To: Greg Zoeller, Indiana Attorney General

AG Zoeller: the Constitution still applies during pregnancy!

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Apologize for calling on the Indiana state legislature to enact mandatory drug testing of expectant mothers and stop inciting disrespect for civil liberties during pregnancy.

Why is this important?

Pregnancy shouldn't mean the end of civil liberties, constitutional rights to due process, or protection from unreasonable searches and seizures.

State law enforcement authorities, starting with Attorney General Greg Zoeller, must stop irresponsibly attacking the rights of pregnant citizens and start trusting women enough to presume their innocence -- as required by the Constitution.

Women are tired of being treated with suspicion, discriminated against, and having our access to health care tampered with by heavy-handed meddlers who are hell-bent on policing the reproduction and sexuality of strangers.

AG Zoeller, stop calling on the state legislature to treat pregnancy as a potential crime, making Indiana a state where expectant mothers would become guilty until proven innocent. [1] As a senior law enforcement figure, you have a responsibility to uphold the Constitution and respect the rights of all citizens. Even when those citizens are pregnant.

[1] - "A Chance to Teaspoon for the Hoosier State" by Shaker Harmony, Shakesville, September 11, 2013.