• Amazon: Let kids access books!
    Amazon controls the majority of America’s book distribution but fails to do what every other major publisher does: sell e-books and audiobooks to public libraries where kids can access them for free on apps. Amazon doesn’t just sell books, it publishes them -- including thousands of books for kids and teens and many award-winning titles. However, Amazon has refused to sell any of their e-books or audiobooks to public libraries. Shame on Amazon for undermining libraries in order to sell more books. Amazon has raked in hundreds of billions during the pandemic, with CEO Jeff Bezos 80% richer than he was a year ago! To put it mildly, the pandemic has been a windfall for this company and its CEO. Children, on the other hand, have had school and their entire lives shut down. They need access to books more than ever. Tell Amazon to stop stonewalling America’s libraries and give kids access to books
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    Created by Justin Ruben
  • SBA: Change the Rules for 2nd Round Self-Employed PPP Loans - Make the New Rules Retroactive
    The rule change is a huge benefit for self-employed people. They can now use their gross income from their Schedule C to determine the final loan amount in the 2nd round of PPP funding. However, not allowing for the rule change to be retroactive to those who already received their 2nd round money is absolutely unfair. This decision is affecting tens of thousands of self-employed people whose only mistake was to apply and receive their 2nd round of PPP money before the rule change. A CNBC article: "How just a few days cost some small businesses thousands on their PPP forgivable loans explains the issue thoroughly.
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    Created by Allen Sayble
  • Mejoras a Parques La Villa de Torrimar
    Nuestros hijos disfrutan jugando y compartiendo todos los días en los parques de la Urbanización, y los consideramos una de las cosas que más nos gusta de nuestra comunidad. Los parques se han convertido en un punto de encuentro para nosotros, un lugar donde nuestros hijos crean nuevas amistades y muchísimas memorias. Ahora durante la pandemia, las breves salidas al parque son quizás el único entretenimiento que podemos ofrecerle a nuestros hijos. Queremos un lugar donde nuestros hijos estén seguros y disfruten.
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    Created by Marileana Soto
  • Anti-Lynching Legislation
    We call to replace or alter the seal due to problems over the imagery, and most notably by modern day connections of lynchings to the African American community. The noose disrespects thousands of African Americans that where lynched and is becoming more and more of a symbol of violence against black people.
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    Created by Andrea Jones
  • Keep Smiley Road Closed
    If we allow this traffic will increase through our quiet neighborhood. Non Glenaire residents will begin using the street access and our once quiet neighborhood will become a busy thoroughfare.
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    Created by Alli Bowers
  • U.S. Senate: After Atlanta, fight racism and gun violence and pass universal background checks!
    The Atlanta mass shooting that resulted in the death of eight people -- six of whom were Asian American women -- again proves that Americans can no longer wait for action against gun violence and hate. In 2020 alone, as though the pandemic weren't already too much to bear, gun violence rose dramatically with over 19,000 people killed in shootings and firearm-related incidents. Tragically, who is harmed by gun violence has long been determined by race, ethnicity, or gender. Asian American women -- and everyone -- deserve to feel safe. While we mourn the Atlanta shootings, we must also fight the explosive combination of guns, racism, and misogyny to reduce the likelihood of such tragedies ever happening again. The U.S. House recently passed gun legislation to tighten up background checks on gun sales, and now it’s up to the U.S. Senate to turn it into law. Tell the U.S. Senate to act against gun violence now and pass universal background checks.
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    Created by Gloria, MomsRising Picture
  • Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers King County
    Because everyday that we leave work we do not know if that is the day we are bringing this deadly disease. We do not know if it is going to kill us or one of our family members. We are tired we get cussed at daily because we are out of a product. Some of my fellow workers are going to loose their homes because they do not have enough money to cover rent because they are having to pay for child care because our children are not in school. We need help so please pass this around so we can take this back to the city council Thanks for your time please share
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    Created by Lindsay Young
  • We are the ones
    This is an unorthodox petition we're asking Pennsylvanians to sign. It comes in the wake of the decision of the Delaware River Basin Commission to vote to ban fracking in the basin. Governor Wolf is among the Commissioners who say in their resolution that they looked at the science and the on-the-ground impacts and concluded fracking is too dangerous to allow in the basin. When they looked at the science, they were looking data points that very often represent Pennsylvanians. When they looked at on-the-ground impacts, they were looking at the the impacts many Pennsylvanians are experiencing. We believe there should be no sacrifice zones. If fracking is too dangerous for those of us in the Delaware River Basin, it's too dangerous for Pennsylvanians everywhere. Signers' names of this petition will be delivered along with a letter containing the petition text we're delivering to Governor Wolf on April 13. It's not just the format of the letter that is out of the ordinary. We're asking people to sign with a brief description of the shale gas activities in their area and/or the impacts they have experienced. For those in areas of the state unaffected by fracking, we're asking them to add In Solidarity to their signatures. Please add your descriptions or statements of solidarity in the comments section so your signatures follow the same basic format of those of the signers of the letter.
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    Created by Karen Feridun
  • Join Senator Warnock! Win the Future for Our Children and Democracy!
    I present this petition as President and Co-Founder of ButterflyPAC, a super PAC that advocates to end poverty and hunger. We agree with Charles Blow who writes, "We are witnessing attempts to use poverty and disadvantage as tools to silence voices. It is a further dehumanizing and delegitimizing of the poor." That is why we are advocating for passage of the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. The For the People Act will: • Expand voting rights; • Change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics; • Limit partisan gerrymandering; and • Create new ethics rules for federal officeholders. The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act: • Establishes a targeted process for reviewing voting changes in jurisdictions nationwide, focused on measures that have historically been used to discriminate against voters; • Allows a federal court to order states or jurisdictions to be covered for results-based violations, where the effect of a particular voting measure (including voter ID laws) is to lead to racial discrimination in voting and to deny citizens their right to vote; • Increases transparency by requiring reasonable public notice for voting changes; • Allows the Attorney General authority to request federal observers be present anywhere in the country where there is a serious threat of racial discrimination in voting; • Revises and tailors the preliminary injunction standard for voting rights actions to recognize that there will be cases where there is a need for immediate preliminary relief; • Increases accessibility and protections for Native American and Alaska Native voters. Senator Warnock stated at the end of his speech, just before he received a rare standing ovation from those in the Senate Chamber, “As a man of faith, I believe that democracy is a political enactment of a spiritual idea – the sacred worth of all human beings, the notion that we all have within us a spark of the divine and the right to participate in the shaping of our destiny. Reinhold Niebuhr was right. Humanity's capacity for justice makes democracy possible, but humanity's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary.” We could not agree more.
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    Created by A.J. Wagner
    “Makaha Surfing Beach and must be preserved and protected. Any new bridge or roadwork on Farrington Highway at or near the beach should incorporate the community's preferred mauka route to the north and northwest of Makaha Beach Park as depicted on the master plan for the Makaha Beach Park dated May 24, 1999. If the current bridges are rebuilt as planned at their current location, such an investment would jeopardize the preferred mauka reroute and the Makaha Beach Park project until these new bridges need replacement 70-100 years from now. It is extremely unlikely that anyone would be willing to tear them down for many years from now to build the mauka route and park the community has voiced its concerns for since the mid-1980s. If the current Makaha Bridges replacement project proceeds as planned, the placing of the PROJECT's temporary bypass road on the makai side of Farrington highway will place the Makaha Beach ecosystem in immediate peril, especially if the "five-year flood level standard" temporary bridges are washed into the bay by inland flooding or ocean surge. If the mauka route is constructed, there will be no need to construct a temporary bypass route because the current route would be fully available. The existing bridges have been recently repaired and reinforced by the State DOT; there are no posted limititations on either of the bridges, they have withstood multiple 100 year floods (including the most recent in 2008). These bridges should last many years, giving plenty of time for the State DOT to reevaluate alternative #4 (the mauka route) and modify the current design to accommodate the community's needs and desires
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    Created by A N
  • Save Mākaha Beach
    It's important to stop this project as this project creates more hazards to the community such as pedestrian safety, how will DOT ensure the safety of our Keiki when they walk to Mākaha Beach with a two-year construction site during the day and night? How are they suppose to walk through ditches while cars bypass them? With no Bikeways in place it doesn't contribute to Hawaii Transportation System, how are bicyclists suppose to train and or exercise? There is also a desire to restore ancient marshlands (muliwai) a culturally significant area where Ohana's are meant to come malama and gather, it'll be an outdoor classroom for all; if the water is restored we could raise fish to conserve the environment and reintroduce some endemic to this area which is O'opu, 'Ōpae, Anae, HawaiianDamselfly and other natural resources that are impacted by Kili Drive and the two bridges currently standing. The Master Plan is a much safer and smarter choice as it will take the bridges out of the flood zone and keep us safe from high surf, climate change, natural disasters, and the natural effects of beach erosion. It will also take away this straightaway route that is known for speeding and a lot of drunk driving, it'll also showcase the beauty of Mākaha with a more scenic route.
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    Created by Carmen Guzman-Simpliciano
  • Remove Jay Baker
    Trust for law enforcement is polarizing (at best) and at a dangerously low level among people of color. For a public information officer to so flippantly defend an admitted murderer in the court of public opinion is abhorrent.
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    Created by Kai Y.