Stop Book Bans Across the U.S

Book bans are rising dramatically across the country—led by right-wing extremists targeting books that talk about race in America, slavery, civil rights, the Holocaust, gender, sexuality, and more. These are blatant efforts to wage white supremacist wars in schools across the U.S., but MoveOn members have the opportunity to take action and stop these bans from happening in their communities.

You can take action by looking up a petition campaign or starting a petition of your own. Whether it's to reject a book ban in your local school community, promote honest education, defend teachers' freedom to teach, push back on oppressive state legislation, or pursue other ways to reject efforts to bring right-wing politics to our schools, there are plenty of ways we can take this on together.

By starting a petition in your community, you can organize your neighbors and build grassroots support to create positive change for your community and for students across the country.

"I Read Banned Books" by Oak Park Public Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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  • Stop erasing history and teach our children!
    Our kids deserve the opportunity to be taught American history in its entirety – not just history about white Americans. The extremist GOP doesn’t get to take away our right to teach students about complex histories. We can all play a part in fighting back against white supremacy and misinformation in our schools by sending a clear message to school boards, principals and superintendents that our children should be taught accurately about the history of this nation.
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