• Stop Rent in New Jersey
    Numerous families will be affected and it will bring devastating circumstances if not addressed immediately.
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    Created by Pamela Santiago
  • Protect workers on the frontlines of the pandemic
    Grocery store, healthcare, pharmacy and food production workers deserve the same benefits as other frontline workers during this pandemic crisis that is impacting our state. We keep stores stocked with food and medical supplies and are working long hours to make sure families have what they need to weather this crisis. We need your support to keep ourselves and our families safe during this crisis. We shouldn’t have to choose between going to work and staying home because we don’t have access to the same resources as other first responders like doctors, nurses, police, and fire. Without us, our country would ground to a halt during this crisis and we need your support. Please include grocery store, healthcare and food production workers in your definition of front-line emergency service providers today.
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    Created by Melissa McCollister
  • Stop all visitor travel to Hawaiʻi. "Strongly urge" doesnʻt count.
    Our economy will be hard hit regardless. It is time to be realistic about the capacity of our health care system. Multiple airlines serving Hawaiʻi are offering "deals." The human cost of those deals will be shifted on to our all our residents, including those in the tourist industry. Once the ELISA antibody test is widely available, indicating who has already recovered and become immune to the Novel Corona Virus, the policy can be adapted. Lisa Marten, Dr.PH
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    Created by Lisa Marten
  • ALL Poor People Must Qualify for Financial Relief During the Coronavirus Pandemic
    All of us have added expenses during the Coronavirus Pandemic. No one is immune or exempt. Without added income, we cannot pay our rent, stock up on food and supplies, purchase medication, or pay our bills. It is not just those out of work or who make between $12,500 and $75,000 that are suffering. We need to give *all* residents in our country the best chance at survival we can and reduce the potential impact on our economy and healthcare system by continuing to force people to find work and the means to survive, spreading the virus further and prolonging the impact of the pandemic. If we exempt people from government-provided financial relief, then we are putting their lives at risk. Our goal should be to save as many people as possible. NO POOR PERSON SHOULD BE EXEMPT! We should *all* qualify for the government help we need to survive and thrive.
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    Created by Amanda Siebe
  • Have the Gov. of the US ensure the availability of zinc acetate and gluconate lozenges
    Background: Coronaviruses are common upper respiratory viruses causing up to 35% of colds in communities studied for upper respiratory infections (1,2). Zinc gluconate and zinc acetate lozenges have been shown to diminish the duration of colds by up to 50% and to mitigate symptoms by varying degrees (6-12). The lozenges do this by dissolving and releasing Zinc ions into the fluids of the nasopharynx, where cold viruses first duplicate. Zinc ions have been shown to inhibit viral replication and attachment to cells (keeping the viruses from being able to enter cells to replicate), (3-7). They have specific activity against coronaviruses (3). As a physician I have been prescribing zinc gluconate lozenges for colds for about 35 years. Their efficacy has been brought home to me by the enthusiasm shown by my asthmatic and COPD patients for them. Knowing that coronavirus are cold viruses I have been recommending to patients, family and friends to get zinc gluconate and acetate lozenges for the coronavirus COVID-19 (COronaVIrus Disease - 2019). I have recommended beginning use if they have cold (or worse) symptoms lasting for at least an hour. When I urged my in-laws to get zinc lozenges for upper respiratory symptoms they were having they could not find any in any stores. I can’t find any in my area. I asked a pharmacist I know about availability and was told by him that they are on “back order”, meaning they are not currently available by his supplier. The Prescription: Suck one zinc acetate (preferably) or zinc gluconate (more easily available) every two hours while awake for up to 4 days. Stop treatment 2 lozenges after you feel back to normal or after 4 days, whichever comes first. About me: I am an adult medicine primary care physician. I work easily 68 – 80 hours a week between patient care and administrative work for the patients I see. I have put together this information in the past week, mostly while awaiting the birth of my first grandson. Right now a survey of on-line prices for zinc lozenges shows prices vary widely, with some prices for them up 500% - 800% over the past week, and delivery not available for 3-4 weeks! CORONAVIRUSES, COLD VIRUSES AND ZINC - REFERENCES 1. Monto A. Medical Reviews. Coronaviruses. The Yale J Biol Med 47:234-251 (1974) 2. Isaacs D, Flowers D, Clark JR, et al. Epidemiology of coronavirus respiratory infections. Archives of Disease in Childhood, 1983, 58, 500-503 3. te Velthius A, van den Sjoerd H, Sims A, et al. Zn2+ Inhibits Coronavirus and Arterivirus RNA Polymerase Activity In Vitro and Zinc Ionophores Block the Replication of These Viruses in Cell Culture. PLoS Pathog 6(11):e1001176. 4. Korant BD, Butterworth BE. Inhibition by zinc of rhinovirus protein cleavage: interaction of zinc with capsid polypeptides. J Virol 1976;18:298–306. 5. Korant BD, Kaurer JC, Butterworth BE. Zinc ions inhibit replication of rhinoviruses. Nature 1974;248:588–90. 6. Prasad A, Beck F, Bao B et al. Duration and Severity of Symptoms and Levels of Plasma Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist, Soluble Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor, and Adhesion Molecules in Patients with Common Cold Treated with Zinc Acetate. Journal of Infectious Diseases 2008; 197:795– 802 7. Prasad A, Fitzgerald J, Bao B. Duration of Symptoms and Plasma Cytokine Levels in Patients with the Common Cold Treated with Zinc Acetate: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Ann Int Med. 2000;133:245-252 8. Eby G, Davis D & Halcomb W. Reduction in Duration of Common Colds by Zinc Gluconate Lozenges in a Double-Blind Study. AntiMic Agents Chemo, Jan 1984;25(1):20-24 9. Petrus E, Lawson K, Bucci L, et al. RANDOMIZED, DOUBLE-MASKED, PLACEBO-CONTROLLED CLINICAL STUDY OF THE EFFECTIVENESS OF ZINC ACETATE LOZENGES ON COMMON COLD SYMPTOMS IN ALLERGY-TESTED SUBJECTS. Current Therapeutic Research, Sept 1998;59(9):595-607 10. Hemila H. Zinc lozenges and the common cold: a meta-analysis comparing zinc acetate and zinc gluconate, and the role of zinc dosage. Jnl Royal Soc of Med Open, 2017;8(5): 1-7 11. Eby G. Zinc lozenges as cure for the common cold – A review and hypothesis. Med Hypoth, Mar 2010;74(3):482-492 12. Hemila H. Zinc Lozenges May Shorten the Duration of Colds: A Systematic Review. The Open Res Med Jnl, 2011;5:51-58 13. Fendrick AM, Monto AS, Nightengale B, et al. The economic burden of noninfluenza-related viral respiratory tract infection in the United States. Arch Intern Med 2003;163:487–94.
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    Created by DOUGLASS BIBULD
  • Rent forgiveness in Va
    Families are being affected all over The world by this outbreak of the Coronavirus and we are being asked to avoid the public and self quarantine. Some people are being laid off, some can’t go to work due to the risks and some still have to work without proper compensation! How can you pay rent without money? without a check? without a Job at no fault of your own? This is should be put into affect immediately exhausting whatever resources are necessary to clear the stress and burden of being in debt or being evicted because you can’t go to work!
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    Created by Lovelle Smith
  • Resignation Of Trump NOW
    Trump has caged children, incited racist behavior, encouraged crimes against America. His family has and still profits off his presidency, continues to humiliate reporters, women, the disabled, people of color and many others who question his inability to run this country. He has dismantled not only issues that address human quality of life but has dismantled the pandemic team that could have guided us through this crisis. The list of dismantling and destroying the quality of life as we have known is endless. If we continue under the helm of Trump, he will further alienate us from other countries as well as leave us vulnerable to Russia and other friends of Trump's to impose upon our soil their disdain for America.
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    Created by Jessica Irving
  • The Most Dangerous President we have ever had.
    Four more years of Trump will destroy America and Democracy.
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    Created by Thomas Skomski
  • Release Immigrants in ICE Facilities AMID COVID-19
    My husband is currently detained at the Yuba County Jail Processing Center. I have not had constant communication with my husband as as this Covid-19 pandemic has increased, we both find myself more concerned and panicked to say the least. I know that living in the borderland they are more susceptible due to the massive amount of immigrants trying to cross looking for a better life. I feel like it is only a matter of time and pretty much inevitable that this virus will outbreak in the center, I mean the conditions are already poor even in their best circumstances. I know that ICE has the discretion to release these people from custody and I feel like there is no better time than now. These people need to be with their families, especially in these dire times. I am asking for your help to be heard for these people in custody. I am asking for a louder voice, I would like to reach the Warden of the Detention Center as well as the Ice field office directors attention to push them to release the detainees. The Country has been declared to be in State of Emergency, Gov. Gavin Newsom on 3/19/20 sent executive orders to prohibited crowds of 10 or more, The housing more than 60-70 people per barrack, making the center contradict orders given by Newsom. The facility has made NO changes in the way they handle possible contact contamination, no hand sanitizer, no antibacterial wipes, no deep cleaning! We are in a crisis and I am begging for the life of my husband and on behalf of the lives of all those other detainees, please help me us be heard. Our country needs to unite and what better way then to have these immigrants unite with their families! Public health agencies around the world are sounding the alarm about COVID-19’s impact as the number of cases in the country rises. Those detained in close quarters are particularly susceptible to contracting and rapidly spreading this highly contagious virus.[1] We know from experience that medical care at ICE facilities in California are inadequate, and that proper measures have not been taken to ensure the safety of detained people, facility staff, and other visitors to the Yuba County Jail Processing Center during this outbreak. Medical professionals recommend strict social distancing as a crucial measure for avoiding transmission, but this is impossible to implement in a detention facility.
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    Created by Carmen M
  • End the COVID-19 Public Health Hazard in Federal Prisons
    Like people across the U.S., I have a loved one who is incarcerated in federal prison. We miss him. And with the spread of COVID-19, we worry. Whatever view you have of prisons, no one should be sentenced to die from COVID-19. Our loved one, like other inmates, can't practice COVID-19 safety protocols, such as social distancing, regular hand washing, and rigorous hygiene. He shares a cell that is 7 X 8 feet, with bunk bed and lockers taking up much of that space. In his unit, 130 people share 6 showers, 4 toilets, 4 urinals, and 9 bathroom sinks. When prisoners' risk of exposure increases, so do the risks for staff, who come and go from the prison, and the wider community who interacts with those staff. Financial pressures also increase for families, prisons, the healthcare system, and the economy at large. Because of these credible risks, state and county facilities, as well as correctional institutions in other countries, are reducing their prison populations. It's time for the U.S. Bureau of Prisons to do the same. Please tell our U.S. Senators and Representatives to direct the BOP to adopt comprehensive safety protocols immediately. The protocols should release inmates who have limited time remaining on their sentences and have a minimum Recidivism Risk Level assessment; if need be, they could be placed on home confinement via GPS monitoring and could shelter in place. Bringing inmates, like our loved one, home right now would reduce the risks to everyone. It would also bring our family together during this stressful time. In times like these, we need each other. Will you sign this petition and help us all?
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    Created by Karen VanFossan
  • Stop construction work for coronavirus
    We should be just as important to protect. We are out in public and in buildings with many other workers and trade to a point where social distancing is nearly impossible. Also the shortage of PPE is another fact. Whatever is available, companies should keep workers home and donate what they have available to hospitals, etc. If we want to stop the spread, only hospitals, food, and supply stores should remain active at this critical time. Do this and minimize the spread even more. We have families to go home to and we shouldn't be forced to work unless it benefits hospitals, food, or supply stores.
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    Created by Vickiana Alva
  • Towson Distance Learning Grading System
    Towson University has almost 23,000 students enrolled. That’s 23,000 diverse living situations and learning styles. For many, online classes are not the right platform they need in order to learn at their full potential, which is why they chose to study on campus. This could be because in house courses are best for their comprehension of content or because they simply do not have the proper tools or living conditions in order to succeed. During this time of stress and uncertainty, continuing to grade them using the same rigor as on campus classes is not what’s best for Towson’s students. While one student might have the tools and learning capability to achieve in distance learning, the next two may not. Many institutions have chosen to give their students the option of a pass/fail system and Towson should to.
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    Created by Elysia Cooper