To: Kathy Sullivan, Bill Shaheen, Joanne Dowdell

New Hampshire: Abolish Superdelegates within the Democratic Party

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Within the next few months, the Democratic Party will vote on reducing superdelegates by 60% in time for the 2020 primary cycle. Please pressure our NH Superdelegates, all voting DNC members, to vote to enact the DNC's Unity Reform Commission's recommendations at the next DNC meeting.

Why is this important?

It is imperative the Democratic Party return to a party by and for the people. Superdelegates are contrary to the nature of democratic elections and one person, one vote. The sooner we move to eliminate the undeserved influence of superdelegates, the stronger the Democratic Party will be. It is imperative we win back the trust of those we lost in the last election over this issue.

Reasons for signing

  • Abolish Superdelegates in both political parties.
  • Stop super delegates.

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