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To: Village of Fredonia Mayor and Board of Trustees

A Vision for Our Village

We took the petition to our village and the board voted in favor of out petition.

The Village of Fredonia committed to pedestrian-friendly, bike-accessible, streets in 2014. We need to deliver on that commitment.

The NYS Department of Transportation is planning improvements to the main artery of our Village -- Main Street (Route 20) from the roundabout on East Main Street to Pine Drive on West Main Street with work to begin in 2024.

We support the efforts and work of the Complete Streets Group, which recommends pedestrian, bike lane, and streetscape improvements to Route 20 in the village.

We're asking the Mayor and Village Board of Trustees to adopt the Complete Streets Group's recommendations for a safer Route 20 in the village.

We're asking the Mayor and Board of Trustees to collaborate with and request that the NYS Department of Transportation include the Complete Streets Group's recommendations for pedestrian, bike lane, and streetscape improvements in their 2024 maintenance project.

Why is this important?

Our village of Fredonia residents have sought to put bike and pedestrian safety at the forefront of our community improvements since before the Village of Fredonia enacted its Complete Streets policy in 2014.

In the latest effort, many residents came to the village Pedestrian Forum in late winter and expressed their interest and desire to make bike access and “walkability” a certainty in our village.

Now, the village, in conjunction with the town of Pomfret, has all but completed its Comprehensive Plan to guide the village and its improvements and development for the immediate term and the next 10 years. Besides guaranteed water service, walkability and bike access topped residents’ priority list for themselves and their families.

Can you imagine redefining our village and making sure that bikes have lanes and our children have safe routes to school with obvious street signage and markings? Where pedestrians have multiple well-marked and enhanced crosswalks, especially on Main Street? Where pedestrians have an absolute “pedestrian first” right of way when in a crosswalk -- and vehicles stop?

We can!


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