• The requirements for formal NEED to change
    This is important due to the fact that the new requirements on the permission slip were dropped on the students with little to no warning.
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    Created by Charlie Brown
    It may be just an account to some of you, but to most of us who share our work, our art, and our TIME into these platforms as hobbies and ways to get away from life, we shouldn't be struggling just to get a WORD from some body behind Instagram. This needs to change. Terms need to change, because what would Instagram have left? Users running from their platform in hopes of better service.
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    Created by Hiba Soudane
  • More Lights For Davis
    Not only is it a matter of personal, physical, and general safety at night, Davis is unofficially known as the bike capital of the world. With so many bike and bus lanes in a small congested town, it is important to have adequate lighting to maintain the safety of both the students and the people of Davis. It is important to also keep in mind the effects added lighting can have on the environment. This petition will also ask for efficient methods when implementing more lights through the use of LEDs and other methods.
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    Created by Genna Weinstein
  • Uniform removal in Springfield public schools
    It’s important because students cannot be themselves or express themselves with uniform, students cannot be comfortable in school because of uniform as well. Uniform does not have to do with education at all, students behavior is the reason why there is uniform, it’d be better to consequence the student instead of making uniform for the whole city. Almost every student could agree that uniform is unnecessary and spending money on it every year is not needed.
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    Created by Davion Pagan
  • Bring Back Georgia Gold at KFC
    Because it was the best sauce that KFC has ever had, and it brought so much joy and happiness to the people.
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    Created by Kim O
  • Stop Betsy DeVos’ attack on scammed students
    Time and again, Betsy DeVos has shown just how determined she is to help her friends who run predatory for-profit colleges, no matter the cost to the students she is supposed to protect. Last year was no exception, as the Department of Education released a new regulation that would further hurt students already defrauded by for-profit colleges. The decades-old “borrower defense to repayment” rule is meant to cancel the student loans of student borrowers who have been defrauded by their colleges. The Obama administration updated and formalized this process in a 2016 rule. But when DeVos became secretary of education, she set out to undo it. And that’s not all: she is currently being held in contempt of court for continuing to collect on the debt of students whose debts are supposed to have been cancelled already. Instead of supporting students, DeVos has attacked defrauded borrowers, limiting their loan forgiveness by millions of dollars, and allowing schools to use the forced arbitration “ripoff clause” in their contracts, which bars them from having their day in court if their school breaks the law. For many affected students—so many of whom are veterans, first-generation college students, and people of color—it’s a double whammy: not only are their finances and careers wrecked by having worthless degrees, they have no way to seek justice because DeVos has changed the rules to stack the deck against them. DeVos’ rewrite puts the burden of proof on individual borrowers,, a tactic meant to make it harder for borrowers to win their money back even when they have been ripped off, and to stop people fighting back together. DeVos’ version of the rule would force hundreds of thousands of students defrauded by for-profit colleges to suffer yet another injustice. But Congress could stop her! Congress is poised to vote on whether the DeVos rule should be repealed. It’s time for Congress to stand up for students and reject Betsy DeVos’ gifts to abusive for profit schools at the expense of students. Tell your lawmakers to vote to repeal the DeVos borrower defense rule, by supporting H.J.Res. 76 and S.J.Res. 56.
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    Created by Americans for Financial Reform Picture
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    Created by Rylee Corey
    Our current jerseys are awful.
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    Created by Justin Jones
  • Reopen House Impeachment Proceedings
    The American public are entitled to know the facts.
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    Created by Robert Sanford
  • Let's Stop Bullying
    This is important to me because my brother got bullied at our old school for years and nobody did anything about it, not even the teachers standing right there! Not all teachers are like this. Some genuinely don't know about or see bullying happening. So, I feel like teachers should keep a better eye on students. Also, the students around did nothing either. It makes you just as bad as the bully if you see bullying occurring but don't do anything about it.
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    Created by Morgan Tanner
  • Bring back Chad Grace!
    We need Chad back. His enthusiasm, his passion and his heart are missed. USA BMX, do the right thing!
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    Created by Some Guy
  • Do You Hear The People Sing? (WHS)
    The reasoning for this being important is to signify that Warwick truly does care about its students thoughts.
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    Created by Angel Rodriguez