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To: Mayor Jacob Frey

ADD YOUR NAME: Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey must go!

Dear Mayor Jacob Frey,

The February 2, 2022 murder of Amir Locke by Minneapolis Police was just another tragic example of how MPD continues to terrorize and kill Black Minneapolitans and their communities.

You misled your constituents about “banning” no-knock warrants, but more importantly, you misled them about holding MPD accountable for their brutality that disproportionately targets Black people.

Time and time again, you have demonstrated that you are not capable of keeping your constituents safe. Time and time again, you have failed to confront the police force that keeps killing Black people in your city — in fact, you continue to lie and campaign on MPD’s behalf. Your complicity has had deadly consequences.

It is time for you to step down from your role as mayor of Minneapolis. Standing with tens of thousands of Minneapolis residents who are tired of your administration’s lies and inactions, we are calling on you to resign. We will keep fighting until what happened to George Floyd, Amir Locke, and countless others on your watch never happens again in Minneapolis.

Why is this important?

On the morning of February 2, a Minneapolis SWAT team acted on a no-knock warrant and within seconds, murdered 22-year-old Amir Locke in cold blood. Amir was another Black person tragically killed at the hands of Minneapolis police.

The Minneapolis Police Department is the same police force that murdered George Floyd, whose death sparked the nationwide protests in defense of Black lives.

After the murder of George Floyd by MPD, Mayor Jacob Frey talked for weeks and months about the need for major police reform. The reality is, at every step of the way, Jacob Frey has reneged on his promises, blocked meaningful police reform efforts, and lied to protect MPD. And his lies have had deadly consequences.

To protect Black lives in Minneapolis and invest in what keeps our communities safe, Jacob Frey must step aside. Add your name to demand Frey resign effective immediately.

Last year, Frey and his allies spent millions of dollars to kill Question 2, a ballot measure to create a department of public safety in Minneapolis. Frey also said that he led the fight to “ban” no-knock warrants. As the murder of Amir Locke demonstrated, this was a lie. In an attempt to assassinate his character, MPD labeled Locke a “suspect” and Frey stood by and said nothing in response to that lie.

After years of empty promises, Minneapolis has the same police force it had when George Floyd was murdered — and Jacob Frey has increased the police budget by tens of millions of dollars year after year. Frey has demonstrated time and time again that his words can’t be trusted and he is complicit in state-sanctioned violence against Black people.

The time is now. We must demand that mayor Jacob Frey resign as mayor of Minneapolis.

ADD YOUR NAME: Cops lie, so does Frey. Demand Minneapolis' mayor Jacob Frey resigns.


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