• Culture day at WBHS
    Willowbrook Highschool is a diverse school where culture day will be a fun way to embrace one’s culture and to show the diversity! Let’s make this happen! Please sign the petition to have Culture day at WBHS.
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    Created by Aafreen Ahmed
  • WBHS needs to have a day off on Eid
    There are many reasons why there should be no school on “Eid”. One of them is that it is a religious holiday that is celebrated every year among Muslims. Secondly, Muslim students are constantly absent every year on the day of “Eid” whereas there should not be a school day on that particular day in the first place. Please sign the petition for no school on “Eid” for WBHS.
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    Created by Aafreen Ahmed
  • Stand Up for Restorative Justice
    Our nation, our state, and our city have a crime and incarceration problem. The US incarcerates a higher fraction of our population than any other country of the world. Yet, this incarceration practice is expensive, traumatizing, and ineffective. For example, the re-arrest and re-incarceration rate (recidivism rate) is extremely high at 70 to 80 %. The underlying cause of this cycle of crime is the epidemic of trauma. More than 2/3 of us have experienced trauma, and research shows that trauma heightens our fight, flight, and freeze responses, leading to more crime and trauma. We need trauma-informed justice. This is why Connection First has developed the Connection First Restorative Justice Program (Plan). What is RJ? It is an evidence-based framework that helps to heal the societal wounds of trauma. RJ brings together those that caused the harm with those who received the harm to ask: What happened? Who was impacted? What needs were not being met during the harm? How can the harm be repaired? How can we avoid future harm? Connection First has partnered with law enforcement, the public defender, and state attorney to develop an RJ program for Leon County and Tallahassee. For more information, visit our website at https://www.connectionfirst.org, or watch this youtube video: https://youtu.be/c2UcW9fzac4 Along with law enforcement and the judicial system, citizens share in the responsibility of maintaining safety and peace. To this end, Connection First proposes to split the funding in three ways: 1/3 from the county, 1/3 from the city, and 1/3 raised by citizens. This division will ensure that no one entity has sole power over the RJ process.
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    Created by Jeremiah Murphy
  • Save Social Security
    Social Security is paying more than 50 million Americans more money than it takes in through the current payroll tax. Last year, the system's trustees announced that the trust fund would run out of money in 2033, a full year before previously projected. When that happens, Social Security recipients will see their monthly checks cut by about 25 percent and millions of elderly people will fall into poverty. This massive reduction in income for millions of elderly people will have a terrible impact on the economy and disastrous consequences for those who rely on Social Security to survive, but it does not have to happen. Brian Varela and others have proposed a way to save Social Security by eliminating the cap on contributions, which is $147,000 in 2022. If we 'scrap the cap' then revenue would rise by about 50 percent and the Social Security system would remain solvent forever. The economic influence would be minimal since it would impose on the richest Americans the same small tax that is already paid on the first dollar earned by almost every working American. Sign now to let Brian Varela know you support his plan to save Social Security and tell Congress to 'scrap the cap' before the system goes broke.
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    Created by Kathy Campbell
  • YouTube needs to drop Fox News!
    Fox News' #1-rated host Tucker Carlson regularly breaks a million views on YouTube, where racist and sexist disinformation is readily available to young people. Ninety-five percent of 18- to 29-year-old users are on YouTube, and more than a third of them binge-watch videos on the platform daily. Worse, YouTube videos are easily shareable, ensuring that Carlson's vitriol is spread all over social media. Carlson's most recent offensive statements include dismissing Russia's war on Ukraine as a mere "border dispute" and making racist attacks against Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, President Joe Biden's Supreme Court nominee. Enough is enough!
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    Created by UltraViolet Shaunna Thomas
  • Save the Post Office! Investigate Postmaster DeJoy
    Reports indicate that DeJoy may have broken federal conflicts of interest law in how he handled the at-home COVID-19 test distribution program that the USPS administered beginning last year. The program was one of the largest-scale disaster relief projects in the history of USPS, and DeJoy was “intensely involved” in its rollout. Since January, the federal government has awarded one company, Abbott Laboratories, a billion-plus dollar contract for supplying the COVID tests. Guess what? Louis DeJoy is a stockholder in that company — and records show he was actively trading Abbott stock as the deal was being negotiated. If DeJoy did in fact make Abbott stock trades while administering the test distribution program, that’d be illegal. We need an investigation to make sure DeJoy is held accountable! DeJoy’s self-dealing must be stopped now. It’s no secret that the American people have already suffered considerably from DeJoy prioritizing his personal profits over the public interest. We demand a full investigation immediately!
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Global vaccine justice now!
    The US is denying COVID-19 aid at a dire moment: in many low-income countries, only about 15 percent of the population has received at least one vaccine dose. As Rep. Pramila Jayapal wrote on Twitter, “Without global vaccination funding, we are simply not tackling the problem of COVID.” We can’t let Big Pharma corporations sabotage global pandemic recovery any longer. The US is failing the global community by coming up short in doing its part to stop the spread of COVID-19.It’s fallen behind on delivering vaccines it previously promised to developing nations; now, it’s stopped funding such programs altogether. Worst of all, the US has failed to take a global active role in tearing down the legal barriers that are absurdly preventing the globe from reaching COVID resiliency. Luckily, the World Health Organization (WHO) is finally considering the TRIPS waiver, a global agreement to make it easier to access COVID-19 vaccines worldwide right now. We need to make sure that deal is a good one. That means including life-saving COVID-19 tests and treatments, along with vaccines. The WHO must stop acting on behalf of corporate interests and perpetuating artificial scarcity at the expense of human life!
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    Created by Demand Progress
  • Knox Community High School Soccer Team
    The starke county youth soccer league is a great opportunity for kids to get out and have fun playing a sport with friends. This youth league starts young and allows the kids to get very good at the sport. However, the sport stops after 8th grade which does not allow the kids the opportunities of playing in high school and maybe even some into college. Often times these kids lose friends that they have known most of their life as they no longer play sports together.
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    Created by Jesse Godines
  • The Climate Crisis is Here: Tell President Joe Biden to Declare a Climate Emergency!
    Climate scientists and organizers have been sounding the alarm on the climate crisis for years. The latest findings from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) tell us that regardless of what we do now, temperatures will still rise globally. But, we still have time to mitigate damage to our most vulnerable communities by using the full power of the government to tackle the climate crisis head on. Fossil fuel CEOs are set to make near-historic profits this year2, while working people have been navigating everyday life between a deadly pandemic—made worse by the Trump administration—unemployment and the worst effects of this crisis, from a record-breaking wildfire and hurricane season. Scientists have told us exactly what we need to do to mitigate this crisis, but will we listen and respond? Now is the time for President Joe Biden and his administration to make change for working people across the country and declare a climate emergency.
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    Created by Nakia Stephens
  • Save our Green Space, Sky and Light in Royal Oak Neighborhoods
    We have seen the de-forestation of Forest Avenue over the past several years. I am a 22 year long resident on Forest Avenue. We are losing our Canopy of trees. Many of us moved here to this street specifically for the canopy of mature trees. These trees not only add beauty and uplift our spirits, but they provide shade for our homes and yards that enable us to enjoy living in a neighborhood that values nature and supports a healthy environment. If these variances which are extreme - are allowed - this sets the precident that others will follow. The property of 801 N. Alexander is on the corner of Forest Avenue. The variances ask for waiving of 16.6 ft of the required 25 setback from Forest Ave. That is more than HALF the required setback they asking to be waived. These are the remaining FIVE variances they are also asking the city to waive: • 2 feet of the Maximum height of 30 feet, • 5 feet of the minimum 35 feet setback on N. Alexander • 3.4% (190 sq ft) of maximum allowable lot coverage of 10% for an accessory structure/garage • 493 sq ft. of the maximum allowable total lot coverage of 1800 Sq. ft. • 4 ft of the maximum allowable driveway width of 25 along Forest Ave. This is pure greed, without any consideration of how this structure will impact those who live nearby, or the precident this sets for future homes. The builders who come into our city - don't value Trees, They don't value clean air, they only value money. They have been welcomed to come to our city, to our street and to kill our lovely trees, to obstruct our sunlight and to create a concrete community. A beautiful one hundred plus year old pine was taken down from 801 N. Alexander and a second healthy mature tree destroyed from the property as well, so that the builders maximixe the footprint of the structure and also the skyline. This needs to stop. Say No to the approval of these Variances. Say Yes to preserving Green Spaces, Trees and Sunlight.
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    Created by Abby Bechek Durga Devi
  • Let's stop the trend towards the school to prison pipeline
    Our purpose is to inform and to promote social change within our education system. We want to focus on the structure first, where the students develop and learn different behaviors and attitudes. This is a vulnerable and important time for students so, we want to advocate for better staff development and implementation of non discriminatory practice in schools. We are advocating towards mental health and trauma-informed practices to be put into schools nationwide. The students need support, not to be reprimanded unfairly with punishment.
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    Created by Laia-Grace Lim
  • Keep Kuilema
    Calvin University cannot fire Professor Kuilema over his support for marginalized communities. Professor Kuilema has shown time and time again that he is an excellent faculty member by caring for his students, and teaching them to think critically about the world around them. To fail to reappoint Professor Kuilema over his involvement in a queer wedding would be unfair and unjust to not only him, but the Calvin University community as a whole. This petition was created by Calvin University alum, Nicole Sweda, and current Calvin University student, Isaac Seiler.
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    Created by Nicole Sweda