, who, this time, killed six people and injured 26 more, many of them children. Our scarred hearts are again aching for the victims, their families, and the Highland Park community. There’s no good reason for civilians to own high-capacity magazines and weapons designed for war, especially civilian young men who would barely be considered adults. In the United States, military-style semi-automatic assault weapons are used in the majority of mass shootings, and the majority of mass shooters obtain their deadly weapons legally due to our lax laws. Meanwhile, our overall epidemic of gun violence, of which high-profile mass shootings are only a small fraction, continues to rise. In 2020, the last year with complete data, gun deaths exceeded 45,000, representing a 14% increase from the year before, a 25% increase from five years earlier, and a 43% increase from a decade prior. Tell Congress we need comprehensive gun policy reform now, including a ban on military-style semi-automatic assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and raising the age of gun purchases to 25!
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