• Break up Ticketmaster & Get Rid of Their Ridiculous Junk Fees!
    In 2010, Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged (which should’ve never been allowed) and now we’re all suffering: from consumer to artists to venue themselves. The only winners here are Ticketmaster and corporate influence. Ever since, tickets have been steadily raising in cost, coupled with exorbitant fees and a flawed user experience that leaves working people less likely to want to partake in the experience again. We’ve seen this so clearly with Taylor Swift tickets recently, because of the dynamic ticket system Ticketmaster has in place, the more desire there is for tickets the higher the price goes. When Taylor first announced the tour, the prices were to be capped around $499. But after the “troubles” with the queue (that Ticketmaster sent out codes for in ADVANCE), ticket prices were going up and changing as people were checking out. Third party corporations make an entire industry of scalping these tickets and buying them in waves that forces people to pay thousands of dollars to see their favorite artist. It doesn’t have to be this way. Whether you’re a swiftie or not, you know this is wrong and disappointing for people everywhere who just want to see their favorite artist. (Considering we’re also on the premise of a huge Beyoncé tour announcement, the Beyhive will suffer next unless we stop this!)
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  • CNN: Stop Giving Trump Free Airtime!
    As Donald Trump announced he was running for president again. we saw that the news media learned nothing from the last go-round about how to avoid his toxic manipulations. CNN covered his speech live—essentially giving him free rein to dominate airwaves and reach viewers with his narcissistic brand of conspiracy theories and abuse. And he doesn't have to pay a dime for all this free advertising. In 2016, it was estimated that the major news networks gave Trump $2 billion in free airtime. [https://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/16/upshot/measuring-donald-trumps-mammoth-advantage-in-free-media.html] We can't make that mistake again. News networks don't need to show his speeches live. They can cover them as news—wait until he's done, show clips within context, offer fact-checking, and stop amplifying his abusive attacks, bigoted insults, QAnon-level conspiracies, and dangerous deceptions. Trump sought to overturn and election and helped incite a deadly insurrection. We know his words carry weight. You can cover him as news—but don't serve as his personal broadcasting network. Stop covering him live. Fact-check his statements. And don't fall into the trap of giving him free airtime.
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  • Trump must testify and fully comply with the Jan 6 Committee's subpoena
    Donald Trump just SUED the January 6th House Committee, his latest attempt to dodge testimony and hide the truth about his role in the deadly attack on our Capitol. Since the onset of this crucial investigation, Trump has done nothing but try to obstruct and discredit the Committee. He has clearly put himself high above the law – and thinks he shouldn’t be held accountable for his criminal efforts to overturn the 2020 election. If he is as innocent as he says he is, testifying shouldn’t pose any problem – Trump should welcome the opportunity to exonerate himself. But all he’s done since being subpoenaed is double down on his 2020 election lies and conspiracies – and his refusal to face the Committee speaks volumes. Seven former Presidents have testified before Congress, so there is clear precedent for Trump to testify. Congress must show Trump once and for all that ignoring this subpoena is not an option. We the People deserve nothing less. Add your name if you agree: Donald Trump is not above the law – and the House must vote to hold him accountable if he doesn’t fully comply.
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  • Keep Donald Trump off Twitter and Facebook
    Facebook and Twitter both made the decision to remove Donald Trump after the deadly January 6 insurrection. He had propagated lies about the election results, sought to overturn the outcome and seize power, and stirred up the violent attack on the Capitol—which he then defended. This followed years of him spreading vile, bigoted hate speech and dangerous disinformation. His years of harm were given wide latitude by the social media platforms as an elected official. But after January 6, they said enough was enough. In the intervening years, Trump has continued to lie about the election results, share propaganda from white supremacists, and pedal QAnon conspiracy theories. And as the January 6 committee has made clear, his actions were part of an intentional, willful effort to hold power and overturn the rightful election of President Biden. Now, Trump is in the news again, preparing for another presidential run. Facebook will face pressure to reinstate him as a public figure. And Twitter—under the ownership of the narcissist Elon Musk who has used the platform to attack Democrats and spread conspiracies himself—could give Trump back his megaphone any day. It's imperative there are consequences for illegal and violence-inciting behavior, and for public figures to be held accountable for spreading conspiracy theories and disinformation online. Facebook and Twitter owe it to their own uses, their advertisers, and the public to keep Donald Trump off their platforms.
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  • Support Mental Health Services in Texas Schools
    On any given day a school social worker can help a child who is engaged in NSSI (non-suicidal self-injury) receive wrap around services, assist a child experiencing homelessness with transportation to school, clothes and free meals, give a child with anxiety tools for managing a panic attack, and help a child find their voice to combat bullying. In one school week, and even in one day, all of these situations can arise, alongside countless other complicated situations that need immediate attention. Unfortunately many school districts don't provide schools with a social worker, or they may require a social worker to work at multiple schools. Understaffing means social workers have extremely high case loads and are not able to effectively support student's needs. The TEA reported there were approximately 5,308 Texas students for every one school social worker employed in our state during the 2019-2020 school year. We need a social worker at every school and funds specifically allocated to school districts to provide mental health services. Therefore, we need an amendment to the Texas Education Code to include social work services and the Texas Education Commission to directly distribute funds to school districts for mental health services.
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  • Abortion Pills on NYU Campus
    Considering the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, the landmark Supreme Court case that guaranteed individuals the right to a safe abortion and bodily autonomy in this nation, students of NYU recognize the urgent need to expand access to abortion and provide students at our university with a range of reproductive healthcare options at the Student Health Center. It is crucial that every student has equitable access to healthcare that affirms their choices and identities, further empowering their agency as young people. For more questions about this initiative or to provide further support, email [email protected]
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  • Oklahoma County Jail
    The only way change can happen is if the whole community comes together and demands better treatment and care for the inmates being incarcerated. Everyone in life makes mistakes and must pay the consequences but families shouldn't have to worry about there loved ones dying due to being incarcerated.
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  • banning pearl from supermassive gamers
    pearl is a bully to everyone. not only myself but they have abused their power and bullied I, moon, cheems, jade and countless other members.
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  • Justice for Wyland
    My hope with this petition is that we will finally have answers and can work with the State to pass ‘Wyland’s Law’ - a law that will save the lives of other children. I want Wyland’s life to be a legacy - one that uncovers the truth and fixes the issues so that we can prevent this tragedy from happening to another family.
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  • Safe Streets for Glastonburys Neighborhoods
    Our town attracts many families because of its great school system and its natural beauty. We want to feel safe outside. Please help by being a voice to emphasize the need for safe streets.
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    Created by Lisa Mendum
  • Abolish slavery in Texas
    we demand that the practice of forced labor with no compensation be abolished immediately, that inmates be compensated financially for labor like the rest of the United States. This may prevent inmates from becoming a burden on their families or communities upon release, and may prevent releasesees from reverting back to crime out of desperation from lack of financial means, reducing recidivision. .We are asking that incarcerated individuals be paid for their labor or, In the alternative, we asked, demand, that inmates be given one day off their sentences for each day of work. This would be an incentive for inmates to want to work and stay out of trouble, so they can work, decreasing prison violence. It would be a win win situation for all And the right thing to do!
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  • UCSC: Free Menstrual Products
    Join & sign our movement for change if you wish to support free menstrual products.
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