• Demand for the Resignation of DHS Acting Secretary Wolfe
    The freedom to assemble in the United States is a fundamental right protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, part of the Bill of Rights, and by the constitutions of most U.S. states.
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    Created by Concerned Social Workers
  • Covid-19 Contact Tracing and Testing
    We need to get the virus under control with proper tools in place. Other countries have mobile telephone apps to assist Contact Tracers in targeting infected people and groups. We are way behind in the US and particularly in Florida. We need to demand better services so that we can resume our lives and build the economy. This should be Federally mandated but if all States take action, we will be in a better place more quickly.
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    Created by Michele Amowitz
  • L & I implements SSB 6245 Language Access Providers WITHOUT A COLLECTIVE BARGAINING UNIT
    On July 22, 2020, the Department of Labor & Industries announced the launch of a new spoken language interpreting scheduling system with Interpreting Works starting in Fall 2020. The Department of Labor & Industries is requesting that all interpreters enroll now. This is a real-time listing of available interpreting jobs located in proximity, accessible through mobile devices or a home PC. It also syncs jobs assignments with calendars and provides electronic invoicing for PROMPT PAYMENT. Who is responsible for paying the Language Access Providers? The Department of Labor & Industries or Interpreting Works? Under RCW 41.56.113 (2) “This Subsection (2) applies only if the state does not make the payments directly to the language access provider. Upon the authorization of a language access provider within THE BARGAINING UNIT and after CERTIFICATION or RECOGNITION of the BARGAINING UNIT’S exclusive bargaining representative, the state SHALL require through its contracts with third parties that” a. The payment of monthly union dues as certified by the secretary of the exclusive bargaining representative be deducted from the payments to the language access provider and transmitted to the treasure of the exclusive bargaining representative. Labor & Industries is implementing SSB 6245 affecting language access providers without a Collective Bargaining Unit in place. The state of Washington introduced a House Bill 2691 as amended by the Senate in the 2020 regular session relating Collective Bargaining for Language Access Providers, Approved by Governor Inslee on April 2, 2020. This amendment gives the right to language access providers from the Department of Labor & Industries under RCW 41.56.030 to have a “Bargaining Representative” for collective bargaining to a lawful organization. The Scope of collective bargaining for language access providers is limited solely to: 1. Economic Compensation such as the manner and rate of payments, including tiered payments. 2. Professional development and training. 3. Labor-management committees. 4. Grievance procedures. 5. Health and welfare benefits; and other economic matters. The “Exclusive Bargaining Representative” of language access providers in the unit specified in (a) of this subsection shall be representative CHOSEN IN AN ELECTION conducted pursuant to RCW 41.56.070. Governor Inslee, Interpreters Rising is a labor movement organization that encourages the practice to have a collective bargaining unit, the practice to organize, the practice to unionize. The Department of Labor & Industries is acting unilaterally without a bargaining representative to represent language access providers. Such action constitutes a violation of our labor rights. Due to the unprecedented nature of the Coronavirus Pandemic Crisis, Labor Organizations have not been allowed to hold group campaigns or union card signing events as we are observing and adhering to social distancing guidelines set forth by your office. However, Labor & Industries Language Access Providers deserve the freedom to choose their representative by election. The right to fair working conditions, and the right to Unionize! We are calling on you to please take prompt action and delay SSB 6245 from taking effect until June 30, 2021.
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    Created by Interpreters Rising
  • Support essential workers by giving them school options
    As essential workers are demanded to show up to work and support the society's needs in the midst of a pandemic, they will need to arrange for childcare and tutors to enable their children's education and safety (both of which are legal requirements). For single-parent families of essential workers, many of whom are low income, virtual-only instruction is a sentence to oversized debt (if available), poor financial state, and even bankruptcy. For two-parent households, virtual-only instruction forces essential workers’ spouses to drop out of work, lose half of the household’s income and go into significant debt due to unexpected childcare costs. A virtual-only school plan is in effect challenging essential workers to choose between being good citizens and essential members of their communities and meeting the basic needs of shelter and food as well as the educational and emotional needs of their children. It asks essential workers to disproportionately bear the burden of the pandemic, and to do so twice: first, at a personal safety level, by being willing to make the ultimate sacrifice as they enter the workplace, risk being potentially infected with the COVID-19 virus and die, at no fault of their own; second, at a financial level, by making financial and career sacrifices to accommodate a virtual-only instruction and afford their children the learning and safety they deserve. These are unjust, cruel, and un-American options that essential workers, who have carried the society’s healthcare burden on their backs, are presented with to ensure the safety of their children and their educational advancements, as well as provide essential services to their communities. Through this petition, we urge the State of Michigan, the Ann Arbor Public Schools, and the community to support essential workers beyond lip service and front-yard signs at a time when essential workers need it most and the society needs them most.
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    Created by Adina Robinson
  • In Support of U.S. Mayors
    Our Constitution is being ignored. An authoritarian, nondemocratic order of life in America is being prepared just before the election. This threatens the concept of democratic elections
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    Created by Claude Phipps
  • Let the House vote on AOC's Amendment to Ban Military Recruiting In Esports & Video Games
    The US Military has been using esports and live-streaming recruiters playing video games on sites like Twitch.tv to recruit. Military recruiters from the Army, Navy and Air Force pose as “esports athletes” and hang out with young children with the ultimate objective of increasing recruitment. The military collectively spends millions on promotions for these recruiting efforts, with some single-site or single-org partnerships exceeding millions. On Twitch, there are no meaningful safeguards to restrict the military from using and exploiting these parasocial relationships with people under 16. Recruiters often use video game tournaments in schools as recruiting mechanisms to target children as well. Additionally, recruiters take advantage of the poor seeking steady income, the vulnerable longing for stability, and the undocumented living in fear because of their citizenship status. Now, at a time when all those factors are magnified by a pandemic that has left half the country out of work and over 30 percent unable to afford their housing payments, conditions are ripe for recruiters to prey on anxious youth. They abused this dynamic by employing murky “giveaways” until Twitch recently told them to stop.
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    Created by Jordan Uhl
  • Judge Michael W Mosman DO THE RIGHT THING and Protect Protestors for BLM
    So that we still have a Democracy and have laws protecting protestors and press and not fall into an authoritarian regime and fascism. Thanks so much, Mateo Zapata Zachai
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    Created by Mateo Zachai
  • Change the Name of San Diego's Lindbergh Field
    Mr. Lindbergh contributed to the US not entering WWII soon enough. He said the Jews were one of three current world problems. He also said one thing people couldn't discuss was the 'Jewish problem.' A city that wants to appear accepting, wants socially conscious businesses to be founded or re-locate there, and wants to tackle hate doesn't welcome people to their environs via Mr. Lindbergh. As to their rationale that Lindbergh did x, y, and z, Germany created the first jet. Does that mean we ignore everything else they did back then? Dr. Mengele might have had redeeming qualities. I wouldn't suggest pointing that out.
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    Created by Marc Feldstein
  • Tell WSDOT to clear Snoqualmie Pass of road construction on heavy traffic days
    Traffic data collection has not kept up with the current patterns of population growth and a simple restriction of this main artery between King county and Kittitas county causes backups of up to 3 hours and 16 miles between Bandera and Cle Elum. This causes a very dangerous situation for the people stuck in that bottleneck, as well as reducing the free travel and economic commerce between these two counties. A simple reshuffling of schedules that would accompany this priority would cost the state absolutely nothing, but benefit the state greatly. Are you tired of waiting or changing your plans because of the WSDOT construction schedule? Tell them so.
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    Created by Fil Tribble
  • Tell Governor Kim Reynolds to Keep Our Students and Faculty Safe
    Teachers and students should not have to put their lives on the line for their jobs or education This mandate largely hurts students of color and low income students This will make the Covid 19 pandemic even worse in Iowa
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    Created by Youth Alliance for People's Justice
  • Chicago: Say NO to Trump’s Secret Police
    Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen heavily armed federal troops controlled by Donald Trump descend on Portland: snatching peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters off the streets and putting them in unmarked vans. They tear-gassed, beat, and shot protesters with “less lethal” rounds, injuring several and almost killing one. Portland’s mayor and city council, Oregon’s governor and state legislators have denounced Trump’s authoritarian tactics and called on the feds to leave. Now, the president of Chicago’s Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), John Catanzara, is helping bring Trump’s goons to Chicago. Catanzara—who has had more than 35 official complaints against him, and been suspended 6 times—sent a letter to Trump asking him to send federal agents to “bring civility back to the streets of Chicago.” Just days later, Trump announced that he’s sending troops to Chicago and other cities across the country, and he referenced the Chicago FOP’s letter to him to help justify it. Trump is attempting to create a national, federal police force that operates in secret and is accountable only to him, not to local communities or their elected officials. With outrage erupting at these plans, the Trump administration is claiming the officers they’re sending to Chicago and other cities are there to fight violent crime, not to crack down on protesters like in Portland. But Trump and his allies in the FOP (and other police unions) are blaming a rise in violent crime on a climate of hostility to police, saying that federal troops are needed to “restore order.” Trump’s enthusiasm for using law enforcement to target his political enemies is clear. He’s been practicing in Washington D.C. and Portland, and now he wants to bring the same repressive federal police to Chicago and other cities. It’s a direct power grab, and a dog whistle to the violent racists in Trump’s base that crave violence against protesters and people of color. It’s likely a preparation for using these same federal forces to suppress the vote and steal the election in November. And now, police unions are going over the heads of their own police chiefs and mayors to invite Trump’s federal police into their cities, to collaborate with them in a violent crackdown on peaceful protest and dissent. The national FOP is strongly supporting Trump’s move (while defending Catanzara and helping him attack Chicago’s mayor). The president of Portland’s police union had a friendly meeting with Trump’s Director of Homeland Security to discuss the federal agents there—without the knowledge of Portland’s chief of police, and while Portland’s leaders were calling for the feds to leave. The ACLU is suing the Trump administration to stop his federal agents from attacking journalists in Portland, and the National Police Association filed a legal brief against the ACLU and in support of Trump—arguing that police need to be able to use violence against journalists and legal observers. It is long past time for Chicago’s political leaders to refuse to negotiate or work with the FOP in any way. Chicago’s FOP is notorious for attacking, intimidating, and threatening activists and political leaders who get in their way. It takes extreme measures to undermine reform and block accountability for violent and abusive officers. Chicago’s FOP and other police unions have long promoted violent, unaccountable, and authoritarian policing on the local level. Now they are inviting in federal troops to help escalate violence and repression against those who are challenging the police and demanding change in Chicago. They are signing up to work with Trump—a would-be totalitarian dictator—as he sets up a secret, nationwide, personal police force. It’s incredibly dangerous, and we can’t allow it to go unchecked. Join us in calling on Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, the Chicago city council, and other leaders to denounce the FOP and refuse to negotiate with them on any aspect of police accountability and reform until they drastically reverse course.
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    Created by Police Unions Exposed
    Donald Trump is the antithesis of every value upon which the New York Yankees community is based, and has gone out of his way many times over to offend, dehumanize, and harm the very people upon whom the organization depends, both players and fans. He has no business stepping foot through the stadium doors, let alone onto the mound in a position of honor.
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    Created by Jay Moss