Stop Book Bans Across the U.S

Book bans are rising dramatically across the country—led by right-wing extremists targeting books that talk about race in America, slavery, civil rights, the Holocaust, gender, sexuality, and more. These are blatant efforts to wage white supremacist wars in schools across the U.S., but MoveOn members have the opportunity to take action and stop these bans from happening in their communities.

You can take action by looking up a petition campaign or starting a petition of your own. Whether it's to reject a book ban in your local school community, promote honest education, defend teachers' freedom to teach, push back on oppressive state legislation, or pursue other ways to reject efforts to bring right-wing politics to our schools, there are plenty of ways we can take this on together.

By starting a petition in your community, you can organize your neighbors and build grassroots support to create positive change for your community and for students across the country.

"I Read Banned Books" by Oak Park Public Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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  • Houston
    Stop the ban of books in Houston Independent School District
    The current push for book bans is the strongest that its been in decades, with attempts to stop students from learning about the Holocaust, slavery, gender and sexuality, and more. Schools should allow a curriculum that educates students on our collective histories and allows them to learn about resilience and empathy. School environments should be inclusive to all students and give them the opportunity to read stories that reflect their interests and identities. Students, teachers, and communities across the country are frustrated about these right-wing attempts to censor schools, but we are not powerless, similar campaigns have been successful in stopping and overturning these bans.
    411 of 500 Signatures
    Created by Isbah Raja
  • Don't Ban Books from Georgia Schools
    As of now multiple states are trying to ban books from schools; many of these books deal with racism, America's history of slavery, LGBTQ+ themes/characters, etc. Examples of books that could be potentially banned are as follows: Maus written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman Monster written by Walter Dean Myers The Undefeated written by Kwame Alexander, illustrated by Kadir Nelson Class Act written by Jerry Craft And more. Banning these books would be an act of prejudice and amorality, as many of these books provide a more realistic account of the atrocities of our past and present history, many also allow children the chance to learn about themselves as well as other kinds of people.
    215 of 300 Signatures
    Created by Lindsey Dunn
  • Stop erasing history and teach our children!
    Our kids deserve the opportunity to be taught American history in its entirety – not just history about white Americans. The extremist GOP doesn’t get to take away our right to teach students about complex histories. We can all play a part in fighting back against white supremacy and misinformation in our schools by sending a clear message to school boards, principals and superintendents that our children should be taught accurately about the history of this nation.
    2,300 of 3,000 Signatures
  • Don't Ban Books About the Holocaust
    Maus, a Pulitzer Prize winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, was banned by the McMinn County Board of Education in Tennessee. The graphic novel is age-appropriate material provided to 8th grade students in an educational context. This is the same dangerous thinking that has lead to students being deprived the opportunity to learn about a range of issues including racial and gender-based discrimination in the classroom. Some politicians and other officials want to whitewash history, and prevent students from accessing material that deals honestly and accurately with our complicated social history. As the US Holocaust Museum wrote “Maus has played a vital role in educating about the Holocaust through sharing detailed and personal experiences of victims and survivors. On the eve of International #HolocaustRemembranceDay, it is more important than ever for students to learn this history.” As parents, grandparents, students, and advocates for teaching tolerance and peace we urge the McMinn County Board of Education to lift the ban on Maus and discourage school boards nationwide from future efforts to hide important, age-appropriate educational materials from our children.
    192,783 of 200,000 Signatures
    Created by Raz P.