• End Qualified Immunity Now!
    “Shoot first and think later.” That’s how Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor describes the doctrine of qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is a rule that protects government officials (including police officers) from facing the consequences when they violate our constitutional rights. This doctrine allows police officers to escape accountability for their misconduct and signals to the public that cops are above the law. In any other job, individuals who cause harm are held accountable for their actions. Police cannot continue to be an exception, especially at the expense of Black lives. The police officers who brutally killed Tyre Nichols were dismissed from their jobs, but that won’t bring Tyre back to his family. And a single action against this group of officers won’t prevent police brutality against more Black and brown communities. Police officers remain unchecked, and will continue to wield their power against other people, as long as they’re seen as “above the law.” One way of taking away their unchecked power is ending qualified immunity.
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  • Record Breaking Profits for Big Oil shows we need a Windfall Profit Tax!
    ExxonMobil just crushed the record for the most profitable year in the history of the ENTIRE western oil industry. They netted $56 billion in profit in 2022!1 The fact that this happened the same year gas prices went through the roof makes it very clear what exactly was going on. The White House has now twice called out the oil industry for price gouging consumers2,3 and it’s time for Congress to respond by passing the Windfall Tax. Sign the petition: We need a Windfall Profits Tax! In 2022, ExxonMobil set a new record for the most profitable year in the history of the western oil industry. ExxonMobil isn’t the only one exploiting consumers, fossil fuel companies across the industry saw historically massive profit margins. The combined industry profit this year is almost $200 billion!4 Instead of investing these massive profits into lowering prices, corporations have been sending it to their shareholders in the form of stock buybacks. This is all a result of disgusting greed and exploitation. The oil industry took advantage of the war in Ukraine and public anxiety around inflation to jack up gas prices. CEOs at ExxonMobil and Shell are drenched in obscene profits while regular working people have been crushed by soaring prices. Congress must pass the Windfall Profits Tax. Sign the petition: We need the Windfall Profits Tax! Big oil corporations have price gouged and profiteered off the War in Ukraine and inflation anxiety. Now they are swimming in record-breaking profits. Windfall Profits Tax, NOW! Sources: 1. Reuters, “Exxon smashes Western oil majors' profits with $56 billion in 2022,” January 31, 2023. 2. The Guardian, “Biden accuses oil companies of ‘war profiteering’ and threatens windfall tax,” October 31, 2022. 3. Reuters, “White House blasts Exxon over historical $56 bln annual profit,” February 1, 2023. 4. Reuters, “Exxon smashes Western oil majors' profits with $56 billion in 2022,” January 31, 2023.
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  • Norfolk Southern: The Ohio Train Derailment can never happen again
    Railroad workers have warned people in power that a disaster of this magnitude could happen without stricter rules and safety measures on trains. We need the Department of Transportation to take this seriously and force companies to use braking technology that will save lives. Right now, most train companies, including the Norfolk Southern train that derailed in Ohio, use braking technology from the Civil War (yes you read that correctly). The evacuation order was lifted last week and residents have been returning. But since then, there’s been a growing number of reports about people experiencing a burning sensation in their eyes, and animals rapidly falling ill in East Palestine. It could happen to any of us, as trains carrying these chemicals and freight ride past our communities and cities daily. We need to make the right investments to save human lives and protect workers. Photo Credit: MSNBC News
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  • Change the Kansas City Football Team’s Racist Name and Imagery
    There is a history of racist images, names, and tropes around sports teams—and fortunately, team after team is recognizing that and changing its ways. Football's Washington Commanders and baseball's Cleveland Guardians are two recent examples of major sports teams listening to fans and Native people, finally recognizing that they needed to change their names, imagery, and culture—doing so successfully. It's time for Kansas City—with a team of stellar athletes heading to the Super Bowl—to do the same. Native people are not mascots, they are people and are still here. The Kansas City team knows it has a problem. Over recent years, it has adjusted its imagery, banned fans from donning war paint, and tried to stifle "war chants" in their stadium in their efforts to confront racist, misinformed, and offensive stereotypes. Yet these behaviors persist, amplifying the harm, oppression, and intergenerational trauma they cause. Leaders, historians, psychologists, and social scientists have concluded that “Native mascots are part of a much larger web of phenomena that contribute to oppression faced by Native Americans and thus it seems clear that these mascots should be eliminated.” That’s why it’s so important to consult Native leaders and organizations who have been at the forefront of these fights. Kansas City has a rich and diverse history—and now it has a nationally-recognized football team. Words have power. Symbols have power. All racist imagery—the team's name, logo, culture and rituals—must be changed to show respect for Native peoples. It's time to stop this racist cultural appropriation by sports teams.
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  • Support the Increase of Status & Visas for Hazara Refugees
    For decades, the Hazara population has faced ethnic cleansing, systematic persecution, and unspeakable acts of violence in Afghanistan stemming from discriminatory beliefs against their religion and ethnicity. With such great risk to their lives and personal safety, large numbers of Hazaras are fleeing from Afghanistan with refugee status to seek security from these life-threatening dangers. As a refugee, the right to international protection is one they reserve. While measures have been taken to enforce this refugee status and their rights as refugees, further progress is necessary to ensure the safety of the Hazara community. Due to the nature of the relationship between Afghanistan and the United States, the US remains a key player responsible for defending the rights of Hazaras. The US has held diplomatic relations with Afghanistan for decades now. With the removal of US troops from Afghanistan in recent years, the Hazaras are at an extreme risk under the reinstated Taliban rule making it more imperative than ever to take steps toward ensuring protection to the Hazara population in the United States. This campaign is ultimately advocating for the increase of visas for Hazara refugees in the United States by lobbying for the classification of Hazaras as a vulnerable population. Limited access to visas are forcing Hazaras to undertake dangerous journeys to other countries, live in overcrowded refugee camps for years, or stay in Afghanistan where their right to a safe life is not protected. By upgrading the severity of refugee status for the Hazara population and raising awareness about the unjust treatment they have faced for years, Hazaras’ right to a safe life is better protected. This upgrade will require bipartisan Ohio government support stemming directly from the traction created by the signatures on this petition. This campaign is committed to protecting the basic human rights of the Hazara population and the advocacy for dignity regardless of background; thank you for your support.
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  • Disqualify Donald Trump in Washington, DC
    Donald Trump and his associates planned, promoted, and paid for a criminal conspiracy that became the January 6 insurrection. According to the U.S. Constitution, that disqualifies him from ever holding office again. Section three of the Fourteenth Amendment, the “insurrection clause,” makes clear that anyone who engaged in attempting to violently overthrow the US government after swearing an oath to protect it is barred from being given that responsibility again. In 2022, a New Mexico county commissioner who was at the January 6 insurrection was kicked out of office when a state court ruled that the insurrection clause barred him from office. And other courts upheld that the insurrection clause was relevant to members of congress, including MAGA Republican Madison Cawthorn, who spoke at Trump's rally on January 6. It applies just as well to people seeking the Oval Office. We need to fight back even harder to hold Trump accountable for his actions to damage our democracy—actions that continue today and are focused on laying the groundwork for his next coup to place him in the White House in 2024 no matter the will of the voters. State elections officials already have the authority and responsibility to bar him from the ballot. And Congress can back them up by passing legislation barring Trump from office under the Fourteenth amendment. Will you sign the petition today to join the fight to disqualify Trump from holding public office and help disrupt plans by Trump and his allies for his next coup in 2024? See the 50 other petitions across the country here: https://sign.moveon.org/efforts/disqualify-trump Sources: 1. “The Jan. 6 Hearings Are Over. These 3 Things Must Happen Now.”, The New York Times, October 14, 2022 https://www.nytimes.com/2022/10/14/opinion/january-6-committee-trump.html 2. “How the 14th Amendment Could Disqualify Trump and His Allies,“ Democracy Docket, June 6, 2022 https://www.democracydocket.com/analysis/how-the-14th-amendment-could-disqualify-trump-and-his-allies/ 3. "New Mexico removes, bars Couy Griffin from public office," KRQE News, September 6, 2022 https://www.krqe.com/news/politics-government/new-mexico-judge-removes-bars-couy-griffin-from-elected-office/
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  • Stop Florida's high school menstrual period reporting rule
    The Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) is about to vote on an outrageous proposal to require all female high school athletes to report detailed information about their menstrual periods to their school administrators in order to play. Florida is home to an abortion ban and a law against transgender athletes playing on public school teams. Forcing girls to share detailed menstrual information puts them in danger, full stop. Four members of the FHSAA are appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis and his education commissioner, and just two of 16 members are women. We're calling on them to reject the mandatory period reporting rule for high school athletes.
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  • Stop the MAGA BILL MILL bills in Kansas
    Regardless of your political party, we have to unite against this extremism. These bills presented and pushed by these outsiders are hurting Kansans. The 802 Self Evident Truths: 1. Public education is key to an educated public. 2. Science is real. 3. Equal access to healthcare is vital to healthy communities. 4. Treaties shall be honored, and no human is illegal. 5. We will end gun violence. 6. Black Lives Matter. 7. Love is love, and pronouns will be respected. 8. All voices deserve to be heard.
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  • Fire Donald Trump's handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy
    Donald Trump’s handpicked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy said the USPS would be “better off” without the Postal Regulatory Commission. That’s right – he’s not content with trying to destroy our United States Postal Service with rate hikes and service cuts. Now, he wants to destroy one of the last safeguards in place meant to stop schemes exactly like the one he is trying to carry out! It’s no wonder DeJoy hates oversight – he’s spent his tenure trying to GUT this longstanding public service by hiking postage prices, slowing down first-class mail delivery, and more. He’s got to go – and President Biden can make that happen today. Sign our petition: President Biden must act now and nominate members to the USPS Board of Governors who will oust DeJoy and save our Post Office.
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  • Pass the CLEAN Act for ethics in Congress
    The Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) is an independent House ethics watchdog that Common Cause and others worked to create in 2008. It helped clean up corruption and make sure members of Congress were playing by the rules. But right now, there’s no law permanently establishing this office. It only exists in the House rules package – and has to be reauthorized every two years as new House members are elected. It also doesn’t have subpoena power – limiting its ability to enforce any ethical standards. The House Republicans’ rules package attempted to weaken this office. But our elected officials cannot play both judge and jury when investigating charges against their own colleagues. Without an internal, independent watchdog enforcing ethics, politicians could simply choose to look the other way – and expect their friends to do the same for them. The CLEAN Act would codify this office into law – strengthening the OCE and giving it real power to investigate and enforce consequences for misconduct.
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  • Make Insulin Affordable for Everyone NOW!
    Insulin is a life-saving medication that millions of Americans depend on. But because of Republicans giving into corporate greed, this medication is unaffordable for too many people. Too often, this results in people rationing their usage at the expense of their health. Nearly one million of all people who need insulin spend almost half of their income on this medication. And almost 80% of all insulin users have gone into debt to pay for it. No one should have to shoulder this extreme financial burden, especially for something that costs so little to actually produce. Democrats tried to pass universal insulin price caps through the Inflation Reduction Act last year but Republicans blocked this from becoming a reality. The policy was scaled back to cap insulin at $35 a month for people on Medicare, which was an important step but not enough. During the 2023 State of the Union address, President Biden called for Congress to finish the job and pass universal insulin price caps for all Americans. It’s time for Congress to side with working people and make insulin affordable for everyone who uses it. Photo credit: https://twitter.com/CoriBush/status/1634199566974087173/photo/1
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  • Help students with Autism receive the services they need
    Children are being denied medically necessary services in school settings. Children with Autism also face numerous challenges and ABA therapy in school often times are denied. The fact remains that children with Autism who need ABA therapy often times go without therapy or have to complete reduced hours due to conflicts with school. ABA therapy in school can help to remove behavioral health barriers, increase social and emotional relationships and can lead to life long educational and social relationships and can also lead to reduced medical costs. Please help us to tell school board members in Colorado that these services are vital and the policies crafted should reflect the needs of our student population.
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