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To: Charlotte Mecklenburg School Board

Add Social Emotional Learning to the Curriculum

Add Social Emotional Learning to the Curriculum

Make social and emotional wellness inclusive in the learning environment for students.

Why is this important?

I am a Master of Social Work at Johnson C. Smith University. I currently intern at a public high school in Charlotte, NC. I have been working the second half of the semester on increasing awareness of social emotional wellness and how this is beneficial for our students on a regular basis.

This is important to students in all grades due to each and every child needs to develop social skills as well as emotional awareness skills to remain self-aware. When a student becomes more in tune with their social and emotional wellness, they may gain positive attitudes towards themselves, building their self-esteem in different aspects. They may begin to show an increase in positive behaviors and better relationships with adults and peers. This increased awareness of SEL [social emotional learning] may lead to decreases in risk-taking behaviors and emotional stress; all while improving grades, test scores, and attendance.

Lets go to the CMS School Board and have this proposal signed and brought into our Charllotte schools! Sign this as support for change!


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