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All CovID-19 data must go to the CDC

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Jan Crean MD

We are being told that data will remain accessible to both HHS and the CDC. If there is evidence that this is not the case going forward, we will start a new campaign.

Petition Congress to pass legislation that calls for all data to be sent to BOTH the CDC and HHS. Hospitals would not have any significant additional burden to do this--just send out 2 copies of the same information. And the American people would still be able to find out what's really happening.

Why is this important?

I am a physician, extremely concerned that Americans will never know the true extent of the pandemic after July 14th.
We are in grave (pun intended) danger of losing accurate tracking of CovID-19 cases, recoveries, and deaths if the order by the Trump administration is implemented without intervention by Congress.
Per NBC, "Calling the CDC method of gathering hospital data outdated, the Trump administration is having coronavirus information sent to another agency. HHS says it will be faster and more complete."
Per the NBC article, key points include the following:
" - Since the pandemic began, the CDC has regularly published data on availability of hospital beds and intensive care units across the country.
" -But Ryan Panchadsaram, who helps run a data-tracking site called Covid Exit Strategy, said that when he tried to collect the data from the CDC on Tuesday, it had disappeared.
" -When reached for comment Thursday by CNBC, HHS spokesman Michael Caputo said in a statement that the CDC was directed to make the data available again."
The CDC took down its CovID-19 tracker, then restored it, stating "This file will not be updated after July 14, 2020 and includes data from April 1 to July 14."
WE CANNOT LET THIS HAPPEN! If the CDC is not given this data, the numbers will doubtless be doctored (excuse the pun) by the Administration's lackeys in HHS.


Reasons for signing

  • It's important.
  • The Administration should not be responsible for this data. Don’t trust them


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