To: 1st Ward Alderman Proco "Joe" Moreno

Alderman Moreno: Move Forward with 2293 N. Milwaukee Avenue Redevelopment Project at the April 16...

We urge Alderman Moreno to move forward with supporting the 2293 N. Milwaukee Avenue redevelopment proposal at the April 16th Plan Commission Meeting.

This transit-oriented proposal will provide much-needed housing options in Logan Square near the California Blue Line Station. This development, like all transit-oriented development, can reduce the overall cost of housing in a region by contributing to the housing supply, and therefore has great potential to reduce pressure on housing market in the area.

TOD is widely recognized by both community members as well as urban planning and transportation professionals as a vital method of ensuring a sustainable and stable future for city neighborhoods, allowing for pedestrian-friendly development that is not tied to car ownership and reduces traffic congestion.
Two community meetings have already been held; while establishing dialogue with the community is essential, attendance at these meetings is not objectively representative of the community at large. While opposition is vocal, they should not assume to speak on behalf of all residents. Any further delays could jeopardize the viability of this transformative project and keep it from moving forward for review by the Chicago Planning Commission, whose meeting is also open to the public.

Why is this important?

I'm a transportation planning professional who has lived in the area for many years. I want to continue to see reinvestment in urban environments and a more stable future for the community. In my daily work I grapple with the reality of projected congestion in Chicago and TOD is one of the few direct tools the city has that can help continue to make the city a livable environment! Many other cities in the USA and internationally have fully embraced TOD, while Chicago continues to lag behind. At the same time, traffic congestion in Chicago is among the worst in the nation!